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Dating scammer Jessica Williams


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Name: Jessica Williams


Ibadan Nigeria

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says she is from Santa Barbara Cal. works for 'motherless babies' Kuna heart foundation....who knows the story changes

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2011-12-15, 16:09:26   (updated: 2011-12-15, 16:16:28)
Hello,Ich schreibe Ihnen in Deutsch,da ich schlecht English kann-ok!Ich bin seit 3 Monaten mit einer Frau Carole Francesca,angeblich aus den USA,aber zur Zeit in Malaysia,befreundet!Ihre E-mailadresse ist:!Sie sendet mir Fotos,die auch in der Seite:'Bella Spice'( sehen sind!Sie sagte mir,das Sie in USA in Albany,am 19.5.1982 geboren wurde.Ihr Vater aber in Malaysia starb und dort Ihr ein Vermögen von 600 000 € hinterlassen habe,deshalb sei Sie nach Malaysia geflogen,um die Erbschaft zu bekommen!-Ich habe Ihr bisher über 3000 € überwiesen,über die Western Union!Wir sind auch über Yahoo-Messenger in Kontakt!Aber sie ziegt dort nie Ihr Gesicht,sagt habe keine Cam und PC zu alt!-Kommt dauernd mit Geldforderungen:Miete,geld für Essen und Medizin,und Krankenhaus und vor allem müsse sie Ihren Rechtanwalt bezahlen,damit er Ihr Erbe bearbeitet.Habe alleine dafür 900 € an Carole überwiesen!-Ihr Rechtsanwalt soll Kelly Williams( heißen!
Alles kommt mir so langsam seltsam vor,bitte können Sie mir hier weiterhelfen-wer ist diese Carole Francesca und ist sie identisch mit der Frau von 'Bella Spice'?Also,Carole sendet mir dauernd die selben Photos.Angeblich habe Ihr Exfreund Fabio in Spanien die Aufnahmen gemacht und sie haben aus Geldnot die Bilder an diese Firma von 'Bella Spice' verkauft!-kann das alles stimmen?Ist Carole Francesca eine Scammerin?steckt vieleicht ein Mann dahinter? -Bitte senden Sie mir Infos an meine E-mail:,mit lieben Grüßen!
2012-02-25, 15:59:01
anonymous from Netherlands  

2012-02-25, 15:59:56
anonymous from Netherlands  

2012-02-25, 16:01:12
anonymous from Netherlands  
2012-02-25, 16:06:09
anonymous from Netherlands

77478 sugarland united states


Sugar land tx


texasrose is the paswoord

Rose Jessica (Offline)
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Home:     Sugarland, Texas, United States 77478

Name:     Rose Jessica
Birthday:     3/10/1982
Home:     Sugarland, Texas, United States 77478

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Rose Jessica Williams
Sugarland Texas 77478
United States
Birthday 10/3/1982

77478 sugarland united states
2012-02-25, 16:09:29
anonymous from Netherlands  

I would like to tell you Everything about my Parents and about me,My name is Rose Jessica Williams....My Dad is From new york Madison ave...while my Mom is from Shelby County in Texas...I was told they do meet in a Birthday Party of a friend of my Dad....I really appreciate the relationship of my Parents...its was Quite what i was really looking for in my life....they do care about each other and they do love each other till the end of their life....After the death of my Mom in the state...for the Caring Act of my Dad that's why he wants me around him.Quite why? i was in Africa with him which is on a contract basis and i really do drawing and creative arts work.....And wants to see the culture right here... But Unfortunately i did lost my Dad......its was the quite saddest moment i had in my life when i was told that he was a victim in the Auto crash that happens in the Highway Bridge..right here in Africa...I found up to end my life in grave with him.....but i believe the Almighty God gave them out for me and took them back away from me....I do Had cousin in Bronx, New York...But they are not Caring they had scores with my Parents before they died....i would like ask you some Questions?Have you had a relationship outside your country....and Maybe online relationship Outside your country....If I May Ask what really exactly do you want from the website....Can you tell me more about yourself....Quite right am lonely right here...but some days to find an honest person to spend the rest of my life with......i was quite once hurt by my Ex Boyfriend after i gave him all my heart and all what he could turn to pay me back is pains in my heart......just flirting all around with other ladies in i decided that he is a player.......i don`t want such person in my life anymore...i want someone of my heart rob...someone who really cares to love me unconditionally and love for whom i am....not ready to take me up for a that is why i decided to give a trial to someone older than me...maybe it might come real.....If I may ask?Are you a Christian...and do you believe in GOD...I dunno what i could ask all about you again...but i would appreciate if you can tell me all what i need to know about you?

