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Dating scammer ALEKSANDRA aka Olga Sutyagina


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Name: ALEKSANDRA aka Olga Sutyagina


ALEKSANDRA aka Olga Sutyagina
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
from unknown (HELO ?
from Kotelnich, Russia

Other Comments:
Este scammer é muito 'brabo e agressivo'. Depois de ser desmascarado ficou furioso e resolveu partir para o 'ataque'. Não soubesse eu como me defender, estaria agora lutando com um monte de virus que ele me mandou durante uma hora seguida. Interessante como funciona a cabeça desses idiotas.
Eu já tinha feito uma breve menção sobre ele em:

Apenas para denunciar. Para ele enviei um e-mail onde dizia que fosse perturbar outro pois comigo estava perdendo tempo. Como na maioria das vezes, nem leu o e-mail e continuou a me escrever eu mandei outro mais duro. Nada. Precisava fazer ele ler o e-mail e então decidi fazer o que mais irrita esses imbecis.... Mandei um e-mail bem malcriado em russo com um arquivo atachado de 9 MB.

Só que isso foi feito 3 vezes em seguida, o que deve ter deixado o cara doido com a máquina descarregando um monte de lixo. Como é uma situação que poucos de vocês já devem ter passado, resolvi criar uma página só para ele. Pobre Bóris, um chefão da Máfia russa disposto a matar um brasileirinho inocente.

Um conselho, não façam isso se não estiverem seguros que sabem como se defender. Embora inofensivos na maioria das vezes esses caras sabem como sacanear com um novato.

Vamos lá ver o escroque:

Começa o namoro como sempre:

Hi dear,
I appreciate to have your answer. I would like to have more details about you.
I would like you to tell me where you live, your age, your work, your hobbies, what you like,
What you expect from a man, things like that.
I am at trading business as a director of an american company working now in Brazil.
I am divorced have no children and looking for a nice woman like you to make a family together.
I wait your answer,

Hello Igor!!!
Know I is very glad that you have answered me. About one today I
thought that it is simply empty invention. But now I see that was
mistaken! Igor I very strongly wish to find here the present love.
Many people speak what to find the person with which will be ready to
lead all remained life on the Internet simply not probably. My
girlfriends speak that here many people which are ready to deceive and
play on feelings of people. But I hope that you very decent person and
too search for the present love. Igor I on the Internet the person new
and for the present do not know much. But I hope that our acquaintance
to proceed and you can learn me to many things.... Igor I am very glad
that in such boundless space the Internet I have found you! You were
spoken sometime that by you very nice the man??? And for me would be
the big pleasure to learn you better. I hope that you can to love me.
In fact I still never got acquainted with the man thus. For me it that
that new. Igor together with my letter I send you my photo that you
could present with whom you talk. I too with impatience shall look
forward to hearing from you also your photos! Write to me I very much
I wait.
Your new girlfriend Aleksandra.

Hi ,
How are you. Nice to have a letter from you!!! Sweet words of yours....
I will do my best to answer your letters as soon as possible.....

Hello my friend Igor!!!!
I am very glad to appear again here and to see your letter. I am
boundless is glad that you could to answer me. Igor know I wish to
tell to you fairly... That very strongly was afraid that you will not
answer me. In fact I very strongly was afraid to push away you. It was
never simple at me still experience in such acquaintances. I never
could present myself that I can get acquainted with the man and so
here. If I am fair I worry a little. Also I do not know from what to
begin.... I Hope that you can help me. Yes I very much would want that
you have written me the verses. I too search for serious relations. OH
I do not wish to speak about the former relations to me to become
painfully it to recollect I do not wish to recollect. Igor likely I
should tell about myself that you could understand that I for the
person a little. My name Aleksandra. You know that designates my
name??? My name Aleksandra is meant that by me pure, the pure and fair
person. I hope that people surrounding me and think. Igor and you know
that designates your name??? If you know tell to me about it??? Igor
know I on the Internet the person new still I do not know more many.
But I try to understand it. And I have attributes of progress! I write
to you from the Internet-cafe as I do not have house of own computer.
But I very much would like get it but while I do not have such
opportunity. Igor I live small, but very beautiful small town under
name Orshanka. You sometime heard about it??? It is very pure and
beautiful city. Here very kind and sympathetic people. You would see
our nature.... People which come here to have a rest at times do not
wish to leave from here. I very strongly love the city and I am proud
that I live in it. I work nurse, in our local hospital. It is small
hospital. It unique on all area. Here very good personnel and to like
me with them to work. Now to me of 28 years. And I have already
started to reflect on the future life. Simply I am tired to live one.
As though I wanted that a number always was the favorite person who
can always give advice and support a difficult minute. We in city of
such men have not enough. Therefore I have come to the Internet-cafe.
I am simple many time heard that here it is possible to get acquainted
with fine the man. And I am very glad that we have got acquainted! I
Hope that our acquaintance on it to not stop! I with impatience shall
wait tomorrow from you for letters. My friend Igor today I wish to
send you my photo.How to you my photo??? If you liked I can send you
still! I too with impatience shall wait for your photos! Write to me
do not forget me!!!!
Yours Aleksandra

Where you were gone my unique the man? I today waited for your letter!
But unfortunately I have not waited it! Probably you today could not
write to me!!!! But I shall wait tomorrow for your letter! I hope that
you can write to me!

