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Dating scammer Ekaterina aka Katte


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Name: Ekaterina aka Katte


X-Mailer: The Bat! (v4.0.24) Professional
Received: from unknown (HELO ?
Kanash, Russia

Other Comments:
Essa é mais uma da turma do Parperfeito......
Lá se vai essa coisinha tão linda!!!!!!

Good afternoon Igor!
To me to see very pleasant that your letter, Igor. :)
How your mood? I'm fine, as I wish you. I at all do not know, with what to begin and what to tell to you, but I will try and hope, that I will be interesting to you.

In the first lines I wish to tell to you about the representation, it is even more about myself.
As you already know:
My name: Ekaterina
I was born 8 September 1981
The country Russia
City Kanash.
I the only child in the family, me of 27 years. I the teacher at school, Am work for me very interesting and with pleasure, I teach our Russian children.
I have finished, two higher educations, in 25 years.
What do you think of age, between two favourite people?
I think, that the age for me has what value in love, between two favourite people. Important that you were good, honesty, understanding, kindness and having to love, appreciate people and knew the debt in a family.
It is difficult to find the good and devoted man in Russia, I do not understand that happens our men and that they want. I Met 2 years the guy, but at me with it have developed nothing. My heart has been broken. My guy was to me not devoted man. To me was sick to feel, that it with me so has arrived. After I has dispersed from it and till this time, I do not wish to see its image. At me the hope was gone, to be with someone to me the pleasant and good man from Russia.
And now I wish to find the adult man who really is able to appreciate a family!
Why I have decided to write to you and still hopes, that I am not mistaken you Igor. I hope, on our good the future and serious relations to marriage. Probably from this day, our relations will proceed more more close if you are really intended to search for serious relations, for marriage.
But I nevertheless hope and with interest I will wait your letter, Igor. :) I wish to tell to you as have the day well and as it is possible to smile often. :) That you wish to learn about me, ask me. I with pleasure will answer you. :) I apply as the photo, let it brings to you many smiles on your person. I have no many photos, but I will do them one of these days.
I as hope to see your photos.
Have good day, Igor!
Yours faithfully your new friend, Ekaterina.


At me now it is a lot of free time also has decided to write you the letter. I hope that you will feel even better, receiving my attention to you.
I have own computer, but my computer weak and old. Fairly, I am not able to use the computer and the Internet, I have bought it not for a long time.. I am helped by my friend Oksana how to use the Internet. After all in my work, the computer and the Internet is not necessary, I use only books and newspapers as I watch on TV news and interesting transfers. I like to read and learn all new, about our country of Russia. But me pleases, that I have got acquainted with you and I can write to answer you, quickly from the computer. To me it is sad, in that that I cannot take advantage Webcam, for dialogue with you as my weak computer does not allow, such permissions. :(
Igor, to me it is very pleasant, what you liked my photos, I as like your photo, I wish to see your photos more, you can send me it?
That rather, my free time, I will see off in a circle of friends. As you know, at school is, a vacation, it is in the autumn, in the winter, in the spring, and the longest rest for two months in the summer. Both for pupils at school a vacation, and for teachers of school. A free time, including a vacation, I like to spend cheerfully. My loved season of year, this summer and winter.
In the winter, I like to skate and on skis as to go on the big snowdrifts of snow. To shout in wood and to hear, 'echo'. I love the nature, the nature it brings fine mood in the person, it creates the fine phenomena. Sometimes, I simply fall in a snowdrift on a back and I look at the sky. I like to dream, about good and beautiful.
Every summer, we with friends go to have a rest with tents on the nature, for three days. We go for a drive on boats, we play a ball volleyball. As, we sit in the evening at a fire and we sing songs under a guitar.
In a life I the creative person, I like to compose itself verses and poetry. All that to compose a good verse, it is necessary for me only good music.
I do not have loved songs, but I like to listen to music which brings a rhythm and fine mood of the person. I like to dance. In the childhood, I went on mugs of dances. I danced, Russian national, as fast under a soundtrack.
I do not use drugs and tobacco, as alcohol. On holidays, I drink only white wine. I do not drink in considerable quantities. Alcohol results when good and for alcohol people bring only many problems, the life. I do not love people who solve the problems and wish to be forgotten, by means of alcohol. We do our destiny, not how someone wants it, and we do her and the acts..
You agree with me and what you think of destiny of the person, Igor?
On holidays I like to invite always, the friends and to be the good mistress of the house. My loved holidays, it is my birthday, New year and Christmas. These holidays as you know are spent in a circle of a family and the your congenial souls. I like to prepare a sweet pie, tasty salads, 'the Herring under the Fur coat', 'Winter salad'. From hot I like to prepare, 'meat in a garnish', 'a potato on-franzusky'. My loved kitchen, is French, Russian and Italian. As speak at us in Russia, the love of the man passes, through a stomach. I think that each woman, should know what to prepare and how to prepare, to the man.
You agree with me Igor? What at you loved kitchen and a loved dish in house conditions?
Of my family makes, my mum and the grandmother. I can inform much on the parents and I will inform you in the following letter.
In this letter, I have written to you Igor, more about myself and that I love the life. If I have passed something, tell to me necessarily and I with interest will answer. Thanks you, for your found time, dialogue with me also we learn each other better. I know, that you as most likely the responsible man and you love the work. I will not hurry, for your answer and I will wait, nevertheless your letter. With this letter I send the photos.
Let your life, all turns out also all is carried out, that you on wish yourselves.
Smile Igor as your native require your smile. :)
Take care, Igor!
Your friend, Ekaterina

