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Dating scammer barkova anna vitalevna


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Name: barkova anna vitalevna


creo que vote esa carta pero es de cheboksary y es algo asi como 45,58 de la calle santo algo es cerca al volga es publicista

Other Comments:
estas son las cartas que envia
Hello my new friend Fercho. It Anna, we have got
acquainted with you on a site

It was very pleasant to me to receive your answer
to a site. It is very interesting to learn you
better, you have very much interested me.
My name Anna, to me now 28 years. He/she is
mine e-mail
I never was married, and I do not have children.
I am very sociable I the woman, I have many good
friends. I constantly to radiate the optimism on
all who to be round me.
I work as the expert of quality assurance of
alcoholic production. I love the work, after all
it is important, that people bought only the
qualitative goods.
I like to do experiments with the hairdress, a
hair colour, clothes. Speaking about itself, it is
possible to tell much, but it will be not correct,
as the person from the party should make it.
Therefore I think, that will be correct, if I tell
about a photo. I long chose, what photos to you to
send, represent, it so is difficult, especially to
us to girls (Smile). I think what you understand
I send you some photo, which have been made these
in the summer, I very much hope, that you will be
glad to it...
You have already looked a photo? I wish to tell
some words about the little hobbies.
From sports I most of all love fitness and
basketball, but the most important and admired
view of sports for me is tennis, I am simply
enamoured in this kind of sports. So, to me very
much like to prepare and result in an embodiment
the imaginations in apartment shift, I like to
You can set to me any questions on me and my life,
I with pleasure will answer them!

It is a little 'my dream' about the man...
The man who searches for serious relations is
interesting to me. The man with whom I would feel
myself the happiest woman on light is necessary to
me. For me it is important, to have mutual
understanding, trust and responsibility! I think,
that the Internet is very good way for
acquaintance. I think, that it should be romantic,
have the friend or even more in other country.
I will not begin to hide, what dialogue with
Internet use, it for me the new and neolearnt way,
therefore I very much hope, what communicating
with you, we will have many good impressions about
each other how you look at it?
I very much am interested, that we could learn
each other better. When I saw yours profile, I
have very much become interested in you, I feel,
that you the remarkable interlocutor and
consequently would like to have correspondence
with you.
If to speak concerning our acquaintance as a whole
I can confidently tell, what before me it is
necessary to familiarise a problem with you as it
is possible more close, what I would become for
you the good friend, and is quite possible, what
we become more than friends, you agree?
Perhaps, I will finish the first creative
experience in a direction of letters, and very
much, I hope, that you will not disappoint me, I
do not doubt that it will be just fine...
As I would want that you reading have pleasantly
smiled my lines for me as I very cheerful person,
therefore simply smile

Hello my friend Fernando. Was remarkable to receive

your answer! I am glad, that your interest to me

increases. It is pleasant to receive your

attention in the letter for me, this just fine!

Having received your letter I first of all have

decided to look a photo, but I have been a little

disappointed by that I have not received from you

a photo, it has a little upset me. But I very much

hope, that you will be more careful and will send

me the photos...

I think, that for you any more a secret, that at

us already to become, cool. But, looking, on what,

weather simply excellent, I feel again mood

inflow, probably, because I felt it, what I will

receive your remarkable letter?

At me today remarkable day! The sun, on my person

a shining smile shines.

Tonight we have decided to meet girlfriends, most

likely, it will take place

On a visit at one of them. If to speak fairly we

seldom gather all. Therefore, evening promises to

be remarkable. You probably have understood, that

for us evening very interesting, all will share

the news, we love such evening conversations. In

our country such conversations in a female circle

name 'female gossips' I do not know, whether there

is such expression in your country, therefore I

would be glad it to learn from you. Smile

Also I already have finished all paper work (my

report) which should give tomorrow. And it is

simplification for my soul.

I wish to tell about my work little bit more in

detail. I have higher education on a speciality

the expert of advertising department and design.

My trade represents one of leading firms of

department of advertising in all Volga region.

Very much to like me my work. Constant dialogue

with people, allows me to realise my decorative

ideas in a reality. People like my work, after all

my ideas always are in demand. It is simply

pleasant to many people to look at my work. It is

very pleasant for me.

My work consists what to create or change standard


Manufacturers of advertising care, what always and

everywhere there was only a good advertising and

the good goods.

My work as is various. I examine the list of

statements which ask to make advertising for the

goods. Then I distribute to each employee the

task, I offer the ideas and I supervise work of

the working personnel. My duties as include also

paper work in which I should deduce the report on

the done work for the certain period of time. My

work is very interesting to me, therefore I very

much like my sort of activity.

