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Dating scammer Sussan George


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Name: Sussan George


On Christian Cafe she stated she was from Rancho Cucmamonga, California.
Then while using YA msg program she said she was in the UK.

I suspect S/he was in West Africa.

Other Comments:
Meet first on Christian Cafe, with a small note to contact her on her email addy. First red flag!

Over 2 days on YA msg I believe I chatted to 2 different people. More red flags!

Her ploy has been to ask me to invest in the oil industry, (no go there, and red flag) asked for a loan of 1000$ (not the way the British or US write it red flag) then has asked me to open a bank account in Oz, (no way I'm going to do that red flag) but I said that I'll open one in her name. So I asked s/he to send 2 forms of ID, only to have her go quiet on me and then msged me that s/he would brb. So I did something else to pass the time and waited and waited until s/he then asked if I'm still here, I said yes, then s/he said brb, so I said bye ans was gone!

This African isn't very good at their job! Way too fast!


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2008-12-01, 16:17:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-12-01, 16:17:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-12-03, 07:56:00
Steve_dux from Australia  
This is the message I first received from Christian Cafe.

From:     sussanreal461    
Subject:     HELLO    
Message:     I am new at this site ,i came across your profile and i really want to know more about you

can you add me on

Thank you (The photo dated 2008-12-01, 16:17:10 (updated: ) above is from Christian Cafe.

So I added s/he to Yahoo msg. and next day s/he contacted me through Yh msg.

The following few texts are over the next few days.
2008-12-03, 08:15:07
Steve_dux from Australia  
S/he gave me a phone No. +447024063993 It looks like a UK phone number. As of this date I haven't rang.

First msg.

