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Dating scammer anastasiya


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Name: anastasiya



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2008-11-09, 16:50:27
I just got 'bite' from another sucker, thats want to play me.. Okay, we play cat and mouse now, you freak..

I will play for about 2 weeks, but mean time post reports at this site, and ruin the picture-set eventually.. Fuck off you scammers.

2008-11-09, 19:02:10
OJAS from United States  
wnk, keep playing.
When you decide to send Grande Finale in Cyrillic http://www.delphifa..=22#99529

Grande Finale English http://www.delphifa..p=22#99530
2008-11-10, 20:05:32   (updated: 2008-11-10, 20:11:32)
[hidden] from Frederiksberg, Denmark  

WNK here again

I can confirm, that ANASTACIA is a scam profile..

I will start posting all letters tomorrow, but here is 'her' aswer to my lates confrontation:

Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 18:57:22 +0300
Subject: Re: Kinda funny
I do not know any xxx.
It is weight lie, men cracked my mail and spoke about me hearings because of that that I refused to send to them naked photos!!! I read it.

My post to test her:

Funny thing - Irina from Cheboksary,Also nurse. Same city.. Same way of writing.. Same pictures..
Irina to Rolle comparison

1) My darling Rolle I also wish to inform you, that We with mum live in apartment which consists of a hall, a bedroom, a toilet, a bath, kitchen and a dark room. A total area of our apartment - 62 square metres. My darling Rolle and what size your apartment?
2) ON these fine words I wish to finish my letter!!! = same way of writing

Anastacia to me comparison

1) My darling Michael I live with my mum in apartment which consists of a hall, bedrooms, kitchens, bathing. My apartment small on the size,

2) 'On it I while will finish my letter..' = same way of writing


Dejavouz ??
Could you and 'her' be the same person? :-)

When registration at dating site in Russia, I was a bit sceptic about dating scams.

For the last two weeks I have waited for you to show, real purpose, but nothing has happend yet.
Why? This part I don really get.

A typical no harm letter i have gotten from 'her'..

Fra: anastasiya (
Sendt: 6. november 2008 20:44:20
Til: Michael xxx(
4 vedhæftede filer
SP_A0255.jpg (16,9 KB), SP_A0257.jpg (16,8 KB), SP_A0262.jpg (51,0 KB), SP_A0265.jpg (43,8 KB)
Good evening my darling Michael. I am glad to write again to you after my next working day, but I never told about the working day to you, whether not so?
My dear my day has passed in usual conditions. All the day long I have spent houses as weather in the street does not impress today - at us today 0 and it is snowing. So to me it is very cold here without you, my fine Michael, I very much would want, that you heated me in your hands.
My charming Michael, also I wish to ask you, whether expensive you in a city a foodstuff? And also my darling Michael, tell, how you will concern if I prepare for you various soups, and also pies? I want, that you always were in admiration from my cooking... I still wished to ask you, you are very strongly legible in meal or not. Likely, you do not have kvass, yes? Kvass-it primordially Russian drink, it perfectly satisfies thirst, in Russia very much love this drink, it is on sale everywhere, and it very cheap. I will necessarily bring to you on test this drink. At us components for this drink are on sale, and I will bring them to learn you to do him, well, my favourite Michael? I for hundred percent am assured, that you will be impressed with inexpressible taste of this excellent drink.
My charming Michael you wish to know as there passes my working day? - My day begins in everyday life in 06:40-06:50, I wake up, I have breakfast, and I gather for work. For work I leave at 07:40 and almost always I go for work on foot as the hospital is not far from my house, all in 15 minutes of a campaign. I use services of trolley buses only in the winter, when in the street more than-20 With. In other cases I walk before work on foot as it very much helps me... I adore short walks in the mornings and in the evening before a dream. My wonderful Michael, for work I come at 07:55, in time till 08:00 I have time to change clothes in a dressing gown of the medical worker. My study represents a small room which has a door in a reception and a procedural office. In my office it is a lot of flowers. I spend the most part of my working hours in a reception or in a procedural office. I yet did not do serious operations. My dear Michael, my working collective consists of 15 persons - 4 doctors, 8 medical sisters and 3 doctors of-probationers. My fine Michael, All our collective makes traumatologic branch. In hospital in which I work 13 branches-surgical, eye, stomatologic and others. And so, mine Michael, usually in day we do one or two operations, and we accept about 150 patients (us 4 doctors). Here so there passes my working day, my darling Michael, I hope, that it was interesting to you to listen to my story about work. My favourite Michael I very strongly miss on you … I want that you have told about your working day also? ON it I while wish to finish my letter. I very much would like to eat and now I will make a supper. My charming Michael, my mum just has sent you regards.
With love and the best regards, yours Anastasiya

P.S. 'G' is Gerasimova, my full name is Anastasiya Gerasimova.

The first letter sounded like this...

