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Dating scammer olga vinokurova


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Name: olga vinokurova



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2009-02-01, 10:05:31
BG from United States  
Leave it to the aussies to have something sarcastic to say about americans...DESperate and dateless ... Hey buddie your here on this site ..meaning maybe your in the same boat....
2009-02-01, 10:38:43
OJAS from United States  
Aussie dictionary is full of expressions like ''co-operation'', ''mutual respect'', etc., as ex-pats in both our countries know. This Oz, realised it! http://www.delphifa..?p=5#77727
2009-02-01, 12:51:45
[hidden] from Australia  
BG .... don't take it too personally.. it's probably just a population thing.There's a hell of a lot more people in the States compared to Oz. And the US is always seen as the 'money' market around the world,so why wouldn't they target you guys predominately.It was just that I have read of so many of you guys who had sent money ,that alarmed me. And no I am not one of the guys who has been scammed. Had one a few years ago that got me going but in the end she gave me the flick when I said I didn't have the bread. Now it's like a lot of the guys ... you just want to try and frustrate the hell out of these pricks. I think though that this scammer has about the tastiest chic at their disposal I've seen
2009-02-01, 13:28:26
BG from United States  
I dont see myself as a desperate and dateless american. and I wasn,t scammed either ..I just played along for the ride.. This stuff heppens all over the world. And in bigger countries than us.. Your gestures are pointing directly at the U S and there not very nice or true for that matter
2009-02-01, 17:32:27
OJAS from United States  
This American is NOT desperate http://www.delphifa..473.shtml
Nor is http://www.delphifa..p=9#57250

Many Americans join others in baiting and waste scammers' time.

A scammed Aussie http://www.delphifa..94#128586
And another http://www.delphifa..p=0#72710
And more ... http://www.delphifa..=2#110596

Notice the cooperation between several countries in the above threads. Most of us, Americans show understanding, and do not assail others sarcastically, since we know, we are ALL ON THE SAME SIDE.

If we take a comparable population, and economy, scammers target European Union about the same as Americans; That does not make EU guys desperate and dateless.

Most Aussies value the historical co-operation between our countries ...

When their former PM John Howard saw from his hotel, flames rising from the Pentagon, he was personally moved, and as soon as returning home, activated the military.

When Darwin was attacked by the Japanese, the first country to respond was US, NOT the old country.

Canberra was designed by an American architect.

Finally, when our soldiers die for a common cause in foreign wars, their blood does not separate by countries ... they mix!

Many Americans who lost power and much more in this ice storms join me in sending condolences to the Aussies who lost their loved ones in your heat wave, and suffered in the fires in Victoria, and South Australia
2009-02-02, 01:54:16
OJAS from United States  
2009-02-02, 11:27:01
anonymous from United States  
Here is the lastest chapter of Olga the Scammer. Also another photo, she will be here in just 11 days. Hot damn!!


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx!!!!!!
XxxxI am glad to receive your letter. I very much miss you and I so
our meeting very soon is glad that. I think of you constantly.
I today went in Travel agency and have told them the information on
the airport. To me would tell that I have approached later. I very much
miss you. I am very tired today, all day ran there here and when has
come home that have fallen asleep. I have come now from a house. I so
shall be happy that soon with you. Today I have learned my girlfriend
to use e-mail and she has told that will be check a mail when I shall
be with you and to receive my photos. Mum too looked but has then told
that a lot of difficult. Xxxxshe has told that will receive a photo
and letters Elena. XxxxI as saw today fine dream about that that as
we with you enjoyed our love. It was fine. I have woken up from that
that it would be desirable to embrace you and to kiss, never to
release and always to be in your embraces, such sweet and gentle, the
most passionate and tender. We made love first time, it was such fine
dream. I believe that it becomes a reality and I want faster to you.
XxxxI with impatience wait tomorrow when I can go in the Internet of
cafe and learn flight on which I shall depart to you.
I love you Xxxx!!!!!
Only you and only with you I want to be happy. You in my heart for
ever and I would want that we with you were happy!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga.

2009-02-02, 11:48:31
OJAS from United States  
Hey Dude, ... Don't make it bad ...
Ask ''her'' to describe her dreams about you in full details ...
Or, you could Copy / Paste with some minor editing, from these links and entertain ''her''

2009-02-02, 12:58:34
anonymous from United States  

If she shows up my girl friend will likely be a bit upset, maybe I will just send her on over to PA. Hey how about those Steelers?

2009-02-02, 13:01:21
anonymous from United States  
Hey Olga is also going to send me pictures of her friend Elana, maybe I can get a three way. She is the one in the middle. LOL

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2009-02-02, 14:19:07
anonymous from United States  
She will be here soon. Her looks a bit dingy in this picture but still so smoken' BQQBs!!


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Xxxx !!!!!!!!
Xxxx I am glad to receive your letter. I miss you and I think only
of you. I would want that we with you were together and it was
good us. I think only of you and only you in my heart.
I went today to Travel agency. They have told that tickets are not
ordered yet. They I shall order them soon and have asked to approach
tomorrow. I have asked as there are affairs with official registration
of papers and they have told that at almost all is ready. They have
told me as that I should be prepared before interview in embassy.
Xxxx , to me gave usual questions which set at Interview and have
told to esteem and it will be prepared. As have told that I should not
speak that a meal to you because only it serves as a problem at
receive visas. The consul thinks that I want to leave for ever and
will not give out to me the visa. But I shall not be say that a meal
to you. I shall tell that a meal to familiar. With me here remain mum
with the grandmother and it is good. It will give a guarantee that I
shall come back. Xxxx I shall make all and I shall tell that that I
was necessary also is sure that I can to receive the visa.
I would want that we with you were together.
I love you Xxxx , I want to be with you and I would shall make all
that we with you were happy. I have learned also to me have told that
we can remain together and and will not be separated. For this purpose
we need to make many photo and to prove that that we love one another.
I know that we shall be together. I shall make all for the sake of our
happiness. Tomorrow I shall find out the data on flight on which
arrive to you and then we shall be with you together!!!!
I love you Xxxx !!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga.

2009-02-02, 14:37:11   (updated: 2009-02-02, 15:11:54)
BG from United States  
Dude . I was joking about her showing up but not so funny if you have a girl friend.SORRY DUDE.... DO NOT i repeat ...DO NOT send her my way.. After the letter i sent her, she would kick my ass... Remember what I said i did to her mum!!!!!!!!!


I Know ,, That is the hottest pic to date

Hope you dont mind ...I updated the bottom of your pic
2009-02-02, 15:06:12
anonymous from United States  
How about this for a sexy picture? It looks like she is looking right at you.


2009-02-02, 15:53:45
anonymous from United States  

Come on don't you want this sexy Russian blonde to show up in PA with nowhere to go. You would be her savior.

2009-02-02, 16:04:43
BG from United States  
OK you twisted my arm
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