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Dating scammer Aleksandra


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Name: Aleksandra



Other Comments:
This is the email i got today:


This email is for you:

To start with, I want to apologise for disturbing you with my email. This is not a spam but a real email. My name is Aleksandra. The reason why I am emailing you this is the fact that I am in looking for for a person for a life time and a friend, my soulmate. I hope you I hope you will read my message up to the end. You know I hate of being lonely. The internet dating is new to me and I have never done that before. I am not sure how I got your email, but I was at the internet and somehow I entered a website Knuz and don't know how I got your email and I decided to drop you a line. I don't want you to think that I am some kind of virtual programm or something. IN this email I am Greetings! my pictires and I hope you like what you see. Let me tell you some more about myself. As you already know I am Anastasiya and I am from Russia. I am 24 years old but people say that I look younger. I can describe myself as kind, loving, tender, open-minded, intelligent, with a sence of humour. I would appriciate if you have the same traits of character. My family is not big and I live now with my mum and I am lonely without my partner's attention. I want to love and to be loved. I hope you are not mad with my email. If your interested in me and in knowing each other better please email:alxndragirl[at]inetcafemail24[dot]com

Looking for your reply.
Faithfully yours

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2009-08-24, 01:34:47
anonymous from Italy  
si, conoscere i rischi è utile, infatti questo forum permette di raccogliere informazioni esperienze opinioni. Sarebbe interessante se esistesse un sistema mondiale che archivia gli indirizzi delle/degli scam certi, utile alle aziende che erogano i servizi di posta elettronica per segnalare al destinatario la pericolosità del mittente o per mettere l'email nella cartella degli Spam.
2009-08-24, 08:15:22
anonymous from Italy  
posso aggiungere delle fotografie che mi ha mandato
2009-08-24, 08:16:46
anonymous from Italy  
posso aggiungere delle fotografie che mi ha mandato

2009-08-24, 08:18:23
anonymous from Italy  
un'altra ancora

2009-08-24, 08:19:49   (updated: 2009-08-24, 08:23:40)
anonymous from Italy  
si tratta della nataliya morozova o marina zhguleva o anastasiya dakus.
Ne aggiungo un'altra. di questa grande troia.

2009-08-24, 08:25:34
anonymous from Italy  

2009-08-25, 13:49:34
anonymous from Rome, Italy  
This kind of bitch taked me off € 900!!
Why didn't russian authority condemned she yet??? How many people have to be
Her mail:
Her name: Nataliya Morozova;
Her city: Kazan Russia
Her address:Volkova street, house 12, apart. 37

2009-08-25, 15:48:50
OJAS from United States  
2009-08-25, 16:59:13
OJAS from United States  
2009-08-26, 02:30:44   (updated: 2009-08-26, 02:49:00)
anonymous from Italy  
many thanks!
dai siti elencati nel post precedente è possibile DENUNCIARE A AUTORITA' COMPETENTI le truffe subite, i versamenti effettuati, le email dove sono descritte le richieste e la modalità per l'invio di denaro, foto, indirizzi ip email, numero di telefono, ecc...
from the websites linked in precedent post is possible DENOUNCE the scams.
2009-09-11, 07:05:32
[hidden] from Spain  
Yes people i understand your anger these bitches are playing all of us for our money one way our a motherfucking another but i havent been asked for any money yet but i get a feeling its going to happened very soon.