Hello my new friend!!!‏
Fra: anastasiya (
Sendt: 20. oktober 2008 15:55:49
Til: Michael xxx(
5 vedhæftede filer
SP_A0027.jpg (69,4 KB), SP_A0028.jpg (91,2 KB), SP_A0029.jpg (94,9 KB), SP_A0031.jpg (49,7 KB), SP_A0041.jpg (67,2 KB)

Hello dear Michael. I am glad to write you my first letter on your mail box. How your affairs today? All is normal? I am glad to our acquaintance and from your permission I will a little tell about myself - I was born in the city of Cheboksary, Russia on May, 9th, 1982, me of 26 years. My work - the doctor-traumatologist in hospital, I work since 2005, right after the terminations of medical university. I never loved very noisy companies, but I very much like sincere, direct talks with people well familiar to me. I have no a lot of familiar, but I have some good girlfriends with whom we sometimes during week-end play tennis (me very much this sports game) is pleasant, or simply we sit in cafe. In the winter I sometimes skate. I very much love an active kind of sports, especially tennis. Sometimes during week-end we with the girlfriend play it. Still I love swimming, but I float much less often, than I play tennis.
Michael, I had some unsuccessful relations which did not become serious, that my former men were very thoughtless, and their relation to me did not suit me. We had very different sights at many aspects of life. 1,5 years I search for the man, which really serious.
As to your questions directly I plan to find the man who on advantage will estimate my sincere, external and internal qualities which will love me in the future. To me 26 years and I think, what I already have completely ripened for family creation, but unfortunately my preferences to the man very serious and consequently I cannot while to find my Second half, but it is possible you?
As to my linguistic stock I do not know any other languages, except English and Russian. I studied English language at school and is profound at university and I think, that have achieved certain success as I not bad speak in English.
I like to cook food, and many in delight from my preparation. My firm dish, this meat in French. I prefer to use as vegetative, natural, and boiled food and meat, I not the vegetarian, but also not the cannibal. (Joke) Most of all I like to drink tea with a camomile, it is very tasty and it is absolutely harmless to health.
Till the recent moment I did not search for the love in the Internet. Usually I tried to start relations in a real life, but my attempts were unsuccessful, the majority of men in Russia which surround me, do not want serious relations, but only flirtation and sex. Many men in Russia abuse alcohol and even drugs, it is a problem of all Russia. It does not suit me, therefore I have decided to search on the Internet, and I do not regret. Because has got acquainted with you and now I wish to learn about you more, it is possible you and there is the one who is necessary to me. I wish to ask you, what period your longest relations lasted? Whether there were you in any foreign countries? You appreciate what qualities more all in girls?
It would be very interesting to me to learn about the countries in which you happened because I never was outside of Russia.
On it I while finish my letter, I with impatience will wait for your answer if I certainly still interest you.
With the best regards, Anastasiya.

WNK here again aka mike from DK
2008-11-10, 20:18:08
anonymous from Denmark  
OJAS do you have a BULK e-mail i can reach you at?

I want to talk anti-scam...

wnk aka mike
2008-11-11, 06:54:14
OJAS from United States  
wnk Mike from Danmark, http://www.delphifa..330#116328
2008-11-11, 19:38:22
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-11-11, 20:32:02
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-11-12, 02:59:12
anonymous from Denmark  
Anastasiya Gerasimova -simple scam name, i asked for full name 3-4 times before finally this name came up..

2-3 russian girls has that name..

2008-11-12, 03:00:55
anonymous from Denmark  
You are interesting to me. Write please to me on email, I wish to learn you better. Your Anastasiya...'

But same way of writing as 1st contact made on
2008-11-12, 05:29:48
anonymous from Netherlands  
My name and surname: Natalia Burykina.
My address: Mari El Republic
city Yoshkar-Ola street maschinostroiteley 2, 424037, Box 19.
from (van)natalya <>

datum12 november 2008 12:01
subject (onderwerp)Hello

details verbergen 12:01 (21 minuten geleden) Beantwoorden

Hello my sweet heart
I love you so much!!!!
You tell about yourselves so little, why?
I like to learn about you more!
My lovely peach, I am so happy to receive from you the letter!!!!!
At me even has intercepted breath when I have found your letters in my box.
My , you sound similarly to Romeo!!!! I was so much compliments never received from anybody.
It is so much heat so much love I is simple thaw from your words.
I can not be far from you I more be unable to sustain this torture.
I so would like you to tell so much much that in letters it to not be laid.
Ah why we so far apart and I do not know as it is possible to overcome this distance.
If it was simply possible to close eyes and having opened them again
to appear near to you.
I would give all for this miracle. But we should need to do something to connect our hearts.
But what as we are able to do it? If I might I tomorrow sat aboard the plane and have fled to you!!!!!
I one because I cannot find to myself suitable the man.
And you would meet me at the airport probably with colors and a smile.
In one instant I would feel your strong embraces!!!
I would give a floor of life to appear in your warm hands.
Lovely, pleasure mine, sweet mine tell that to me to do? I can not more without you!!!
I love you you love me if we shall not be together I shall die!!!
In the street already darkens also to me it becomes slightly sad.
Lovely write to me faster.
I shall wait your answer with fragile heart!!!
The most sweet kiss in your lips my prince!!!!!!
With all love and respect Natalia.

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