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Dating scammer Katya or Ekaterina


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Name: Katya or Ekaterina


Kirov city

Other Comments:
She have many names

Ekaterina Kovenkova , Darya Filippova

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2014-11-19, 07:09:47
anonymous from Canada  
She is also using this email address (

Hello, you gave me your email on the flirt. I promise to answer you. I hope that you also interested. I try to tell a little about me. possible that you might be interested. I'm a lonely girl, I am 32 years, I have never been married and have no children. I'm a romantic girl with a kind heart. here I want to meet a nice, kind, interesting man for serious relationship. If you are interested, please tell me a little about you, what you do. I'll be glad to know you better. I will wait for your answer. Have a wonderful day.
2014-11-19, 12:49:45
OJAS from United States  
2015-02-04, 13:04:25
anonymous from Brazil  
WHO is this girl?She is sending an email to a friend very romantic, and a lot of bla bla bla... I am sure she is fake also i told him she isn't real or she is from traffic, a lot of dirty things.

Denucie questo crimine
denucie this crime
Denucie este crime!




2015-02-28, 10:10:02
anonymous from Finland  
Now she is Olga, her email address:
Attachments5:11 PM (54 minutes ago)

to me
Good afternoon my new friend!
I am very glad to receive your answer .
Me I will be very pleased to know you better.
In his letter, I'll tell you a little more about yourself.
My name is Olga. I am 32 years . my birthday on August 1.
My height is about 176 centimeters, my weight is 52 kg.
I was born and live in the city of Kirov.
I it is about 900 kilometers from Moscow .
If it is interested, you can try to find my city online.
I live in an apartment with their parents. We have a normal apartment , it consists of 3 rooms.
I'm an only child and I have no brother or sister.
I studied at City University in the field of finance and management.
But as soon as I graduated from university , I went to work in a school teacher.
I 've never been married and have no children. my last relationship ended a long time ago .
I have many friends, we work with many of the school.
I enjoy spending time with them. We sometimes spend time together , we can go to the cinema or a cafe .
Many of my friends have already married . They live a wonderful life with their husbands .
I think that for my first letter that will be enough for you to have an idea about me.
If I interest you and you want to know a little more about me , I'll be glad to continue our dialogue .
I would very much like to know about your life as well. I want to ask you a few questions at once , which I want to see the answers.
Why are you looking for a relationship online? When did your last relationship? With whom do you live now? What are you doing ?
I'll be glad to know any information about you , so write me .
I send you my pictures, I 'll be very happy if you send me some of your photos.
Email me, I 'll wait for your letter with impatience.
I wish you a successful day ! Your new friend Olga.

2015-02-28, 10:10:56
anonymous from Finland  

2015-03-04, 13:21:30
anonymous from Germany  
hello, an e-mail has got people today, too
with the katya and says escapes somebody knows what from Russia whether she is real?
don't think for me!
thanks you into ahead for the efforts

2015-03-05, 01:27:28
Haaa, is this your Russan girl 'Katya' ... she tells me she's saving her body for me... after I send her money... LOL

Hi XXXX my love!
I have found out all concerning my arrival to you my love. I need the visa and passport, and also document of insurance and hospital. It costs 440 $ USA. I am written down on reception in the transport company on next Thursday. I shall give back documents concerning registration. I am to pay for my documents by next Thursday in the transport company. Will you send me this sum of money by Wednesday next week? My documents will be registration in time 10 days. Is it good? I have given you the address, on which you through branch of bank Western Union should send to me money? I want very much to arrive to you my love as soon as possible.

I need you. I Loving you. I want to be with you, I want to give you all myself, I want to make you happy! Im crying writing this coz I love you as nobody before. I feel magic between us... You are my life! Im crazy, Im really crazy about you! I feel you... I feel how youre kissing me, touching me, whispering that you want to make love me. Katya

2015-03-28, 08:07:04
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ([]) by with ESMTPSA id l2sm1946000lam.39.2015.
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Re: Hello