sussan_george2001: Hello
sussan_george2001: You there
xxxxxxxxx: Hi, how are you, I'm just eating a few things at the moment. By the I got both your mails
sussan_george2001: Ohhh i am so happy you took time to readmy email and add me
sussan_george2001: I am really happy
sussan_george2001: I am here
sussan_george2001: Stephen you there
xxxxxxxxx: So am I. I'm very supprised to hear from a beautiful young woman like you. Is it realy you in the photo?
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: That is Susan George
xxxxxxxxx: You have to bare with me I'm trying to eat at the same time
sussan_george2001: Yeah I understand
sussan_george2001: Can you tell me more about you
xxxxxxxxx: Is there anything specificly you want to know?
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: I am Susan Origanally from Nevada In Us,I moved To Rhode Island where i relocated down to Uk to work with the charity home foundation as there account
sussan_george2001: Accountant
xxxxxxxxx: I suppose you know I'm much older than you!
sussan_george2001: Yeah
sussan_george2001: Are are numbers to me but dont know to you
xxxxxxxxx: ic
sussan_george2001: It depends on what and how we maeup things up and the concept and prospect that flows in between the heart
sussan_george2001: What do you do and tell me more about your lifestyle
xxxxxxxxx: I confer
xxxxxxxxx: At the moment I own a small farm, and I mean small. i also fix and almost anything to do with computers
sussan_george2001: Good
sussan_george2001: NICE WORK
xxxxxxxxx: Oh by the way my father was an accountant!
sussan_george2001: OHHH REALLY
sussan_george2001: THAT WAS GREAT
xxxxxxxxx: Yeer love it, took me to the age or 40 to find it. So I've started slower that most. My early life was a bit of a drifter, as far as work went
xxxxxxxxx: i suppose you know I live in Australia?
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: I had a bad time at the past but thnk GOD i have been able to sort some thing in good way
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
xxxxxxxxx: God gives every one a chance to come to him, I'm glad to hear that you've found him!
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: I am always happy what he as done to me
sussan_george2001: Because he really make my lifebut i always pray to him to give me a good husband who will love me for real and always be there with me for the rest of my life
xxxxxxxxx: I'd like that too, but sometimes we aren't suppose to find a partner. God has other plains for us
sussan_george2001: yeah sure he as
sussan_george2001: We all live on destiny
xxxxxxxxx: Sure do!!!1
sussan_george2001: but GOD says try and i shall answer your prayer and make your trying become joy to you
sussan_george2001: He is the GOD of merciful
sussan_george2001: He never created anyone for bad images but always for good imames
sussan_george2001: Is now left for we poeple to think what to do
xxxxxxxxx: I think people were ment to have a partner, no mater what else he has install for us. But sometimes it takes a long time to find that one!
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: I agree
sussan_george2001: But one day one moment one time the right person shall come
xxxxxxxxx: So what (in my profile) that took your attention toward me?
sussan_george2001: GOD dont make bad choice for poeple
sussan_george2001: Your word of GOD
xxxxxxxxx: That's for sure!
xxxxxxxxx: I was hoping that some day someone would say that. Becaues I asked God to guide what I put in that profile, Thanks for saying that!!!
xxxxxxxxx: Your a perseptive woman!
sussan_george2001: Thank you somuch
sussan_george2001: We shall reap whatver we saw
sussan_george2001: sow
xxxxxxxxx: I've been with God all my life, but i've also sliped up sometimes. We are all sinners. I hope you don't mind that I've been a bit of a bad boy earlyer in my life!
sussan_george2001: Noo
sussan_george2001: I never beleve him in before
sussan_george2001: Until i found out how rea and helper he was
xxxxxxxxx: They're not serious, it just restrict me with some job types
sussan_george2001: What type
sussan_george2001: You need to confess you sin
xxxxxxxxx: Most people don't know God well and they don't know just what he is capable of!
xxxxxxxxx: The type of jobs that I'm restricted to apply for are government type of work
sussan_george2001: Yeah
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: Good
sussan_george2001: I am here not to ruin a family that as been blesed
xxxxxxxxx: Because I have a small police record
sussan_george2001: What record
xxxxxxxxx: Some low grade drug conviction. 2 juvinal theifts
xxxxxxxxx: Smoking and position of Marajwana, (I don't know how to spell it). I stole a pushbike and a car when I was young.
sussan_george2001: That too bad
xxxxxxxxx: We live and learn.
sussan_george2001: Well Is alright
xxxxxxxxx: Though I don't dwell on it, I just though you should know before we wasted too much time on each other.
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
xxxxxxxxx: Have you anything to confess?
sussan_george2001: Yeah it ok
sussan_george2001: No
sussan_george2001: I never had an bad thing
xxxxxxxxx: That's good! I'd like to spend more time with you, You look so good! There is a saying in most countries that (if it looks too good to be true, then it is)
sussan_george2001: Yeah
sussan_george2001: Dont judge on looks it might fake you sometimes
sussan_george2001: But just beleive in yourself and always put your mind to GOD
xxxxxxxxx: I have to get over that hurdel first, because you look too good to be true. That's why I asked you, 'do you have anything to confess'
xxxxxxxxx: But I'm too trusting and I always hope that a person will come around to God and let him change them
sussan_george2001: No
sussan_george2001: I dont
sussan_george2001: I have never had a bad past
sussan_george2001: I have been careful enough GOD knows
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
xxxxxxxxx: I'm sorry for putting you through the third degree, but I had to ask!
xxxxxxxxx: I needed to clear that up!
xxxxxxxxx: So your 29 and have no children? Have you come close, or have you spent all your time with learning and your cerear
xxxxxxxxx: I can't spell some words!
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: I understand
xxxxxxxxx: Do you have a larger photo of yourself that you can send soon?
sussan_george2001: No
sussan_george2001: I dont
xxxxxxxxx: Are you on your computer, or at an internet cafe
sussan_george2001: That what i have
sussan_george2001: I am at the internet cafe
sussan_george2001: My laptop is not working well
xxxxxxxxx: Anything will do, it's just that the photos on your profile are very small and I can hardly see
xxxxxxxxx: It needs a tuneup, I've found all computers need it!
sussan_george2001: BUT WILL TALK TO YOU MORE AT WORK
xxxxxxxxx: Sounds great, I can wait, I have a lot of patients
sussan_george2001: GOOD
xxxxxxxxx: Do they mind you using your worktime for that?
xxxxxxxxx: You sound like you have an accent, am I right?
xxxxxxxxx: If so what type, I just love accents!
xxxxxxxxx: I'm from an English background, 7th generation Australian
sussan_george2001: YEAH SURE
sussan_george2001: I HAVE MY OFFICE
sussan_george2001: HMM
sussan_george2001: LOL
sussan_george2001: BRITISH ACENT
sussan_george2001: Ok good
xxxxxxxxx: In your profile you said you were of a mixed background, If so what mixture, you look part Asian!
xxxxxxxxx: An so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
sussan_george2001: Yeah
sussan_george2001: I am
sussan_george2001: My grandfather is an Asian
