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Dating scammer Christina Putnikova


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Name: Christina Putnikova



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This girl says call Christina Putnikova, that is dental, this is your post, not asks you money immediately, but that writes you during 2 monthes and later say you that appear the man with who can make a family and depending of the relationship that have done with it, asks you money, with me it attempt by saying that it needed to take a course and that needed 400 dollars.
I put the picture as reference, take care of of this girl.
Efren from Mexico.

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2009-03-28, 23:21:08
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
Hello charming man XXX. How is your day? Mmm …
Lines of your letter, as always please me!
Still I have tested the big pleasure when heard
your voice! It was really fine to communicate by
phone! I think, we yet time can speak by phone,
but first time really most important! Now I know,
how your voice sounds, and you know, how my voice
sounds! I think, it gives us more representations
about each other.
Sorry for delay my answer. My friend, from whom I
write to you, has go for work trip for 3 days, and
I can write you only now.

At me everything is all right, mood fine! I think
of you, and I should smile! Friends are surprised
to my constant smile more and more, ask, what with
you? I answer, that I'm happy! I have found you,
and I'm happy!
I would like to express the opinion concerning
development of our relations. If our relations
develop with the same ease, with the same pleasure
for both of us, I think, it will be remarkable.
It's not necessary to hasten, but also to stop is
already impossible. I have completely given in
under influence of my feelings, and is assured,
that between us there will be something much more
serious, than correspondence!
Only you are necessary to me! From all men in the
world, I wish to communicate only with you!
I have reflected on one serious theme. If we also
become further closer, if once we are together,
whether that we are ready to change the life? I'm
ready, and you? I think of the future, and I'm
assured our thoughts in this occasion of the
general future coincide? I'm right?
I want, that we could show more attention each
other. But not always there is a possibility to
write, or to call. So I wish to tell, if I don't
answer you at once, it does not mean, that I don't
think about you! I think of you constantly, you
don't leave my head!

I would like to tell to you some thoughts
concerning the future … Now I'm not yet ready to
have a meeting with you, and to speak about plans.
More precisely I'm ready, but not now. You
understand, I really consider, that my future is
possible only with you! I'm assured, that if we
will be together, we will be together for ever.
You divide my thoughts, my feelings and you very
good man. But I need to be ready to change my
life. I'm ready to change my life, but time for
this purpose is required. I'm ready to go step by
step to had a joint future, but there are some
things which not so quickly makes and consequently
time is required.
You know, the life is too short to so much to
wait, but it's not desirable to hurry up too. The
distance, different cultures, religion, language,
everything is not border! It only that people have
thought up, that was more difficult and more
interesting to live. Smile. Here other reasons...
Simply I need to think a little... But I'm not
going to think, yes or not, I will think when! I
need still time that we communicated with you,
found out about each other more and more. With
each letter, in me there is a feeling, that I have
the increasing attachment to you. I think, the
friendship gives rise to love! You for me are more
than the friend, and the love only starts to be
born somewhere away...
I hope, you understand my thoughts, you understand
my words... I don't know now, what I can tell in
this occasion. I have some doubts, but not
concerning you or us. I don't know as to explain
this feeling, but you seem to me too test it... It
as expectation something very important and
pleasant, is a few adrenaline, it's a little
doubts, it's a little confidence, that all will be

If you allow, I will distract from so serious
I think, tomorrow I will have many positive
emotions. We with friends are going to sports
palace to swim in pool. Or the day after tomorrow,
we do not yet define when. But in any case to swim
at this time year very pleasantly and unusually!
I would like to write to you more, but I still
need to take a walk with Bonya, ok? You are not
jealous to her? Smile.
Your letter, will bring to me a lot of pleasure,
therefore I look forward letter.
Kissing you Christina.

2009-03-28, 23:22:42
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
Hello the best man in the world by name XXX. Each
your letter for me as a new storm of positive
emotions and feelings!
You asked my phone number. A problem that I know
only short mobile number. I don't know, what code
needs to be typed that to call to me from abroad.
In Kazan to me call on number 33-71-12.

