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Dating scammer Natasha


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Name: Natasha


Not know as yet

Other Comments:
Email address is yahoo uk mail address however says is from Russia still in contact so will add more as received.


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2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-27, 12:23:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-10-28, 02:33:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2008-10-28, 02:39:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  

1th October 2008

Greetings! I am very pleased, that you have answered my short
The message. Excuse me, that I so During long time I did not answer you and
Did not think, that you will answer me. I awfully understand the Internet
In a computer and system. Therefore I am grateful to my girlfriend. As
She has slammed me, write here. She has found the good person through
The Internet. Now they have concluded a marriage and happily live in
Netherlands. The Russian men cope only in satisfaction
Pleasures. Many of them strongly wish some alcohol and drugs. I read about
Big Familiar through the Internet. But I all as could not dare to
Write to whom - that. I have no any computer in my house. Yes, it - is valid
Pity... I cannot answer you during the same moment as you. And I am courageous
To write the short letter to you and for me that you have answered was
With unexpected. It is very pleasant for me!!! I want to tell in
Once I search for it. I search for the friend, and can and more. All
It because I am lonely also I does not find Understanding in my city. I
Had in a life of 2 serious attitudes. Last have been finished in November 2004.
First my attitudes were with the person whom I have acquainted when
I studied at Technical University. When I have reached his house, me
Have learned, that other woman waits for the child from him.
The second attitudes to me should be finished, as my person, which I
Living very much many see and beaten me, it did not respect me. It sees many
From alcohol and constantly used fists against me! And now I cannot find
Understanding in our society. Certainly our city, no big and it not such
And the problem to find the partner, but also something me stops all. I
Have decided to find the partner through the Internet, and I was really
Pleased, that you have written to me the letter in the answer. It - a
It is a little about myself and about what where I live. To me 28. My birthday-
On December, 1979. My height - 5 foots 6 inches. My weight - 130
Pounds. It will be for certain probably in a photo which I to you I
To send. How concerning you my photo, I hope it to you, it is pleasant?
I live in Russia, in village Kurakino. You heard about it? It - very much
Ancient village. Kurakino is located in 920 kilometers from Moscow.
Kurakino no the big and no well-known village in Russia.
I have higher education. I began my formation
In high school, in Kurakino. After I have finished it, I have
The entered Economic Ability of Technical University. I have finished it 4
Years ago. Now I work as the bookkeeper. I am borrowed in financial
Affairs of our firm. This firm, not so big. I work here not so for a long time
Time, approximately 8 months. Within the working day I can use a computer and write
Letters. It is more convenient for me. I really would like to know
Your interests, your race, languages which you speak, a hobby? Tell to me
Small is more than bats about you. I also shall tell to you more about me in
The following letter. I send you my pictures. I hope, that my letter will not be
Break you. I shall wait for your letter and your picture with
Impatience. But if you are not interested, lower me some words. It
Important for me.

I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your Russian girlfriend Natasha.
2008-10-28, 02:41:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
14th October 2008