sussan_george2001: KIDDING ME
xxxxxxxxx: Asian and British?
xxxxxxxxx: You have some dimples, they are cute!!!!
xxxxxxxxx: And armond eyes, so beautiful!!!
xxxxxxxxx: Just kidding around!!!!!
sussan_george2001: YEAH
sussan_george2001: HMM THANK YOU
sussan_george2001: LOL
sussan_george2001: OK
xxxxxxxxx: No problems, I tend to say just what I think, that has got me into a little trubble nnow and then
xxxxxxxxx: I put my foot in my mouth (so to say)
sussan_george2001: hOW
xxxxxxxxx: So what do you do in your spare time?
sussan_george2001: NOTHING
xxxxxxxxx: By saying the obivious and also saying what shouldn't be said before it should be.
sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxxxxx: So a lonely life. No hobbies?
sussan_george2001: AND KNOW THE RIGHT WAYS OF LIFE
sussan_george2001: i ONLY LOVE SWIMMING
sussan_george2001: THAT ALLL
xxxxxxxxx: Pool or the sea? Or both?
sussan_george2001: POOL
sussan_george2001: SEA NEVER
xxxxxxxxx: Not too much spare time!
xxxxxxxxx: It's near to you?
sussan_george2001: yEAH
sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxxxxx: Your fit then? How much do you weigh and you height. I'm short for a man, 5ft 6in and weigh 155 lbs
sussan_george2001: OK
sussan_george2001: That not short
sussan_george2001: I am 5.3
sussan_george2001: i am 65kg
xxxxxxxxx: On your profile it didn't quite equate. Oh in Kgs I'm about 70 kgs
xxxxxxxxx: Sound nice, if you have a full lenght photo of you standing i'd love to have a copy!
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: Yeah i shall send it to you
xxxxxxxxx: Emailed of couse
xxxxxxxxx: :-bd
sussan_george2001: Yeah i shall but not on here
sussan_george2001: On my work pc
sussan_george2001: Promise to send you
xxxxxxxxx: No rush when you find the time
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: Slow and steady win the race
xxxxxxxxx: Just putting my order in! :D
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: i hope you wil be honest with me
sussan_george2001: here is mynumber
sussan_george2001: in case u want to say hello
sussan_george2001: +447024063993
xxxxxxxxx: I don't play any sports these days,the farm keeps me pritty fit I used to play cricket and soccer when younger
sussan_george2001: Good
sussan_george2001: THAT NICE
sussan_george2001: I LOVE FOOTBALL
sussan_george2001: I AM AN ARSERNAL FAN
xxxxxxxxx: That's my problem I'm too honest, many people take advantage of me because of it. I told you about me police record and that might stop me from getting a passport to come to see you. That's if we go that far!
sussan_george2001: Will you be honest with me
sussan_george2001: And promise to always make things good
xxxxxxxxx: QPR
xxxxxxxxx: Hurray for QPR
sussan_george2001: Ohh i can come over if you really want me to
sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxxxxx: It's a bit early on in the relationship, but that sounds great, if we get that far.
sussan_george2001: YEAH SURE
xxxxxxxxx: I'll have to see if I can get a passport, I've just had my photo taken for some licenses I have to renew. I got 4 passport size ones.
sussan_george2001: oK
xxxxxxxxx: I suppose I need to tell you I live in a remote area compared to what you would be familar with
sussan_george2001: Nooo
xxxxxxxxx: Why thankyou for that, you have sure been a supprise to me!!
sussan_george2001: i am always familiar with any environment
sussan_george2001: hmmmm
sussan_george2001: Thank you so much
sussan_george2001: what the time over there now?
xxxxxxxxx: It's nice and quite and not complicated
sussan_george2001: it is 5.18pm here
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: there
xxxxxxxxx: I'm a bit of a night owl, and do my best work at night. It's 4:22 am Thursday morning
xxxxxxxxx: Are you supprised?
sussan_george2001: ohhhh that midday
sussan_george2001: WELL IT OK
sussan_george2001: SHE WILLFEEL ALONE TOO MCUH
sussan_george2001: NO I AM NOT
xxxxxxxxx: why aren't you supprised?
xxxxxxxxx: Most people are!
xxxxxxxxx: They think it's crazy!
sussan_george2001: Well will you be online 1am your time and let chat better
sussan_george2001: because i need to go now
sussan_george2001: Thanks for making my day i shal tell me grandma about you
xxxxxxxxx: I have a different lifestyle. I work when I need to and sleep when I need no mater what time it is!
xxxxxxxxx: Yes 2am sound good!
sussan_george2001: Good
sussan_george2001: then we can chat 2 am your time tomorow
xxxxxxxxx: The international date line is closer to here
sussan_george2001: Be good and GOD bless you
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: dont forget 2am your time
sussan_george2001: Because i know like delaying
sussan_george2001: I am always at time
xxxxxxxxx: Sound good I'll be here, and God bless you sweet thing! :-h
sussan_george2001: hmmm
sussan_george2001: i hope i can relocate down to aus with you and be with you forever
xxxxxxxxx: Your being too quick there. Maybe you can. Why would you like to leave the UK for?
sussan_george2001: Just for the right man of my life
sussan_george2001: Can do anything to pleasehim
xxxxxxxxx: What happend to your last male friend? If thats not too soon to ask!
sussan_george2001: Well i was so lovely and caring,honest and loyal
sussan_george2001: we reallylove eachother
sussan_george2001: BUT DEATH CAME TOO QUICK
xxxxxxxxx: You would like children? I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can find another like him!
sussan_george2001: yeah i like them somuch
sussan_george2001: yeah
xxxxxxxxx: How did he die? If that's not too much to ask!
sussan_george2001: No
sussan_george2001: He dead of plane crash
sussan_george2001: while he was going to visit his parent
xxxxxxxxx: Ahhh children, I'll have to think of that, because I'll have to work into my 70's to support you!
sussan_george2001: yeah
xxxxxxxxx: I hope you can understand what I'll have to do! I'll have to think about that.
sussan_george2001: YEAH SURE I DO
sussan_george2001: I KNOW THAT STEPHEN
xxxxxxxxx: That's good I need some understanding
sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxxxxx: To look at you, I'd realy love to try to give you children =))
xxxxxxxxx: :'>
xxxxxxxxx: It crashed!
xxxxxxxxx: Gee it soukds like they need me to be their tech support over there
xxxxxxxxx: Was I being too bold?
xxxxxxxxx: :'>
xxxxxxxxx: I'm here
xxxxxxxxx: Did you get my embarasing notes
sussan_george2001: nO
xxxxxxxxx: Or did you miss them? I hope so!
sussan_george2001: I GOT FROZEN
sussan_george2001: YEAH I DO
xxxxxxxxx: That's good, i nearly embassed myself
sussan_george2001: IT OK
xxxxxxxxx: Sounds like they need me to be their tech support at the internet cafe your at
sussan_george2001: LOL
sussan_george2001: YEAH MAYBE
xxxxxxxxx: everyone I've talked to lately, their msg program crashes!
xxxxxxxxx: Mine hasn't so far, touch wood!
xxxxxxxxx: I mean in the last 8 months
sussan_george2001: WOW THAT GREAT
xxxxxxxxx: Please share 'that great' with me, I llost you some where
sussan_george2001: PLEASE I NEED TO GO NOW
sussan_george2001: BYE STEPHEN
sussan_george2001: THANKS FOR MAKING MRE DAY
sussan_george2001: MY DAY
xxxxxxxxx: I was dealing with some other popup messages
sussan_george2001: oK
sussan_george2001: I HAVE TO GO NOW BYE
xxxxxxxxx: Of couse, thanks for listning and see you soon! God bless
xxxxxxxxx: :-h
sussan_george2001: YEAH
sussan_george2001: 2AM YOUR TIME
sussan_george2001: BYE
xxxxxxxxx: Ok
xxxxxxxxx: I'll just be on for a little while longer so don't mind me keeping the program open
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: Alright
sussan_george2001: bye


