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Dating scammer olga vinokurova


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Name: olga vinokurova



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2009-01-19, 13:27:38
anonymous from United States  

2009-01-19, 13:29:39
anonymous from United States  
.. I do not know.... I do not know how to begin this letter...
Forgive.... Forgive me.... Forgive the silly girl who swore that will
be fast with you. I do not know, I cannot even tell or write to you.
I so have badly arrived before you. I cannot arrive, XXXX I ask you
forgive, XXXX on my eyes, as well as on yours likely now tears.
Tears of that I cannot arrive to you. I did not think that it so is
expensive. There was that it very expensively. And I cannot find such
money. Why??? XXXX you can explain to me why???...... Why so?????
Why so occurs? Why in this life all not as would be desirable. I lived,
you lived, we did not know one another and were sad without true love.
But we have found one another, have got acquainted and are ready to a
meeting and are assured already almost of our feelings one to another.
But now it appears, that we cannot meet. We can not meet only because
it is cost very expensively.
Forgive XXXX.... If I knew that it so expensively I would not speak
you it. I do not have such money and even if I shall sell ours with
mum the house that I to not receive so much money. Because it already
old. But I shall try to find a way. And if at me it will turn out,
I shall necessarily make it. I shall be with you.
XXXX I do not know how to make it, I understand, that you likely are
now offended on me and more likely do not wish to communicate with me
because I have deceived you, have sworn to arrive soon, and itself I
can not, XXXX but I ask you to not leave me. Because you the best,
that I to have in the life, in it there is nothing more perfectly you.
And only for the sake of you I live, and I shall live, and I
understand it. I hope, that it understand, both you and I shall
receive your letter tomorrow.
Forgive, I the truth did not know, I am not guilty in it. I did not
wish to deceive, if I knew, how many it is cost that I at once would
tell to you. But I did not know.
I ask you XXXX, forgive me.
I love, I love and I wish to be only with you.
I hope, that tomorrow I to come back and receive your letter.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga
2009-01-19, 15:46:59
anonymous from United States  
2009-01-19, 16:23:07
[hidden] from United States  
Thanks so much . the ending is thie same as my letters ...
I am going to have some fun with this It really is the same girl / or whatever
2009-01-21, 11:06:36
anonymous from United States  
I am the one who posted all the pictures. She contacted me through American Singles. She tells me she is a massuer and lives in Tair. I have not gotten any new pictures in 4-5 days I guess she ran out.

I am writing from a suburb of Chicago. Where are you from?
2009-01-21, 11:15:44
anonymous from United States  
Here is my latest letter, she thinks I am coming to Russia.

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun XXXX!!!!
XXXX I very much miss you all day and is very glad when I receive your
letter. I with impatience wait for our meeting and I hope that it soon
happen. I very much want to be with you. Today I prepared for supper
of a house and thought as it would be good if you too could try that
that I have made. I cooking soup from meat, beet, carrots, an onions
and other spices. It name to Borsch? You heard about it? I think that
this most well-known dish in Russia after pel'menis and pancakes.
As I was going on the second mashed potatoes with a cutlet and roast.
I have cooked compote from dried apples with sugar and was very tasty.
I so would like that you have tried my dishes and could estimate their
taste and I would think that was pleasant to you. I like to prepare
and I adore to prepare for delicacies, for example a pizza, pies, a
shish kebab and many other things. I name their delicacies because not
so frequently for them I prepare. My darling XXXX, yes I have decided
to be your wife. My darling, I shall be the happiest girl when I shall
be your wife. I very much want more likely in your gentle embraces.
XXXX if you to me will arrive you can live at my place. My address the
country Russia town Tair street Lesnaya the house 7 apartment 3 postal
index 424915. I very much would want to stand on kitchen and feel as
you embrace me, kiss, touch my hips help me to be going, you would
help me? I hope what yes. I with impatience wait for your letter.
I hope that your today's dream will be fine also you as well as
I will see in the dream a fine meeting of us with you.
I love you XXXX,
Yours and only yours Olga.
2009-01-21, 15:44:44
anonymous from United States  
Oh my god. I just told her that I hit the lottery and was going there too. I am from PA .
thanks again for the input.
2009-01-21, 15:49:56
anonymous from United States  
I asked her for her full name and address the other day and she actually gave it too me .same as in your letter . I only said about going there thinking she would want too come here. how did you find out that she wasnt real or scamming .????
2009-01-21, 16:02:17
anonymous from United States  

Here is the letter she sent me yesterday

xxxxlast time I think only of you. I miss you, and I wish to be with
you for ever. I think of you constantly. I unpacked your letters and I
read in their evening. Last time I wake up with fine mood. Because I
every day wait for your letter, and I hope, that soon it I shall
receive. My darlingxxxxyou wish to send me something? I think, that it
is not necessary to do it because mail in my country works not so
reliably. At me such opinion, that in my country on mail I work
irresponsible people. Many complaints to mail in my country act. There
are many cases, that the thing has been delivered not to the necessary
address or has simply been lost not clearly where. If all of you wish
to send me something. My full name Olga Vinokurova. My address the
country Russia town Tair street Lesnaya the house 7 apartment 3 postal
index 424915. xxx I wish to be with you. I very much would wish to
pass with you on park, on seacoast, to enjoy rising and a decline.
I dream what to be with you for ever. I do not know, whether completely
you understand my letters when I send them to you, and you read them,
but I understand you, I understand each word. And it is dear to me.
All that the most dear is connected with you, for me. You the finest
the man in this world. I so think, xxxx you likely will ask why?
Because I never met such as you. I cannot explain much at all, but I
know, that you such unique. xxx I wish to learn from you about your
secret dreams. What you dream what we with you would be engaged? About
where we together can go? What we shall make together? Yesterday when
I came back from the Internet of cafe I thought of us. And I have seen
young man and the woman who went and held one another for a hand.
I have thought as it would be good if you too could go now with me
together, we could sit down on a bench and enjoy our love and caress.
As I want to you, in your embraces as I wish to feel your kisses.
xxx I dream of it!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga
2009-01-21, 16:18:40
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for your confirmation. I discovered she was a scammer when she sent me the same letter two days in a row. I responded to her by telling her to fuck off eat shit and die. The next day she thanked me for my sweet letter. That is when I put all of her pictures on this website hoping someone like you would also see them and confirm she was a scammer. I also told her I would come and visit her after she told me she did not have enough money to come to America. I also thought that would end it but she says she wants me to come to Russia. I am going to play alone with her for a while longer.