Hi! How are you today? I hope you were pleased to receive my letter because when I'm receiving your
letter, I really was admire. Many thanks to you. I have perfectly understood everything you wrote to me. As
I already spoke you I know English rather well, as you already know, I have no computer in my house
and for this reason I'm writing to you from my work. Therefore I'm sorry, if not so quickly answered your
letter. I work from Monday till Friday and very much often on Saturday. My working day begins at 8:00 and
last to 17:00. Sometimes I'm working till 19.00. But it's not easy, because my
boss does not let use the computer with private purposes. We do not
have unlimited Internet access on a work. I use a computer secretly to
write HI to you (when my boss - not in office). Internet is expensive
in Russia. My monthly income - 9000 roubles, it about 380 dollars. But this money suffices me and even is
possible save my money. I can safely tell, that I adore travelling. I travelled in Russia, I saw Moscow,
Samara, Saint-Peterburg, Sochi. But I have never been in Europe and other countries. Now I am usual
bookkeeper in small firm. But it is not difficult, I very much like my work. My new colleagues very good
people. It is most important for me. We have very quickly found common interests. I have some friends. But
now I have found you, Donnie! I am very pleased, and I shall think about you. I tried to find love and
happiness here, but I have felt lie. We have proverb in Russia: Bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I
think, that you are fair man. Am I right? After all my histories you may think, that everything is bad, but
it is not true. I have already told you, that my parents have left me in a orphanage. But, my childhood was
not so difficult. I'm so think. Only it was very lonely without parents. I had many friends. I had very
interesting childhood. When I became more adult... then I had more difficulties. Not only me. I think you
understand, that it's hard for lonely kid in this severe world... But the most important never put your
hands. It is necessary to go next
level. I understood it for a long time. Don't you think so? It is
true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good work. It is rather
good here. I rent my apartment. I pay for it. I have no opportunity to
buy it. It's very expensive for me here. I should work to have my own
apartment 10 years! Donnie, I make
all independently: man's and female duties. I can hammer nails, carry heavy bags.... By the way I'm quite
good plumber (sanitary technician). Life everything has learned me... I can hope only for myself. But
sometimes I so want feel a strong shoulder near to me... Yes, I want
real man for creation family. Donnie, I
have the most serious intentions. Very hard to meet geantlemen... Unfortunately. Therefore I am very glad
that have met you. To me very pleasant our dialogue. For me not so important age
distinction. These days I so strong wait for your letter. It
helps me to distract from all. It as a sweet dream... It is other
world for me. Forgive me, if my letter was sad, big and uninteresting to you. Just I wanted to tell you
about my life. You should know about it. I promise you not write such letters anymore. Now I should finish
my letter. I wait with alarm your answer. Also I want ask you: had you ever friend from other country? Is
it important for you a nationality? I wait for your answer.

Yours friend Natasha.

P.S. I wish to answer your questions.
1) I search for the man from other country, because men in Russia very much
Bad and I do not wish to search for happiness in Russia. I think, that I can find
The man of my dream, but only not in Russia.
2) You see... age difference is not a problem for me!!! I think, that
older men are more serious, experienced and family-oriented!!! They can
give me some advices, because sometimes I really need them a lot!!!
Older men are ready to create serious relations and not just play the
games!!! And the another reason, why I want to be with a man, who is
older, than me is that I believe older guys know how to treat a woman
and I have a wish to feel myself as a real woman, to be happy I want to
be sure that my beloved will never let me down and will hold out a hand
of help and support. I started to belive that wit the guys of my age
it's impossible to build real serious relations with cause they are
not reliable and do not want to understand my feelings at all!!!
3) my village is in republics Mari-El. I hope, that now
You can find where it is.
2008-10-28, 02:43:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
15th October 2008

Hi,hi,hi,My Darling!!! How are you there??? I missed hearing
from you so much!I’d like to admit that I like our communication with
you!!!Your mails give me some positive energy & a lot of great
emotions!!!I’m always waiting for your letters with a great
impatience!!!In your letters there’s some warmth & kindness that makes
me feel so glad!!! I’m so excited, that you’ve appeared in my life!!!!
Hopefully this is a mutual feeling and you do feel for me the same way
and the same much enjoy learning the things about me… well, I guess I
have to tell you some more about my family, because I really want,
that you’ll know more about me & also I’d like to know you more
better!!! I’ve already kept a lot of recipes in my mind: traditional
ones, exotic, unusual!!! I’m dreaming about preparing to you some my
special dishes!!!Would you like to taste my so delicious & fantastic
dishes, ha???Among my favorite dishes are: “Borsch”,”Plow with
chicken”, “Vareniki with curds (cabbage, potato or
strawberries)”,”Pancakes” & so on I can prepare a great amount of
dishes, but it’ll be more interesting & exciting for me to cook them
especially & only for my sweetheart!!!! I hope, that you understand,
what I mean!!!! I hope I don’t embarrass you with my wish to cook for
you, dear! You know, I’m rather kind & polite person & I always try to
find some positive moments in not happy things that can happen in our
life!!! The main motto for me is such an expression, as: “NEVER GIVE
UP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I do all my best in order not to loose my
personality & to keep people, who I love very much from some
life-miseries!!!! Among them: the celebrations of Happy Birthday, New
Year, Christmas, Easter and others. We always gather together &
celebrate all these beautiful holidays!!! And you, darling you tell
me, what traditions are there in you family??? On this nice note’d
like to wish you only Good Luck & success in all your
undertakings!!!We have each other & as for me, it’s amazing, that such
people, as we have met!!!Do you agree with me???Do not forget about
your Russian girl - who is waiting for your reply with a great
Impatience!!!!!!!!!!! As always sweet kiss, on your sweet lips!!! Have
you caught it?!! Natasha.
2008-10-28, 02:45:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
16th October 2008