Many frasers are like that of West African scammers.

Didn't mind what I said, agreed with everything! RED FLAG.

No demands for anything. Seemed quite genuine, at this stage.
2008-12-14, 06:31:29   (updated: 2008-12-14, 06:34:18)
Steve_dux from Australia  
Update about the above IM chat.

S/he said was born in the US:
sussan_george2001: I am Susan Origanally from Nevada In Us,I moved To Rhode Island where i relocated down to Uk to work with the charity home foundation as there account

Then when I ask if s/he has an accent s/he said
sussan_george2001: BRITISH ACENT

Just another red flag!!!
2008-12-14, 07:51:14
steve_dux from Australia  
I've added some comments in capatals along the way! steve_dux

sussan_george2001 (3:26:35 AM): Hello
sussan_george2001 (3:26:38 AM): You there
xxxxxx (3:26:48 AM): Hi, how are you?
sussan_george2001 (3:28:01 AM): I am finew
sussan_george2001 (3:28:03 AM): How was your day today
sussan_george2001 (3:28:06 AM): Hope your fine
xxxxxx (3:28:28 AM): busy like never before
xxxxxx (3:28:39 AM): I'm fine
sussan_george2001 (3:28:39 AM): Hmmm
sussan_george2001 (3:28:41 AM): It ok
sussan_george2001 (3:29:23 AM): Yeah there is something i needed your
help with but i think is too early for me to ask but i just needed to ask


xxxxxx (3:29:31 AM): Ok now, I have a little time, I was hoping to
catch up with you, did you get my little note
sussan_george2001 (3:29:52 AM): Yeah i did
xxxxxx (3:30:06 AM): Since you brought it up, go ahead and ask!
xxxxxx (3:30:24 AM): I can always say NO
sussan_george2001 (3:30:39 AM): Ok
sussan_george2001 (3:30:54 AM): There is an investment going on now in the Uk from the Arab Oil company


xxxxxx (3:31:56 AM): No, not in these uncurtian times, any way i'm saving my money for a new wife!
sussan_george2001 (3:32:14 AM): hmm maybe that me
sussan_george2001 (3:32:19 AM): Just asking for your help
sussan_george2001 (3:32:37 AM): Because the investment wil server as a future savings for us
xxxxxx (3:32:41 AM): It maybe, too early to tell
sussan_george2001 (3:32:59 AM): yeah sure
sussan_george2001 (3:33:06 AM): No one knows
sussan_george2001 (3:34:24 AM): yeah
xxxxxx (3:34:34 AM): It's the oil coumpanies that started the crash on the stock market, by raising fuel prices and then inflation then people couldn't afford to pay for their house = crash
sussan_george2001 (3:34:35 AM): Just you to help us
sussan_george2001 (3:35:29 AM): Yeah
sussan_george2001 (3:35:45 AM): But they are the leading Oil Rich Middle Company
xxxxxx (3:35:57 AM): What do you mean 'to help us, I'm doing OK with other investments
sussan_george2001 (3:36:13 AM): Everybody in uk have been going into
the investment because it wil really server as a future savings
sussan_george2001 (3:36:26 AM): Ok
xxxxxx (3:37:21 AM): Not if the world stock market crashes further, it's not going to help anyone, your'll all lose
sussan_george2001 (3:37:35 AM): Noo
sussan_george2001 (3:37:41 AM): They not into stoc marker
xxxxxx (3:37:46 AM): Even the oil companies
sussan_george2001 (3:37:49 AM): But daily market raising
sussan_george2001 (3:37:52 AM): It is very good
sussan_george2001 (3:38:09 AM): There is a bridge under the investment
xxxxxx (3:38:19 AM): I believe you, but I didn't come here to talk money


sussan_george2001 (3:39:00 AM): Yeah i know but just in need of anything you can assist with
xxxxxx (3:39:31 AM): I toped my class in econimics, my father said I had a natural gift, as far as money and the stock market go!
sussan_george2001 (3:40:02 AM): Good
sussan_george2001 (3:40:03 AM): That nice
xxxxxx (3:40:35 AM): I've been predicting this crash for about 4 yrs, because I knew it was over priced
sussan_george2001 (3:41:17 AM): Ok
sussan_george2001 (3:41:23 AM): but let at least get this done
sussan_george2001 (3:41:29 AM): Can u lend me 1000$


xxxxxx (3:41:31 AM): The steep rise in oil was enough to topel it over
xxxxxx (3:42:24 AM): No, I'm sorry, I don't lend money to anyone I don't know or have never met.
sussan_george2001 (3:42:45 AM): ohhh ok
xxxxxx (3:42:55 AM): Good bye and God bless you in your enderers.