I'm usually not the kind of person that would write a love letter, but I thought i'd do this for you because you could be the most wonderful thing in my life right now. I know we're far apart -- you're in Russia, and I'm in .........

Where you were gone my unique the man? I today waited for your letter!
But unfortunately I have not waited it! Probably you today could not
write to me!!!! But I shall wait tomorrow for your letter! I hope that
you can write to me!

I am here you fucking bastard!!!!!!
Why don't you call me?
Put your scarface out frick!!!!!!!!
See You!!!!!!

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
from unknown (HELO ?
ISP:Road RunnerOrganization:Road Runner

Hello Igor!!!
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter now. I am very glad
that we have found each other. I think that to both of us very much
has carried. I think that you very good person. And I wished to learn
about you as much as possible. I hope that you will hide nothing from
me as well as I from you. I know that we with you can find common
language. How are you doing Igor???? I hope that at all of you
perfectly. Today there was a just fine sunny day! And how at you there
with weather??? Igor know I would like to tell today to you little bit
more about itself. As I to you already told I work nurse in local
hospital. To like me my work. I like to help people. Know Igor as
pleasantly to receive from patients for your help their smile. It is
very pleasant to look at people who are pleased lives. This feeling
simply to not describe words....I Work already almost 6 years. I
medical have finished college in city Igevsk. Also has received
speciality pediatrist. After the termination college I have arrived
back to myself to city as in our hospital there were no workers. I
live together with my mum in a small apartment. We with it have enough
place in it. We with it as two best girlfriends. We can talk about
all.... And never the friend about the friend we hide nothing. And you
Igor have a family???? Tell to me about it??? I with pleasure shall
listen about it! Simply I wish to learn as there live people in other
country. As I still never was outside the country. And very much would
like to visit, look all world there. But while it only dreams which I
hope that sometime become a reality. Igor I shall not tell that I the
happiest person on the ground. In fact I grew without the father. I
never saw it. I do not know why my mum has missed it... But likely on
it were very much greater the reasons. And you have a father??? Tell
to me more about your family??? About traditions of your family??? I
very much would like to learn about it! Igor I promise you that I too
shall answer all your questions. In fact I very much want that we have
learned each other. I shall wait for your letters.

I today very strongly waited for your letter! But and has not
waited! I hope that our acquaintance will proceed! And you can soon
write to me! I hope that I you has interested!!!! If there is no that
inform me that I did not look forward to hearing from you!

I am here you fucking bastard!!!!!!
Why don't you call me?
Put your scarface out frick!!!!!!!!
See You!!!!!!

