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Dating scammer Katelyn Santos


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Name: Katelyn Santos


Address: Cagayan City, Osamis Oriental, Philippines
Phone: +639202219149
Date of Birth: not available.

Other Comments:
Contacted me in Dateinasia. This individual, named Katelyn Santos, asked me for money but gave me another name and another address:


However, when I checked on the internet, I found that, in, an identical Joan Peramo, 27 yrs female, with the following address: Davao city, Davao del Sur, Philippines, 8000.


2009-01-17, 00:40:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-01-17, 00:40:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-01-17, 00:40:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-01-17, 00:40:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-06-11, 15:59:58
first time i met her in, then we talk, the share things, i even met her in webcam, saw her face to face. she is so smarter than any of you, she can read your mind and reply your emails answer exactly what you are dreaming. her voice is like 'bukla' like half-men-half-women. she will ask you money showing so many reason, you will fall for sure, i send her 2-3 times bcoz i believe first and then i suspect fraud, i tried to contact her with another name, then she found to be fraud. she will talk 'hot-sex' in chat and send you nice pics and again ask for the money..... bla... bla.bla.... you don't believe? check this out:

ANONYMUS: before i go, i want tell you one more thing.
katelyn santos: ok tell me
ANONYMUS: i hope you dont mind.
katelyn santos: sure
ANONYMUS: i have your naked picture in my mobile, and every time i look at them i feel so horny, really you are so beautifull clothless, and your bosom... oh God, thos are most beautiful thing i ever saw and those pink color nipples... i cant imagine how it would feel to have to sexual intercouse with you.. alas... it is all the dream for me now.
katelyn santos: really?
ANONYMUS: 100% really..
katelyn santos: and what do you do if you are looking at my pics
ANONYMUS: i go to restroom and masterbate imaging im fucking your pussy.
katelyn santos: wheres your naked pic you promise me before?
ANONYMUS: i can take anytime with my camera, but i am shy to send it you you.
katelyn santos: i want to see it
katelyn santos: i did mine so do yours for me plz
katelyn santos: do you want to talk hot topic now?
ANONYMUS: and you also promise that after i send you money you will send me your another pic with your private parts showing, where is that picture?
ANONYMUS: if you dont mind and if you like.
katelyn santos: i told you sharon deleted that pic
katelyn santos: plz i wont mind it
ANONYMUS: oh.. thats so nice.
ANONYMUS: that picture, which sharon deleted, was really showing your private parts?
katelyn santos: yes
katelyn santos: plz wheres your pic?
ANONYMUS: can you tell me how it was?
ANONYMUS: did you shaved thos parts before picture taken? was it hairy?
ANONYMUS: i have my thing with me here right now.
katelyn santos: yes i shaved
katelyn santos: plz send it to me
ANONYMUS: oh, my god, i just missed that part of the heaven
ANONYMUS: i cant send now, becose so many people are here in cafe and it is open computer
katelyn santos: pls send it to me do it for me plz
katelyn santos: this is our only time we talk again
ANONYMUS: i will send you later ok. but not now.
katelyn santos: you can send it in my email add
ANONYMUS: ok, i will send it to your email.
katelyn santos: ok plz
ANONYMUS: lets talk about your thing now. how is it now hairy or shaved?
katelyn santos: shaved
katelyn santos: you can lick it
ANONYMUS: yeah, i love to..
ANONYMUS: i m so horny now, my thing is so much angry.
katelyn santos: did you sent it?
ANONYMUS: i am trying.
katelyn santos: ok
ANONYMUS: i am imaging now licking your pussy right now... tell me how is it feel? are you wet?
katelyn santos: yes very wet
katelyn santos: i feel so great
ANONYMUS: yeh.. it feels so nice.. so wonderful...
katelyn santos: yes very very great
ANONYMUS: do you want to touch my thing now? it is so hard now .
katelyn santos: yes i want it
katelyn santos: i hope i could see it now
ANONYMUS: yea.....
katelyn santos: plz send me your pic now
ANONYMUS: your pussy is so nice,,. and tasty.. i feel so great and trying to licking more inside with my tongue,
katelyn santos: yes
katelyn santos: i love to feel it
katelyn santos: wheres your pics?
ANONYMUS: it is so big file and the internet is so slow, its working.
katelyn santos: ok
katelyn santos: plz make it fast i dont have time left
ANONYMUS: can i put my dick into your pussy now? i cant wait any longer, i feel like your pussy is so juicy...
katelyn santos: yes
ANONYMUS: yeh.. baby,, you are so nice, so hot, your pussy is tight, like a virgin.
katelyn santos: yes this is for you
katelyn santos: send it to me now plz
ANONYMUS: i am trying to put inside this, but its little tight for me becoz my dick is big.. but dont worry there is so much juice there to help.
katelyn santos: wow thats good
ANONYMUS: dont disturb for a moment dear.. it is attaching.
katelyn santos: ok dear
ANONYMUS: now im pussing inside and also licking your nipples... does is feels good to you?...
katelyn santos: yes very much
katelyn santos: are u sending it now dear?
ANONYMUS: oh. honey.. push me.. come one.. i am going inside your pussy... so juicy, so tight..
ANONYMUS: yes dear,
katelyn santos: yes pump very fast in my pussy inside and out
katelyn santos: i need to go now

2009-06-18, 00:53:00
hello I will upload another pic of this cute girl so if you happen to confront with her then don't fall off her tricks. also this is her new mail to trick innocent people.

2009-10-22, 08:55:00
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
those picture above are the Philipino Actress Nadine Samonte. may be somebody using her pictures.
2017-07-14, 03:59:17
Alyce from Italy  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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