sussan_george2001: Dont you want to talk to me anymore
xxxxxx: Not realy, It seems you don't hear too well, I said I didn't come here to talk about money
sussan_george2001: Yeah it ok
sussan_george2001: Never mind
sussan_george2001: Is that why you wanted to go
xxxxxx: Yes, because it's been tryed by many people and they didn't get a loan either
sussan_george2001: It ok
xxxxxx: I don't have enought to spare, I only have enough to get a new wife and to bring her here, I hope so anyway
sussan_george2001: Yeah that great
sussan_george2001: Relocate her down to you
xxxxxx: Prices are always going up and the longer it takes I might not have enough
sussan_george2001: Yeah
xxxxxx: I hope so, this country isn't called 'the lucky country' for nothing
sussan_george2001: Ok
xxxxxx: I hope I'll always live in this country, you can travel thousands of miles and not see the same thing twice
sussan_george2001: Ok
xxxxxx: I think it's about 6 thousand miles around the coast line
sussan_george2001: Hmmmm
sussan_george2001: But travelling over there will be expenses
xxxxxx: Any way, you've been on Yahoo msg for a long time. Is that what you do in your job, to sell investments?
sussan_george2001: No
sussan_george2001: We have a timeless day at work because our company went to congratulate Barrack Obama
sussan_george2001: The new world president


xxxxxx: If you plan it correctly you can do seasonal work. It helps to break the holiday and gives you something else to do
xxxxxx: Your right there!
sussan_george2001: Yeah
xxxxxx: I hope he is better than the last one!
sussan_george2001: Yeah
sussan_george2001: He will and promise changes
xxxxxx: I suppose anyone would be better
sussan_george2001: Yeah
xxxxxx: They all do that, and do they deliver.......NO..... not realy
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: I know
sussan_george2001: But he promises
xxxxxx: I can understand, after all they are only a buffer between us and the ones that realy rule
sussan_george2001: Ok
xxxxxx: Promises, promises.........that's all I can say
sussan_george2001: yeah
xxxxxx: I've lived too long to be fouled
xxxxxx: by them
sussan_george2001: Ok
xxxxxx: It's not the leaders of most countries that rule us, it's the rich and powerful that rule
sussan_george2001: Yeah
xxxxxx: Some times they are one and the same
sussan_george2001: Sure that is what happening in all counbtry
sussan_george2001: yEAH
xxxxxx: Some countries are ruled and lead by their most rich and powerful people, (being one and the same
sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxx: But the president of the US is not their richest and powerful person in that country


sussan_george2001: YEAH
xxxxxx: So you like politics?
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure i do
sussan_george2001: So mcuh
xxxxxx: No, you can do it your self. I'm sure you are old enough.
sussan_george2001: Yeah sure
sussan_george2001: But i need an australian bank
xxxxxx: You can do it over the internet, I'm sure of it
sussan_george2001: No that is not possible
xxxxxx: the only way is if you put your signiture to it. Because I'm not going to
sussan_george2001: How
xxxxxx: I can fax the paper work to you and you sign it and fax it back
sussan_george2001: Ok
sussan_george2001: what does that entails
xxxxxx: There is only one bank near here, there are more further away, so I see them for you if you like
xxxxxx: I don't know at the moment, but I'll look into it if you like
sussan_george2001: No the one near you wil be alright
sussan_george2001: Yeah i need a savings account for a contract coming on my way soon from the british empire
xxxxxx: I think you'll have to contact them and show at least 2 forms of ID
sussan_george2001: I
xxxxxx: I'm sure in this world, being so tied together in finance that it will be posible
sussan_george2001: ok
sussan_george2001: brb
xxxxxx: OK
xxxxxx: brb


sussan_george2001: Am back
xxxxxx: I'm here too
sussan_george2001: brb
xxxxxx: OK


xxxxxx: I have to go now, will be on in 2 days. See you then, and God bless and bye for now.


sussan_george2001: Bye

The photo below came with the above message but doesn't show enough detail. No other data came with it, which is the same as the others.

2009-04-24, 15:54:08
Steve_dux from Australia  
New Yahoo messenger scammer and emails.

Name being used: Anjie Lopez

User name on ladyanjie179

Said she was from Iligan City, Philippines....mail came from:
IP     Philippines (Cagayan De Oro) Email address.

First email

Hi Scam victim,

How are you? I hope that you are in good health, about me here, I am fine and also my aunt,thank you so much for sending me email and for telling me more about you, i am very interested to know more about you, so nice to know that you own your own farm, i think it is very nice to stay there while watching the animals,I hope that we can really know more with each other, sosorry to know that you are alone, i am also, i feel alone here and i need companion thats why i am there in thats site, i hope that you are the person that, I am looking for..
about what you ask darling, yes i am to young for you, but for me age is doesnt matter as long as, I am with the man i love the man that i can comfortable to be with the man who is caring and loving person, in my age now i really want to have my own family. i am very interested to you darling, I work as saleslady for now and i like it a lot, but i still need to get a stable job maybe i can work as a nurse there in your place if we will be together if gods well....
Thank you so much for sending me your pics. I hope you can send me more pics...and i will also send you my pics during my school days.. iwill send it in your next email darling, you take care and god bless.. kisses and hugs..


Received:     from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:34:28 PST

From:     This sender is DomainKeys verified
anjie lopez
No X mailer

Header Analysis From http://headertool.a..m/headers

IP Address     Probable Country     Philippines (Cagayan De Oro)

WHOIS - From http://private.dnss..97.174.16

Location: Philippines (high) [City: ]

inetnum: -
netname: BAYANDSL-AP
country: PH
descr: BayanTel Broadband DSL - PPPoE
descr: Cagayan de Oro Exchange Node
descr: BayanTel Route Object for
role: SKYCablenet IPadmin
address: 6/F BayanTel Bldg. 234 Roosevelt Avenue
address: San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City Philippines
Photo used on

2009-04-24, 16:03:46
Steve_dux from Australia  
Photo No2 used on

2009-04-24, 16:10:46
Steve_dux from Australia  
Photo No3 used on

Said s/he was 28 yrs.....I'm 51.....typical of a scam.....there's just to much difference.

