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Dating scammer Marina Ermolina


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Name: Marina Ermolina


The country: Russia
The address: Markina 12/46
An index: 425000

Other Comments:
She doesn't answer any questions or ever used my real name.


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2008-09-29, 19:42:45
anonymous from United States  
I have more info on another scammer; pictures and email included. How do i get it on your site for people to see?
2008-09-29, 20:06:24
anonymous from United States  
This scammers name is Marina Ermolina (Address given: Russia - Markina 12/46). Here are her emails. She never answered any questions so i knew something was up and waited for the 'money' que and sure enough after many emais there was the request. (I'm only submitting a few of her emails here cause there was a lot) Here is the story (she never even used my real name once in her responses ...goodnees!!!):

marina3325 (
Sent:     Mon 8/11/08 6:59 PM

Hi the my dear friend! I am very glad that you have written to me so
pleasantly to receive your letter you Hidden to me seem very good
person. It is very interesting to me to learn as from you today,
affairs as there has passed your day? To me I am very pleasant to
begin with you correspondence so I will be glad, I am simple for a
long time I have come knew, that so healthy it is possible to
correspond with men. My name is Marina I very polite girl at me very
soft feeling to me simply is not pleasant when me abuse. I very much
like to go in for sports: I visit sports employment they are very well
shown by my figure. In the mornings I like not many on to run it very
well encourages in the mornings to me very much I am pleasant I pass
only on Sundays and in other days I visit sports. Still I to you
Hidden have not told where I live I live I live in Russia in city
Volzhsk. To me of 25 years I lonely but hope what not for a long time
I hope to find my second half in the Internet, yes my girlfriend has
found to itself the man I has thought why to me not to start to
search. I work as the economist it is very effective work to me very
much my post on work all is pleasant is connected with a paper and the
computer to me charge to do save documents and after to hand over to
the director. The main thing on work trust and respect to each other
this most important thing. My birthday remains on October, 25th at all
much. Put a birth I like to celebrate to a circle of friends and my
family certainly to me very much it is pleasant when put a birth spend
very beautifully. I like to go on days off with friends to look films
especially I love sincere films when the film goes about love simply I
with in the strict I observe. I like to listen to music when music is
sincere to me slow songs under songs I like I like on to dream I
reflect on the future as I will live further. I very much like to
reflect very deeply simply when the person thinks of the future to it
is better in the further life you with me will be agree? I love red
and dark blue colour. I will tell more in the following letter I hope,
that at all of us I will turn out I wish you to spend time very well
to find good mood I will write me the same to try to search for good
mood, that to us it would not be boring. I love when to me give
flowers me very much involves: roses, tulips and violets. In colours
it is pleasant to me, when surround flowers to me at once I start to
feel pure air to me so it would be desirable to fly up from such aroma
simply you fly up and it would not be desirable to fly up at all. You
agree with me? To me so you are interesting to learn you what person?
Than you are engaged? What hobbies in sports as you like to spend
time? On what you to work work than it would be pleasant to you to me
very much I would be desirable also would be happy to learn you on
closer to me so it will be pleasant, if you write about yourself. To
me so I would be necessary to tell about myself certainly I worry such
feelings at me yet was not not much. But I think, that at all of us we
will turn out to conduct beautiful correspondence. Into the account of
my habits I do not smoke and I do not drink I think that girls should
be such not to use poisons which spoil health and then you seriously
fall ill. You like such Women? I send you a photo I I hope I like. And
now tell to me about itself Hidden. I now live one and I rent one
room to live and have the corner. I like to do to friends surprises! I
very cheerful girl and in all like to take all. I hope to you I was
pleasant to read about me certainly to you not the story all about
myself but I will write in the following letter I will continue to
write about me. And still, I not when was not for the husband and I do
not have children. And still I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and
I do not use spirits. Tell to me what at you favourite colour, the
music, a favourite drink. I will wait very much your letter I hope,
that my letter will not pass by your heart. With the big expectation
yours Marina!!!

