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Dating scammer Svetlana Rogova


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Name: Svetlana Rogova



Other Comments:
I wrote this 'woman' for almost a month and very soon she started to tell me very personal details about her. She told me she was virgin, that I was the man of her life, that she was very sincere and that she loved me since the first time she saw me...etc...She asked my phone number and even called me.
After almost a month she said she could not stand living without me, that she should meet me as soon as possible, and after all this love and passionate letters she asked me to send her U$ 1300 to buy a ticket and come to stay with me. She gave me all data concerning Western Union in her city. As I told her I would go to Russia instead, and would send her no money, she just disappeared after one ore to letters more, grieving about her love and her disappointment. She is till in the site mentioned above.
I hope you do publish this.
Best regards,
As I was really upset with all this, I decided to check if I was a potential victim or not. I used a different name, photos from a friend of mine, a different profile and I wrote her again. Even after reading all your advices, for my absolute surprise, there she was again. You were right. The same first letter, the same photos, all the same. I am really upset and I thank you guys that I read your information before sending her money. I almost did.
I would appreciate your telling me if I should go on and let her ask for money again or stop it.
I want to help you and if possible to prevent that other honest men fall in this kind of fraud.
It does not happen only in the US. I think they dig all over the World.
Just want to tell you that I was falling in love and it has not been easy to accept this situation.
I decided to send you the 'new' first letter I got from her with more photos.

Scammer details:
Surname: Rogova
Name: Svetlana
City:Yoshkar Ola
Country: Russia
Postal address: Unknown
Phone number: Unknown

Letters she sent you (all you have): Now I have the 'new' first one.

Hello my new friend!
I'm glad, that you have written me, I'm happy, that I have interested you.
You are very interesting to me, I hoped that you write to me.
I don't know as to start to write to you this letter, but I nevertheless was solved, because if I and shall think to write to you it or not, you
will forget me)))
I so am glad that we begin acquaintance because I did not do it when!
I never tried to do it before, I have decided to get acquainted with you because I have counted that you very interesting person.
I read your questionnaire and I have solved that you approach to me, I have thought because you approach my type of people!
I write to you the letter because I wish to find to myself the partner on a life, I wish to learn the person and to create with it family.
Yes, I search for love which will be very big because I consider that it really and it is possible!
There are many cases when such acquaintances lead to beautiful actions, wedding, a joint life.
I want so because I the modest woman, search for love.
I wish to tell to you a little about myself.
As I have already written, I the sensual, beautiful woman, me of 27 years, my date of a birth of 15/11/1980.
I have finished University and now I work as the nurse.
I very much love children, I consider what to bring up children is my calling because children obey me and respect!
I like to go in for sports and to conduct a healthy way of life.
I neither when did not smoke and nor when did not use drugs, I consider that it very harmfully and dangerously!
Whether ask I drink, yes I drink, but only on holidays, and only pair wine-glasses of good wine!
I that any more do not drink, except for wine because I consider that wine is useful in small quantities.
I to you have told a little about myself, now I wish to learn about you because I consider that our correspondence should develop.
I wish to learn about you much more.
I shall wait your letter, I shall be glad if you will send me your photos.
I send you the photos that you saw the person which has written to you this letter!
I wish you pleasant day.
Bye bye!

Your's Sveta!:)

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2008-10-18, 11:39:56
Would you mind telling me how to post my information like you do?

2008-10-18, 13:13:12
OJAS from United States  
I post a screen-shot vertically (otherwise delphi will contact the graphics, making it difficult to read)

1) Choose posting characters (Dirk uses own name, others give themselves an alphanumeric name for eay addressing)

2) Decide about the 2 square boxes (Whether you want to hide your e-mail from spammers, whether you want notification about this thread update)

3) On the 3 radio buttons, Dirk, and a few others prefer to show their city. They are not at all afraid of scammers coming to know their city location. Many are content to show the country only, which will display their flag, and give away if a scammer tries to post under their stolen names. Some others, especially newbies find it better to hide their location altogether.

2008-10-18, 13:25:19   (updated: 2008-10-18, 13:55:43)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

Sure. I will tell you. Like I tell everybody all the time. The answer is: GOOGLE. Just put any info you have in the Google Toolbar. It will work miracles for you. There are some other tricks, but.... You want to post in Delphi? You just posted a comment! Delphi is open for everybody. It is easy.

If you have problems with it:

Other Anonymous (or the same?), You are welcome on the same address. We'll work this thing out.

It doesn't matter how I do it. Just Google yourself.

2008-10-18, 16:22:55
Sorry guys I followed both sugestions and it does not work yet.
Hope you can help me with this ... If it is not bothering you.
2008-10-18, 21:00:07
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

Just click on 'Show city and country'. Type your comment. And send it. Delphi does the rest.
2008-10-19, 07:21:32
Hi Dirk,
Thanks again for your help.
Pete told me that there is a problem while trying to locate my IP with the system.
He may be fixing it by now as he told me.
Let's see if we get a solution ...
2008-10-19, 08:43:45   (updated: 2008-10-19, 08:48:22)

My mistake........................

