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Dating scammer Telia Brown, Kate, Clara


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Name: Telia Brown, Kate, Clara



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2008-12-13, 00:18:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-03-09, 03:27:43
anonymous from United States  
Photo is of Julie / Porn Star /
Stolen photo of course.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart
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2009-11-03, 14:28:27
anonymous from United States  
I was IM'd by this woman on ... she was very sweet ... very warm ... friendly loving ... and we IM'd for abt 5 hours a night for the next week ... she never committed to saying more than the minimum ... she lived with her Grandmom and her Uncle .... and she had a 7 year old boy named Ben.

She always seemed distracted ... delayed in chat ... and I even asked her if she was trying to hold too many chats at once. :) Its not like I didnt have plenty of red flags. :)

In any case she asked me to help her keep her internet up by helping with her bill. I asked her how much it cost... she said 350 dollars sweetheart. I said no. She said nothing ? I said no ... cant mix money and love.

All in all she had asked for help with the internet ... said her birthday was October 16th ... asked for help with a Visa .. the Passport and a flight .. and ended up splitting the cost of the flight with her Uncle or 'boyfriend' .. which she needed me to sent right away. Then it was Bens birthday coming up .. she asked me to send him an xbox 360 and a bunch of games. I said no. I dont spend that kind of mooney on my own sons birthday gift. Then she told me her Uncle had bought a GT calling card especially for us to be able to talk. It was 50 dollars. Yet ... we only talked on the phone twice for a few minutes total. I went on Western Union and sent 125 dollars to cover the card and 75 for Bens birthday. Yesterday was just over the 6 week mark since we first spoke. She told me that she had broken many hearts in her past ... but she had discovered how much they hurt and had chaged her ways.

We continued to talk for each day for hours ... but it was all I love you soooo much !!! ... I need you in my life !!! ... and I pushed to know more about 'her'. She said she had gotten a 4 year Nursing degree at Indiana State University. She had met an American and had a child with him. She came home one day and her roomate was in bed with him ... and she was crushed. Two weeks later her Uncle called telling her that her parents were killed in an automobile accident. She went back to Ghana. Accra. That was 2 1/2 years ago.

I ended up giving her over a thousand dollars. She was comiing to the US ... and she was to be with me until January 4th... 2010.

We had been going thru trust issues for a while .. as she was shown on the net as a scammer .. but both her and her Uncle were animate most of them being someone that stole 'her' identity .. and that she had changed her ways ... and thats why she contacted me.

Today she sent me a Declaration Fee. A form letter without a date ... that stated that she had to have on her 'person' during travel ... $5000. She assured me that she only needed to have it during travel and it would not ber in cash ... and when she got back home she would send it back to me.

I said I didnt have the money ... and I had to go to bed as Iwas up all night. I checked on the web and found that the Declaration Fee form was a creation of the scammers.

I sent Jasmine John ... an email today with a copy of that brochure stating she was scamming me. Since that time ... her uncle or 'boyfriend' has been calling me regularly ... but I wont answer.

She was never cruel ... mean ... disrespectful ... always very loving ... and she didnt say I had to pay ... even when I didnt she still continued to talk to me and tell me how much she loved me and how much I had brought to her life.

I feel bad for this girl ... what a life. So incredbly sad.

Mr. Steve

2009-11-03, 16:24:48
OJAS from United States  
Sorry Anon US 2009-11-03, 14:28:27,
You are being scammed big time. You are NOT talking to the girl in the picture. I have seen that girl very popular with scammers, the vast majority of whom are MEN.

I do not mean to hurt you, but some facts must be presented to you, before you suffer further. Please come back and ask delphians who are more familiar with the girl in the photo you posted.
2009-11-04, 02:16:52
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-11-03, 14:28:27
anonymous from United States

Hello the picture You posted is of Julie / Porn Star /
Her pictures are stolen and if anyone tries to tell You she is anywhere
but in Florida and still making Porn then whoever says any different
is a scammer.
Julie never has had anything to do with the scams at all.
There are hundreds of scammers that use her photo's.

