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Dating scammer olga vinokurova


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Name: olga vinokurova



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2009-01-22, 17:38:02
OJAS from United States  

Wait impatiently for this dream, also make sure to read its previous post http://www.delphifa..p=1#28414

... And, at the airport http://www.delphifa..?p=2#60870
2009-01-22, 18:23:49
BG from United States  
That was pretty steamy...Awesome letter
like to see a video of that one LOL
too bad it was only a dream
2009-01-22, 20:14:11   (updated: 2009-01-22, 21:09:26)
BG from United States  
I just read the previous post .
Did she just call eddie marcus
line 9
2009-01-23, 13:02:14
OJAS from United States  
BG, Mix-ups with their lovers' names are fairly common

To their credit, scammers are quite forgiving when you begin your salutation with an Elena for a Natalya, etc.

From a baiting perspective, it is good to choose short names like Al. When their macro fills in the fields within the body the mail, you will see extra blank spaces, so there is an advantage in choosing a random consonant + a random vowel as a baiting name, to keep it short.

The Bat! keeps track of their project (= victim) number. You will see their tracking sometimes as part of their photo number (includes victim number and sequence number).

With mass mailers like The Bat!, when you forget to change the value for the next project, you will see the name, and other information for the previous victim.
2009-01-23, 15:04:24
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2009-01-22, 02:52:39 on page 3,
too bad we can't send a virus to them and crash their systems

It is best to leave the battle phase to professionals


They have their own strategies for dropping behind the enemy lines, counter-tactics when scammers decide to fight, etc.

There is an active thread, with another patient scammer similar to this thread, Dating scammer Anastasiya Basova http://www.delphifa..078.shtml

On that thread are articles on the phases of a typical scamming cycle.
2009-01-23, 15:05:17   (updated: 2009-01-23, 15:51:52)
BG from United States  
Anastasiya is a scammer ...
my nephew just got the exact same email as i did .we are both Listed on

I checked out the thread .she is very popular .. Im not going to waste my time with this one ..One scammer is enough work ..
2009-01-23, 17:51:01
BG from United States  
Where is everyone ...
I just received my daily letter from olga . She is coming to america ,she is telling me ..If amyone wants too see the letter , let me know and i will post it...
Its pretty long.. I guess tomorrow i will get the sad letter how she cant afford the trip...
cant wait !!!!!
2009-01-24, 12:54:17
OJAS from United States  
Yes, BG,
It is not practical to handle multitasking too many scammers. It is easier bait a small number. Also many time saving copy / paste tips are in the Anastasiya Basova thread, http://www.delphifa..078.shtml

If scammers save time using templates, so can the scammees.

Have a nice weekend! :-)
2009-01-24, 18:06:56
BG from United States  
Yep: Right on schedule:

I got the cant come to america letter from yours truely ..Just like the one that dude from chicago got ..I think he posted it on page 2,, Its exactly the same so no reason for me to post...
2009-01-24, 19:31:28
BG from United States  
I found some template responses on this page
2009-01-26, 14:32:58
anonymous from United States  
Here is the lastest picture from Olga. And of course she can not come to America, she is waiting for me in Tair. LOL


2009-01-26, 14:48:38   (updated: 2009-01-26, 15:25:05)
BG from United States  
Nice Pic...
havent seen that one ..Dude, When are you heading to Russia..LOL
Boy ,she is so upset that I havent wrote her in 2 days .. Whats going on at your end Dude...
Here is yesterdays Boo Hoo Letter!!!!!!

**** it is very a pity to me, that you have written nothing to me
today. I waited for your letter, and I thought, that you will write to
me. But you have not written. Likely you are offended, that I cannot
arrive to you as promised. I wish to arrive to you, but I cannot.
Yesterday I weigh evening sat at the girlfriend and to cry. To cry
that I can make nothing. And today since the morning I ran and
searched for ways how to make, so we with you would be together.
But nothing turns out. Nobody wishes to help me. Nobody can make it.
Because it is big money. **** I understand, that you do not wish
communicate with me from for that that I cannot to arrive to you.
But you what way or way can know as we can meet? How you think? You can,
what that to make? I understand, what you are far from me and too it
is difficult to you to arrive, but can have what that ways? Write to
me. I very much wait for your letter. I hope, that I shall receive
your letter soon.
I very much wait and I hope that you to not leave me one.
I LOVE YOU ****!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga
2009-01-26, 15:17:57
anonymous from United States  
Here is her lastest letter and photo. We are going to meet in Kezan, oh it will be so romantic. Just me and some hairy Boris russian ass hole!

Hello My Lovely Man and my Sun Xxxx !!!!!!!!
Xxxx I am glad to receive your letter. To me it would be very bad if I
have not received your letter. My darling Xxxx, from Kazan up to Tair
it is necessary to go with changes. My darling Xxxx, I shall meet you
to Kazan and we together shall eat in Tair. Xxxx , I all think of that
as there will be our meeting and that we shall make. About that as we
shall meet each day, about that as it will be good us together. About
that as we shall make love, about that as our passion and kisses will
warm us. You in my heart and I never can forget about you. I want to
be with you. I all time think of that how to be with you. About that
how to be in your embraces and how to make all dreams ours with you a
reality. I want to be with you and to feel that you with me. After has
met you, want to feel you, your warm, your tenderness and caress. To
me it is very bad and boring, at night, in the morning when I on work
I always think of you. Xxxx , I can not fall asleep your letters which
I yet shall not read has printed out and I keep houses. I love you
Xxxx !!! I want to be with you and I shall search for a way to arrive
to you and I hope that I shall find very soon. You the man of my dream
and I want to be only with you. I send you the most gentle and sweet
kisses and I hope that they warm you today at night.
I miiiiiiissssssssss.......
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga

2009-01-26, 15:20:05
anonymous from United States  
2009-01-26, 18:41:19   (updated: 2009-01-26, 18:57:39)
BG from United States  
Todays letter ..I think Boris don't love me very much anymore ..The ending is a little short ........

Hello my darling ****.
Why you not that have not written to me? You are very borrowed?
I very much miss without Your letter. I hope, that with you well and
tomorrow you write all To me. I can you something have offended and consequently
you to me do not write? **** I I hope, that I not than have not offended you
in the last letter. I very much I like to read your letters, I have very much got
used to them. **** your letters Became a part of my life. I hope,
that you do not leave me also I I shall see your letter tomorrow. I very much hope,
that tomorrow you will be again Me to please with the letter.
Yours Olga.

I sent My letter today in russian , I got some awesome pics and choice words to to use here.
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