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Dating scammer Raven Philips


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Name: Raven Philips



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Just putting pics up, since I've searched here for her and not found her. I've been targeted a lot lately, and I'm not sure why. I guess my profile up on dating sites, looking for legit women, has only turned into a sham fiesta. I'll upload more as I get them. If I can help you all as much as you all have helped me in the past, it'd be nice. Thanks all.

P.S. She/he/it found me by using a free Christian dating site called Claims to be in Sumner, Washington. I've looked around online and here, and I've found nothing to discredit her, but I just know she's one of them.


2008-09-22, 20:16:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-22, 20:16:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-22, 20:16:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-22, 20:16:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-22, 20:16:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-23, 11:18:46
anonymous from United States  
More pics of this girl

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Raven Philips

2008-09-23, 11:19:11
anonymous from United States  
Even more

2008-09-23, 11:19:43
anonymous from United States  

2008-09-23, 11:31:29
anonymous from United States  
IM Text of our first conversation on Yahoo. It is left unedited on purpose.

sweet_raven171: hi there
compteck2001: hello?
sweet_raven171: hi there
sweet_raven171: how are you doing?
compteck2001: Hi
compteck2001: I'm good, you?
sweet_raven171: fine thanks
sweet_raven171: what can you tell me about you?
compteck2001: I'm 33, live in New Hampshire and I take care of my mother. Not a whole lot about me, unless you have specific questions?
sweet_raven171: your name, your job, ur hobbies, ur marital status, and your lifestyle
compteck2001: My name is Rich, my job is taking care of my mother. Hobbies include music, movies and my computer. I'm divorced and as far as my lifestyle goes I'm not really sure how to answer that. I live a quiet life, just hang out at home mostly and take care of things here. What about you?
sweet_raven171: i am raven, i am self employed running a small retail clothing store and i am single. i am based in sumner washington here in the states
sweet_raven171: i like swimming, playing volleyball, gardening and ssometimes cooking
compteck2001: How old are you? And is your real name Raven?
sweet_raven171: yea, i am Raven and i am 29yrs
sweet_raven171: i was told my dad named me after his favorite bed
sweet_raven171: bird
compteck2001: That's cool
sweet_raven171: how long have you been to internet dating
sweet_raven171: ??
compteck2001: Not long
compteck2001: You?
sweet_raven171: got into it some day ago, like 4days
sweet_raven171: my friend got luck here and i hope i can be lucky here too
compteck2001: Lucky huh?
sweet_raven171: so, what are you looking for in internet dating>
compteck2001: You have no photos up on the site. What do you look like? I'm looking for a good woman that 'maybe' someday will result in marriage or something serious.
compteck2001: You sending me some pics?
sweet_raven171: yea and i hope you will send me some of yours too
compteck2001: I have a pic posted on the site, but I have more recent ones yes
sweet_raven171: i will be happy to see them
compteck2001: one sec
compteck2001: That's an interesting picture of you in your night gown
sweet_raven171: ty
compteck2001: I don't usually have pictures of myself around. The one I just showed you, I have 2 more but they are kinda the same pic
sweet_raven171: ok
compteck2001: So what are you looking for here?
sweet_raven171: i am looking for a honest man who is caring, loving, passionate and ready for a longterm relationship
compteck2001: Ok
compteck2001: That's who I am and what I want too
sweet_raven171: we'll see
sweet_raven171: so, what are you looking for in a woman?
compteck2001: Someone who is kind, loving, honest and faithful. Someone I can give my love to and understands that I take care of my mother.
sweet_raven171: understands that I take care of my mother.
sweet_raven171: what does tha implies?
compteck2001: You live in Washington. What made you contact me, knowing that I live so far from you?
compteck2001: My mother is sick, she needs help taking care of herself, and that's what I do
sweet_raven171: i understand that distance is not a barrier to love
compteck2001: She recently had a stroke, and has had a couple heart attacks
sweet_raven171: and if there is love and trust, we can make meeting possible
compteck2001: Sure
compteck2001: I have to say, you are quite a beautiful lady
sweet_raven171: thanks
compteck2001: You have any other pictures of yourself?
sweet_raven171: yea
compteck2001: Very nice
compteck2001: Where were you born?
compteck2001: You look Slavic or Russian or something. Not American.
sweet_raven171: i was born in boston
compteck2001: Really?
sweet_raven171: i am mixed
sweet_raven171: mum was irish and dad american
compteck2001: I see
compteck2001: What do you think of my pictures?
sweet_raven171: you are nice
compteck2001: You don't mind a bigger guy?
