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Dating scammer Tatyana Lyubimova


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Name: Tatyana Lyubimova


Zarubina 44-1

Other Comments:
Who knows this girl?
I would appreciate any information.
She says she is from Volshk/Russia but every time I trace her IP it returns me Yoshkar Ola/Russia.
She is writing me for almost two months and I am sure she is a scammer.
Take a look on her last email.
Hello my love Igor !!! How are you?? I love you! I cannot live more
without you. To me it is very lonely. Dear, Igor , I do not
understand, why to you have told, that my address wrong. In the end of the letter I once again shall write my address. You can try to send me the letter. We shall look, whether it will reach me. Unfortunately I
do not have phone. Phone is only on work which to be in a cabinet at
the chief. I cannot use this phone. But I can call to you from a
public telephone booth. As I will have an opportunity, I at once shall
call. OK? I very much wish to hear your voice. Certainly I wish to
read every day your letters and to write to you. If I had a computer
it would be much more convenient. But I do not presume now to myself a computer as it is expensive to me. Unfortunately, Igor , I do not know what documents are necessary to arrive to you. One of these days I go in travel agency and all I learn about a trip abroad. OK?Igor we already very well know each other. I love you, and you love me. My darling, us divides with you only distance. My love, you tell really want that I have arrived to you? My darling, I think that if you are adjusted also seriously as I that think that you should not be against our meeting. My prince, we wish to be with you only happy. I very much wish to create with you family. My darling, tell and what plans at you on the future? You want that in this future I accompanied with you? My darling I want from a life not so much. The Most important for me to be happy. My darling, and my happiness consists only in were with you that I have been surrounded by your love and care. My darling, I cannot live without you any more. My darling if we want that our love only increased and never died, we should think of a reality. My darling if you wish to be happy and that I have arrived to you it is necessary for me to prepare a trip for you. My darling, I shall try to learn soon the information to arrive to you Igor . My darling, I hope that in the following letter you answer my main question: 'whether there Can be we you or not? ' My darling, you my fine treasure and you for me all meaning of the life. I very much hope that I can soon meet you and to be with you. I so dream of our long-awaited meeting when I can leave the plane, find you a sight from many people and run to you
towards. I so wish to present you many the most sweet and most gentle kisses! Igor ,I love you! You for me all on light! My address: country: Russia Sity: Volzhsk street: Zarubina 44-1 Index: 424003
Tatyana Lyubimova I hope to receive soon your answer!
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss You it is constant in my dreams! Your princess Tatyana!

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2009-01-09, 14:13:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i just got one of these through, first thing i thought was scam.

google as always helped out and brought me straight here.

might play along a bit mind just till the money is asked for !
2009-01-10, 07:10:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This is a young lady I have been corresponding with for a short time and as things have cooled a little I can now expose her so that people can see what to look out for.
I suspected her from the very first mailing she sent from the site 'My daily flog' the email IP has changed a few times and she was not answering my questions. One email address led me to the possible guy behind this, or at least someone who is using the same computer and email address this is [] shahilarosliza mohamednor < Google is a great tool for helping track these addresses.
She used the name of Irina but never asked for any money and seemed to be genuine apart from the IPs being listed on here along with a variety of pictures so it was very confusing. I got bored with her and I copied and pasted erotic stories from literotica and she still thanked me for my wonderful mailings!
This is a list of the IPs she used: also
I have enclosed some of her pictures and her email address is currently,

2009-01-10, 07:14:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2009-01-10, 07:16:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-10, 07:18:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Novocheboksark

2009-01-10, 07:19:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2009-01-11, 01:29:27
Amandio from Brazil  
Mr. Anom from England,
As it seems you are a newbie here, first of I wellcome to the World of Scammers. Thanks for your post in this page which belongs to the girl that scammed me.
Yes you are right about Google facilities and about Irina. Should you have used the simple search at the top of this page and you would have seen who she is.
You did a great job anyway. If you want to see a bit more about this man, from Yoshkar Ola, Republic of Mari EL, Russia, you may follow the links bellow.
Best regards.

2009-01-11, 01:44:41
anonymous from Brazil  
Domain Administrator
Yahoo! Inc.
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Sunnyvale CA 94089
US[whois] +1.4083493300 Fax: +1.4083493301

Domain Name:[whois]

Registrar Name:[whois]
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Registrar Homepage:[whois]

Administrative Contact:
Domain Administrator
Yahoo! Inc.
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US[whois] +1.4083493300 Fax: +1.4083493301
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Domain Administrator
Yahoo! Inc.
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Sunnyvale CA 94089
US[whois] +1.4083493300 Fax: +1.4083493301
2009-01-18, 02:11:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
To Amandio from Brasil. Re Irina
I checked this lady out after receiving the very first email from her, using script from her message and this drew a blank, so I strung her along and when she posted her pictures I checked them out and drew another blank so I guessed that she was using a new email address and new pictures but eventually she sent some that were already posted on here, and of course the IP addresses were recognised but led me to different faces so all in all things turned out ok thanks to this site. She never got round to asking me for money but it's not too late for that as she does not read my mail to her and only yesterday I had another mailing where she is 'falling in love' wow! that was a surprise as she doesn't even know what i look like. If she had read my emails she wouldn't be so loving as they are full of rubbish from the internet mostly about the guy who is also using the same computer and he is an out and out spammer according to Project honey pot.

2009-02-17, 16:23:46
anonymous from United States  
Hey Dude She is playing with me to , So better get over with her and dont try to check anything'waste of time'.
2009-03-19, 19:08:41
anonymous from Portugal  

2009-03-28, 21:28:33
anonymous from Cape Verde  
boa tarde eu tambem ando a investigareste assunto duma tatyana da russia que ja me pediu dinheiro para vir me visitar aqui tem o email dela tatyana_lovely@☺
2009-05-12, 06:17:51
anonymous from China is russia scammer TATYANA LYUBIMOVA RUSSIA

She is on Tagged !!
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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