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Dating scammer Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana


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Name: Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana



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Woman from Accra - Ghana

this woman speaks about the love and she wants to get married
but this is everything lied
she wants only payments has
and or else nothing
the payment method with westerns union is very common in Ghana
and you should not use
since alone the addresses only western union are addresses
and therefore are worth nothing
I have many contacts with women from Ghana
and warn in front of every contact
because these women only are out for deceit
Somebody thinks it before I write what wrongly am
please, this one likes after see on the home page of the German embassy
there is no agent reports this authorizedly either is
this one from outside concludes the VISA applications
A visa application should find if actual instead of
himself then must the German embassy at the contact in Germany report person

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2013-01-01, 19:39:53
2013-01-01, 05:02:56 anonymous from United States - Says she is Helina Cooper and stranded in Nigeria after a boyfriend she met in Germany left her here to pay the hotel bill.

Her name ain't Helen and she ain't stranded in Nigeria... LOL ! Pic belongs to porn slut 'LIA 19' see below:

Lia 19 - Rainy weather - Hot Girls, Naked Models, Sexy Glamour ... doubt best nipple of the net.I am a big fan of your. Only try to find out lia's picture. I have seen not less than 150 photo's of yrs but no clear pic of yr pussy.
2013-06-05, 14:52:02
anonymous from Grand Island, United States  
i every one in the usa, in sa there are scmmers an like texas or red crosse pepole that you vote for' an your cat lots there scammers so peolp just think before u do things, our black men is a scammer to .
so all you people think before ou do thngs, men and woem are scammer , jobs are too,
good luck u dume asss people
2013-06-09, 02:30:48
anonymous from United States  
says here name is Sandra im me on match .com

2013-06-09, 06:12:50   (updated: 2013-06-09, 06:13:55)
says here name is Sandra im me on match .com >>>

Pic belongs to hardcore porn girl 'BLUEYED CASS' view her playlist on the link below, she's had more pricks than a used dartboard... LOL !

princess blueyed cass - A Video PlayList on Dailymotion United States - Playlist princess blueyed cass.

2013-06-09, 15:08:36
anonymous from United States  
tried to scam me told me she was hungry and needed a new web cam so I could see her better

2013-06-09, 17:14:54
~Bax! from United States  

Top of page, enter; Juli Yuliana at blue search bar. Many results for these bait-pics.
They have used her photos since the internet began. You can help this effort by
reporting this scammer's true info. as it comes to you. When they ask for money
they will give you the info. of themselves or their accomplice. Including the
email and phone number is important to help others avoid them and to trace
their activity and location by. Include evidence, money asking letters.
All you see as important... and thanks for your effort.
2013-06-10, 19:37:55
May the Protocalipaora maggot fly lay eggs on the genitalia and the hatchlings pillage the anuses of all scammers wherever they may be hiding.
2013-06-25, 01:34:49
Jeffrey!! from Winnipeg, Canada  
2013-07-06, 03:52:44
anonymous from United States  
well i finally find the truth about who and what i was thinking i was going to be with and the truth not only hurts but it cost a large amount of damn money. now my question and concern is how do i get my money back if she is a known scammer and why isn't she in prison for all that she has pulled off. and at this point in time she is trying to collect more money and air time to continue to text and say she loves me but please help. so about three gs had been taken by her alone and a hundred by her best friend. she met me on cutehookup dating site under the email of and she goes by the name razak issah and her friend is seidu abdulai. and its probably all the same person now that i find this site after its way to late for me to recover from a large hit from her . and even worse then that raven riley got me foe seven g and she goes by and by the name as fuseni issaka. now that ive lost ten g between both of them im screwed without a kiss because the sit doesn't post its advertisement on all dating sites with these known criminals pics with warnings to detour people from loosing their lives for a beautiful bullshitter that these women have mastered. if there is a chance to get my money back it would be nice so i can continue life without loosing it to thieves.
2013-07-06, 10:46:17
~Bax! from United States  
Anonymous USA.,

Here is where the problem lies...

If your contact is in West Africa, which is what it sounds like...
the scammers always use stolem photos and pretend to be that person.
Ghana has a population of 25M., Nigeria, 175M., Lagos alone, 8M.

The countries are underdeveloped, over populated, economically challenged,
infested by corrupt government due to apprx. 300 different multi-ethnicies.
Few opportunities for paying jobs, extreme poverty and religiously inspired
violence brought on by islamist insurgents, determined to conquer the region.

In the scammer's mind, they are doing no wrong... only making a living.
Much of the practice is accepted and operates openly in public places.
A greater portion is committed to scamming and hidden within large
cyber infra-structures.

Scammers are taken down on a daily basis but under the conditions which I've
tried to describe... it's still like trying to find the needle in the hay stack.
Plus, only their own countries have the authority to make the changes.

This leaves all honest and innocent web-surfers as easy victim to their dreams
and lack of knowledge about the on-going contagion.
Who can police this scene? Only each individual...

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)

2013-07-06, 11:35:13   (updated: 2013-07-06, 11:46:41)
Bax from United States  
Razak Issah profiles
LinkedInView the profiles of professionals named Razak Issah on LinkedIn. There are 13 professionals named Razak Issah, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ...

(scammer profile using bait-pics of Juli Yuliani)
Razak Issah
VKRazak Issah, Cape Coast, Ghana. Studying at NIIT Ghana

2013-07-06, 11:45:40
Bax from United States  
Seidu Abdulai profiles | LinkedInView the profiles of professionals named Seidu Abdulai on LinkedIn. There are 7
professionals named Seidu Abdulai, who use LinkedIn to exchange ...

(scammer profile using bait-pics of MeganQT)
Seidu Abdulai from Accra, Ghana - WAYN.COMJan 17, 2013 ... Hi, my name is Seidu. I'm a 38 year-old Ghanaian female, and I live in Accra
Ghana. Enjoy my profile on WAYN.COM.

2013-07-20, 12:45:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have had one 'Sandra Naa' from Eindhoven though in Accra communicating for two days, She claims to be madly in love, want s to see me. Entrapping just a bit, I said 'hypothetically' what if I said I'd meet her at London airport soon. She said yes and found out prices., Needs £1100 and I am pretending to go along. She claims to be an orphan, mother born in Kuala Lumpur, and now of Eindhooven. Heart broken as best friend slept with boyfriend in Canada; claims also to have worked in Britain. Her BIG early error was doing a 'sexy' little crotch grabbing, bottom wiggling routine...fine if I had known her a year, but after a day!
Anyway, can't say for definite if she is a scammer but if it qucks like a duck.....
Suffice it to say, no money will leave these shors! Watch out, people.
2013-09-29, 11:49:59
anonymous from Valsayn, Trinidad and Tobago  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer donald natasha, Mariyam Ulana

2013-09-30, 11:50:43
OJAS from United States  
@Trinidad and Tobago,
Scammer stole pix of Josie Miller. Search at the top of this page, and keep your money safe!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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