sweet_raven171: i really dont
sweet_raven171: love is all that matters
compteck2001: I agree
compteck2001: I will admit you have a really sexy body and face
compteck2001: Not something I see very often
sweet_raven171: what you mean?
compteck2001: Usually women who talk to me aren't very nice or attractive
sweet_raven171: oh i see
sweet_raven171: where are they usually from?
compteck2001: Overseas
compteck2001: Another country
sweet_raven171: ???
sweet_raven171: oh i c
compteck2001: usually in Russia or something
compteck2001: So do you plan on coming up to my area?
sweet_raven171: if something works out between us
compteck2001: You seem to have a lot of pics of yourself. You like taking pictures?
sweet_raven171: i take pics whenever i'm in a good mood
compteck2001: What's the best picture you ever took?
sweet_raven171: hmmm, a nude i took at the beach
compteck2001: Really?
sweet_raven171: yea, but it's personal
compteck2001: I'm sure
compteck2001: You have a website?
sweet_raven171: no, why?
compteck2001: Just wondering
compteck2001: You like taking naked pictures of yourself?
compteck2001: Don't think I ever met a girl who did
sweet_raven171: i took one
sweet_raven171: and i kept it so confidential
sweet_raven171: noone has ever seen it
compteck2001: Did your boyfriend take pictures of you?
sweet_raven171: i had a problem with my connection
compteck2001: it's ok
sweet_raven171: i dont have a boyfriend
compteck2001: who took the nude picture?
sweet_raven171: my friend\
sweet_raven171: stacey
compteck2001: I se
compteck2001: see
compteck2001: If you have more pictures, I'd love to see them.
sweet_raven171: i have but they are not yet scanned
compteck2001: Oh
compteck2001: So what kind of movies do you like, and music?
sweet_raven171: i love adventures, classic, romantic movies
sweet_raven171: i like country music, blues, RnB, and classic music
compteck2001: Favorite country singer?
sweet_raven171: Dolly parton, R-kelly, kenny rogers
compteck2001: Do you like Comedy movies?
sweet_raven171: yea
compteck2001: What's your favorite?
sweet_raven171: like Mr bean movie
compteck2001: What's the most recent country music CD you bought?
sweet_raven171: i haven't
sweet_raven171: what abt you
sweet_raven171: ur favorite music and movies
compteck2001: You don't buy music? I bought a Metallica CD
compteck2001: Rock, Metal, Country. Comedy movies, horror, drama
sweet_raven171: horror??
compteck2001: yeah, lol. scary movies
compteck2001: you have a webcam?
sweet_raven171: no
sweet_raven171: and u?
compteck2001: yup
sweet_raven171: can i see u?
compteck2001: If you get a webcam I will use mine
sweet_raven171: but i dont have one now
compteck2001: I know
sweet_raven171: so, i can see you just because of that?
compteck2001: Well, it would only be fair if I saw you too
sweet_raven171: k
compteck2001: Do you work?
sweet_raven171: is your mind here at all?
compteck2001: yes, why?
sweet_raven171: i doubt it, cos we already talked abt it
compteck2001: you're right, I forgot lol
compteck2001: How long ago was your last boyfriend/date?
sweet_raven171: we were together for six months before i left him
compteck2001: Sorry
sweet_raven171: and i left him last year december
compteck2001: Haven't dated since then?
sweet_raven171: yea
compteck2001: How long after dating do you usually feel it's right?
sweet_raven171: what??
compteck2001: how long does it take you to figure out if the guy is good or not?
sweet_raven171: after meeting and discussing with him
compteck2001: So you feel a connection pretty fast?
sweet_raven171: not too fast
sweet_raven171: but maybe after one or two weeks
compteck2001: It's too bad you live so far away. I would love to have coffee with you
sweet_raven171: hmm
compteck2001: What's the problem? Not interested in having coffee?
sweet_raven171: why not
sweet_raven171: do you think we can meet??
compteck2001: Do you want to?
sweet_raven171: you know it's damn expensive, that will be a great problem
compteck2001: From Washington?
compteck2001: Not that expensive
sweet_raven171: how much do you think it's gonna cost
compteck2001: hmm, most flights cost $69 to $149 now
sweet_raven171: oh
sweet_raven171: i will think abt it
sweet_raven171: ok?
compteck2001: Sure
compteck2001: We have a spare bedroom here at the house. If you need a place to stay, or you could go to a motel. Your choice.
sweet_raven171: k
compteck2001: Still there?
sweet_raven171: yea
compteck2001: You should get a webcam, it's fun to use
sweet_raven171: ok
compteck2001: Do you make pretty good money at your job?
sweet_raven171: a little
compteck2001: Do your parents work there too?
sweet_raven171: they are long gone
compteck2001: I'm sorry
sweet_raven171: it's ok
compteck2001: What will you do with the business if you come here?
sweet_raven171: we'll talk abt that later
compteck2001: It's good to talk about it now though. I don't want to waste your time trying to get to know you if you can't talk about what's ifs
compteck2001: If you like me, do you want me to move there or do you want to come here?
sweet_raven171: i will come
compteck2001: You should get more pictures so I can see them. I love looking
sweet_raven171: i c
compteck2001: So do you talk to any other men that you have met on here?
sweet_raven171: none