marina3325 (
Sent:     Wed 8/20/08 12:21 PM

My greetings Hidden!!! I am very glad that you have written to me I so
you waited your letter to me very much you like very interesting
person. I'm fine only, that has come from work and I have seen your
letter so was delighted. I have fed a cat and have not much had a rest
began to read your letter to me so it is pleasant when I receive your
letter and more and more you all like me. I am very serious, adjusted
on relations. I dream, that you would write to me every day and then
we will have very interesting correspondence and we will start to
understand each other. Sometimes we with my girlfriend would go to
park what to take a walk before a dream and to take a breath of fresh
air. I think that fresh air we bypass for health especially in our
century which is very rich with factories and different factories
which allocate chemical substances which very much pollute air much! I
think, that only some places now I have pure air and I try to take
advantage of these places what to breathe this pure air! What do you
do during daily time? That do you think what I to you have told about
above told? I to you wish to tell about my dreams a little. I think
all more really in this life in which I all I become more senior and
is more senior. I dream what to find the fine Romantic man to create
with it a family and that our family would be full of pleasure and fun
and that at us would not be burning! I wish to tell, that you know,
that in a life does not happen so there would be no bad days always
there is a pleasure and tragedies! But I wish to tell that we should
try that was bad days as small as possible and they did not spoil to
us a life! I require a small amount of high care and I think that each
person has to itself love happiness and not many attention to itself.
I search for the present love and romanticism in relations. It is
pleasant to me, when all things are beautiful, fine, gentle and
romantic!!! I have a desire to have a family and the favourite person
for my part, Feeling care and constant support difficult minute, that
each person in a life aspires. To me it is very pleasant, that I have
found you such fine a coma I open the secrets and I open the soul. I
should trust the person who understands me when he states the
feelings, that it is pleasant to it. I to you wish to tell about my
friends a little. I have two best girlfriends with which I am on
friendly terms from small age. We very strongly trust each other and
we support in any situation! I see one my girlfriend practical each
day and we always together! I happen at it on a visit very often and
sometimes I come to her me her family meets and we sit at a table we
discuss our future at my girlfriend very strong family they very much
like to talk to express the opinions. For us with you the main thing
now to construct trust as that we with you could understand completely
each other, respect and appreciate. You agree with me? I hope that we
will be more and to learn every day all more about us and I very much
am pleasant like with you I would not want that you left me I would
want that we continued to open our secrets. You know, that I the
strong woman and in the life I have gone through many difficulties.
The most important thing that I was happy, and other everything, will
be put itself. You agree with me Hidden? And you have still
correspondence with other girls or you correspond only with me Hidden?
I hope, that between us not when will be what deceit because I do not
love a deceit and I think, that our relations should is under
construction on full cleanliness between us. So I ask you that you did
not hide from me not that and as spoke me the truth because I with you
speak on sincerely. You agree with me? I hope, that we with you will
understand each other and if we will not understand now in the future
we will make all for development our relations. It will be very
pleasant to me to listen, that you will tell to me. I always your
letters wait with the big pleasure and I ask you that you did not
forget about me and as wrote to me because to me it is very strong you
does not suffice and as your letters. I wish you to spend good day
today. I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Your girlfriend Marina.