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Lyubimova

2008-10-20, 13:27:05
OJAS from United States  
The Admin added keywords feature as a text supplemental search http://www.delphifa..891.shtml
Helpful Keyword suggestions http://www.delphifa..=4#112806

Stop supplying ''keywords'' like bitch to posts by Amandio, Steve, Dirk and others, if you have nothing positive to contribute, at least don't mess up others' posts http://www.delphifa..?p=2#90311
2008-10-20, 15:26:43
Hi Ojas,
As Dirk, I don´t hide anything here. I believe you know I did not use such kind of writing in my posts.
My main goal is to help within my limited knowledge. I would appreciate to know as much as you guys do.
Thats why I asked your help. To be able to help too.
As I already said this COMBINE site in what concerns Russia, is full of this fake IP.
That's why I take all of them as scammers. Am I wrong?
I got the feeling that at the end we just come to the point that they are scammers as they use false IP's, fake names, cities and so on. Further on is jus guessing....
My point is we can not do much more than putting them in evidence, posting them and expecting that others will learn about.
Tell me if that is like it is.

By the way I could not solve my problem concerning my information being shown.
Pete said he would take a look but I think he is busy to work on this now.
2008-10-20, 16:48:25
OJAS from United States  
I know, it not you, Dirk, or Steve, who would post offensive keywords, which don't help anyone. But some new guys dropping in, might WRONGLY associate you guys, and that is what upset me. Steve has asked the Admin to get rid of idiotic ''keywords''

I will write to you more in detail later part of this week, as we may by then have our e-mail contact through Dirk.

Obrigado! :-)
2008-10-20, 18:03:50
OJAS from United States  
I will be glad to help you in a few areas, would like to give some examples:

Heinrich after being scammed, set up a web site
My personal view is, it would be too much to handle. Instead, it is easier to join an on-going battle, say he could have chosen to be on the German thread here. We also have French, and Spanish threads here, I think those guys find it easier than starting and maintaining a brand new web site.

I appreciate your posting for English readers, but sometimes it can also be disadvantageous. A Brazilian for example did not understand English, mistaking this for a dating site, posted his e-mail address and photo ... too risky, he might lose his money if he doesn't know what he his doing.

You might consider starting a Portuguese thread for readers who are not good in English.

All we can do is slow-down the scammers by exposing their lies. More people to inform the world, makes scammers' life harder.

In order to help searching for scammer lies, I have posted a few text-search, graphics search suggestions.

In order to make this post not too long, I will give one search tip for delphi
Say, I want to find Heinrich's site, already posted here. I take an uncommon string, lebensund add a * at the end, and delphi will then return all hits with these 9 characters in that sequence.

Feel free to ask search techniques or anything. I may not have the best way of doing things, but usually such techniques work, since I borrowed them other experts ... Well, it might be considered a scam! :-))
2008-10-20, 18:24:00   (updated: 2008-10-20, 18:28:01)
I really appreciate your concern and patience.
I am sure I don't have yours or Dirk's skills but I am sure I will improve.
So your help and Dirk's have been fundamental for me.
I liked the idea to start a brazilian/portuguese thread here.
You will soon see some posts in Portuguese.
Take a look on
My offer still remains. Just tell me how to help in a more efficient way.
I think it will be better to discuss this further on in private.
2008-10-20, 20:38:56   (updated: 2008-10-20, 20:47:16)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

You have OJAS' address. About the 91.144.161-IP's. It was a series of 40. Now new ones pop up all the time. Those IP are forged. Here is more info: http://www.delphifa..#comments


I never post keywords to the pictures. I guess it's a frustrated Dutch victim (of Turkish origin) who is posting that rubbish. He stopped doing that on the Ossiniki-Thread after I reprimanded him. Maybe it's wiser to ignore him. Regular reader's of this site know that most girls in the pics are innocent victims of Identitytheft.
2008-10-28, 11:43:07   (updated: 2008-10-28, 11:44:37)
anonymous from United States  
Hello out there, my name is marcelo, from Nashville TN. U.S.A. I dated this woman thru the internet, for almost 2 months, and already read everybody else storys, and are very similar like mine, this lady, she claims she is, is nothing but a scammer, beware of her she wants me to send her money, which I never did, instead I sent her some flowers rather than money, found out recently the adress she provide me doesn't exist, insteat is an officce building, we need to stop this woman, before doing more harm, to anyone else, thank's I just spreeding the word.
2008-10-29, 10:34:32
Amandio from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  
Hi Marcelo,
Are you brazilian or latin?
I would like to discuss this girl a little bit.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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