IM Text 2 - from 3 days later in the next post. Keep in mind everything I say to her is a lie to draw her out. I learned my lesson the first time with one of these girls. I never sent money, but I believed her (the first girl) so now I just am going to have fun messing with them as much as possible.

Again, all the info posted here by me, from me in these IM's are FAKE - just like she is!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Raven Philips

2008-09-23, 11:32:21
anonymous from United States  
IM Text Part 2, 3 days Later. Again, all of my info I say to her is FAKE. Now she's falling for it.

sweet_raven171: hi there
sweet_raven171: how are you doing?
sweet_raven171: can we talk?
compteck2001: Don't buzz me
compteck2001: yes, we can talk
sweet_raven171: where are you now?
compteck2001: Home.
sweet_raven171: i got a call from a lawyer yesterday, he said something abt my dad's inheritance
compteck2001: Yeah?
sweet_raven171: but he told me he is in Nigeria and i will have to go to nigeria to confirm it
compteck2001: You know I'm wealthy right?
sweet_raven171: wealthy???
compteck2001: Yes
sweet_raven171: did you tell me anything abt that??
sweet_raven171: what does it mean?
compteck2001: It means I'm rich
sweet_raven171: anyway, i am not bothered about that
sweet_raven171: i just want to ask if you know anything about nigeria
compteck2001: Nope. Don't want to bother with it
sweet_raven171: bother with what?
compteck2001: Nigeria
sweet_raven171: why?
compteck2001: Because I have millions of dollars invested in capital gains, interests and stocks in the USA. Nigeria never crossed my mind
sweet_raven171: ok
sweet_raven171: i only want your advice, do you think i shld travel there?
compteck2001: No
compteck2001: It's not safe
sweet_raven171: but it involves my dad's inheritance and he told me it worth over 10million us dollars
compteck2001: If you're worried about money don't be. If you and I get together I have way more than 10 million dollars to take care of us
sweet_raven171: ok
sweet_raven171: or maybe i shld ask the lawyer to email you and tell you about it
compteck2001: No
compteck2001: I don't need to know
sweet_raven171: ok
compteck2001: Why would I bother with 10 million, when I have over 300 million?
sweet_raven171: hmmm
sweet_raven171: so, how are you doing now?
compteck2001: I'm good. Just got back last night from a trip to New York
sweet_raven171: oh what trip?
compteck2001: Investor meeting in the city
sweet_raven171: oh i c
sweet_raven171: so, where did we end our last discussion?
compteck2001: I asked you to get a webcam. Did you get one?
sweet_raven171: i ordered for one online, it will be delivered to me by thursday afternoon
compteck2001: Cool
compteck2001: Got any more pictures yet?
sweet_raven171: hmm, two
sweet_raven171: and u??
compteck2001: I don't usually take pictures of myself no. I gave you everything I had.
compteck2001: Nice, that's all you have?
compteck2001: As I said, I have a lot of money. I can get any woman I want. I'm looking for a good woman who will give me what I need
sweet_raven171: i understand you
compteck2001: Do you really understand how much money I have?
sweet_raven171: and who said i am after your money
sweet_raven171: do you want to buy love for your self??
compteck2001: I didn't, I am telling you
compteck2001: Honey, if I want to buy love I can get an escort anytime I want lol. That's not what I'm after
sweet_raven171: dont tell me pls
sweet_raven171: all i want is your true love
compteck2001: I grew up poor, was poor for a long time until I was about 26 years old. I hit the jackpot in the New England lottery, won over 50 million dollars. I invested most of it, and now 7 years later I have more money than I could ever spend
sweet_raven171: oh that is very nice for you