2009-04-24, 16:58:43   (updated: 2009-04-24, 17:03:18)
anonymous from Australia

anjie lope

Tuesday, 24 February, 2009 6:30 AM

Hi Scam victim

how are you? I hope that you are in good health, thank you so much for the email that you send, I hope we can have a chance to talk online , I am really interested to know more about you, I am new there in that site,and I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, Hopefully you are the person that, I am looking for.I hope we can talk online.. Thank you for the email address that you send, I hope we can send each other email, I am really interested to know more about you
. I will tell you more about me, My name is Anjie,I am 28 year of age, I work as saleslady in a botique we sell clothes and assesories at the same time i am the cashier also. I live alone with my aunt i stay with her since my parents past away. I am from iligan city philippines.i feel so lonely and i need companion thats why i am here in that site to look for the man that i am looking for,till here and i am looking forward on you next email. i will send you some of my pics i hope you will like it,Take care always..

God bless


Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 18 Feb 2009 11:33:20 PST
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
s=s1024; d=yahoo.coh= X-YMail-OSG:Received:
X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version: Content-Type:Message-ID;

------------------------ --
IP     Philippines (Cagayan De Oro)


Location: Philippines (high) [City: Quezon City, Quezon City]

inetnum: -
netname: BAYANDSL-AP
country: PH
descr: BayanTel Broadband DSL - PPPoE
descr: Cagayan de Oro Exchange Node

Said s/he is from: 'I am from iligan city philippines.'
Photo of where s/he said lived and where the IP address came from.....what's your opinion?

2009-04-24, 17:28:01
Steve_dux from Australia

Anjie Lopez

Re: I'm so happy

Hi Scam victim

How are you? I hope that you are in good health, about me here, I am fine and also my aunt,thank you so much for sending me email and for telling me more about you, i am very interested to know more about you, so nice to know that you own your own farm, i think it is very nice to stay there while watching the animals,I hope that we can really know more with each other, sosorry to know that you are alone, i am also, i feel alone here and i need companion thats why i am there in thats site, i hope that you are the person that, I am looking for..
about what you ask darling, yes i am to young for you, but for me age is doesnt matter as long as, I am with the man i love the man that i can comfortable to be with the man who is caring and loving person, in my age now i really want to have my own family. i am very interested to you darling, I work as saleslady for now and i like it a lot, but i still need to get a stable job maybe i can work as a nurse there in your place if we will be together if gods well....
Thank you so much for sending me your pics. I hope you can send me more pics...and i will also send you my pics during my school days.. iwill send it in your next email darling, you take care and god bless.. kisses and hu.



DomainKey-Signatnature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
s=s1024; d=yahoo.coh= X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Reply-To:Subject:To: In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Message-ID;
Receivedved: from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:34:28 PST
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:34:28 -0800 (PST)

-------------------     Philippines (Cagayan De Oro)


Location: Philippines (high) [City: Quezon City, Quezon City]

inetnum: -
netname: BAYANDSL-AP
country: PH
descr: BayanTel Broadband DSL - PPPoE
descr: Cagayan de Oro Exchange Node

i hope that you are the person that, I am looking for....about what you ask darling, yes i am to young for you, but for me age is doesnt matter
The usual thing they say!

2009-04-25, 09:10:47   (updated: 2009-04-25, 09:22:28)
Steve_dux from Australia  
Rita Adjei

Email: no idea at this time. It could be because of s/he's messenger ID.

Yahoo messenger ID honestluv_2008

We interrupt this one for the latest bulletin: We have a new one that I came across just yesterday. S/he found me on I had a look at her profile, which was scarce of information. I did a refresh and a notice posted by the site said that Rita Adjei had been deleted for 'taking advantage'. So I had the heads up on s/he before we chatted.

Lives in Ghana.....what more can I say!

Phone +233243706220 I've not used it, as of 4-26-09

Rita Adjei (24/04/2009 9:16:56 PM): Hello
XXXX (24/04/2009 9:17:29 PM): Are you the one that just called through christiancafe?
Rita Adjei (24/04/2009 9:17:37 PM): yes i am
Rita Adjei (24/04/2009 9:18:26 PM): u asked for my photos and i hope u can see it
XXXX (24/04/2009 9:19:03 PM): I can see it are very young compared to me
Rita Adjei (24/04/2009 9:23:44 PM): what happened
XXXX (24/04/2009 9:27:31 PM): I'm on another call...can I call you back
Rita Adjei (24/04/2009 9:27:40 PM): Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:18:16 AM): Hi
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:18:24 AM): Hi
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:18:28 AM): Are U Less Busy now
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:19:00 AM): No not yet, I got held up with more email that I expected
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:19:30 AM): Ohh Alright I see
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:20:04 AM): On your profile it said you were blond with blue come ....did you make a mistake
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:20:34 AM): Ohh yes i make a mistake
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:21:27 AM): U know i am kind of new to the internet stuff and a friend of mine in Usa invited me to Join
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:21:58 AM): I happens.....You are a very beautiful woman and much younger than I....I'm sure you could get a younger man that me!
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:22:28 AM): Ohh well ... I am Looking for someone to Love,care and get On with
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:22:33 AM): Well it's a steep learning curve
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:22:49 AM): Age is Just a Number remember and what Matters is the Heart and the love u will both Share together
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:22:56 AM): Are't we all, that are on that site
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:23:45 AM): You have a point....but you are showing you youth by not knowing the difference
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:24:11 AM): By the way, how old are you?