Приветик, Козел ! !
Я нашел очень красивое имя, которым теперь буду тебя называть. Не говори никому, какое милое имя я тебе дал. Я только что отправил через Вестерн Юнион в американское посольство в Москве 1500 долларов США с инструкцией для моего друга как получить твою визу, а также и авиабилет. Или ты хочешь, чтобы она приехала к тебе в Иошкар-Олу, чтобы лично доставить тебе деньги? Позвони мне, пожалуйста, немедленно о принятом решении. Мой номер: код страны (или код выхода плюс) и 809 496 2700. Тебе будет нужен пароль….. мой секретный вопрос, который тебе зададут будет «Чтобы ты хотел слышать от каждого человека?» и запомни свой ответ «иди на хуй». После разговора со мной, позвони Эолине 7 (863) 278-59-34 и проинформируй о нас, но ты должна говорить с ней только на русском языке. Тебе будет также необходимо подтвердить свой выбор, отправив письмо на электронную почту, тоже только на русском языке, так как я хочу быть уверен, что именно ты получишь мои деньги.
Милая свинья, я – честный человек, и я уверен, что у нас впереди будет прекрасная жизнь именно потому, что я честный. Вся моя семья передает тебе привет. Я не влюбляюсь в каждую девушку подряд. Таким образом, ты должно быть, очень особенная. Я знаю, что ты – хороший человек.
Ты веришь в бога, Задница? Я думаю, что бог – это так здорово. В любом случае, благодаря судьбе, очень приятно встретить тебя, кусок дерьма. Я не могу больше удерживать тебя. Я уверен, ты уже бежишь прямо в посольство, чтобы получить деньги, и дать мне в ответ всю свою любовь, так как я знаю, ты хочешь, чтобы мы были вместе.
Дорогой мерзкий скамер, я беспокоюсь о твоей идеальной форме для меня. Тебе нравится йога? Я обучу тебя одной очень хорошей позиции. Стой прямо, расставив ноги, убедись, что ты полностью голый. Затем сильно нагнись вперед, так, чтобы твои голова и грудь были ясно видны сзади, сильно обними руками свои ноги, просунуть плечи между ног. Этот как раз как тебе следует представить себя мне, показывая твою задницу, лицо, переднее место и грудь перед фотоаппаратом, и сделать много сексуальных фотографий, и отправить мне немедленно. С нетерпением жду нашей встречи и первой ночи! Я уверен, ты знаешь, что я не отвратительный, но испорченный, и как раз пришло время дать волю нашим диким фантазиям. Помни, я твой друг, и ты собираешься жить со мной. Скоро ты будешь спать в моей постели, мы будем заниматься любовью и я буду видеть тебя голой каждый день, поэтому прошу прислать мне твои голые фотографии - это не так уж много, о чем я прошу. Ты разобьешь мое сердце, если не пришлешь мне свои голые фотографии.
Мое драгоценное отродье, у меня есть ещё больше хороших новостей. Я собираюсь в банк в следующую пятницу, когда я получу свою зарплату, и нарисую чек на 2000 долларов США. Таким образом, ты сможешь купить себе какие-нибудь хорошие вещи перед тем, как ты прилетишь сюда, или ты можешь отдать часть денег своей маме.. Жду с нетерпением увидеть тебя в сексуальном дамском белье, которое ты купишь в Москве. Затем, как только я получу твои фотографии, я принесу чек в Вестерн Юнион и переведу тебе ещё денег. Сообщи мне о деталях твоего рейса, которые указаны в твоих забронированных билетах. Я хочу встретить тебя в аэропорту. Ты, вероятно, устанешь после длительного перелета. Я привезу тебя ко мне домой, чтобы отдохнуть. Затем я покажу тебе мой город. Это очень красивый город, намного красивее, чем Йошкар-Ола. Мы поедим в русском ресторане. Для меня очень важно, чтобы ты соприкасалась со своей русской культурой и языком – так как это часть тебя.
Ты – моя мечта…. Грязный подонок, сегодня я собираюсь купить несколько приятных вещей в мой дом. Я хочу, чтобы наш дом выглядел также хорошо как ты! Я куплю новые шторы и может несколько хороших ковров и краску. Какой твой любимый цвет? Как можно быстрее тебе необходимо получить водительские права – тогда ты будешь водить мою вторую машину. Это всего лишь Ролс Ройс : ( Моя другая машина Ламборджини – но это моя машина : ) Я очень взволнован предстоящей встречей с тобой. Приезжай ко мне скорее, моя любовь!
Любимый говнюк, давай надеяться, что это лишь начало чего-то очень прекрасного. Я чувствую это глубоко в себе. Пожалуйста, поспеши, мой мудак, я хочу, чтобы эти новости тронули тебя эмоционально! Милая, поспеши быстрее в посольство ради меня.
Я люблю тебя до смерти, моя милая свинья!!!..... Как моя единственная надежда, ты - мой большой мультяшный доллар. Не так ли? Да, это так …..
Моя сексуальная Жопа, голые фотографии с твоими друзьям – это тоже ОК. Ты знаешь, драка подушками и всё такое, тоже подойдет мне.
Много раз целую тебя!
Поспеши теперь милая.

You that a bough. As you have dared to call me. I from Russian Mafia I
in a week will arrive and I will kill you. For now boys search for you
there in America while my Cat sexual the Mongrel.
Wait for the Death the pederast.

код страны (или код выхода плюс) и 809 496 2700
Эолине 7 (863) 278-59-34

-------Mensagem original-------
De: Aleksandra
Data: 14/11/2008 22:35:37
You that the bough I to you kill son. I Mafia boss. You the sleep loose for ever. I know the you are in America.
I to use computer good. No use the ip hide from me I from Russian Mafia I in a week will arrive and I will kill you.
For now boys search for you the home. Wait the the Mongrel.

поше ты на хуй

Vamos ver se continua.... Cuidado com ele!!!!!!!


