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Dating scammer olga vinokurova


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Name: olga vinokurova



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2009-01-26, 23:33:55
anonymous from Australia  
впапч.jpg she/olga is still using the same email address and writes to me everyday, i was saddened to find this information mark australia
2009-01-27, 05:42:24
anonymous from Istanbul, Turkey  
Hi!... My name is Haldun and i live in Edirne from Turkey.I'm 31 years old and single.I'm engineering and am working to be egricultural adviser about since 7 years.I'm very cute,honest,understandingand gentle man.i am looking for a very nice girl for longterm relationship or marriage!am working and am have house,car and summer resort. am thinking serious longterm relationship & .....
I like drive a car and sing in the car,swimming,football,traveling,pets(animals),go out,computer,camping,gardening,shopping...etc I'm looking for a girlfriend all over the world!....Maybe love...maybe marriage!...)
i hope see you soon!...
my facebook Haldun Edirne
icq 30661726
2009-01-27, 10:59:43
anonymous from United States  

It is better to know she is not real than to get your hopes up thinking this little hottie is waiting for you. All these scum suckers want is your money and they will tell you anything to get it. Remember she is a man, those are not her pictures.

2009-01-27, 15:27:58
anonymous from United States  
Here is my latest letter from our little Olga. I have told her I am coming to Russia to visit her but it will take 6 weeks for me to get a travel visa. She can not wait so she is goingto try to get the money to visit me sooner. Also here is her lastest picture. Boy if she were to be real she would be HOT


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx !!!
Xxxx I am glad to receive your letter. I have very much become missed
without you. My darling Xxxx, 6 weeks it very long. Xxxx I shall try to
find the necessary sum if at me all to turn out I I shall arrive to
you in 2-3 weeks. Xxxx , yesterday we with mum spoke about us much.
She speaks that I not happy without you. She knows that me sadly
without you, that I would want that we with you were happy also to us
it was good together. I very much want to enjoy our happiness and our
love and I would want that our happiness with you never came to an
end. I very much want to be with you and I think only of you.
Xxxx , we with mum very long thought also I has decided collect all
money which I I can and start to pay the contract with Travel agency.
I shall go on all girlfriends and familiar and I shall try collect all
money which I can to find and pay trip. I very much want will be with
you. Your letters bring to me pleasure and a smile. I want to be only
with you and my happiness only with you and I would shall make all
that we with you were together. You and only you the man of my dream
and I do not see the life without you. I want to be with you and I
want that we with you can enjoy us love and happiness.
I love also I is happy that you are at me, I love you Xxxx !!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga.

2009-01-27, 16:47:38   (updated: 2009-01-27, 17:02:21)
BG from United States  
She is hot ...

Sorry Mark , Be glad you found out ... It really sucks .. She is so pretty ...

Who is this Haldun Character He has this posted all over the website
I dont think I will be hearing from her anymore.. since i told her i was going to fuck her mother in russian
I also said a bunch of other choice words in her native toungue.. I sent about 10 pics of people whipping the bird ...

Again my thanks to this website for the info ,,,Making it possible to send my final letter with style!!

2009-01-28, 15:51:30
anonymous from United States  
Here is my latest letter. I wonder how soon belore she tells me she can not raise enough money to come to America and asks for my help. Also I got another hot photo of her to share with you all.


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx !!!!
I am glad will receive yours letter. I very much miss you and I want
to be with you and only with you!!!! Xxxx I very much miss you and I
very much would want that we with you were together. I today went to
girlfriends and familiar. I have collected a part of money both I
shall collect still and I think that I can find on all trip. I would
want that we with you were together and could enjoy us love and
happiness. You always in my ideas, I think of you constantly, I want
to be with you and only with you, you in my heart. My heart knocks.
I feel your love and your tenderness, I want be with you that we
could enjoy our passion and love.
I have no cellular telephone, in mine town it is very rare thing.
I do not presume to buy to myself such luxury as phone. Phone is very
dear to our population. I very much wish to speak by too with you to
phone, I shall search for a way to call to you. I very much wish to
hear your voice. Xxxx , you in my heart and I adore love you. I want
to be with you and only with you. About you all my ideas and anybody
another is not necessary for me. You the man of my dream, you my
happiness, you my love for ever. I now know for what I live. I would
live that we with you were happy. That we would smile both our passion
and love never disappeared. That on this life we with you would go
together and could enjoy our love.
Your loving both gentle and thinking only about you, Olga.

2009-01-28, 16:42:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Just think how lucky you are, whereas other are not so lucky and have been scammed!!!

There are lots of good sites to find the girl of your dreams!!!

2009-01-29, 15:24:26
anonymous from United States  
Here is my latest on my Olga Blog - she is coming to America. $1300 is about half the airline ticket. She has not even tried to get a passport or visa. I bet I get a money letter in the next few days. Sorry no new pictures.


