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Dating scammer Tatyana Lyubimova


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Name: Tatyana Lyubimova


Zarubina 44-1

Other Comments:
Who knows this girl?
I would appreciate any information.
She says she is from Volshk/Russia but every time I trace her IP it returns me Yoshkar Ola/Russia.
She is writing me for almost two months and I am sure she is a scammer.
Take a look on her last email.
Hello my love Igor !!! How are you?? I love you! I cannot live more
without you. To me it is very lonely. Dear, Igor , I do not
understand, why to you have told, that my address wrong. In the end of the letter I once again shall write my address. You can try to send me the letter. We shall look, whether it will reach me. Unfortunately I
do not have phone. Phone is only on work which to be in a cabinet at
the chief. I cannot use this phone. But I can call to you from a
public telephone booth. As I will have an opportunity, I at once shall
call. OK? I very much wish to hear your voice. Certainly I wish to
read every day your letters and to write to you. If I had a computer
it would be much more convenient. But I do not presume now to myself a computer as it is expensive to me. Unfortunately, Igor , I do not know what documents are necessary to arrive to you. One of these days I go in travel agency and all I learn about a trip abroad. OK?Igor we already very well know each other. I love you, and you love me. My darling, us divides with you only distance. My love, you tell really want that I have arrived to you? My darling, I think that if you are adjusted also seriously as I that think that you should not be against our meeting. My prince, we wish to be with you only happy. I very much wish to create with you family. My darling, tell and what plans at you on the future? You want that in this future I accompanied with you? My darling I want from a life not so much. The Most important for me to be happy. My darling, and my happiness consists only in were with you that I have been surrounded by your love and care. My darling, I cannot live without you any more. My darling if we want that our love only increased and never died, we should think of a reality. My darling if you wish to be happy and that I have arrived to you it is necessary for me to prepare a trip for you. My darling, I shall try to learn soon the information to arrive to you Igor . My darling, I hope that in the following letter you answer my main question: 'whether there Can be we you or not? ' My darling, you my fine treasure and you for me all meaning of the life. I very much hope that I can soon meet you and to be with you. I so dream of our long-awaited meeting when I can leave the plane, find you a sight from many people and run to you
towards. I so wish to present you many the most sweet and most gentle kisses! Igor ,I love you! You for me all on light! My address: country: Russia Sity: Volzhsk street: Zarubina 44-1 Index: 424003
Tatyana Lyubimova I hope to receive soon your answer!
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss You it is constant in my dreams! Your princess Tatyana!


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2008-10-15, 16:58:37   (updated: )

2008-10-15, 16:58:37   (updated: )

2008-10-15, 16:58:37   (updated: )

2008-10-15, 16:58:37   (updated: )

2008-10-16, 06:16:59   (updated: 2008-10-16, 06:48:56)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Tatyana Lyubimova





Google can't find a map for Zarubina in Volzhsk.

Explanation for the Yoshkar-Ola (Volgatel) IP: http://www.russianc..hy/48547/

2008-10-16, 07:04:19
Thanks Dirk I appreciate your information.
2008-10-16, 07:58:20   (updated: 2008-10-16, 08:13:11)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
No problem. I am curious about Zarubina Street in Volzhsk. Since Volzhsk is one of the main cities in the Mari El Republic, it should be on the map. Here is some additional info on it (with different housenumbers and in combination with other cities):






2008-10-16, 09:26:42
Hi Dirk,
As I have two zip codes from her I found that the first is from Yoshkar Ola.
The other one I can not understand the russian name
Take a look

№ Индекс Название объекта Тип объекта Адрес Старый индекс
1 424003 Йошкар-Ола 3 Отделение почтовой связи
, Марий Эл респ. 424003
Почтовый индекс - 425073
Наименование объекта федеральной почтовой связи -

I could not find an urban map of Volshsk.
Can you help me on that?