Hello Igor!
As it is pleasant and joyful to read your letter Igor, you increase my mood. :)
I'm fine, I feel myself perfectly. Receiving and reading, your words in the letter. I study about you and I learn, from you new ____. ;) It is important to me to learn you as it is possible well and better as native people know you. But I know, I cannot know you better, as your friends and native people. I appreciate in you, that you such serious man and serious to searches of the woman. To me it is very pleasant.
Igor, do not worry, that you will be old, the main thing to be young in a shower:)
In this letter I wish to concern about mum and the parents. Mum has given to me in a life a lot of clever and kind to what should be the person in a life and you learn it further.
My mum, lives in the country Ukraine in the city of Kiev. She to care of the to mum, about my grandmother.
I was born in Republic Chuvashiya in city Kanash when mum was 33 years old. My mum was born in the country Ukraine in the city of Kiev, and my father, has been born in the country Russia in city Kanash. My parents have got acquainted casually when they were on rest and travelled on the river Volga. So there was a destiny of my parents and I was born. My father, on is much more younger, than my mum, for 7 years. The love, this such feeling, that between loved people has age of what value. As at us in the country Russia, speak: 'the Love, all age are obedient'.
I really think that the age has no what value, between two loved people. And it is very interesting to me to communicate with you, I like to communicate clever and skilled people about a life.
At present I live one on apartment and nearby from my native people, she is the aunt. Sister, my father. About my father, I can tell to you not much because I saw it only in the childhood. The relation of my parents, were very difficult. Last time I saw the father in 9 years and after that I more it did not see. Certainly, I wish to see till now the father, but I do not know where for it to search?
I love children and I like to give knowledge to children on the work. Pupils listen to me and they very well show the knowledge of my subject. My work in a life at present, for me has much in a life. To see children joyful and to see as children, each years mature, on your eyes. I have no children, but probably in the future in my life there will be my loved and native children who will bring to me meaning of the life. A family, it for me the most important in a life. I want really, to find the man to be the friend, the pleasant interlocutor, the loved wife. To solve with it all our joint problems and pleasures, in a life. Understanding, trust, honesty, between us.. To live for a family and the beloved.
Yes, probably you have such high qualities, but in it it is necessary for me to be convinced you Igor and you as of me!
What your loved Colour?
I am now dressed, in dark blue jeans and on me a dark blue thin shirt. My loved colours, it is dark blue and red. Each season, at me is loved colour. In the autumn, I like to carry red and black colour. In the winter, white and dark blue colours. The spring is the sun and approach summer. I like to carry orange and green. In the summer I like to carry, shorts and a short skirt, as a dress. I choose colours, for me pleasant that I felt more free and on mood. But on it allow me to go and on to wish you beautiful day.
Thanks you Igor, for that that you give the chance to me to learn more about you.
Take care, Igor!
The most good also transfer to your surrounding people, my warm greeting..
Yours faithfully, Ekaterina.