Hello my, I am very happy to receive your letter, to check up my mail with hope to receive your
letter, I thought of you very much. Yes I am really very serious, I Look to marriage and I dream to have
happy family, I wish to tell, that I sometimes do not understand English language, but I now wish to go,
what English language, and I think that it will allow me to understand better sense from your letter. I
wish to tell to you thanks for that that that you continue our acquaintance, to me it is very pleasant to
learn about you, and now you reveal more and more.
Probably I have made a correct choice when have decided to try to meet the man in such a way. I really
trust that it correctly.
I wish to tell to you that I not so well know English language, and there can be I have the some people
mistakes in my letters, I ask excuse me for it.
Yes I am ready to change very much in a life, I wish to love and be loved. I dream to wake up in the
morning and to see a smile of the loved, gently to kiss him and to speak him ' good morning ', to drink
with him coffee, to prepare him for a remarkable breakfast, and in the answer to see him a smile. I want
every day, every minute, to feel that me love and that never will make to me painfully.
For me the condition of soul and heart is important, will be important what the person which my husband
was kind and that him the soul would be beautiful, that he would be fair and fair, that never would change
me for other woman that would not leave me, all rest (age, appearance face and a body) it has no value for
me therefore also beautiful people can be malicious and false.
I when had connection with men, and now for me it is fear. The fear because seems to me that in all men
there is only a roughness and a rage. It very much many men in Russia bad and malicious. News, newspapers,
magazine there write only about that as men can do badly for the woman. And anything good. But I think that
there are in the world such men which is able to love and appreciate the woman. It very important that the
man would give the care and caress to the woman because the woman should be a role of mother, she should
move forward birthes of new people, and the man should help her giving the love.
Free sex - I against this. The woman should have sex only with the husband. This my opinion, but I would
not want that you thought of that that I the closed person. It not so simply I think of a life and estimate
her is correct. Because the woman should not be dirty and many times used, it is disgusting. And it should
seems to me that men to understand it better women. I am all that I would have for that what to give
surprise and happiness only to which that person I and which will love me shall love, being the husband and
the wife. Answer me please unless it not perfectly to have the person loving and to be in him confident,
that he will never deceive, betray, leave.
I romantic, would love that was beautiful, I think as in ours attitudes there should be a spark this. You
appreciate itself the romantic person? And how you concern to this? Now I wish to tell to you that I love
to do during free time from work though work and takes away many time, but nevertheless. I think that I
very vigorous and I like to devote myself as to myself and employment above myself. I love the nature and
animals. Very much I love children. But yet I have no the. I think that children should be born in family,
that they would be surrounded with love and care, possible that did not suffice me much and consequently I
would want that my future children had all.
I wait for your letter. Yours Natasha.

P.S. I am very glad to receive from you a photo. Very much it is pleasant to me
The nature which you have sent me. It really is very beautiful.
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