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Jsc Rostelecom Regional Branch Siberia
City: Seversk
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my friend Xxxx !
I am very glad to see your answer .
Thank you for your beautiful photos , you are very beautiful!
Today, I have an excellent mood! And when I saw your letter , my mood got even better !
How are you? What have you been doing all day?
I am very glad that you quickly responded to my letter . It seems to me that I was sure that you will answer me .
I think that if you wrote to me , I like you and you want to know me better.
In this letter I will write you all something else about life. I think you 'll be happy to read my new message.
In the beginning of this letter , I want to ask you , do you really want to make our acquaintance continued ?
Now I 'll tell you about life, I think you will be interested to know about me .
Last few years, I rarely talked with men , as I can not find a decent man to me .
Many men I was offered to start a relationship , which do not suit me.
In my city, men think only about sex . They do not think about love and care, their main entertainment to drink alcohol and have sex with a beautiful girl .
I was not satisfied with such a relationship . I want to find a man who will respect and care for me .
I want to find a faithful man and live with him all his life. I wish to start a family with the man who will love me .
I want my family was only happiness love .
I am currently in search of a man with whom I will be happy , maybe it will take time , but I'm willing to wait.
I'm glad you told me . I did not tell anyone about you.
I decided that no one will talk about his acquaintance with you. I think it would be better , so we can know each other personally.
If you have any questions for me , then please write , it is necessary to be closer .
I will try to answer all your questions carefully .
I am very serious about our acquaintance and I hope that our correspondence will be something big, but as long as we think about the future sooner .
I grew up in a very cultured and decent family. I am grateful to my parents , they brought me so .
I have a very calm character and now I have a lot of girlfriends .
My education took place with his family. When I went to school, my mom always helped me in difficulties.
After school I studied at university .
Now I work in a school as a teacher, I wrote you this letter in the first .
I live with my parents . My father works for a company that is engaged in electrical devices .
They have a very serious job , so his father sometimes sleeps at home. My mom is a housewife and she does not work anywhere .
It keeps track of the apartment , so the house is always cozy and clean.
Now I'm starting to wonder about my personal life , so I decided to find a decent man whom I can love .
Now we just get to know you, and we learn each other better. We will not rush to any conclusions.
Just let us explore each other , so I ask you to write me again more about your life.
I hope to find a man in the near future , because I have 32 years old, and I often think about my personal life .
I wish to start a family . I tried to explain to you in more detail about their lives. I think you understand everything.
If you have any questions , be sure to write to me.
I wish you a successful day , good health and good weather !
Bye, I'll wait your letter .
Sincerely yours new friend Olga.

2015-03-28, 08:15:04
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ( [])
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Hello my friend Xxxx !

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Ojsc Rostelecom
City: Nizhniy Novgorod
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my friend Xxxx !

I am very glad to receive your new letter !
How are you? how was your day ? all right? I'm fine .
I studied a little your country on the Internet. I loved , beautiful and interesting .
My dear friend, I am very glad that you have your cute cat. I love animals, I love cats and dogs.
But yet I have at home they never had. my mom allergic to them shertst. I am sure that your cat is very cute.
Now I write to you the third letter , and I hope you will answer me soon.
I want to learn every day more about you .
I hope you can help me with this and write a letter in which you say more about you and your life.
I already wrote that I have many friends, but very few men friends .
In my life now only one man, my father, whom I love very much .
But now in my life was you , it's very important our communication and I really appreciate our friendship.
I trust all your letters . When I read your letters, I imagine that you're telling me this personally words.
So my understanding of your letters , so when I read your letter , my mood improves.
For that I thank you again . I hope all that I write , you understand .
In this letter I want to tell you more about their own interests.
I like to listen to pop music , I love listening to rock and mood , I love to listen to classical musik , do you like ?
Most of all I like romantic books, books about love.
But I not only read novels, I also love to read poetry.
I read Russian authors , but had to read foreign .
Everybody writes excellent books . If you read these books , then you can understand my hobby books.
Do you love books? what's your favorite ? it is what is your favorite author?
What are your interests? sport ? music? movies?
I also love to watch movies , interesting educational programs on TV . I like everything new in this world, and I often
Watching channel Discovery.
I want you to just ask me about what interests you. I am happy to answer your letters .
Your girlfriend Olga.

2015-03-28, 08:21:49
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ( [])
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Hello my friend Xxxx !