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2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  
2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  
2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

This image was also posted here:

2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  
2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-15, 14:52:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina 'Katya' from Russia

2008-11-15, 15:42:07
anonymous from Brazil  
É... o cara não tem mesmo o que fazer....
mais uma dele:

дой ты у моей мамы лизал жопу я приеду к тебе и буду ебать вас обоих
потом отрежу пальцы и засуну их тебе в жопу разрежу тебе живот и
заставлю тебя их сесть потом я Отрежу твой хуй и положу тебе его в
живот потом зашью тебе живот и Выкину понял сука ебаный ты Америкос
Плюшывая ты хуйня соси мою пизду И лежи Мою пизду на гляди ты на мою
попу Сучара только не обкончайся Полупидорок.

Твоя любимая Александра Бля!!!

Não traduzo porque é bem grosseiro. Quem quiser use um tradutor e verá a baixaria
2008-11-17, 13:00:22
anonymous from Brazil  

2008-11-17, 15:40:09
IGOR from Brazil  
Ou se confundiu ou está cansando.....

Are you getting nervous or what?

-------Mensagem original-------

De: Aleksandra
Data: 17/11/2008 18:04:45
Para: xxxxxx

Hi my dear!!!
How there has passed your day??? And I hope that with you everything
is all right. Today I have come to the Internet of cafe and have not
found out your letter to me very much became lonely. I hope that you
have not forgotten me and will write to me tomorrow. I will wait for
your letter.
Yours Aleksandra.
2008-11-17, 18:56:17
IGOR from Brazil  
É parece que o cara gostou da briga. Está me desafiando para discutir com ele num chat russo.
Olha aí o que ele mandou:

Здесь расположено официальное представительство НАХУЙ в интернете. Сюда посылают.
Если вам прислали это письмо, это означает только одно: вас послали нахуй. Грубо, но элегантно

Итак мой милый Igor перейдите пожалуйста по этой ссылке и прочитайте
что я о вас думаю http://www.chudakov...?num=4405

Зайди сюда сучара и мы с тобой пообщяемся пиздолиз http://www.chudakov...hchat.php

прнивет моя любовь Igor!!!
Как прошел твой день? Пизда не Болин После того как я тебя в
онлайне ОТЕБАЛа В твою кису?
иди на хуй посылай деньги тряпка нахуй нам твои мыльники деньги давай
сука деньги давай или Деньги давай! Слышь это мыльники то от куда?
ты любишь анал? Если да то я тебе могу обеспечить эту мазлу.
Kick ass Kiss my ass Move ass Motherfucher Balls ты ебаные
Ну че обдрочился наверно на мою кису да мустурбатор,
Не требуя взамен никаких материальных ценностей или услуг.
Здесь тебя так приветливо встретят / И покормят за просто хуй

Пока моя любовь Igor!!

Твоя любовь Aleksandra.
2008-12-15, 15:28:44
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
from unknown (HELO btr)
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

Hello my !!!!
I am boundless is glad to see today your letter! My pleasure simply to
not transfer words. I today with impatience waited for that time
somewhat quicker to come in the Internet-cafe and to read through it.
I am very glad that has got acquainted with you. Know your letters
have changed me. Have changed in the best party. I began to understand
more that such home life, that such family. For me our acquaintance is
very important. And how you concern to our acquaintance??? I hope that
you can answer me completely. Why you have not written to me? know we
today all the day with my girlfriend talked about you. I have told to
it about that that have got acquainted with you on the Internet. It to
it very strongly was surprised. It has told to me that I was
cautious... Because on the Internet it is a lot of people which try to
deceive girls. But I have told to it about that that you very good
person and that are too very strongly interested by our acquaintance.
It very much was delighted to it. She is my best girlfriend. Her name
is Natasha. We have got acquainted with it when still went to school.
And now till now with it we are friends. It very cheerful person, I
can trust in it completely.... To tell about all that occurs at me in
a life. and at you is such friend to which you could entrust any
secret??? If is tell to me about it??? What is his name??? I have
understood one from this life, that without friends it will be very
heavy to live. In fact when on a shower it is very sad the friend
always can to cheer up. Can always prompt as correctly to act in any
situations. It is simple irreplaceable the person in sew lives! And
Natasha has played not a small role in my life, as likely and I it. I
very strongly value ours with it friendship. I know as you can make
friends with it. It will be very glad to acquaintance to you. Yes by
the way Natasha I transferred you huge 'Hello' shall wait tomorrow
your letters. I hope that you can write to me!
Yours beloved Aleksandra

2008-12-15, 15:29:30
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
from unknown (HELO btr)
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

2008-12-15, 15:30:42

2009-02-05, 14:49:34 from Saudi Arabia  
hi my love aleksandra,,, i was see your picturs so can you send new photo .. please do not forget adel
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