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:24:27 AM): I am 32yrs Old
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:25:45 AM): Oh that's only 19 yrs younger....I suppose that might be least in some places it would be OK

XXXX (25/04/2009 12:26:12 AM): You are from what part of the world?

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:26:17 AM): Ghana ..

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:26:19 AM): do u know there
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:26:20 AM): ...??
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:27:08 AM): I've heard of it. In western part of Africa
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:27:30 AM): Ohh Yes Sure and Have u ever Spoken with someone from There b4
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:27:32 AM): Near the equator...must get hot
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:28:03 AM): No....I have know others that have!
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:28:22 AM): Ohh Alright so will U Like to date someone from Africa...??
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:28:48 AM): I have to someone from Nigeria....that's near you?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:28:58 AM): Ohh yes sure
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:29:10 AM): So u mean U have a Girlfriend from Nigeria
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:29:30 AM): It's Ok with me....I like every one that are nice to me
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:29:53 AM): No just a friend....male
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:30:09 AM): Only now and then we chat
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:30:10 AM): Ohh Alright
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:30:18 AM): Ohh Okay I see
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:30:21 AM): So what do u do for a living
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:31:30 AM): I own a small farm which doesn't pay much and I fix and sell new and used computers...mostly fix them
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:31:51 AM): What do you do for a living?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:31:51 AM): Ohh Okay
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:32:08 AM): I am learning Hair dressing
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:32:47 AM): You could be a model....though I thing you are now too old.....they want younger
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:33:14 AM): Ohh yes sure ... but my dream is to be a Fashion Designer
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:33:33 AM): What did you do before you started to learn hair dressing?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:33:57 AM): Well i was Doing Catering
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:34:05 AM): Is there much call for a Fashion Designer in Ghana?
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:34:17 AM): Food and the like?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:34:25 AM): beaverages
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:34:37 AM): Do you like hair dressing?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:34:41 AM): Well fashion designer in the sense that I will go international
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:34:44 AM): Ohh yes
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:35:01 AM): My mother did that as a part time job
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:35:12 AM): Ohh Okay Thats Cool
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:36:00 AM): She liked did the boss....because she didn't drink any of the profits
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:36:12 AM): ohh Okay thats cool
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:36:48 AM): She just didn't drink alcohol
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:36:59 AM): Ohh well I dont also
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:37:02 AM): I dont Smoke too
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:37:14 AM): I Like fruit Juice and u know like to Keep my Shape wel
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:37:47 AM): Well I's better that drinking....hope you don't mind?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:37:55 AM): Ohh No
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:38:02 AM): You are in good shape
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:38:09 AM): Ohh thank you
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:38:29 AM): and i like to exercise also every weekend so i will be go for joggin 2morrow and on sunday
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:38:57 AM): I found it easy to stay in shape when I was your age....I was more active then
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:39:53 AM): Ohh Alright thats nice and Well So u dont exercise Again
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:41:04 AM): Sounds nice....I didn't like jogging because of the vibrations from hard surfaces can eventuly do harm to your run on soft surfaces like grass
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:41:21 AM): Ohh Okay
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:41:32 AM): I didnt realise that
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:41:42 AM): I do some hard work on the farm....but it's getting harder because of my age
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:42:19 AM): It depends on the shoes....though it can still do a little damage
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:42:23 AM): Ohh Alright Well So tell me Are u interested In Me ... and Will U Like to be with a Woman Like me
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:43:46 AM): Ahh now let me see.....your inteligent......I think I'd be a fool if I said yessssssssss
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:44:52 AM): Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:46:15 AM): I'd like to see you on webcam and a few other things to confirm that's itls really you! It's because I don't believe that you would want anything to do with me
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:46:32 AM): Well How do u mean XXXX
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:46:34 AM): I am real Okay
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:46:49 AM): And Well it all depends on How I get on with you Okay ... cos I am Seriouse
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:46:56 AM): I hope so!
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:47:13 AM): So am I !
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:47:20 AM): OKay

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:47:29 AM): and thats My real photos Okay and U need to Have Trust
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:47:46 AM): Is Rita Adjei your full name?

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:48:02 AM): Yes
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:48:19 AM): In my country a person has to earn trust
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:48:37 AM): Ohh yes Sure Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:48:56 AM): By proving some things to those they want to be trusted by
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:49:16 AM): Okay I see so What do u want me to Prove to you
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:49:26 AM): It takes time to gain trust in my country
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:49:39 AM): Okay I see So what do u want me to Prove
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:50:17 AM): To see you on see some proof of your ID
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:51:02 AM): I dont Have a cam and the Computer Here is old fashioned Okay... I even try Hard to get Yahoo on
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:51:28 AM): We don't have to do that's early days.....only if the relationship gets serious
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:51:42 AM): Ohh Okay I see
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:52:44 AM): Even an old computer can be coaxed into doing webcam.....I know I had one 10 yrs ago

