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Dating scammer Elena Tsypareva


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Name: Elena Tsypareva

Email: /

Elena Tsypareva
sovetskaya 20
424000 Yoshkar-ola
(lives in Naberezhhnye Chelsey)

Other Comments:
Girl contacted me through Russian dating site.
Member No 592899
Member Overzicht
очень одинокая,от этого сильно страдаю
Geslacht: Vrouw
Leeftijd: 30
Burgerlijke staat: Alleenstaand
Heeft kinderen: Nee
Woont in: Naberezhnyye Chelny, Tatarstan, Rusland
Nationaliteit: Rusland
Uiterlijk: Erg Aantrekkelijk
Lengte: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Gewicht: 54 Kg (119 lb)
Haarkleur: Blond
Oogkleur: Groen
Etniciteit: Blank
Geloof: Christelijk - Orthodox
Sterrenbeeld: Boogschutter
Opleidingsniveau: Beroeps opleiding
Beroep / bezetting: менеджер
Spreekt de talen: Russian
Engelse taalvaardigheid: Geen
Russische taalvaardigheid: Fluent
Rookt: Ja
Drinkt: Nee
Bereid te verhuizen: Bereid om naar ander land te verhuizen
Laatst Actief: 30-Aug-08
достойного мужчину,верного,искреннего,доброго
Geslacht: Male
Leeftijd: 37-50
Voor: Penvriend(in) Vriendschap Romantiek / dating Huwelijk


2008-11-11, 21:08:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

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Dating scammer Elena Tsypareva

2008-11-11, 21:08:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2008-12-31, 20:34:53
anonymous from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena Tsypareva

2009-02-25, 13:10:56
anonymous from Netherlands  

2009-05-12, 13:24:45   (updated: 2009-05-12, 13:27:04)
anonymous from Netherlands  
Have been involved with this girl since August 2008. Had intensive telephone contact with her and finally we decided to meet. Yes and of course money was involved. Meeting should take place in November 2008. She made it seem that all kinds of things went wrong and finally called from airport that she couldn't take the flight after she booked flight for second time. Her stay in Moscow was unexpected and of course she needed money again. Didn't hear from her for a while and then a mail came that she had an accident on her way to the airport and was hospitalised and a lot of things were stolen. Lost her job because she didn't return in time and was desperate. Of course helped her out again with money. Decided to meet again and whole thing started all over again. At a certain moment she made a mistake with using different mobile phones and used a phone number which she has told was stolen before. I confronted her with this and than came story that she was on medicine and had a lot of problems with her health and was afraid to fly. Helped her out again and at a certain moment told her that I was in problems because of sending money to her. Told her I needed recent copy of her passport to sent to government for prove that I was sending money to a friend. Took her a while to send something because she said her passport was stolen and she didn't have a new one yet. Finally send me copy of a passport of a friend. In the mean time asked a private investigator in Russia to check her name and adress. Name was not known at this adress and passport. So passport was a fraude an adress seemed to be a school adress. Didn't take the effort to check copy of passport of girlfriend. Her phone is still active because I called her once in the middle of the night. Next day she send me sms if I had called and wrote me she would explain everything. Didn't hear from her again. Joke costed me total of about 16.000 euro and still don't know her real intentions.

Would like to know if someone else had contact with this girl and the same experience.

2009-05-12, 13:25:30
anonymous from Netherlands  

2009-05-15, 13:32:36
anonymous from Netherlands  
one of first letters

[Re: re hi‏
Van:     elka30-1977 (
Verzonden:     maandag 1 september 2008 13:50:13
Aan:     xxxxx
Bijlagen:     1 bijlage     Virusscans uitgevoerd door Windows Live OneCare
    705697P2.jpg (21,5 kB)