compteck2001: I thought so
compteck2001: Do me a favor
sweet_raven171: what?
compteck2001: Forget about your dad's inheritance. Don't talk to the lawyer, and don't have the lawyer contact me.
sweet_raven171: i understand, but the money is enough to make me who i want to be
compteck2001: I can do that for you too
sweet_raven171: hmmm, you cant, you cant do anything for me till we meet or get married
compteck2001: Then let's meet
sweet_raven171: how far is my state from yours
compteck2001: Where are you again?
sweet_raven171: i am in sumner, washington and u??
compteck2001: New Hampshire
sweet_raven171: ok
compteck2001: You're on the other side of the United States. Would be like a 6 hour flight or so
sweet_raven171: can you pay for my ticket?
compteck2001: That's the problem I have with most women. They see that I have a lot of money and then they stop making an effort to love me. If you want to have my love, you have to come here on your own
sweet_raven171: ok, i will try but i have taken a risk before and regretted it
compteck2001: I can promise you that you will be happy if you do it
sweet_raven171: ok
compteck2001: Do you want to meet me?
sweet_raven171: of course
compteck2001: I like you
sweet_raven171: thanks
compteck2001: So when do you want to come here?
sweet_raven171: i will plan my schedules and let you know
compteck2001: ok
compteck2001: Take more pictures too
sweet_raven171: ok
sweet_raven171: and also u
compteck2001: that's the last 2 I have
sweet_raven171: can't you take some others?
compteck2001: I don't take many pictures of myself. I hate my own pics
sweet_raven171: why? but you are not looking bad
compteck2001: The only pictures I have are from some of my trips
compteck2001: I usually go alone, so no one can take my pic
sweet_raven171: that's too bad
compteck2001: There's some
compteck2001: One thing you never do, is give your camera to some stranger and ask them to take your pic. They steal it and run away
sweet_raven171: you mean steal your camera??
compteck2001: yes
compteck2001: so I don't have a stranger hold my camera
sweet_raven171: why would they do that?
compteck2001: Cause it's a nice camera lol
sweet_raven171: you are funny
compteck2001: You see my travel pictures?
sweet_raven171: yea
compteck2001: Here's a pic from 2 years ago it's my ex-girlfriend and we're in England
sweet_raven171: oh i c
sweet_raven171: why did you left her
compteck2001: She wouldn't give me what I needed from her
sweet_raven171: what?
compteck2001: She was selfish. Did not want to give me what I needed.
sweet_raven171: what exactly
compteck2001: Well, I love sex and she didn't want it. All she wanted to do was spend money and travel, not give me children or sex. I want a family.
sweet_raven171: that's too bad of her
compteck2001: yes
compteck2001: Do you want a family?
sweet_raven171: of course
compteck2001: Do you like sex?
sweet_raven171: yes
compteck2001: So you don't mind if we have it all the time?
sweet_raven171: as long as there is love between us
compteck2001: of course
2013-06-18, 13:13:23
anonymous from Austria  
She also write me as faith gibson, and she told me that she comes from Liverpool (UK).
First I dont realize it, but if I becam the 5 Email in there she wrote that She want meet me, I wrote her yes we can meet us in Liverpool. In the next email she has sent only a turgid love text and is not discussed in the meeting.
Since I was taken aback because the text has acted like a poem depreciated and is not discussed on a meeting.
After I typed a few lines of text in Google, I found out that it is a poem that is used by fraudsters.
So you were right with your suspicions. They also sent me some of the same photos.




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