Rose Jessica.

On you left that is Rose Jessica Williams

And the left is Rose Jessica Williams and her Friend from Negeria Mrs Kathy After her adversity Rose stay in home by Kathy she now about every thing about Rose i think she is a buddy…..

Later from the docter

The problem with rose Jessica that the accident has affected her 2nd and 3rd vertebra column on her right rib cage the effect of this damage has lead to an excessive internal bleeding and she needs to undergo urgent medical operation on her right rib but nothing happened to her face or body she just had some little scratch on her left hand and its gonna go off with the all treatment that will be given to them here. Dont worry i know you are worried a lot about your wife i will try all my possible best to treat them well so they can be in good condition. we just need the certain amount i told you in sms i sent for there urgent medical operation. you will send the money on my full name and address of the Hospital

Name-James Olu
Address : Toll Gate Sagamu Express Road.
Lagos, State.
Nigeria, 23402

P.S i have called the police station to check contact address your gave me of Kathrine phoenix. i have also found in rose Jessica side bag address of Henry sanni and his mobile number and i have tried the number its not going through but the important things is for you to send the money so they can be operated so they can talk and i would be able to get more details from your wife and Kathrine.i will advise you to use any fast means of sending the money on Monday so i can get it on Monday to be able to start the operation

Address in Nigera

Receiver's Name : Rose Jessica Williams
Address : 141 missionary house Avenue
City : Challenge
State : Ibadan
Country : Nigeria
Zip code : 23402
2012-02-25, 16:12:56
anonymous from Netherlands  

l am Barrister Henry Sanni .am the Solicitor for the International Revenues company,I also work for the Emirates group of companies In South East London and presently l am an attorney with an organization in Manchester London, at where I'm working presently, am the Lawyer In Witness for all the Will my Client wrote down before he died for about 19 years ago. I have been working with the deceased Mr Carlos Williams for a long time and I know very Much About Him and his Family.. And also his Business ,Well to tell you more about the deceased Mr Carlos who is the father of your Lover Rose Jessica Williams .,He is a very wealthy successful business man and works in many companies before he died ,And he have some properties at some countries, also in the United state .they said Properties is to be will out to his only daughter Rose Jessica when she is about 29 Years Old and when she have someone to marry, so that her lover can be able to handle all this properties because she is a lady with tender heart and she will need someone to always advice her on how to manage this properties.

And the properties Includes:

4 Bedrooms resident In Sugar land Texas ,
3 Cars parked at the resident ,
A complex at Dubai,Hectares of lands in Zimbabwe.

and also A huge amount of money Deposited in a security company The sum of (12.2Million Dollars) And this Money is Monitored By this company for some years ago. and he said as soon as Rose Jessica got to the stage to have a lover and settle down this Properties should be claim immediately so that the Monitoring Charges Payed to this Companies will not be Increased and all the document needed will be showed to the Company and they can release the Consignment.And when you are writing this Company about the consignment don't tell them that it is money that is inside the consignment because if they know that Money is in the consignment they will charge on it and they may not Even release it easily .so when you are writing them just tell them consignment with code (PK29031979M) and they will let you know what document you needed to get this consignment,

Mr Carlos Williams Only told me it is Money that he put in the consignment so this is the company Email address : ( ) , so you can write them and ask for the release of the Consignment .and am trying to help you fast on this issue so that the consignment will not enter Demo rage because the deceased is a very Good man to me and he said i should make sure i trust Rose Jessica lover before getting all this claims, So can I trust you ? you can write me back on whatever the company ask you and ask me any questions that you don't understand..

Thanks for your co-operation

Barrister Henry Sanni

Legal Solicitor.

2012-02-25, 16:13:49
anonymous from Netherlands  

2012-02-25, 23:30:52
2012-02-25, 16:13:49 anonymous from Netherlands

Your girl Jessca Williams has same pics, but goes under the name [Rhea Cofer] on MySpace. Is she married ? !

Rhea Cofer (Rhea) on
Rhea Cofer (Rhea)'s profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of our fans.