Also have you noticed she send her e-mails between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM?

How about those Steelers?
2009-01-21, 16:32:08
anonymous from United States  
Olga Vinokurova
Lesnaya 7 Apt 3
Tair 424915
2009-01-21, 16:35:47
OJAS from United States  
2009-01-21, 16:36:55
anonymous from United States  
Here is her lastest letter to me; she wants to go camping and screw in the woods.

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Xxxx!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I with impatience waited for it both
my heart was warmed also my heart knocked when I today have opened it.
Mine Tair very small town. Here there is no not even a station.
To us call in buses on a stop. My small town Tair to be in Russia,
approximately in 1000 kilometers from Moscow. I live in not big town
Tair. This town to be close with the river Volga. I town to be between
two big cities of Kazan and Cheboksary. But the most close city to me
is Cheboksary. I think of that as it would be good if could in weekend
go on a nature and have a rest there. I will be cooking tasty salads,
we would take with ourselves tent, knifes and all other accessories to
a campaign and have put in the machine. Then I have still taken a
bottle red wine. I do not love alcohol, but a red wine I drink on
holidays but not much. We would take meat what to fry it on a fire and
would go to a wood or on seacoast. Where you would want? I would like
closer to water. There we would put tent, would grow a blanket what to
sit on it. Would put on a table salads, a wine glasses, have dissolved
a good fire. Then together I would shall send swim in water, to lake
or the river. The main thing that we could swim together. We would
bathe, laid on a coast, kissed. Caressed one another, would enjoy a
nature. Looked at the sky. Have then returned to tent, have prepared
for meat and would sit to have supper. A fire shine us. Xxxx, you open
a bottle and pour a wine in glasses. We drink a little for us and I
see that one droplet has remained on your lips and I kiss you gently,
you respond on my kiss and take me on hands and carry in tent. We are
engaged in love, we enjoy each second of love, each minute of passion
and it is very good us together. Then we leave tent, we categorize a
blanket closer as a coast and we look at the sky. You embrace me and
warm the heat. We are closer and closer, we speak we speak and we fall
asleep under singing night birds and under a night rustle of leaves.
I think that soon all of what we dream the reality begins. Each our day
will be filled with love and we shall be happy for ever. I love you,
and I send you the most most sweet kisses and I hope that they warm
you at cold night in your bed. If when you read my letter and in the
street night that look at the sky. There you will see constellation
the big she-bear as a ladle. I send you this ladle full kiss and
tenderness. I love you Xxxx!
Yours and only yours Olga.
2009-01-21, 16:38:27
anonymous from United States  
She just sent me another letter and when i told her I was coming she is telling me that she will come here I cant even understand this one . I will Post it in a sec
2009-01-21, 16:42:08   (updated: 2009-01-21, 16:50:02)
anonymous from United States  

if this really is a girl she is f--ked up . she says nobodys opinion is important yet she is so concerned about how everyone feels about her coming here ..
Yea like Im gonna pay for her to come here OK Maybe if she sells some of her expensive clothes she could go around the world ...
GO MIAMI maybe next year..

xxxx I adore your letter. As though I wished to see now you,
to embrace and kiss. I want to you more likely. I do not know how to
describe that has now occured to me after I have read through your
letter. xxxxI wish to learn, that I think of me your friends,
relatives the most close people. I do not know, how they will concern
to me if I shall arrive to you. And consequently I want, that you to
me fairly would tell, that they speak about me. I need it. To me not
important nobody's opinion, only your and your love. But I wish to
learn, that of me think, those people who surround you. Tell to me
xxxx. I wish to know it. You perfectly know, that mine mum and the
grandmother very well to you concern. You too very much like my
girlfriends also all of them speak that we are simply obliged to meet
you because have found one another on different parts of the world.
xxxx and me it is very interesting that I think your relatives. They
not against I would be with you? How you think? And you? xxxx, you
would like, what I would arrive? Precisely? I ask you to answer my
questions sincerely as you always answered them and as I answer your
questions. And I hope, that tomorrow I shall receive your letter with
answers.xxxxI do not know, how it to ask you. I shall tell, how I
can. If I have arrived, you would be against? And who would not want,
what we would meet you? I think what to arrive to you. But I wish to
be completely assured, that when I to arrive that you me will meet,
that I shall not go on city in the unfamiliar country one. You will
not deceive me? The truth? I hope, that it so. What for I ask, never
doubted, and now I doubt of you. All will be good. I love, and I wish
to be with you. I ask you to answer sincerely these questions,
on them depends I shall arrive to you or not.
There will be we or not.
I love you xxxx!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga

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