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Dating scammer Tatyana Romanowa


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Name: Tatyana Romanowa


st.Drujba, house 77, apt.118
434039 Yoshkar-Ola

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Ask me money for internet connection


2008-09-29, 23:58:53   (updated: )
[hidden] from France  

2008-09-29, 23:58:53   (updated: )
[hidden] from France  

2008-09-29, 23:58:53   (updated: )
[hidden] from France  

2008-09-29, 23:58:53   (updated: )
[hidden] from France  

2008-09-29, 23:58:53   (updated: )
[hidden] from France  

2008-09-30, 00:02:36
2008-09-30, 10:48:40
OJAS from United States  
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2008-09-30, 22:38:43

2008-09-30, 22:39:22

2008-09-30, 22:42:13
eceived: from by ( via ( with [InBox.Com SMTP Server] id
809200001672.WM33; Sat, 20 Sep 2008 05:56:32 -0800
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 17:54:07 +0400
From: Tatyana <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
Reply-To: Tatyana <>
2008-09-30, 22:47:10
Hi my friend !

I can name you my friend, true friend?????
I am pleased to receive the letter from you,
And I am glad that you want to continue our dialogue.
I in the last letter have forgotten to apologize, that I so long did not answer.
You could think, that you have ceased to me to be interesting, but it not so.
Simply my financial situation not was very good and I simply
Had no an opportunity to write to you and the more so to send my photo.
I certainly could to you simply write the letter, but could not
To send my photo. But I promised you to send a photo and me it was not convenient
To send to you the empty letter without a photo. I think to you not clearly, what I have in a kind???
Simply it depends on payment of the Internet, I shall explain to you it later in the letter
And you then all becomes clear. Now simply I want to ask you pardon, that long did not answer.
I have written to you at once as the opportunity has appeared. You do not take offence at me xxx???
I send you the new photos i hope to you my photo have liked?
I hope they to you to like and me it is important to know what it makes impression.
And please do not hurry me, we are still poorly familiar also I doubt to send
To you my most frank photos, but as soon as I shall feel that I to you
I trust completely, you will see all my photos.
Without any exceptions, most frank photos.
Also I want to see more your photos, and I hope you will make it.
Thanks you for your kind words and support.
You very sensitive and attentive. You wonderful.
I spoke that well I understand in people.
And still I want to tell that some age difference has for me no meaning.
The love has no age, it is completely not important, the main thing of feeling and understanding.
I very much want dialogue with you on web cam. Letters it is certainly very good.
But I think it would be very wonderful to see each other and dialogue,
How you think????? You would like to see me on web cam?????????????
I promised you in the last letter I can find out to use web cam.
At me two news one very good and another not so good.
With what you would want to begin???? I think with good. And it. We can
Dialogue with the help wcam: ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):):)
I am very glad to this and I hope also you now when I informed it has jumped up
Up to a ceiling with happiness, I am right??? I hope you is glad to this news.
You can not want in general me to see and we should be limited only
Letters, you only tell also I shall not insist, but I want to hope,
As you all this want. This desire should be mutual. I hope indeed.
At me now rather good Internet, the separate line, cable Internet.
To me have told that speed of my Internet quite should suffice for work
Web cam. But have told that probably, that speed will not suffice for a sound.
Me have assured, that the image will be good, but probably it is necessary to disconnect a sound.
As there will be no speed. But I think it not so terribly.
But I think we should try with you and all at once will be clear. Can
Speeds of the Internet will suffice both on the image and on a sound. I very much want to try it.
The second news not so good. Now I to pay everyone Mb the traffic of the Internet.
Such tariff. And if to use web cam with such tariff, it will be very expensive.
I cannot use for a long time wcam: (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(
But I all the same want dialogue with the help web cam. Though there is a variant, to use
Other tariff. This tariff without limit, I can use the Internet
Without restrictions, and the price of the Internet will be fixed. But every month for this
The tariff it is necessary to pay the certain sum. Basically it is very good.
Once a month has paid money and you use the Internet without restrictions.
We could communicate much more more frequently. It would be very good, your opinion???
By the way, with this tariff speed of the Internet is much more and problems with a sound will not be.
But at present it is too big money for me. I cannot allow myself of it.
To tell the truth it is not so big money, it costs 2500 roubles. I precisely do not know how many
It in Dollars, but It approximately 95 Dollars, if I am not mistaken.
But with my present work I cannot to myself it to allow.
Now I receive approximately 6500 roubles for my work of the seller a month.
This money me suffices, on a meal clothes and in general on residing. But on other charges
To me will not suffice, to me it will be simple there is nothing to live.
I do not complain, it not bad money.But all this is equal a little.
When I worked dansing a striptease I earned more than 950 Dollars
In a month and this money was much. But I now do not work, I spoke you.
By the way, I was name on a scene the WILD ORCHID. To you to it like?????
I to you in the last letter have not told, but the main reason, that I more there do not work,
This that that us began to compel to be engaged in prostitution, I have not agreed to it,
And me have told, that any more do not want to work with me. And I left. To us openly did not speak,
That we should be engaged in sex for money. To us have simply explained, that we now
Should, at will the VIP of clients show a striptease at their place alone.
I think clearly, that it is meant also by me have refused, it is unacceptable for me.
But all the same I miss on a striptease, I would want that me admiration, it is simple to me
It is necessary. It gives to me of forces, pleases me, I very much love it.
I very much would want to make it for you if you will want it. We can make it on Yahoo Messenger.
Well I hope all have clearly explained and wanted to continue further.I want little to tell about myself.
I try to support the figure, me to like to be engaged in sports. Most of all, I
I prefer easy run on mornings, but in winter I go on stadium, to be rolled on skates.
On mornings I always do gymnastics. I try almost each day to visit pool. I very much like to float.
During float all groups of muscles work and it is very useful for health. xxx you like to float?
Only I do not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi:)
I hope you understand about what I. In general that it is cheerful,
Only a smell not so pleasant. I hope you now have not dinner,I am afraid has spoiled to you appetite:)
In general I for a healthy image of life. How you treat to sports?
The truth recently I very much get tired on work, and at me simply does not remain forces.
There was many meal fast food and began less, movement simply my work now such.
And I have a little lost my figure, but there are again occupations by sports and all
Will be again excellent.In the following letter I would like to tell about my last relations with men
From my country. All that I can tell now, it has not brought to me anything good.
Now at me not who is not present. And it is very difficult. I young also have
Very big sexual appetite. And to have to be content toys, dildos and masturbating.
I hesitate about it a little to write, but I hope you it does not confuse???
I do not think, that I do, something unnatural. I simply want also to me it it is necessary.
I think it naturally and I should not hesitate of it. That is natural, is not ugly.
Also say to me what you would like to see my new photos.
With mine toys would like to see???
I am very pleased that we can to continue our dialogue further.
Please write to me more about itself, it is very important for me.
I hope that it letter has found you in excellent mood.
I hope to receive the answer from you soon.
Your Tatyana.Your WILD ORCHID



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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