By the way, we with friends went today in pool. We
wished to make it for a long time, but as could
not gather. And here at last this moment has come,
the moment of impetuous fun of our female company.
Friends have persuaded me to jump from a
three-metre tower in pool, it was pleasant to me,
but at first it was terrible. We played water polo
by a ball, was very cheerful, it's a pity, that
you were not with us … It would be even more
interesting! Smile.
By the way, at this summer I have taken possession
very useful ability. These are the Chinese
chopsticks. I with Tanya went to the Japanese
restaurant. And to us have given chopsticks. We
very long suffered before to take possession them.
But in 30 minutes, I already almost freely owned
them. After all I Russian woman, and difficulties
don't frighten me!

Now it's difficult to me to think about something
or of someone else, except you. It's so strange,
but I like this. In me not understand feeling, and
I at all don't know how to put it into words.
I'm cheerful, and, thinking about you, my life to
become twice more cheerfully!
I thought, how our correspondence, our dialogue
can result. I didn't expect, that I will have a
thought, that once we can enjoy morning coffee
together. It would be remarkable...
In my last letter, I said, that I need time to
solve some things, to think. I had in view, that I
need to receive holiday on work, I need to be
prepared psychologically, etc. I talked with my
friends, and all of them as one wish that I didn't
waste time, and we with you developed our
relations, already being nearby.
After all, letters don't give full understanding
each other, and I think, that we have already
discussed much, and we suit each other much.
You know, I think, that we will not live in Russia
since here there is no big prosperity, and I
think, that at you in your country I can earn much
more money working as the dentist. Me very much
irritates, that the life is based on money. Our
relations don't require, that I earned much but if
we have children I want that they have been
provided! That we could give them much! Are you
agree with me?
Therefore, I communicated today with the chief on
work. I have told to her, that is possible
shortly, I can leave, and have taken an interest
about holiday. We have very good talked, and she
has told, that can arrange to me improvement of
professional skill. If I work abroad it can be
useful to me. She has told, that in 1-2 weeks to
Nizhni Novgorod there will arrive delegation for
delivery of diplomas to dentists. I have written
the statement that would like to raise the status,
and in 3-4 days the answer when I need to go to
Nizhni Novgorod should come. The chief has told,
that will give me holiday when I will go to Nizhni
Novgorod, i.e. in 1-2 weeks.
And when I will have holiday, we will solve
questions on a meeting, on the further life. You
not against?
I Russian woman, I'm interested in you (much more,
than in ability to take possession sticks!
smile.), and nothing can stop me in desire to find
out you more close, and to have more serious
relations with you!
I will wait for your letter with the hugest
impatience, and I hope to see it very soon!
Your desired Christina.

P.S. You are not afraid me with a gun? Smile.

2009-03-28, 23:25:24
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
Hello my lovely XXX. I'm infinitely glad to read
your letter! I wish to write to you more often,
but it not always turns out... I feel guilty if I
can not write to you. But I hope, you don't become
angry about me if I don't write to you. I will try
to write to you more often, after all I think of
you constantly, and I want, that we could be    
I wish to construct the confident joint future.
Work is important, but you should know, that I
wish to be with you first of all because I want to
be with you! Love and a family - the most valuable
in our life! Work is important, only for
maintenance of a good life, money cannot be the
life purpose. I hope, you understand me in it … My
general purpose is creation family!
I trust you, and I ready to go to you already now!
But, nevertheless, the meeting is a serious step,
and I don't want, that our meeting was usual, as a
casual meeting in cafe. I want, that our meeting
has given the chance to us to develop relations
already with the made step. Step which we will
leave doubts, and we will enjoy only that we
nearby with each other!