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Ojsc Rostelecom
City: Nizhniy Novgorod
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my friend Xxxx !
How was your day ? What's the news ?
I hope you have a great!
Today, I again want to tell you more about myself !
Sometimes it seems to me that every one of my previous day repeated. I think that my every day almost the same .
This is my life . Every day I'm doing almost the same things , and so my every day alike .
In my life there so often there is something new, so I am very happy with me when something unusual happens !
And it happened recently ! I met you! This is just excellent! I'm glad to get acquainted with our search .
I think you it was also nice.
I decided that you have to me at least interest and it is pleasant to me .
My dear, I understand your feelings, but come on now will not be in a hurry. i really like you.
But I think that we are still very early to talk about the meeting. we need to know each other better.
And if we all will be well, then of course we will be able to meet and our first meeting will be fine.
I want it to seem beautiful to you . So all my letters I only write from my heart and soul.
I think you will understand it and approve my wish. I will continue to write you these letters .
Are you pleased to read the letters that I write to you ? I hope that you will be pleased to know me better.
I tell you about life, and I think it's interesting to you.
I have already written to you , if you have questions for me , I sure to write in his letters , and then I will answer them .
Almost every day , I go to your favorite job . I go to the pupils in the school.
Every day I try to teach them what is new . And I see the smile on their faces at every lesson .
I'm sure they come to my class with a desire to explore new things, and I help them with that.
After the class, a lot of kids come up to me and say thank you for the lesson .
And for this moment I feel very happy.
I leave my house in the morning , and I almost know exactly how I would spend the whole day and so I'm glad each new case that happen to me.
Lately I've started to think more about the future.
I want to find a man in the near future , which I will be very loving .
Only with such a man I can create a strong family . I want this man , whom I will love , was always happy with me .
I want him to have always had a desire to be with me. You get my point ?
I still do not find happiness in this life , but I'm trying to find it.
I think I will be able to find love in the near future . I can only hope so .
I am very tired of being lonely , and I want to feel the love of men .
Do not misunderstand me , I'm 32 and my life was not the man whom I greatly loved.
During the past year, I could not find a decent man .
But now, I 'm trying to get to know you better. I am writing you a letter, I read your letter with pleasure.
Every time we learn each other better and I love the dialogue with you.
What do you think about getting acquainted with me ? Do you like the dialogue with me ?
I even think that your letters help me to forget loneliness .
I'm glad we were able to build your communication. It's very gratifying to me that we are trying to learn about each other more.
I think that for the time spent between us , we know each other very well .
We can become excellent friends in this life.
Now I finish the letter and I wish you a good day.

Your girlfriend Olga.

2015-03-28, 08:27:35
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ([])
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Hi Xxxx!

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Infrastructure In Samara
City: Kazan
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hi Xxxx!
What's new in the last days? Do you have everything perfectly? How is your health?
Today I have a very good mood and I enjoy life!
I think when I have a good mood, I have everything turns out well!
So today my day started well, and everything goes great! I hope that no one can spoil my mood!
Recently, I read your letter. I thank you for what you have written an excellent letter again, I was very
nice to read it.
All your lovely letter. Thank you that you read all of my stories about my life.
And thank you also write me letters.
In my letters, I talked about you a lot about myself, but I want us to know everything about each other, and so I will tell some more details of my life.
I'll tell you once again that our dialogue should be based only on truth and trust.
I think we should not hide anything from each other.
I live a normal life.
Yesterday my father returned home from work a little later than usual.
We have an excellent relationship with my father, we were always friendly family and I love the whole family.
Today he had a shorter working day, and he came home from work earlier than usual.
I was very glad. When I met him, he had some hand in the package.
In the beginning I did not pay attention to this account, but it turned out that it was a gift for me.
My father bought me a beautiful new jacket. He decided to make me a small, but very nice gift.
I am very grateful to him for that. I was always glad father gifts, but now I did not expect to receive gifts from him.
I told him thanks and took it the perfect gift.
Then we went to the kitchen to eat. I made an excellent dinner and again at dinner we talked a lot.
Father often talks about work, I listen carefully to it.
Sometimes I talk about life, and so we have obtained excellent family conversation.
We sat at the table, drank tea and talked. We do not notice how several hours have passed since the beginning of our conversation in the street and it was night.
We smiled at each other, they did not notice how fast the time has passed, but it is time to sleep. So we went to our rooms.
During the conversation, I told my father that I met you. I told him that we communicate with you.
I talked a lot about you, that you wrote to me in his letters.
I told him that we have with you is very great dialogue. Dad was very happy that I started to chat with a man.
He listened attentively to the story of you. As I said a lot of good words about you, so my father approved correspondence with you.
So now my family knows about you, but more aware of this only my father.
But at least they're glad that I communicate with you.
At the end of our conversation, my father wished us all the very best in our dialogue.
He said that we can provide excellent friends in the future.
Have you talked to someone for dating me? For you, it's not a secret from others?
Tell me, you consider me as a friend or even someone it more closely?
Now I have no lover. Unfortunately I am now a lonely girl and me are not near anyone except my family and my best friends, but you are helping me to feel a man nearby.
I am very pleased to communicate with you, and every day I hunt to communicate with you as much as possible. You want it?
Now I finish my letter, and I wish you all the best and good.
Just a wonderful on this day.
Goodbye my best friend Olga!