marina3325 (
Sent:     Thu 8/21/08 1:53 PM

Hi my fine Hidden!!! It is very pleasant to me to receive your
letter today. I only, that have come from shop I bought products home
I went not one I went with the girlfriend. Now I have a stock of
products to days off and can while to live. Today at me very good mood
shines the sun but not so brightly main that sun beams get home to me
and warms my house. How your affairs Hidden??? Having read, I much
have understood it from your letter. I really see, that ours with you
relations develop. And I hope, that we with you will use the best
efforts to find our ability to do our relations more real. Every day
we do for us better, we go gradually and we lift our relations above
and above. I as would like to tell to you, that to us it is necessary
to open on all of 100 before each other. And I hope, that you it we
will try to do. It to us will help to build stronger and long
relations. We already with you have studied our characters. And me
that now we with you can speak about us with you is very pleasant.
Hidden you agree with me? I start to get used simply to you, and my
relation has very much exchanged to you because I on became much
closer to you. As though I know you already a lot of time but these
feelings I think, that when be can we will meet and we will start to
build a family. I hope, that you will be this person!, excuse me, that
I tell all it to you, maybe, it you tyres. But sometimes I so wish to
talk to someone about it so difficult it is all in to hold, simply at
times is intolerable. In the life, I at all do not know, to what I
aspire, can, at times I simply wish to escape from myself. But I so
wish to find happiness. The happiness kind, tender, gentle, most, most
… We already with you know about the friend the friend, we have each
other told as we live, with whom we live, and where we live. I think,
that for us it is already enough to say of it that we are familiar
with you. But it is final personally we with you are not familiar, but
I hope, that it is all ahead at us with you. I as know, that through
letters we will not know each other very well because to know each
other very well it is possible only in a real life. I as understand
you that to you would be desirable to meet me likely. Well I wish to
tell to you in advance that to us to think of a meeting still early. I
wish to tell to you about the relations which at me were but all
relations came to an end with rupture because we simply did not
approach to each other, but I think can be and that at us with you
Hidden will turn out. I was already married for the man which worked
on good work only, he very much liked to drink and I did not love when
get drunk. It worked as the lawyer but it after have dismissed as it
has begun not carefully to itself it concerns began to drink much not
to spend the night at night that is why I has left it I hope, that
such young man is more to me I will not get now I hope to find the
good man who looks after myself likes to look after the girl. When it
came drunk it shouted and was angry with me. It has come to one moment
drunk and the beginnings to me to speak to muck. I have not born it
and have told to it too mucks after that, it has lifted on me a hand.
After this abuse, I to it have told, that our relations have ended
also that that more we with it will be when. I to it have told, that
which man lifts a hand on the girl it falls in my opinion and I simply
then do not look and I do not communicate with such men. Next day he
asked from me pardons and has melted before me in a lap. Well I have
not forgiven him, I have simply asked to leave it my apartment and
from my life. Here as my relations which I was in earnest have sadly
ended and thought, that at me that that will turn out with this man.
Now I have you and I am glad to it Hidden!!! Now you know for my last
relations with men and you see, that it is very difficult to find the
good man who will be ready to home life and to children in Russia! I
as wish you to ask, that you to me have told about last relations
women and how all at you occurred??? Let it will be sad, well you
should not hold in yourself it and you completely can will trust on me
and to tell about yourself everything, that at you is, because I will
understand all correctly and to a smog to support you in all. I wish
to tell to you that I am compelled to finish the letter and I wish to
wish to spend perfectly to you time! I with impatience wait for your
answer! Your girlfriend which kisses you on a cheek. Yours Marina!!!

marina3325 (
Sent:     Mon 8/25/08 2:49 PM

Hi greetings Hidden!!! I am very glad, that you have written to me I
so I waited your letter is very glad, that you do not forget me also
we with you we learn more and more it me very much pleases. I only,
that have come from work and I have seen your letter so was delighted
and have started to write you the letter at once. I on work have got
today the diploma for good work, me have awarded I certainly
constraining I on I reddened roared with happiness me supported
girlfriends said, that you very good person I ask them, that they love
me and support me. I ask the god that I have such girlfriends. Today
has got tired certainly of the work because it is necessary to work
for us much I try to work very well always because I should think of
the future. The main thing in the person to construct the house to
find to itself the good man and to live it is happy and long. You with
me agree Hidden? I never forget you I think of you always I wait
for the end of the working day what to see your letter. As it is
healthy, that we could find each other in this big, big world. Now I
write you the letter and for some reason to me so is sad and so is
lonely. I do not know, sometimes so it would be desirable to cry, and
so it would be desirable to return all the most good. … but it is
possible to close only eyes and before you only those memoirs and
only, but it is all so it is transparent and so … But I do not wish to
be more sad, I do not wish to be lonely. Now so it is healthy, that we
have got acquainted with you, and we write each other letters. And it
so warms my soul, my heart. My mother knows, that I with you
correspond she to say the main thing, that you would not receive a
pain from correspondence I speak that at me all will be good. He very
well understands me, that I know, that to me to do mine and this my
future I should to try build the family certainly mother always should
help in it a case, as she always does I is very glad, that I have such
mum that she to worry about me. You Hidden agree with me? Now
certainly at us it is raining but it to me does not spoil mood and I
am always ready to write you the letter I know, that next day I will
already receive your answer here that cheers me up and that is why I
am ready to write you the letter always. Your letters always so are
warm, and so are gentle, that so it would be desirable to embrace
simply you and to feel such protected and such weak. About, my god,
for some reason I now write to you so sadly. But I do not know, whence
it undertook. I very tired to be lonely, and, probably, at times there
is such feeling, such strong desire to be pulled out. I will tell to
you at once, that I the beautiful girl and at me am a lot of admirers
in my city, but they do not like me because many want from me only sex
and I do not interest them more. I want that me loved not only for my
beauty, for my cover, but also for my private world, my soul. I very
kind girl and I can do nothing with it. Many girls if they beautiful
start to use it in the interests, search to themselves for the rich
man and by that sell itself to it, sell to it the body that it lived
in luxury. At me not such nature and me seems it is a bad act. It
would be very fine also such family we would be happy best on light.
As though to us it was not difficult, the god always with us and it to
us always the help in would sew to a family. You Hidden agree? So
now you see, that all my dreams near to you and I hope, that you not
when will not throw me and up to the end will be with me in a place
and nearby. There will be the man on which I can will rely and to be
assured of you!!! I hope, that at us with you all will turn out. You
after all agree, that is all probably and that that we with you it
will make all? You the good man and now I trust you well, I try on you
will rely and as to entrust you everything that at me is that you knew
that I that woman whom you searched! I think, that with each letter I
fall in love with you more and more. In me such feeling as though
someone thinks of me constantly starts to live. This such pleasant
feeling, and such gentle. What at you now weather? And how there has
passed your day today mine? I very much miss on you. Tell to me more
about the feelings, and that you think of me. I very much wish to
learn it mine Hidden. Today I still should be tidied up at
home. I kiss you gently my angel Hidden. I with impatience will
wait your warmest letter. Yours it is sincere Marina!!!!!!!