I wish to give you my address and a full name,
because I don't want to loose contaсt with you, if
internet will gives failure:
My full name is Christina Putnikova, my address is
Russian Federation, Kazan, Lenin st. 45b-23,
postal code 420361.
My birthday at November 17, 1976.
My phone number 33-71-12, but this number,
similar, cannot accept calls from you. I will make
today new number, with a full code that you could
call to me. Ok?
By the way, to me yesterday has came mum, we had
remarkable time together.
I spoke to mum about you, have told, that have got
acquainted with you on the Internet. She has told,
that you very interesting man, and we should have
more serious relations, than correspondence. Mum
has told to me, that approves my choice, and
transfers you greetings!
I not from those girls to whom the permission of
mother is required! I speak about all to mum that
she knew about my dreams, my life, that could give
me a good advice. Sometimes people do not tell to
the parents about private life and by that compel
parents to give such advice which at all are not
useful. I don't know, whether you understand me,
but I will try to explain.
If I have solved something, I do it without any
doubts. I say to mum that I am going to do, and
she can give me good advice in this occasion. She
does not try to dissuade me from any ideas already
for a long time, after all it's almost impossible.
If I'm solved something, I will do it despite of
I'm very glad, that mum didn't try to dissuade me
from so unusual way of acquaintance etc. Even
more, she has told, that it's the best way of the
modern, after all we understand our sights,
interests, we find out such important character
traits, which not always can be defined if to
begin acquaintance in a reality. I was so
surprised to hear from her similar conclusions...
But she is right!

Oh, I haven't told to you, that now my chief
prepares papers for my improvement of professional
skill. We together with she need to prepare the
report of my work for a year. This will occupy
approximately 5-6 days. I wish to contact some of
my clients that they have written recommendations,
positive responses will useful to me. It's really
serious procedure to promote qualifications, but
I'm ready to all difficulties! As soon as my
report will be ready, I will go to Nizhni
Novgorod. And after that, I can take holiday from
work! More precisely not holiday … I will simply
leave possibility to come back to work in the same
clinic, but I think, that it hardly is useful.
After all both of us are serious in intentions of
creation of a family!?
I think, that you the most interesting and
understanding man. I'm very glad, that the destiny
has allowed us to get acquainted. Also you should
know, I feel, that my heart has the big frequency
when I read lines of your letter!
I hope, you will help to accelerate frequency of
my heart soon!
Your gentle Christina.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Christina Putnikova

2009-03-28, 23:33:02
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
Hello my unique man XXX. I again 'in 7 sky' with
happiness to read your letter! It so remarkably to
communicate with you, you give me pleasure, you
give me happiness not to be lonely!
On work was a difficult day, but I'm glad, that
the report is almost finished, I think, that in 2
days it will be ready completely! But I don't wish
to speak much about work, I will speak with the
great pleasure about you, about us! I most of all
like in you an openness and sincerity. Reading
each your letter, I understand, what feelings you
test to me, and I represent you near to myself and
I departure in the dreams, forgetting about all in
the world! It will seem ridiculous, or surprising,
but yesterday I could not fall asleep at night, I
represented you, I thought about you, about our
relations. The most interesting, that I was very
got tired for all day, and awfully wished to
sleep. But my heart has forced a sleep to wait,
and has filled my head with thoughts and dreams
about you and about us. I at all don't know how to
describe this strange, unknown feeling to you.
Love... Similar, but we did not meet before.
Attachment... Yes, I test attachment to you. I
miss, if I don't read your letter. I miss, when I
have no access to the Internet and I cannot write
to you!

Earlier I thought, that the Internet is not
convenient way for dating, but now my opinion has
exchanged. Now, when you have entered into my
life, the Internet became for me as air! It's
necessary to me to make only a deep breath, and I
start to understand, that the life is invaluable
because I have you! It's liking which has outgrown
in more. More than the friendship, more than
simply transfer information about each other. I at
all don't know how to describe, I really think
about you much and often!

By the way, my number +7 961 335 3916. So you can
call to me, or write sms, after all we have a
difference in time.
At me today fine mood, not looking at weather,
today is cold! I would like to write to you
without a stop �
But I need to go to walk with Bonya, therefore I
finish my letter �

The main thing remember! If suddenly you in bad
mood I will always raise it!
I wait for your letter!
Your 駂eerful woman Christina

2009-03-28, 23:35:07
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
I hope by posting all her template letters, she'll have to write new ones.

2009-03-28, 23:36:29
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:37:46
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:38:43
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
2009-03-28, 23:39:51
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:41:42
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
This is the picture I saw posted elsewhere as a scammer that clued me in

2009-03-28, 23:42:53
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:43:58
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:44:56
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:46:26
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  

2009-03-28, 23:49:09
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
Is she really this evil, or has here Identity been stolen? If so, who is the person in these pictures and where are they posting them that the thieves are getting them from?

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