The real Julies little boy is now around 10 years old and if your
told different is because they have old photo's.

For Your information You are hooked up with My old scammer.
Same exact story in every detail except a few minor twists.
Again Julie is a very wealthy Porn Star she has never been in Accra, Ghana.

Same bullshit about the Grandmother, Uncle, Parents dying.
I see You were even asked for the very same things.
I am not going to write a book to You about this.

Your being scammed just as I was and kept listening to all the lies.

By telling This scammer anything You will find out all Your doing
is keeping Yourself being scammed.

They will tell You anything to keep You Hooked.
I got them to admit they were using stolen photo's of Julie.
Big deal as they sent me new photo's of someone else.
They were so stupid they kept asking for Birthday presents for the boy.
Hello if the pictures of Julie are stolen that means the boy is a lie also.
The new pictures took me a long time to find about two weeks.
But guess what they were stolen and used in scamming as well.

Even after You break up with this scammer they NEVER STOP
Over 10 month's later I received yet another set of photo's the 3rd. set and
a new child this time a Girl. LOL
All they had to say was, Why was I upset with the He /She ?

Let me see now was it the fact I am now Homeless because of this scammer ?
Or Maybe the $1,500.00 USD I am still paying for.
Or how I did not listen to family and friends and have had to ask forgiveness
from My own daughter.

If You do not wake up and end this now and please don't tell the Damn scammer
where You learned the Truth.
NEVER mention this site.
NEVER post your e mail address on this site either.

No matter what You have been told it is all lies not one single detail is true
except this scam really does come from Accra, Ghana.

Then I read this from You
[ I feel bad for this girl ... what a life. So incredibly sad. ]

OK let me say this only once.
Nearly 100% of all scams World wide are done by Men.
Your poor little Girl is only helping the real scammer do scams.
That girl is not sorry for a split second if You were to commit suicide.
The scammer doesn't care what happens to You at all.
I am Disabled and Homeless and all the sweet girl did was laugh
at me on the phone.
Warms your Heart doesn't it.
Not only that but the guy is who You were connected with nearly
100% of the time.
You only got the girl when Her voice was needed.
If You called at odd hours and actually listened You could hear in the
back ground You were not calling someones home.
Thats because it was a Internet Cafe.

You can try blocking the scammer.
You can try to change e mail address that might be the best way.
Fact is they have Your information now.
They love to open a new profile on a dating site using Your information.
They have many fake names, They have many e mail addresses,
They have many phone numbers.
All they have to do to get around any block You put up is use one
of their other addresses or phone numbers.

You are no where near done with this scammer at this point.
If You attempt to tell them off it will make them keep trying.
You see scammers see any response as a sign they still have a chance.

Welcome to My World it will not end now that, You opened the door.
Look for more attempts to fallow.

Rule # 1
Never for any reason at all ever respond to anything at all
that has any kind of connection to not only Ghana but Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal,
Benin Republic, Any Refugee Camp, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa.
It doesn't matter if they are White or Black, Woman or Men.
Anyone trying to contact You from there for any reason is 100% Scammers.
That includes phony Police trying to help You recover Your money.

If You fallow Rule # 1 You will save Yourself from the thousands
of scammers on line every day from West Africa.

I Hope for Your sake You never allow any contact with this
scammer again and take the time to learn about scams and scammers.
Please post all the information You have on this scammer
You actually may in real life save a life.
Please give e mail address, full street address, phone numbers,
e mail header if possible.

Remember People can be very sincere but also very sincerely wrong.
I called Your scammer a He / She thats because the actual scammer
was a man.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

2009-11-04, 06:27:46
OJAS from United States  
Thanks A86.
@anonymous from United States 2009-11-03, 14:28:27 http://www.delphifa..eeyuliana*
2009-11-05, 09:32:44
Magnus from Huddinge, Sweden  
writes to the thread of anna ogannisyan.we wanna get the armenian scammergangs.see you soon,guys.regards.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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