Greetings xxx!!!!!!!!!! I to want to begin my letter with that that I thank you for your letter. At all I do not know from what to begin my letter. In this letter I to want to write about myself everything, that you could present me and that that I to search, and please be typed{collected} patiences and read up to the end my letter and please be in earnest to that that I shall write below. I not for a long time have placed my structure, and for this time I a meeting of men which games only play, and I to not be disappointed much at all in search of love through the Internet, but certainly there is a hope that a meeting fine and decent{considerable} the man. Usually the man count itself the stronger sex and on this frequently overlook that actually each woman, it of goods, cares, attention and love, mutual understanding, equality searches. And I very much to want to meet such the man. As you already to know, that to me 30 years and while I to live in loneliness, it is not easy when beside there is no lovely, love{liked;favourite} the man. I to want to connect my life with fine the man and so I appeared on a site of acquaintances. I have not been married in the past at me there were attitudes{relations} with the man, but it{he} deceived me, walked, many saws, sometimes drunk lifted on me a hand, and then sober apologized but I could not suffer{bear} more it and I to leave from him{it}. And I to not have children. I feel very lonely, and have decided to not wait when the destiny will help me to meet mine the man and I have decided to begin search of my second half of heart itself. It is very difficult for me to write, because I do not know that first of all you would like to learn{find out} about me. But while ours acquaintances to not begin to want to tell I that I to search what games and as I to not search for long and painful correspondence under electronic letters. In it I simply to not see sense, I not understand many people who can to write many months each other letters. I to search real for the man, with serious intentions. You really very much have liked me, and I to hope that you not such as on the Internet which beautiful letters like to write the majority of men, like to promise much but as it is found out that their letters and the promise is mere words, I hope that you not such. Now we to not know that waits for us ahead, but now I again to want to trust what not all men identical and who knows to what will result us this beginning of our acquaintance. Now I to want to tell about myself, about my life not much, I to live one of parents at me was not present. Earlier I not when and not where was not, and I have small dream I to dream that when neither be I can where nor be to be, I very much like the nature, to go on a bicycle, sports, I love animals. Now I to work the manager. Friends speak, that I to hesitate, I to not know so it whether or not, but about myself to write difficultly and on this I to write to you that friends speak about me. I punctual, I like to speak that that I think, I do not love those who speaks behind a back, I like and I would welcome only the truth what she{it} was not. I as do not like to waste time in empty. I like to communicate with people, with whom it is interesting to communicate with those people, with whom it is possible to speak on any theme who not closed, is senses of humour not much, in a life it sometimes helps. As I to want to write at once that I to not demand from you many photo and as I to not want to send many my photos, on unique the reason, I to notice one thing, many men to ask many many photo, what for? I to not understand and to not know for what purposes, simply to me wrote one man, asked a photo, and then it{he} to send me a photo as it{he} to meet the man's desires on my photos, me it very much to offend, I hope you to understand me and we shall not come back any more to this. In such acquaintance as through the Internet I think enough one, two photos, in fact here we should learn{find out} each other not eyes, and through letters, was the big minus because eyes it is possible to see the person, and in our case we we can have an idea only each other. If you to accept me such what I is, if you too to search only for serious attitudes{relations} if you to not decide not and want to continue ours of acquaintance if you to think that you that of whom I approximately to describe, if you as are not adjusted on long letters, and adjusted on a real meeting I shall be happy if we will proceed, if you to accept acquaintances of me such what I, to accept my principles in a life, certainly I as shall respect also your principles. And I to want what I the man respected me, respected my decision, that my word too could that that to mean. I as to notice one thing that many men on the Internet do not listen at all to a word of the girl. Also they ask only that of that want, whether and thus do not ask the girl wants it. If you of what that to doubt that write to me only the truth. As I with pleasure shall answer any your question. If I meet that the man, and our attitudes{relations} to each other will be mutual that I think that I am able to appreciate love, I know that such love, and always I shall love only it{him}, and to give it{him} everything, love, heart, a body. Probably from this letter you can present not much me and if you will answer I I shall be glad. I shall send my letter and certainly if you to compare yourself, to compare my description and think that we can begin acquaintances that I shall be glad to see your answer. If you have questions to me I promise that I shall answer them sincerely. Beforehand I thank for that that was typed{collected} patiences and has read my letter. elena]

last letter / phone contact only after that

[To me it is very lonely without you, I very much to worry that you do not write.‏
Van:     elena elka (
Verzonden:     maandag 2 maart 2009 7:08:39
Aan: xxxxxx