marina3325 (
Sent:     Wed 8/27/08 6:21 AM

Hi the fine friend Hidden!!! I am very happy to receive your letter to
me very pleasantly, that you write to me. I only, that have come from
work was not much tidied up at home and I have started to look your
letter I have seen your letter very much was delighted. We have
started to correspond and now my life became much more more colourful
and more pleasant, my life became warmer and more gentle. I am very
glad, that I have you and that that you at me such remarkable man,
that I was simple I can not without you. It so is wonderful, wonderful
to feel that in this world there is someone who thinks only of you,
only dreams of you. It so is fine... But letters, letters it is
healthy. But I am afraid what to happen so, that we will correspond
only through letters, only through the Internet, and not having seen
each other and our hearts will cry, because we have got used to each
other, we have found each other and now. Every day I think of you you
always in my thoughts when I go for works I always I think of you,
whether when on work I the same think of you you have written me the
letter when I see the letter at me is cheered up. I so wish to see you
in a real life, to look in your eyes, to feel your breath, to hear as
your heart knocks, to hear you... I think that a reality, will pull
together us even more strongly, will pull together us so, that we
cannot leave... And it is healthy, I never in a life felt anything
similar, washing the soul rejoices every day, I look out of the window
every day, on street and I think, I suspect the account of that as
well, that you have appeared in my life. To think of the person, to
think all consciousness and a body of it - what is it? it Can
friendship, it can attachment, and it can the most gentle is simple
and a warm feeling in the world, it can love... You very interesting
person who me forces to rejoice, force to laugh soul. And I am ready
to changes in our relations. I think, that you and itself understand
it and see, how we with you develop our relations. I think, that in
our relations we should rejoice, because now not so it is easy to find
in a life fine, strong and the best the relation between people. We
with you have achieved it and for us it is the big pleasure we should
be proud, that we have passed so much! I as wish you to ask, that you
have written to me, what you feel, to me and what you think of our
relations mine Hidden? Your words, as sunrise which give me a new
life. When I think of you, my heart fights in increasing frequency. I
wish to feel you, your gentle hands, your smile. Warmth and care is
necessary to me. I search for true love and romanticism in our
relations. I wish to have the husband and a family which will be for
me an overall objective in my life, but I yet do not know, whether
because we need to learn more each other to understand it is necessary
for us. I think, that it is very necessary for us. How you think? I
should help the man who will love me. To trust its each word, but I
want that my beloved trusted the same to me because without trust to
the favourite person there can not be a love. How you consider? On it
I finish the letter. I think, that it will be pleasant to you to read
it because I wrote to you from the bottom of the heart. Whole in a
cheek. I hope, that you pleasantly and like to hear such beautiful
both pleasant words and my feelings to you! Our feelings will always
grow more and more and shortly we with you will achieve our strong
love for all life. You want it Hidden? Now I will wait your letter very
much very much... Yours it is sincere Marina!!!!!!!