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:53:09 AM): well Unless I get a Laptop with a cam Attachted to it
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:54:02 AM): In the mean time you can look out for a place (internet cafe) that has one....what do you think of that
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:54:37 AM): The cafe I know is very Far its going to take me 7hours and thats even more than traveling aaha

XXXX (25/04/2009 12:55:59 AM): That is a long way....I won't ask you to do that......maybe someone you know.....or you could ask around
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:56:26 AM): Well i can Show U more of my photos with friends Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:57:03 AM): That sounds least for the moment
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:57:17 AM): Ohh yes sure
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:58:27 AM): So
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:58:52 AM): Now or late?
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:59:01 AM): U mean the photos
XXXX (25/04/2009 12:59:12 AM): Yes
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 12:59:17 AM): Late

XXXX (25/04/2009 1:02:52 AM): I know what you could to prove who you are....You could have your photo taken next to a current calender with the current date showing wearing your yellow top and blue jenes ...the yellow top in the photo 'Rita1z.jpg'

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:04:11 AM): Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:04:15 AM): Not now time....when you can!
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:04:24 AM): Okay I will
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:05:19 AM): That's good.....I was hoping to see more of that yellow top of yours....your beautiful in it
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:05:54 AM): okay thank you
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:06:27 AM): Make sure your hair is as clean and shiny as in that really is a good one
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:06:46 AM): okay i will
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:07:50 AM): You must excuse me now it's been a long day.....I'll be looking forward to seeing you again
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:08:18 AM): Okay can u call me on phone
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:09:27 AM): How well do you speak english....I don't speak any other language
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:09:44 AM): yes i Speak english Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:10:08 AM): It's because I'm a little hard of hearing
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:10:38 AM): Ohhh Okay i am good in english Okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:10:50 AM): Give me your phone number and I'll think about it

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:11:11 AM): Okay +233243706220

XXXX (25/04/2009 1:11:56 AM): I have it....when would be the best time for me to phone
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:12:34 AM): What time is it there and I'll work the difference out
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:12:59 AM): it is 3:11pm
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:14:20 AM): 10 hrs difference.....what time of the day would sute you

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:16:02 AM): Well Anything
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:16:08 AM): Just call me on the phone and i will come online
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:16:25 AM): You must sleep some time

Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:16:38 AM): ohh yes i know just give me a call okay
XXXX (25/04/2009 1:17:25 AM): Ok ....I must go now it's late ......So bye for now you beautiful thing.....
Rita Adjei (25/04/2009 1:17:37 AM): Okay Bye

Photo Rita1z.jpg
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda Myers

2009-04-25, 09:19:44
Steve_dux from Australia  
Rita Adjei

Email: no idea at this time. It could be because of s/he's messenger ID.

Yahoo messenger ID honestluv_2008

S/he found me on

Lives in Ghana.....what more can I say!

Phone +233243706220 I've not used it, as of 4-26-09

Photo Rita.2.jpg

2009-04-25, 09:35:55
Steve_dux from Australia  
I have seen this woman's photo's before on a antiscam web site....but can't remember which one!
Here's one that I picked up from that web site.

2009-07-19, 07:59:23
Steve_dux from Australia  

IP Russian Federation


RE:[Re]23 holla holla !!!
Mario Alberto

WESTERNUNION.rar (46KB) It's actualy Trojan.Win32.Vaklik.fmp

Hello my dear Princess
It was a pleasure talking with you over the phone. I am convinced that you are real.
This is most important. I repeatedly told you that a lot of deception in the Internet.
But Now I know that you are real. When you call me, I was very surprised. I thought
that you did not call.) Now you can count on my help.! Now I am ready to help you.
Today I received your letter by mail, this is a great event for me. Your photos are very
beautiful. Thank you for your photos in bikini. ))) You are very sexy baby. Today I
made a transfer of money for you. I hope all my expectations correct. I hope that you
will not lose your head after having been money. I give you a copy of the document
MoneyGram. You can get it any branch. Print a copy and get money for your ticket.
Amount: euro1899
My address is: Boulevard Marechal Foch 67600 SELESTAT
My name: Jerod Rommann
You asked the airport information that I can meet you: Barranquilla International Airport
I sent the money in the name of your aunt: Ekaterina Balahnicheva
The letter I have attached a copy of the document confirming the transfer money.
I ask you to tell me when you get the money. I send money International system
and you can easily get the money. After 5 days I will convey to you more
1000 usd for you personally. I wish that you knew me you either do not feel sorry
for. You will have all. I ask you to come to me and you will be provided at all your life.
I wish you all: merry mood Kiss you.

From Mario Alberto Fri Jul 17 18:36:29 2009
Return-Path: <>
Received: from (HELO (
by with SMTP; Fri, 17 Jul 2009 20:36:42 -0700
Received: from xthuf (
    by; Sat, 18 Jul 2009 03:36:29 +0200
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 03:36:29 +0200
From: Mario Alberto <>
Reply-To: Mario Alberto <>
Message-I& lt;005501c41b7a$52388344$a640fb2f@xthuf>

IP Russian Federation


Location: Russian Federation (high) [City: ]
inetnum: -
org: ORG-JSb1-RIPE
netname: RU-SAMTEL-20050120
descr: JSC 'VolgaTelecom' Samara branch
country: RU

Internet Center of JSC VolgaTelecom Samara branch
address: JSC 'VolgaTelecom' Samara branch
address: 17, Krasnoarmeyskaya str.
address: 443099 Samara,
address: Russian Federation

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