2015-03-28, 08:33:44
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ([])
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Hello my lovely friend Xxxx!

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Infrastructure In Samara
City: Kazan
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my lovely friend Xxxx!
I waited for this moment, when I can read your letter, and finally I read your letter.
I read it with great pleasure and desire. It seemed to me that your letter was filled with tenderness, kindness.
I can tell you, it is true that you are beautiful, nice and good person and I am very glad to meet you.
I'm sorry that you are now far from me as I have the desire to say it to you personally so that you can feel my words with all of my feelings that I feel for you.
But you know what, even if I'm writing you this letter with all my heart and soul.
I want to share with you about what I want in the future.
I am sure that in the future I'll be an excellent wife for her husband, because I am sure that I will be an excellent hostess in the house.
It would be great to do all the best for her husband only.
I want a man always touched me with tenderness and love.
I'm sure that every girl is looking for in this world. I'll be sure in the beloved, then he can give it to me.
And we will have a superb family in which there will always be only love and happiness, now I can only hope for such an excellent future.
I want him to respect me, and valued as a future wife. I want him to know me as the most perfect woman for this.
That I had for him by his queen. I will always appreciate and respect her lover.
I think that when I find such a perfect person for myself, I immediately understand it.
I will be confident in choosing the person's feelings. I think you noticed that I began to share problems with you, it's very good.
You for me to become the best friend, even maybe more than one.
I would like to express to you all my feelings, but not until I decided this.
I like you and I wish to continue communication with you. Maybe in the future I will know that you have a man for whom I was looking for all my life.
You love me, you wonderful person.
I am very easy to communicate with you, I like to dialogue with you, and I think that's the most important thing.
Next, I want you to study more. My feelings for you are growing every day, with each your letter.
I wish to tell you my dream of the beloved man.
I wish he tried to make me the happiest girl in the world, but if he will always be with me nearby, then it will be nice.
Maybe I'll feel the happiest woman in the world. I will try to do everything the same way for him to be happy.
I think I can handle it well, because for the sake of a lover, I'm ready to do a lot. All that is in my power, I will do!
Tell me please, you approve of my opinion on the ideal of love?
Tell me what the ideal relationship there for you? I would like to know from you, you see me somewhere in the future with you?
This is my letter ends, and I will expect your response.
I hope that you will understand my letter correctly. And you will appreciate it as friendly or maybe a bit more.
I'll wait for your answer to the nearest time.
I send you my first kiss.
Your girlfriend Olga.

2015-03-28, 08:39:29
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ([])
Subject: Hello my most beautiful Xxxx!

