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Dating scammer Natalya


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Name: Natalya



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Ela me aborda via site de encontro e me manda o email dela:

Escrevo e ela responde:

Hello my friend!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letters.
I like you. I think you the interesting person.
I would like to ask you a little.
You are engaged in sports meets? If yes, what?
I ask it because I love sports meets, and I am borrowed in volleyball. Four times a week I go
to sports a hall.
I very much would like to learn about your character.
I very much similarly to character in us and I therefore would like to find
About your character it is more.
Probably it is interesting to you why I have decided to find
The favourite person with assistance of the Internet.
Simply, I have the girlfriend who now lives in Canada.
She has acquainted with assistance of the Internet with the future husband
And they became loving the friend the friend, and she has left to it.
Now she writes to me letters and speaks, about which as they are happy together.
Recently she has told to me, that she is the pregnant woman, and they will have the child.
I am very pleased for them.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you.


Hi dear,
I appreciate to have your letter. I would like to have more details about you.
I would like you to tell me where you live in Russia, your work, your hobbies, what you like,
What you expect from a man, things like that.
I am at trading business as a director of a big brazilian company. I am divorced have no children and looking for a nice woman like you to make a family together.
I wait your answer,

Ela me escreve outra vez

Mando um e-mail em resposta ao dela - o segundo. Troco o nome, a foto mas mantenho o meu e-mail. O que acontece?

Hello Igor! I am glad that you have written me the letter. It will be very interesting to me to get acquainted with you.
Perhaps I will begin the letter on the story on.
My name is Natalya I live in a small city which this city is called Cheboksary to be in Russia.
To me 26 years. I was born on March, 6th per 1982. My growth 168ñì and my weight 56êã. I live with mum in one apartment.
My mum all the life worked as the teacher at school, elementary grades. I very much am proud of mum it at me the best!
All right well I will begin the story about myself, my hobby is sports, very much to like me sports.
Anglisky I has studied at school and after school I have entered the university and there
I have studied in pedagogics so with English I do not have problems. I can easy write and talk on English.
When I studied in university I thought that I future awakes absolutely another and my branches can be useful.
And now I work on two works and it is very difficult to consult for me since time, it does not happen almost.
But I always find time for the private life and a hobby.
I like to listen to music from classics or silent music it very much calms me. I do not have not what bad habits,
I do not smoke and not when I did not use narcotic substances I treat it badly
I not when was not married and I do not have children. And I in searches of the half I think that by means of the correspondence I will find it.
If you have to me the questions, which interesting about me ask me, I with the great pleasure will answer you them!
Tell to me about itself more in detail, it is very interesting to me to learn about you?
Your girlfriend Natalya!!!!

Qual o IP dela???
Received: from ([])

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2009-11-25, 14:15:50
anonymous from Poland  
Hello My New Friend!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter.
I thought of that you will write to me or will not write and
looked forward your letter. And I am glad when have received it. I the
first time get acquainted on the Internet, I looked on profile which
to me a distance at a site of acquaintances both have seen you. Also
has decided to write to you. I hope that you have understood my first
message. my name is Valentina. To me of 27
years, I was never married. At me normal character, I live in mum in
apartment. My city Yoshkar-Ola . It in the Republic Mariy-El. Except mum,
the grandmother and the girlfriend I was not present close people. The
father I never saw also mother speaks of nothing about it. as
whom you work? I nurse in our hospital. I love the work. I do not know
what to tell about myself. you can tell about yourself more? I
wish to know much about you. Why you have solved gets acquainted in
the Internet? What do you search in the girl? What character at you?
How you like to have a rest? I with pleasure will answer your
questions. Ask also I will tell about itself. I simply do not know
what to tell. What it is interesting to you? I hope that you
will write to me tomorrow.

Attention people! Probably the same person now scamming aka 'Natalya_Egoshina' from Kazan the same style of writing, partially the same 'autobiography' of 'girl'

'Earlier my mum worked as the nurse at school in which I studied'

'At me today remarkable mood'

'Now in Russia there is very complex situation with search of the favourite person. Alcohol, smoking and a drug have made the Russian men not capable for the big and real love.'

2009-11-25, 16:44:34
anonymous from Italy  
I am very glad that you have written to me the letter!!!
To me was so pleasantly to read about yours feelings, and words of
So it is pleasant for me, that we with you, have found common language......