2008-10-16, 11:05:03
Well friends,
No more doubts about this woman. I found her.
The address she gave me
Russia Sity: Volzhsk street: Zarubina 44-1 Index: 424003
This address has been reported to be:
Zarubina st. 44, Yoshkar-Ola, 424003, the Republic of Mari El, Russia

That is all guys, took me almost 3 days to find her.
Lets see what come out in her next letters if she writes.
Last 2 emails from her today.
Good evening my favourite, xxxxxx!
Here I have again come to the Internet-cafe. I do not know that occurs to me. And you know?
xxxxxxx, you want I shall give you heart and soul? I shall make it, precisely I shall not be afraid. You do not trust me, think dhe... Trust me, I live without you I can not!
Favourite, I very much worry. I perfectly understand, that you wish to help me. But how you can help me? In fact you live on other doomsday. I am ready to live all time your letter. I came into computer shop, there to me have told, that the computer can be bought for 24000-28000 roubles. But it for me greater money. You me ïîíèìfåòå? I yet do not know, will cost how many to put phone of the house. I think it not so dearly. It is necessary to learn more in detail, in installation of the Internet of the house how many will manage. Tell to me please as you to me can help me?
xxxxxxx, you can tell to me on how many difficult Portuguese language? How you think, I can study the Portuguese language?
I always with you divide both laughter and grief! Simply I love you! Simply we two half!
Do not take offence, if I not so have written something. Such feeling with me never was. I very much wait for your answer, favourite!
Yours baby.
Hi, mine dear xxxxxxx.
Dear, I do not find to myself a place. I cannot easy sleep at night. I all time think of you.
I am very glad, that I have again found your letter in my box.
xxxxx, I very much wish to meet you. I î÷åím wait for our meeting. I very strongly wish you to embrace. And you?
Dear xxxxxxx! If you will arrive to Russia, I shall give you a cordial welcome. Then we shall get acquainted with my parents. We could live in my small apartment. But I thought our meeting will be not in Russia.
xxxxxxxxI thought our meeting will be in more beautiful place. It will be fine if I to you shall arrive. I can take holiday on work. I very much would like to arrive to you on a visit. I never was outside Russia and I will be assured for me it is the best holiday especially with such the man as you. We would learn each other much better and could build our relations further. Well, so the darling xxxxxxxx how you look at it? But I yet was not in travel agency, therefore I do not know about what documents are necessary to arrive to Brazil. You speak, that the visa is necessary, but at me it is not present.
OK? xxxxxxxx? I have run for work.
How many drops in the dark blue sea,
How many a dust on the ground,
So much gentle kisses
I send you!

Yours Tanyushka!

2008-10-16, 11:28:20
OJAS from United States  
Amandio, see if this helps; paste Йошкар-Ола in then zoom in for closer look
2008-10-16, 12:47:01
Hi Ojas,
I tried it but the zoom does not go to street level.
I found another map at street level but as I don't know cyrillic I can not find the street.
If you want to take a look:
I could not download it.
The other zip code I got from Dirk's info at:
is from a city called
also in Russia.
I can not understand the name.
Thanks for your help. I would love to grab these idiots....
2008-10-16, 12:49:56   (updated: 2008-10-16, 13:09:42)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

The Cyrillic texts mean:

Index the Name of object Type of object the Address the Old index
1 424003 Ioshkar Ola 3 Branch of a mail service
Ioshkar Ola

, Марий Эл респ. 424003
The postal index - 425073
The name of object of a federal mail service-

The streetmap of Volzhsk has been troubling me all day long. There is no Zarubina Street (Ulitsa Zarubina) in Volzhsk. You (and I) found one in Yoshkar-Ola. Why don't you ask your girlfriend for a streetmap? Ask her to show you the street where she lives.

Кужмара? It's not in my dictionary. Is it Ukrainian?

2008-10-16, 18:09:55
Hi Dirk,
I´ll try but I don't think she will send anything. Anyhow I am pretty shure she is a scammer. Two ZIP CODES, no telephone number, no answer to any of my questions....
Asking me to give her a computer and pay for the tickets to Brazil, everything matches... Don't you think so? Let's see if we find something more.
By the way, Just as a coincidence, I lived for 3 years in Enschede and my 2 daughters were born there.

hartelijk dank
2008-10-16, 18:22:36
Hi Dirk,
Just found the other city!!!
Take a look. Google Earth is incredible!!!

2008-10-16, 18:23:23   (updated: 2008-10-16, 18:57:36)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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