I wish to give you some photos.

I send you some photo. On which you can see my

drawing room a room, my best friend, and that as

we spend time with my daddy during a supper. I

very much hope, that you will be happy with my


I think, you interestingly my relation to spirits.

I should notice, that I almost do not drink.

Only wine, usually with a view of health

maintenance, after all red wine in small amounts

is useful! Only occasionally wine supplements a


I do not smoke, and before did not try to smoke.

But round me often smoke, and consequently I easy

concern, if smoke near to me.

I have forgotten to write to you in the last

letter, I have forgotten to tell, that I very much

love animals. Unfortunately, while I have no

pupils, but very soon I hope to get the fine pupil

how you look at it?

Also I have thought, that it will be interesting

to you to know about where I live.

And I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary. It is a

remarkable city, and to me to like to live in a

city since here the life boils over. I like to be

in movement, in progress.

I like to travel to various Russian cities. I like

to receive new impressions, to receive new


My parents, live separately, is not far from me.

They live in suburb of city Cheboksary, I grow old

at each possibility to visit them. I love the


My parents have a fine garden, I like to decorate,

helping to work in a garden. Though, my parents

perfectly consult, but I like to help them, it

very much is pleasant to me.

Ok, I will finish on it, I will not write too much

not to tyre you with reading of my letter. I hope

your letter to see fast!

Sincerely, yours Anna.

Hello my lovely, my best man Fernando! Today there was simply

mad day! But, not looking, on what, at me good mood!

I very much missed, while was at a seminar. I have arrived today

from a seminar, the seminar has passed successfully. Our

department has received special gratitude for high results of

work, it has very much pleased our chief.

To me, as well as many other things to my colleagues, have

appropriated the status of the international worker of

advertising and engineering design! Thereby have given me

possibility to consider variants of search of work in any

country, on my speciality ….

But, it to me was not so important, that there will tell, after

all I thought of you, and about our meeting! I worried, that you

miss my answer. And it to see valid the hugest pleasure your

letter and to write to you!

My dear as I already spoke, I received today some

particulars of arrival to you

Today, I during a break during conference, I have

visited travel agency.

After certain conversation with employees, to me

have informed, that, first of all it is necessary

for me to know your full data.

In structure of the information on you, it is

necessary for me to know, your full surname and a

full name, your full address (the country, staff, a

city, the postal index, and even a home address)

If it is fair, I did not expect, that will be

necessary to know all in such details … (Smile)

As it is important to me to know what nearest

airport which is near to your place of residing ….

I very much hope, that your answer will contain the

full information which is necessary for me …

By the way about a seminar …

You remember what I spoke to you about wedding of the

girlfriend? And so, during all process of protection of the

project, at us was having rummaged. We knew, that the most

difficult already behind and that all of us will equally

successfully finish work protection. Therefore in a seminar

break, we have gone to do small preparation for this important


We visited some studio, for wedding actions. It was just fine!

I could not constrain myself, and I as well as the girlfriend

tried on one of wedding dresses.

My darling Fernando …. Yes! You correctly have understood me, I

think of the same, as you, really, me thoughts on the wedding

visited. Yes, it actually just fine! I should tell, that it is a

serious theme, and I consider, that has come to discuss this

question! You are ready? (Smile). Well, I will concede you the

right of the first word, therefore I wish to learn your opinion

on it. My dear, Fernando, tell, what you think of it?

These fine thoughts do not give me rest, I thought of it as it

is really pleasant much. I will not begin to hide, from these

fine thoughts, I receive a fine portion of vital adrenaline.

What gives you the greatest portion of adrenaline?

At me now in blood very positive adrenaline. This adrenaline

appears from an anticipation of our meeting. I try to assume, as

it will be, that I will feel, when for the first time I will see

you... I do not know, how it will be, but I am assured - it was

better than this event in my life yet!

I communicated with my friends. I told it about you, have told,

that we are going to meet! My friends are very glad for me, they

have told, that would like, that at us with you, in our

relations, there was all perfectly.

It was very pleasant to me to hear similar wishes from my

friends, and still they send you regards!

I wish to tell some words about a photo. I understand, what you

wait for a long time for a photo in a bathing suit, it so? I

understand, that at you it is a lot of thoughts and imaginations

on me. But, I should tell what to send a photo of such character

very much not simply as any girl who respects itself, not begins

to do it. Therefore I wish to tell, that I really trust you. I

have dared at a difficult step, I send you a photo in a bathing

suit, that you could feel me. But, I very much hope, what you

understand, what it only personal photos, and these photos will

not see anybody except you, it is good? As I apply some photo,

made this autumn. I very much hope, that you will be happy with

my photos.