Greetings my most most dear{expensive} in this world the person, my lovely xxxx. now morning, this night I to not sleep at all, could not fall asleep, I to be ill a flu, temperature and plus of excitement. Because from you there is no not a letter not sms and I do not know where you and as you. Lovely I sometimes seems to me that you to leave from me, and to me that I not that cannot make a pain from that. I very much hope that at you all well. My dear I know that I very strongly have brought you also I should think of it, certainly about it it is impossible to ask, but I if to admit that very much hope that you to forgive me. I cannot write to you even sms because on phone absolutely there is no money even 3 roubles on one sms. lovely mine xxx I very much to miss on you, I very much to want to hear your voice, I to want to receive from you the letter, but from you silence. I have already written that I to be ill a flu, and now I feel very badly. The doctor speaks that the flu cannot be transferred on legs{foots}, and necessary to lay in a bed all the days long illnesses, but different problems do not give me rest and yesterday I with temperature went on city, I miracle to reach up to the house, to me began in the street during one moment very much and very bad and I to not lose nearly consciousness. My dear, now I write this letter and in a head only one idea where you why you do not write, do not call, and these excitements to not allow to live easy to me. My sun, I very strongly to want to hear your voice. I remember as earlier we every day spoke by phone, and now you seem to me that to leave. Tell to me that it not so, tell to me that you to not leave from me, what you near to me, what your ideas surround me, tell to me please that with you? To me it is very very bad, on soul strong excitements and these excitements from for uncertainty. I do not know that with you and why you do not write. This безсонной at night to me was so poorly and not from for that that at me high temperature and from for that that I on you very much to miss and I for the days off very much waited from you for the letter. Lovely my, my dear, I ask you, please write to me. To me very bad and now this idea on loneliness again to visit{attend} me. Before it was not because at me you were and my girlfriend. But now you to start to write less often, seldom to call and I do not know what to do{make}. In the street today since morning very fine weather, brightly shines the sun, there comes spring and is usual in the first days of spring on soul very warmly and perfectly and mood spring, but I do not have now this mood, at me in soul disturb. Now to measure temperature and she{it} very high. I today on the TV saw advertising that workers that are necessary where that opens new food shop, I to want to descend{go} today there and to learn{find out} what conditions, what salary, what schedule of work but while forces absolutely are not present, I hope that it is not becomes much easier and I shall be typed{collected} forces and I can descend{go}. My sun please call me if certainly you can, I very strongly to want to hear you. To me it is very bad. Lovely mine now I send you my letter. I very strong kiss you and I embrace. Very much I hope that today you will read my letter and will call me. I wish you all warmest and I hope that my letter will meet you in good mood. Yours and only yours elena]

phone numbers used and some of them still active! try calling her especially in the middle of the night!!

or mail
elka30-1977 (
tsy elena (

in case you doubt she is a scammer

Van:     AllRussian (
Verzonden:     maandag 2 maart 2009 9:12:05
Aan:     xxxxx

Mr. xxxxx,

Thanks for her passport.

I've checked this passport through the database of Main Passport-VISA
Department Russian MVD and got the following result:

'The passport number 88 01 136138 was never issued in Russian
Federation at the name 'Elena Tsypareva'.
The copy passport you have supplied is a forgery - it is not printed in the format we use.'

She is a scam artist.
I'm forwarding the copy of faked passport to local authorities.