marina3325 (
Sent:     Thu 8/28/08 12:13 PM

Hi the lovely friend Hidden!!!! How at you business, than you Hidden
have been occupied today? These are expensive congratulations, I am
happy to receive news from you again. I only, that have come from
hospital I checked the state of health at us on work it is necessary
to check every month the health, it is very important, if the worker
will not have an inquiry from hospital simply the director will not
admit to work. In hospital there were many people standing to the
doctor. I stood not much, but in the street today very good weather
all the same is not much tired the sun from hospital shines when I
came back home I have gone on foot as there was very good weather I
has decided to take pleasure in fresh air and to think of further my
life. I very much like to reflect on a life to simply me it is all to
be useful in the further life. And you Hidden like to think, that will
be further with you and that you will achieve from a life. I think,
that people happen different, one nice, others beautiful, the third
ordinary. But I always knew, that the person, the man should be
beautiful, first of all, soul, the heart, the acts, the desires, the
mind. I very much love people who never put itself above others, do
not become presumptuous, know to myself the price. I respect, very
strongly I respect those people who can achieve the purposes, that
they put on the way. Purposefulness it so is important in a modern
life. I very much love tenderness, caress, kindness, a cosiness. I
love, as the person can look at you Hidden hours, is simple look and
this sight will be such in which it is possible to sink. I love love,
I do not know still, that such love. But I think, that this such
vulnerable, soft, warm and tender feeling, this feeling as tear of the
child as a morning drop of dew, it as the very first beam of the sun
at a dawn, is a life. The love cannot be described, it is impossible,
it only needs to be felt. To feel, how heart as blood starts to run in
a body faster knocks, it when you cannot think of anybody, except it,
except that person for the sake of whom you are ready to go on a
world's end. It is love. … and this life. … and this sufferings. … And
this most eternal, that there is in the world … I so want, that I had
such relations, but at me while they are not present also to me very
important dialogue with you because you very much to me have liked
also to me not without variously our dialogue. So now you see, that
all my dreams near to you and I hope, that you not when will not throw
me and up to the end will be with me in a place and nearby. There will
be the man on which I can will rely and to be assured of you!!! I
hope, that at us with you all will turn out. How you look at my dreams
and what you think on the account of my dream Hidden? This my opinion
on what should be the man, and this my opinion, that such love. And
you tell to me my darling Hidden what for you love and how you feel
it? It is very interesting to me to learn it. We with you have
achieved it and for us it is the big pleasure! You after all agree,
that is all probably and that that we with you it will make all? You
the good man and now I trust you well, I try on you will rely and as
to entrust you everything that at me is that you knew that I that
woman whom you searched! I feel to you that attachment to you! And I
wish to tell to you, that I really miss on you. I speak you these
words dared, because it indeed and I feel it. I hope, that you
pleasantly and like to hear such beautiful both pleasant words and my
feelings to you! Our feelings will always grow more and more and
shortly we with you will achieve our strong love for all life. You
want it Hidden? And now I will finish the letter. I will wait your
fastest and gentle letter mine Hidden. I kiss you gently Yours it is
sincere Marina!!!

marina3325 (
Sent:     Fri 9/19/08 2:39 PM

Good afternoon my dear Hidden! Dear I is very glad that you have written I so my love waited your letter. I descended in agency and all have learnt, that it is necessary for me and as to me all it to make without any problems. I have come there to agency and me have invited in an office, me have asked that I want, I have told it that I have found the beloved abroad and I will leave to it, to me have told that first of all I should call to Moscow, in the Moscow Embassy and order documents, then I will need to go to Moscow to give the documents for reception of the visa and the international passport, I have told well, I will call and order documents. We with the girl have started to call in the Moscow Embassy and she has told that I will go abroad also to me it is necessary to order documents, she has told to me that at departure from Russia I need to have at herself the visa, the international passport and the insurance and has told that I will need to pay for these documents money, I have told that I know it also I have asked the prices of documents, to me have told, that the visa price will cost 124euro, the international passport 197euro and the insurance costs 86 euro, to me have counted the full sum and have told that on all documents to me is necessary 407 euro, and still it is necessary to buy tickets aboard the plane. I of this girl have told that I will talk to you and in a current of 1 days I will come to you in agency and we will call again to Moscow and we will tell precisely will take I documents or not. Here now I have written you also all have told concerning documents, now we need to solve with you concerning documents my dear. I have still asked her on the account of tickets favourite, she to me has told, that when I will order documents and to pay them after that I as will speak them a city and the airport yes where the ticket is necessary to me and they to me I will reserve the ticket to you my dear! Favourite I to the girl have told that they to me have tried to do tickets as it is possible more cheaply because I gain them not on the money, she to me has told that will try to find tickets approaching for me but after I will begin to cry for documents. I hope you me you understand favourite Hidden?