these are the e-mail addresses iv got for her and she goes by the name of Annastasiya

after receiving a similar email as the one on top, this one followed

Hi again ****. Today I againeceive your letter. I was so intrigued. I
did not trust that it works, fairly to tell, I do not trust internet.
Sorry that I could not answer at once, I wrote to you that I cannot
immediately answer the letter, I hope you understand me.... First of
all, Anastasiya - It's my real name. I was born in 17 of December 1984
and I am 24 years old.. I like it, i look younger than i am. I never
was married and I wish to search happiness in other part of the world,
probably to turn out, I know many girls which have found the half in
other countries..... I too hope... My weight when i was born was 3046
gram and my growth was 50 cm. Now my weight 47 kg and growth nearby
165 sm... You see on my photos blue eyes and dark hair.... I live in
city Kazan, on coast river Volga, in republic Tatarstan, it is the
central part of Russia, distance approximately 870 km from Moscow, you
know these cities? IN Kazan I finished school, in my country we study
11 years in school. And when i was 19 years old i entered to the
University. Recently I have finished it, I shall send you a photo from
a celebratings of the termination of university.... It was easy for
me, my school diploma was 'Red', in my country, red diploma receive
those people who finished school, college or university with mark is
excellent. In university i was the chairman of student's group. It was
the greatest time in my life... After I finished university and now i
work in parfume-shop (I shall give you too a picture from my work). I
regret that I cannot give you a phone number, I live with my mum in an
apartment and there there is no phone, my mobile has been it is
dropped in water, and it so is sad... And now I have to think about
purchase of my new phone on credit when I shall receive it, I shall
give you number..... As for my hobbies, there are sport, cinema and
music, I like to dance!!! I do not have any special or queer hobbies.
You prefer what hobbies? What to you to like in the woman? Well, for
the first time it's enough. What do you think? Tell me about yourself,
it's no matter what. What interesting in your work? What to you to
like? I ask you send me your picture it is as much as possible, I very
much to wish to have it. Bye-bye now..... your friend Anastasiya from

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya

2009-09-11, 08:29:12
OJAS from United States  
[hidden] Spain 2009-09-11, 07:05:32, Most scammers are MEN, regardless of whose photos they send. Consider signing your post with some alias (RealMadrid?). Join the bilingual thread in the links, both English and Spanish speakers can benefit from your discussions.
2009-09-11, 10:21:34
From my previous post....

And this is last email iv received from this person hence probing for some money soon!

My ****!!! How are you today? I'm fine... Dear I have decided to do to
you a surprise, I am very happy, today I have gone to agency and later
I shall write to you about that that I there have learned, ok? Today
my Boss agreed to give me almost 30 days (On September, 15th - on
October, 15th) for long holiday, he hear earlier, that I be interested
in reception of my holiday on work and think of my trip to other
country - actually I dream to do to you a surprise and to arrive to
you, I very much wish to receive our meeting. In agency to me have
explained that I need to collect documents, what go to England and for
this purpose week will be a little, thus I can have a rest
approximately 30 days with you, we with you shall be in time much, we
shall talk about everything, about us, about you.... and other, but
the most important at us a lot of time will understand and combine
ours souls..... Once again forgive that I not at once answer, but
understand, at me work and I do not wish to anger the Boss, sometimes
in the morning sometimes during other time of day I always now go to
internet cafe and I look mail from you...... Later I either shall call
to you or I shall write..... Yours Anastasiya.... kiss kisss...
Tenderly and gently I embrace you... I send you again my fotos and...
Certainly I very much hesitate to send you fotos bikini..... But I
want that you looked at me and were pleased.... Do you to like my
body??? These photos in bikini on Volga on coast with stones in this

you can see the pics on this link which i received. so my friends be aware of this Bitch, its time for her to played so why not ask her for money instead....

2009-09-11, 15:18:35
carlito from France  
OJAS from United State,2009-09-11, 08:29:12,my previous posts of 2009-09-11, 07:05:32
[hidden],am actually from the uk but for some reason its showing from a different country, first of all where do there get your email address from? and how does the money transaction work do people transfer funds into peoples accounts willy nilly or is it like a western union scam? and most of these girls from Russia or the people behind theses scams?

what i cant remember is how i came across this site in the first place but thankfully somehow i did...
2009-09-11, 16:28:18
OJAS from United States  
OK, Carlito since you are from UK, we shall start with these:

Cheerio! :-)
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