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx !!!!
Xxxx I miss you. I think of you and I am madly glad to receive your
letter which gives me caress and tenderness. Which warms my heart and
helps me to find a way what we with you were together. I all want to
be in your embraces more strongly and more strongly and to enjoy our
love, tenderness and happiness.
Xxxx I today have paid to travel Agency of 1300 dollars for trip.
It is all that I could find. To me have told that I have told them
precisely name the airport where I should fly. They have told that I
should inform the exact name of the airport. The state in which is the
airport, city and a code of the airport. Xxxx Would inform me please
this information that I have told it in Travel agency and then to me
will tell how many I still must to pay for tickets. Inform me about
the airport where you can meet me and I shall come to you soon.
Remained 14 days up to our meeting. One my girlfriend promised me to
help with payment of tickets and I can arrive to you soon.
Xxxx you in my heart, I love you and I want to be only with you.
I send you the photo. Soon I itself can arrive to you and we shall
enjoy our love and happiness together!!!!!
I want to be with you Xxxx !!!!!
I shall be very glad that in your embraces soon!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga.
2009-01-29, 16:24:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-29, 16:57:27   (updated: 2009-01-29, 17:05:58)
BG from United States  
This is like a soap opera ...
I cant wait till tomorrow so I can see what happens next...
Well Dude , my final letter must have worked . I havent heard from her since...
I am kinda jeleous when I see the new pics you post.. Just kiddin..

I am wondering about our other friends Mark And the other anonymous guy.. are you guys still getting letters and pics ???????????
2009-01-30, 15:31:41
anonymous from United States  
Here is todays episode of the Olga soap opera. Should get the money letter very soon. Check back in here on Monday at about the same time for another chapter.


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx !!!!!!
Xxxx I am happy to receive your letter. I very much miss you and
I think of you constantly. I would want that we with you were
together and I am madly glad that it happened.
My darling my documents will be ready not earlier than in a week.
Xxxx, love washing thanks that that has given me the name of your
airport! Tomorrow I shall go and I shall inform it in travel agency.
I very strongly love you, I am glad that what be fast we can together
for ever! I tomorrow shall go to travel agency and I think that they
will inform me the new information and I shall inform it to you.
I very much miss without you also want to be with you. Today all day ran
and collected documents. Thought of that what to take with itself.
And girlfriends prompt mums to me. I think only of you and all that to
me is necessary to be with you Xxxx . I can not think about it what the
friend help me. They speak to take to me things, clothes, all the most
necessary. But all that is necessary your love and tenderness, caress
and passion, love for me is and is warm, feelings of pleasure and
happiness. And I know that when I shall be with you that we shall
enjoy all it and more than nothing it is necessary for me. Xxxx my
girlfriends and mum ask to send the regards to you. They say that we
would send them as can more photo where we with you together and I
speak that I shall make it. They are very glad for us and wish good
luck us happiness. I shall learn Elena and mum to use e-mail and they
can receive our photos. I so shall be glad that with you and my heart
all knocks on breasts more strongly and more strongly. I wait for your
letter, Xxxx !!!! I love you and I want to be only with you!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga.

2009-01-30, 15:33:58
anonymous from United States  
Hey BG

Glad you stayed tuned to the Olga soap opera. To bad Mark and the anonymous guy dropped out this is getting to be fun.

2009-01-30, 16:22:38   (updated: 2009-01-30, 16:42:47)
BG from United States  
The pictures keep getting better OH MY GOD is she HOT...
wouldn't it be funny if she shows up...

Well i was with you from the beginning when you posted and I found you..And I will see it to the end with ya,,,,,,,,,

BG from Pa.
2009-02-01, 00:09:33
anonymous from Australia  
Hi Guys , I've just read all your comments on Olga and it verifies my research I'd been doing on her. At first I couldn't get any info on her as my searches didn't bring anything up.As I was looking in the scammer list today I saw that 'she/he is Olga Vinokurova.I've been getting the usual email plus photo for two or three weeks now.She has for the last few emails been saying she hasn't received my emails ,despite me having just sent one
As I'm sure you are the same as me, typing long ridiculous 'love' letters like she/he does is a drag ,so I have just copied and pasted them back to her.
I'm just about to receive the 'money' letter any time now, but in my previous letter I've told her as much as I'm 'dying' to be with her and live happilly ever after I don't have any money or a credit card , but will be there at the Airport in my home town waiting faithfully for her arrival .That's if she can 'beg ,borrow or steal some money to get her visa and airline ticket. I like the irony in the 'steal' part !!! If I get another eamil will be a true test of their persistence don't you reckon ?
Well guys good to join this forum and throw in a comment or two.Got me to thinking though there must be a lot of desparate and dateless guys over there in the States. Us Aussies generally speaking are too cynical and way too tight -arsed with money to be sending it off to a way too gorgeous 20 something blond in some far flung country.Anyway we live and learn eh !! Catchya later...
ps. the latest photo fron 'Olga'
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer olga vinokurova

2009-02-01, 00:20:59
[hidden] from Australia  
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