At us with you much in common, also we like each other, unless I am not
You know for me today the most wonderful day was. Today I in the morning
when I have come for work
My boss to me has told that today I can not work, as I receive my holiday
with today's
Day. I asked him holiday from work last week and today now I am already free
from work.
You know I dreamed that holiday to lead near to you, and very much I want
that my dreams became real.
I want to begin the life with a clean sheet, I would not like to live very
much not a steady and not sincere life......
I think that, it will not occur to us, in the further future, What you
think???? I speak so openly to you because
I do not want to begin again a life, without love, and without feelings....
The Love without feeling and trust,
this not love and is usual game... Such games, very bad Come to an end. You
only do not take offence at me
these are my true feelings to my further love. My dear Luca, we have grown
fond each other, and we with
you have big feelings of love to each other.. As I already spoke you, that I
want to arrive to you, and
I speak it fairly, and I when I do not like to lie to people...... I think
that you understand me.....
And I in any case do not want to lose you,
I love you all my heart, and I wait for an our meeting every minute...
Yesterday I talked to mum that at me such feeling
has appeared
That you unique the man with whom I want to live all life, and that I want
to see your country and you.
My mum, all over again has not believed me, but I have then convinced her,
she did not think that, I shall travel to you,
to other country, She very much experiences for me, and would want that at
us all was good mine,
I spoke many times about you to the mum, she has told to me that, by my
words it is possible to tell that you, very decent
and purposeful the man. My love I today has visited travel agency and now I
have found out that to me will be necessary to
travel to your country. I should make many documents the visa and the
passport, and some information for you
My love I for a long time communicated with manager travel agency and today
I have signed the contract with
travel agency that they have started to legalize for me all necessary papers
that I could travel to you.

Luca I have copied this price a sheet and would like to write now to you the
basic which you knew, that it will be necessary for me
1. Registration of the visa. (type of visa B1/B2) the visa operates 90 days,
Occupies from 5 till 10 calendar days. 100 euros. + Consular going USD 50
2. The passport. Legality - is not less 6 months from the moment of one of
prospective departure Italy. The passport for travel abroad 20 euros
3. Medical insurance. 50 euros
4. The information from my work above my incomes, as my marital status.
After the travel agency will prepare for me all documents to me, it will be
necessary to transfer interview in your embassy.
For this purpose to pay it it is not necessary, as this procedure is
included in cost of consular gathering. If I, that shall transfer interview I
completely is ready to travel to your country. In travel agency to me have told,
that they can the help to me from interview.
To this it is necessary to pay plus to travel agency for their services. It
- 100 euros. Total 320 euros.

My dear I as has found out cost of these documents. To me have told that
All documents 320 euros will cost. My lovely in travel agency to me informed
that I should pay this money during 7 days.
My love unfortunately my financial situation at this time very bad. I should
receive the salary soon,
but my boss today has told that money for holiday
I can receive only at the end of my holiday. It is news of me simply
shocked. I thought that all I shall pay,
but now I am in difficult Situations. My love I did not want you to disturb
my problems but nevertheless
I would like to ask for you the help. My dear if this money not a problem
for you that probably you can pay to me the help
my documents??? Please forgive me that I ask you about it, but to me any
more whom to ask the help and on this I ask you
the help.
I all heart hope that you can to me the help as I most of all want that our
meeting has taken place.
I dream of it each time when I think of you my lovely. Luca my dear you know
I cannot find necessary words at all to
explain to you
As I dream of that that we shall be together, that we will have happy life
and that that in the future we shall be happy.
I very much want to make you happy and the god I sees is ready on all that
it was good you for me. Also know that
I always shall be near to you and never I shall not leave you. My love very
much I hope that our meeting soon will take
But if nevertheless you cannot to me the help unfortunately I shall be
compelled to refuse my contract And the travel agency will impose on me the
penalty, now all hope only on you
And then unfortunately I cannot visit you. My love I know that you very
sincere, kind and reliable the man and you never
will leave me in a trouble. Well my dear. Now I shall close my letter and I
shall look forward to hearing from you all
Write to me as it is possible soon. I shall wait.
Yours and only yours Natalya


2009-12-06, 07:57:02
anonymous from Poland  
Hello my the most favourite honey Maciej!!!
I am very glad to your remarkable letter my the most favourite honey
Today I to arrive to the Internet of cafe and to see that you sent to me
I have obtained your data and number of code MTCN. After that I have
hastened at once to the Western Union for
That to lift that the sum of money.
But at me that it has not turned out. I to copy your data and to arrive to
the Western union but me
Have told that you sent to me not correct yours data that is your city of
sending is not clear
My I most favourite honey ask you to specify your data and to send me once
again your full
Data that is
The country..........
Code MTCN at me is.
I very much love you my the most favourite honey Maciej and very much I wait
for ours with you of day when we
We can carry out all ours with you dreams.
I look forward your warm answer.
For ever yours irina!!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya

2009-12-06, 08:00:14
anonymous from Poland  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya

2009-12-06, 08:02:43
anonymous from Poland  

2009-12-06, 08:04:31
anonymous from Poland  
2009-12-06, 17:48:35
OJAS from United States  
Italia 2009-11-25, 16:44:34, Is she Oksana Pochepa (ex Akula) Оксана Почепа (Акула)? http://www.delphifa..=0#183422
2009-12-16, 21:37:38
anonymous from United States  
From: <>
Subject: Hello dear

Well that you have answered my letter. I looked forward to hearing from you and now to me it was pleasant, when I have seen in e-mail the new letter from you. I well understand your English language and I understand your ideas in offers.
I know, that people of the different countries very different and everyone have a way of life, the culture and the life. Therefore at all of you in another way, than at us, and it will be interesting to me to learn it from you. Since the childhood you were brought up not as we. I in general have grown in Soviet Union. And I had to get used to capitalism after socialism. I to you and have not told, where I work, therefore I to you shall a little tell about the work. I work as the secretary at office. It is only time work as I wish to work on the speciality, and I search for good work for myself.
I hope to you Robert boring my letter will not seem and you will write further to me. I hope, what I write clearly enough? I shall try to answer all your questions.
If I shall not answer your question, I mean could not understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties and pleasures of a life. Together to meet pleasure, to share pleasant instants, feelings, care.
On it I wish to finish the letter and with greater impatience I shall expect your answer.
Yours Natasha.