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Infrastructure In Samara
City: Kazan
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my most beautiful Xxxx!
Your new letter perfect! I will always tell you thank you for your new letter!
Every your letter is important to me, all the words in a letter to me very pleasant!
I always wanted to find a man like you. I am very glad that you pay attention to me. You write me letters almost every day!
So I have almost every day excellent mood! When I read your letter, my mood instantly improves.
I'm glad to see you I'm completely indifferent. And I have great pleasure in replying to your letter, but in the beginning I would like to know, how are you? How is your health? How did you sleep last night?
When I wake up in the morning, I expect to read your email during the day. And if you write me, I'm very happy.
You probably already figured this out. In your letters I can see the respect and interest to me.
If I was not interested in you, you would not have written to me so warm and caring letters.
The most important thing seems to me that you have an interest for a dialogue with me.
You want to continue to communicate with me further and improve our relationship with you?
I remember each of your letter, I even keep all your letters, I do not delete them.
Today I will try to tell you about the soul and the personal world. Maybe you will be interested to know this.
In life I am very romantic person. I often dream about the future, because I'm very pleased.
Everyone wants to improve life, and so he dreams about it.
It is also possible that in the future everything will be fine and happy, because I do not aspire to wealth.
Money for me is not so important in this life, but to live with absolutely no money, it's impossible.
Money is needed necessarily to feed, dress and live somewhere. And so I'm willing to work to provide life.
Now I'm working, but I'm not getting a lot of money.
I'm used to it and I have enough of this in order to live normally.
I do not aspire to great wealth. I wish that I had only the bare essentials, so that I could live normally.
For me is more important love my lover. I want to always love me and all my life.
I believe that love can be for life. I would like to try to love a person for life.
Maybe someday God will give me a chance to love and be loved.
Most men in Russia is not ready for marriage, they are afraid of the big responsibility as a family is very serious.
They rarely talk about the wedding. They like to be alone more often they go to drink alcohol.
All they smoke cigarettes and I can not understand why they spoil health. Most of all I do not respect the drugs that I never tried.
Now my life has changed because I was able to find you in this big world. You are a wonderful person, you love me.
Now I can express my feelings openly. You are a wonderful person!
Now you no longer pay attention to me, and I'm very pleased.
Many men who tried to get acquainted with me, wanted me to just one. They want to have a vacation with me and then throw me in the night, but I'm a decent girl.
I was brought up in a cultured family, so my upbringing does not allow me to be one night with a man.
There is love and happiness in this life with her lover needed for me.
I am very pleased that you read all my letters with great interest. Thank you for such attention.
You want to start with me a more serious relationship?
I can make your life more beautiful and happy! We are very easy to get to chat with each other and it is excellent, I like it.
After work, I spend a lot of time at home. You have to remember that I love to cook food.
At me it turns out perfectly and I would very much like for you to make a delicious and romantic dinner.
For some reason in my life I love red roses, but no one ever gave them to me, except my father.
In my life there was a man who could give them to me. I am sure that my beloved will often give me such beautiful flowers.
Tell me, would you like to give me these flowers? You'll be happy to provide me with red roses?
My dear, my happiness is to feel your care, your attention. I have many years alone, and you're the man who opened the world to me in new ways.
Happiness is when I wake up with a smile on his face, I fall asleep thinking about you. my dear, you changed my life. thank you very much. please be with me always.
I hope you will have a good mood when you look at my letter.
I look forward to hearing from you, my dear Xxxx.
The girl, who dreams of you, Olga.

2015-03-28, 08:44:29
DOC from United States  
Received: from Adam ([])
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Subject: Hello my dear and wonderful Xxxx!

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Infrastructure In Samara
City: Kazan
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Hello my dear and wonderful Xxxx!
Your letter is very beautiful and pleasant for me. When I receive your letters, I know that you sent me a lovely and gentle words.
Because when I read your letter, I feel much better.
My mood is improved and no one can spoil it to me more, because I know exactly what I need for you favorite.
For many days we have been corresponding with you and for you these days have become very close person to me.
Even now, I can not let you all their secrets.
But tell me, do you feel something for me?
Every day I became more and more attracted to you. Every day I think more and more about you.
Maybe I'm in love with you. You understand that I'm saying?
Thank you for your attention that you give to me almost every day.
I really wanted to have a serious relationship with you, and be gentle life partner for you!
We are far from each other, but we maintain contact through letters. Probably in the future we'll be together, I hope so.
With each your new letter, I understand that you are the person that I dreamed all his life.
You really like me and so I tell you this openly and directly.
I think we should write to each other often as possible, as it brings us closer together and we become closer to each other.
Nothing makes a man and a woman closer than their communication and their love.
Now I often dream about living in a new house, where I see life only with you because You are a unique person that I love in this life.
You want to live with me in this new house? When we are with you every day around when we kiss, caress and love each other every day.
I'm sure I'll be able to create excellent comfort to stay in this house. I will be an excellent hostess for you!
I can do everything in the house, and my lover will always be happy with me. I will feel very happy woman if my favorite would be happy with me, I'm going to be very nice.
I love to cook food at home in the kitchen. I would like to prepare you something very unusual and tasty.
I would be very pleased to see your smile on his face.
I want as much as possible, get your new messages often.
After each answer to your letter, I look forward to your new message.
Do not leave me for a long time, I beg you. If you disappear from my life, for me it will be very
I can not live without you on, so I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
I send you my very big kiss! Sincerely beauty Olga.

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