2012-08-02, 19:02:50
anonymous from United States  
I am being now scam by MS Jessica Williams. 27 years old wanted live in Ohio on April 25, 1985. She claims to be a missionary in Nigeria. She does have a Facebook page and that is how she contact me originally February 4 of this year. We started chatting on messenger in early March. She is very religious and us to help motherless children. Her father has supposed to have left her a large sum of money but she cannot get without a mate or husband and I was contacted by her lawyer to get this money but of course I had to send him money first which I did not.
I have sent her a total of $1000 for her to come live with me. $500 on two separate occasions for travel allowance. She did send me a carpet of a reservation for the second time. The first time she was on the way to the airport to get her ticket and her car was stopped, she was robbed and rest up along with her local pastor. And the driver was killed.the second time she was on her way to the airport to meet the flight she had sent me a reservation on and she was on a mobile accident. I was contacted the next day I Dr. who said she was in a coma but would not give me proper information so I contacted the US Embassy and give them all of the information I have on her and they said that they had heard the same story from someone else only four days prior. She's now $2500 to pay the Dr. and I told her she can get it from her missionary Association but she says she cannot you just tried to pull other scandal may but she just let them go never went through on them.I am now working as an organization in Ghana reporting scams to them because I have been approached by scams from that country. She is a very sweet lady and I fell in love with her and I am surprised at how well she does this because there has been no deviation in her character in the six-month that we have been online dating with the exception of since the auto accident three weeks ago. At that point I knew it was a scam. Enclosed are some pictures
I am also reporting her to Facebook.

2012-08-03, 00:10:59
2012-08-02, 19:02:50 anonymous from United States >> I am being now scam by MS Jessica Williams !

The same pic shows up as Kristina on a Russian Mail Order Bride site. The scammers use more names for this floozy than you got pairs of socks ! Click link below ...

893580 Kristina 24/166/52 Zhitomir - Bride.RU | Russian brides

Jan 20, 2012 – Age: 24. Date of Birth: 15 March 1987. Zodiac: Pisces. Height: 166 cm 5' 5.4'. Weight: 52 kg 115 lbs. Country: Ukraine. City: Zhitomir.
2012-08-03, 00:19:19
Ripoff Report | Heritage house / Jessica Williams | Complaint

Mar 12, 2011 – Heritage house / Jessica Williams Heritage House real estate oscoda michigan scammer jessica landry williams scammer jessica landry ...
2012-08-12, 11:31:03
anonymous from Netherlands  


Diavoorstelling weergeven(3)
Alles downloaden als zip
How are you doing?My name is Jessica Williams from Miami Florida...Am 35 years old single never married and am new to this ...I am looking for responsible honest caring, loving, God feelings and marriage minded man that ready to settle down with some one and committed a long term relationship if you are the type.I'll love to meet a genuine ,matured,loving and caring man , who know how to take care of a woman and also children I'm looking for a serious relationship , where age doesn't matter but a mutual respect and feeling for each other.Someone who has a good heart ,generous and willing to support my dream of humanitarian works.Hope i can meet him here , i know he's here. And My Heart is Opened for you....I am an honest, sincere, loving woman who is looking for someone to share my never dull life with.I have had a interesting life, but too much alone. I am a loyal,honest,romantic,open minded,down to earth and having a great sense of humor. so much respects of other. I am a social person and prefer meeting people in-person, however given the evolution of technology, I think that it is interesting to try something new like this. I am a happy person with a positive outlook on life, laid-back yet energetic, drama free, and easy to talk to. Also i am very serious in love and relation with someone. i have a million ways to make laugh and happy my beloved,i know how to treat a man
2012-08-18, 09:58:15
anonymous from United States  
To Jessica Williams I posted about above is still trying to scam me. I checked all the pictures she sent to me using Google image search and did not find one picture that had not come off of a website. They were none that I can verify that was Jessica. I do not have a real picture of her and this is the one on her Facebook page that I also found another Facebook entry with the same picture. I also found a Facebook entry with one of the pictures that she had sent me under another name. I sent a message to both of them asking them who they were and explain why I contacted them. I also checked the IP of the e-mails in the location where they originated and found a Jessica's shop as being in San Diego instead of Africa. The other e-mails that I received did show up in Africa. She still claims to be a real person and not a scam or which she very well could be that she is hiding something otherwise I would have a valid picture. I have ended contact with her and told her I thought she was a scam and give her specific details. I will post another picture of her.

2012-08-18, 09:59:58
n8qxg from United States  
Jessica Williams Facebook picture

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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