I to her have told, that I will try to come to to agency this week and to pay all sum of money for documents. Now you know, how many it is necessary for me of money for a trip to you my love Hidden. But it only for documents my favourite. I very much ask you, that you sent me money that I have started to do my documents. I ask you that you understood me correctly and into the trip account! Well my dear Hidden? I have learnt, that they can be received through the company on remittances Western Union (it I was advised by the girl from agency of travel). You need to know my data to send me your money.

You should fill my data, it:

1. A full Name: Marina

2. A full Surname: Ermolina

3. The country: Russia

4. The address: Markina 12/46

5. An index: 425000

When you will fill my data you then fill the data and specify there the sum of money which you send me. When you will fill all in the form of the Western Union you should transfer this form and money in office of the Western Union my dear Hidden!

I think, that you already have understood it. As when you will send me money, you should go at once to the computer and write me the letter with the information that you have sent money through the Western Union and as to write me details which to me it is necessary for reception of your money. I need a detail for reception of money, it:

1. Your full name

2. Your full surname

3. Your country

4. A city, whence you to send money

5. Your full address

6. Yours post code

7. The exact sum of money which you have sent me

8. Number of transfer MTCN

I hope, that you have understood all, that I have written to you about the company of transfer of money and as I hope for you, that you will do all correctly that there was all without problems. Well Hidden?

I feel in myself, that you at me the unique beloved with whom I will be the happiest woman all over the world. When we Hidden will meet you, our hearts and our love will be in a place and in a place we will be most at the happiest the pair all over the world, we will be glad each other! You agree with me my darling!

Now I will expect every day ours with you of a meeting and I will think only of you because every day to me so it is strong you does not suffice also me so it would be desirable on to arrive more likely to you to be with you nearby always always! I am very strong without you I miss also to me very strongly you does not suffice! I am very strong at strongly you I love my love Hidden! I wait from you with the big impatience of a fast reply and as, I wish you happy and fine day my dear Hidden!

Every day I think of our meeting and about us as to us it will be good when we with you will be in a place my dear more and more. I very strongly grieve without you and very strongly you I love my love. I will call to you tonight, therefore wait for my call. I wait from you for a fast reply the my dear prince. My mum sends you greetings. With love your favourite on always Marina!

2008-09-30, 00:00:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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[hidden] from United States  

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Dating scammer Marina Ermolina

2008-09-30, 00:00:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-30, 00:00:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ksenia Lihacheva from Diwnogorsk, Russia

2008-09-30, 15:13:19
OJAS from United States  
Some posting guidelines http://www.delphifa..p=0#101855
2008-10-11, 14:21:02
anonymous from Costa Rica  
2008-11-07, 09:27:19
Luke from United Kingdom  
Haha yeah, got exactly same emails and photos! Her email address this time was : and she said thats she is from Volzhsk, Russia. As above, she never replied to my questions and it was suspicous all the way through.

2008-11-07, 09:29:08
Luke from United Kingdom  

2008-11-07, 09:29:43
Luke from United Kingdom  

2008-11-08, 21:18:05
OJAS from United States  
Some posting guidelines http://www.delphifa..p=0#101855
2008-11-15, 02:25:23
anonymous from Sweden  
2009-02-25, 10:51:24
anonymous from Australia  
Oh it broke my heart, i am still in love but i am so trying to understand her but the letters you have posted are exactly what i had and all the photos as well, she phoned me in the early hours demanding for the 799 au for the documents but when i said she was a naughty girl she wasnt impressed. But i hung up on her, she claimed in the final letter that she had the advantage ???but this is uncharicteristic of the portrait she had painted for me so i was a bit cut, but girlz do that now. I will allways be her road and she mine marina we had a great relationship all of us. And i still got the pics!!!!NICE!!! and in one she is very revealing.
FUTURE SCAMMING: she is denying herself of the truth so any scammes will have to be mastery she will be still practicing, i think she get the dow then goes to resorts because thats the background,,,she aint poor! I AM!
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