My darling Fernando! I think, what you understand, how I do not

wish to finish this letter? I would like to write and write to

you, it would be desirable to transfer all feelings and emotions …

But time presses us also hurries us to meet. Today I had a

difficult day, and affairs … are not finished yet many

I will finish the letter for today. My thoughts only about you

and about our meeting! I mentally already with you! You feel me?

Yours romantic Anna.

Hot kiss, sweet embraces, gentle sight... These thoughts do not

leave me!

You in my thoughts in the morning and in the evening, day and

night and in breaks between all it …

I think of you for 25 hours a day, you will ask, why 25, instead

of 24? Because I rise on an hour earlier …. But it is the truth!

Hello my lovely, my dream Fernando. At me today solar remarkable

day! The sun brings heat to a body, and your letter brings to me

warmly in heart! You my sun?!

I feel excellently, especially when I think of you, about us.

And I think of us so often, that I always feel excellently!

From now on at me a vacation, this just fine begins! But it is

necessary to visit still the place of work what completely to be

released from an operating schedule!

But it is not so important, as all my thoughts and actions are

directed only on, what to be near to you!

I represent, as we will walk together in the evenings as we with

you will go, keeping for hands to embrace each other... Oh, these

sweet dreams force me to forget about all on light! These

romantic thoughts have turned to me a head, I feel the enamoured

girl, school age (Smile)

I wished to tell to you of more details about a meeting.

Today I again visited travel agency. What already to begin

preparation of documents for arrival to you. As you already know,

official registration of papers will occupy a lot of time. You

remember, what on work to me have appropriated the status of the

international worker? Yes! It is valid so! Therefore official

registration of papers will pass for me very quickly. It will

occupy really a few time.

But before I should tell about that, as to some problems. As you

have already understood, always there are any problems. It is

very a pity to me, but problems have not bypassed also me the


Problem in that I live separately from parents. I live in that

apartment which to me was left by parents. This apartment my

parents took on credit. I did not know about all it. I as am put

itself paid room services. But I did not know that the credit

debt has not been completely extinguished. Therefore during all

time of residing the credit sum has grown, the tax penalty, for

non-payment of a credit debt has accordingly grown.

My angel, Fernando, I ask you to understand me correctly. Very

much it is not pleasant to me to speak about it. I am quite

capable to provide the residing. Yes, before daring at a meeting

with you, I have started to save necessary money. As I knew, that

some finance for this purpose be required.

My angel, my honey Fernando, me was necessary to spend all

savings for this purpose what to pay off a credit debt and the

tax penalty. As the apartment is issued only on me, accordingly

all financial responsibility was only on me.

As to me have told in agency, me will not let out from the

country, until, while I will not pay off all credit debts.

Therefore having paid all necessary financial debts, I remained

almost without money.

Now, when I already some times visited travel agency, I have no

enough means for this purpose what completely to pay cost of all

necessary documents and tickets, for arrival to you.

Yes, I have some sum of money, but me does not suffice only 728 dollars.

Yes it is a little unpleasant, but in the given situation I

cannot break this financial barrier. Therefore I want, that you

correctly would understand me and have understood, that now I am

in a desperate situation. My dear, I very much was upset, and to

me is sad, that our meeting will suffer failure. But, we can

rescue our fine meeting if you help me to solve this question.

Tell, you wish to rescue our fine meeting really? You will help

me? I can count on you? And to wait from you for support? You can

help me?

My angel, I very much hope, that you will do all correctly and

will not leave me one in a difficult situation.

Hey?! I have absolutely forgotten about a photo, in the last

letter I did not send to you, I hope, you were not disappointed?

Today I looked through the photo archive. I have found out some

fine photos. You can see me in a lilac suit in the house of my


On one of a photo which as is made in the summer, you can see my

colleagues which helped me to make protection of my major project


As I have enclosed in the letter some bright photos which have

been made on a beach. Yes, I have dared to make it, I have sent

you a photo in a bathing suit, I hope, that you understand me,

understand, that to the girl not simply to dare at such step.

Therefore I should tell, that I, trusting you, I send you the


I hope, you will like my photos.

I will finish the letter for today, I wait for yours soon? The

understanding answer, I promise to write soon! And you?

Kisses, you the darling Fernando …

Yours Anna.

estas son solo algunas de las cartas y vote las que me pedia dinero en western union


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