How there has passed your day? :))
I have just come, from my aunt, sister of my father. Also it is very good old lady. She lives in full loneliness, I like to visit the aunt and she always rejoices visiting me on a visit. My aunt, has no children, and it is lonely for it. When I visit the aunt, I sometimes see in her eyes of tear and to me to become sadly because I understand its pain in a shower. It had the fine husband who has died several years ago. They had the greatest love about which I ever heard. They never deceived and did not do bad things to each other, they were together all time and cared about the friend the friend very well. Why they did not have children, it is illness by a female part, but her husband always was a number knowing that they will not have children. But the husband always madly loved it and appreciated as the strong love. I so want that such love was at me in my life, to be same happy when near to you there is your loved and devoted man.
I think that we should respect and help always, to native people.
How you think, Igor?
Igor, I cannot open your photo, you can send me your other photos?
I will give you my mobile number then as I yet have no phone. Yes I as would like to read your verses, I think that they will be fine:)
As I already informed you, that I the creative girl, I like to compose verses. I want that you have estimated my recent composed verse.
Verse names: 'I FOR YOU'
I the Moth with eyes of colour of young foliage,
I the Bird, I the closest friend of the Wind.
The daughter of the Sun and sister of the Moon...
In a wave of hair semi-precious stones shine...
I trust voices of animals,
Also I allow to braid to the Wind to me plaits,
I the Muse to hundreds from your ideas.
With me the grief is not brought by Autumn.
I - the Sun, with me always warmly,
My smile disperses clouds...
And for You, loved, my darling,
I will become, by all means I will become better!!!
This poem, I have written one week ago. When I thought, about the good and happy future, with the loved person who will be always near to me.
Now near to me friend Oksana and it sends you warm regards. With Oksana, we are familiar with it since a kindergarten. All childhood, I have spent with girlfriend Oksana. Oksana, knows about ours to correspondence and it is very glad, that our correspondence proceeds well. It for the husband already as one year and its marriage very happy.
Thanks you mine Igor, for your words which give me fine mood. I really thank Jesus, that he has acquainted me with you.
Please, smile for me, and I will smile for you here:)
The most good and successful day to you, Igor!
Take care, Igor!
Yours faithfully, your friend Ekaterina.

Eu escrevo um verso para ele em português:

Minha amada Katte,
Nascida em Kanash,
Recebo suas cartas
mas o que quer que eu ache?
Um IP de Yoskar Ola
Um domínio falso?
Aonde quer que eu te ache?
Em Kanash??
Só se eu voasse como um morcego:
The Bat! (v4.0.24) Professional
Espero que você se ache.
Resposta dela?
Nenhuma. Sumiu. Deve ter usado um tradutor para ler os mes lindos versos.


2008-11-19, 02:46:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

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[hidden] from Brazil  

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[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:46:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

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[hidden] from Brazil  

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[hidden] from Brazil  

2009-03-25, 20:37:03   (updated: 2009-03-25, 20:41:48)
anonymous from Hawthorn, Australia  
She calls herself Ekaterina and comes from a small Russian town called Kuzhener.Not much more info at this stage. Only going through the basic stages of engagement so far
but is steadily becoming more 'romantic and in love' as they always do !!!
I'll post these photos and see if anyone else has been contacted by her/him
2009-03-25, 20:40:06
anonymous from Australia  
More photos of Ekaterina




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