As it is interesting to me to know. Where you work? With what your work is connected? To like you your work?

2010-03-01, 20:02:58  
Estou me comunicando com Olga Chernova e a mesma já me pediu dinheiro para envio na Western Union, não enviei mas inventei uma Historia dizendo que irei trabalhar em moscou e ficarei hospedado na casa dela, vamos ver a postura da vigarista! Depois direi o que aconteceu.

2010-04-10, 11:50:14
anonymous from Brazil  
Esse safada aí de baixo estava tentando me engana, suspeitei que os e-mails estavam desconexos e então resolvi investiga para vê se encontra alguma coisa.
pois bem para minha surpresa a carta dela e igual a esses cartas que esses estelionatários usam

E-mail dela


2010-04-10, 11:50:59
anonymous from Brazil  
Esse safada aí de baixo estava tentando me engana, suspeitei que os e-mails estavam desconexos e então resolvi investiga para vê se encontra alguma coisa.
pois bem para minha surpresa a carta dela e igual a esses cartas que esses estelionatários usam

E-mail dela


2012-03-04, 16:31:31
anonymous from Brazil  
Ela faz passar por Russa também, enviou fotos de uma loira e não é nenhuma que está aí em cima.
O texto que ela enviou foi este e estou anexando a foto que foi enviado por está pessoa.
How are you?
When I received your last letter, I am certainly worried
that would be your response to my letter.
I am worried because I had no sufficient strength for the last time to tell the whole story of my family.
And you might think that I do not trust you or something like what!
But it is not so!
The whole reason only in me, and my internal developments and concerns!
Okay so I am doing a deep breath ...
8 years ago, I had a tragedy in my family ...
Mom quarrel with the Pope!
They are very loud screaming and were malicious.
My mother had been very upset and insisted shouted.
I comforted my mother and did all that a little bit not too bad!
She goes from home, and in the car umchalsya.
After three hours, I learned that my mother fell on the rocks
on her car.
Pope, has requested that I lived in my grandmother.
And the next morning I learned that he had committed suicide! This is - very difficult for me to talk about it.
I hope you will understand me!?
Then I was 13 years old, and I did not know what I should do in this situation.
Perhaps if all the other!
I will not tell you about the full details of the death of my parents.
I tell you about this because you are not one for me - or people.
This is hard for me in the shower in a conversation about their death.
But now, duly changed, life has continued to read, I became an adult.
And now I create my path in life. It is time to begin
adult life, to find a partner in life, create a family.
I want to be happy with my husband and children!
My friends helped me after the death of my parents,
they do not forget me, and always came to talk to me!
I often go to the house of my girlfriend Irina, and we drink tea with her!
In addition, I have a good dialogue with my friend at work, with Masha and Ksenya!!
But now even my friends, I can not give me a tenderness and care.
I would very much like to feel it!
I think that we will be nice to maintain a high level of our conversation.
I know that you will understand me because you are a wise man!
I want to tell you which is the need in my life is to feel love and be with my beautiful!
You know, my friend!
I would like to find a serious, fair, caring and decent my wonderful person.
The man with whom I was able to unite our hearts and live our entire lives, love, Based on the kindness, trust, love, understanding each other and tenderness,
I think that it wants everyone on this planet.
But I do not want to find that people who enjoy his own life, I want to be with the man who wants to enjoy life of our united family!
In my opinion, the most important thing for any people that trust each other.
When the two men, think soft and shaky relations, when they care about each other constantly and think
one another are not halting, when they are ready to give to each other all they want to kiss one another every second, when they are ready to make each other's limits, that each of them to be happy together
for their love, they know that they will always help
and trust each other in difficult situations and will always be
divide fun for the happy life of their association, not watching bad moments of life and easy to overcome this together,
It is indeed true LOVE IN HUMAN LIFE! this is the real happiness in life!
I think those two people love can not live without the other,
they will always depend on and be glad that they are together!
And I very much want to be one of those two people!
I understand that I want to find this feeling of love!
In my heart, I have very warm love and tenderness,
I can give my love.
Like every normal woman, I would like to love and be loved!
I have never been married, and I do not have children.
But because I am - a very good idea of the wedding, and I love to be with children to care for them and provide them with tenderness and warmth!
It's quite important for me to have children in the family!
Today, I am not alone, I am very happy to communicate with you,
I hope that in the near future we can create a large family and a serious relationship!

2013-08-27, 11:50:55
anonymous from United States  
Olesya Martynova /

2013-08-27, 11:55:55
anonymous from United States  
Olesya Martynova /

2013-08-27, 11:56:53
anonymous from United States  
Olesya Martynova /

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