PS. If you check the file properties - details, you can find that the passport's picture was drawn
in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Best regards,
Michael Muinov
I advice you to try the reliable Russian dating service
http://allrussian. =beauties

you wrote:

px> Hello Michael Muinov,
px> This is the page info from e-mail I received today. I tried to figure out myself before where this mail came from but
px> the only thing I got to now is that it came from Replublic Mari El.
px> The lady in question appears to be in great difficulties and I'm helping her financially for the last 7 months. I hope
px> the disturbing news you have can be solved by this information. I hate to think about the fact that she is a money
px> scammer because if so she really succeeded and caused her own economic crisis!
px> I asked her for a copy of her passport but she claims she is still waiting for a new one. I asked her this before and
px> got two documents. One document is a copy of her passport where she applied for visa the other is a copy off some other
px> document I can't figure out what it exactly is.
px> As a matter of fact I got a question about sending money today from her. I found an excuse to tell her I couldn't sent
px> it. I asked for a copy of the passport of her girlfriend instead. Due to her unemployment at the moment I have sent
px> money to this girlfriend instead, which she than collects. If this pass is also not excisting I'm sure she is a scammer.
px> Since I'm still not convinced and because of the fact that I don't want to stop helping her before I'm very sure she is
px> a scammer I ask you politely to try to make as much speed as posible in your investigation. I hope to be able to sent
px> the copy of the girlfriends passport tomorrow.
px> Best regards,
px> xxxx

>> Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 14:52:48 +0700
>> From:
>> To: xxxxxx
>> Hello xxxxxl,
>> Thanks for order.
>> There is the basic background check report (below).
>> Best regards,
>> Michael Muinov
>> allrussian@allruss. com
------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------
>> Something is wrong here.
>> I can't find the person named 'Elena Tsypareva', DOB 12/08/1977, in Yoshkar-Ola city, Mari El
>> Republic, or in Naberezhnye Chelny town, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation !!
>> She does not live there.
>> Probably, her D.O.B. is incorrect.
>> The HOME address 'Sovetskaya 20, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000 ' is bogus.
>> The address 'Sovetskaya Str., house 20, Yoshkar-Ola, 424017' belongs to
>> State Secondary Boarding School #1. Phone +7 (8362) 451083.
>> The phone numbers +79278861105, +79278772155, +79063369192 are the anonymous mobile phone numbers
>> located in Mari El Republic. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find the legal owners of such phones.
>> Most scammers lie about the city they live in. They do that to mislead the victims about their true identity.
>> If you were given some exact address for Western Union transfer, do not believe that info.
>> Most likely, the money will pick up some place else. WU transfers can be picked up at any WU location in any city
>> in Russia or Ukraine,
>> which makes it very easy for scammers to lie about their true location within the country.
>> Probably, she is a scam artist.
>> Could you ask send by e-mail the copy of her domestic (national) passport for
>> your lawyer. I need the pages # 2,3,14,15. The all pages !
>> This is the common practice for such cases. Usually the 'honest'
>> girls send the passport' copy without problem.
>> When you got it, forward me and I'll re-check her profile.
>> Or just FORWARD me one of her e-mail letter with ALL Technical Headers. I'll try to find her real location.
>> Please do the following
>> 1. Save one of her e-mail as single message file (*.MSG, *.EML)
>> 2. Create a new e-mail to
>> 3. Find the option 'attach files' and to attach saved file.
>> 4. Send e-mail.
>> PS. If you are using some webmail, there is a link about 'full headers' somewhere.
>> If you are using Outlook Express, right-click the message, then click 'Properties', then 'Details'.
>> If you are using something else, read help files.
>> How to obtain header information: http://www.haltabus../headers/

>> Sincerely,
>> Michael

>&g- ----------------------------------------------------------- --
>> I advice you to try the reliable Russian dating service
>> http://allrussian.c..=beauties
>&g- ---------------------------------------------------------------

Confronted her with this information that adress was false and also passport. At first tried to keep up appearence. After a while she tried to contact me again by phone.
And of story.

Learned it the hard way! Hope the deceases and sickness of her and the children of her friend are at least true.

2009-05-15, 13:35:35
anonymous from Netherlands  
data of friends involved, probably all false?
Those are names and adresses where money was send to, to avoid problems for her because she claimed to be unemployed.

Anziferova 3 424000 Yoshkar-Ola Russia

Nadezhda Kartunova

2009-05-19, 00:59:02
anonymous from Netherlands  
I have been contacted by her again on 17th of May 2009 and I'm really wondering if someone else has been in contact with her!!



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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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