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Dating scammer Elena Shabalina


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Name: Elena Shabalina

Email: ''

Name - Elena
Surname - Shabalina
The country - Russia.
Republic (region) - Mari-El
Street Molodegnaya the house 14 apartment 11.
Index - 424918

Other Comments:
Her final letter - She finally gives up her full address:
She wants 'DA' money...,
date Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 2:38 PM

Hello my love $$$$$$!!!
Thanks for your letter, I was happy to see again it! I am very glad, that at you all is good! At me also all is remarkable!! But I already have very much become bored of you my darling!
My love $$$$$ I very much am in great need in you I very strongly I want our meeting I cannot without you I miss on you one-minute I can not live without you.
My love $$$$$ I send you the address that you could send me money for registration of my documents and soon I wish to arrive to you.
My dear $$$$$ here my address on which you can send me money:
Name - Elena
Surname - Shabalina
The country - Russia.
Republic (region) - Mari-El
Street Molodegnaya the house 14 apartment 11.
Index - 424918
My love $$$$$ here on these data you can send me money for my visa, and than faster you will make it that faster I arrive to you.
With sincere love yours Elena.

She is getting impatient. She wants her money.
I am asking her for her full address (the works)

date Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 4:52 PM

Hello my love $$$$$!
I am very glad to see your letter, I come today to the Internet of cafe and I see there your letter. I was very strongly glad.
My love $$$$$ I excuse me, that I have not warned you and have left in village to the grandmother, I wished to warn you but I have not had time to do it as the cafe Internet have been closed.
My dear $$$$$$ I very strongly want our meeting soon but you do not have time to send me money for registration my documents. My $$$$$$ you wish to transfer money on my the bank account, but it as it is impossible to do as at me is not present the bank account. My dear $$$$$$$ I informed you, how you to me can send me money and as faster you do it by that faster I I can arrive to you, I very strongly want it. My dear $$$$$$ you want our meeting????????
My love $$$$$$$ I very much wish to hear your voice, but I do not have such possibility as I not to have phone, therefore I ask your number phone and I can type you in post office of our city, there there is a payphone. My dear$$$$$$ I on it finish my the letter and with impatience I will wait for your letter.
Your love for ever Elena.

Her fisrt asking for the $$$$ letter as of February 5, 2009

Thu, 05 Feb 2009 06:23:29 -0800 (PST)
Received: from ( []) by with ESMTP id
Message-ID: <>

Hello my love $$$$$!! I am very glad to see your letter and to write you the answer. My love $$$$$$, I very strongly missed and looked forward your letter.
My love $$$$$, I is very happy to think, that there were few days and we will be with you together my love *******!!! I so am glad, that very soon we will feel caress and love, to whisper pleasant words and to speak you as I strongly you I love!!! My love $$$$$$, me it is more and more heavy in it the world without you, I want to you as it will be possible soon, soon day when I at a meeting you will embrace and kiss you... My parents send you the big and ardent regards, they as are glad, that I go to you as they want only happiness. ******, I am very happy, that soon we will together and not that will not prevent us. I love you, you my most dear the person on light, you my love and dream and our meeting already soon. I to cry with happiness, that you and I soon we will together. My love $$$$$$, I to go today to bank to make the bank account, but to me to give up to do it, to me to explain, that my salary too small.
My love *$$$$$, about phone, give me the number phone and I to you will call itself. My love $$$$$$ as you will send me number phone, I during the shortest time will type you!!! I thank the god that it has connected us, I did not meet such person as you, I would be very glad to arrive to you.
I very much wish to tell to you, you not against I have very much grown fond of you and I speak to you that I very much love you. I am very strong to you have got used I am afraid of you to lose, I not when did not meet such fair and sincere person as you. I have grown fond of you and I wish to be with you. To breathe with you and to kiss you my love Ernesto. The manager bank has advised to us to use with you also the company the express train of transfers «Money Gram».
Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system the express train transfer money. To carry out transfer money, to you the full Name and the Surname is necessary to know my. And as my address.

My Name - Elena.
My Surname - Shabalina
The country - Russia.
Republic - Mari-El.

And I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more. Your full Name, a Surname, the full address, and the sum transfer money. And as 8 control number transfer money. These data you will send to me. Having received transfer money. And I will break at once to gathering of a package of documents. I very much tried to confuse nothing. The kid I look forward your letter. And today again I will dream of our meeting. Whole it is strong, yours Elena.

Her first letter: (The humble girl)

Email IP

My name Elena excuse that I have disturbed you, I saw your questionnaire and you have interested me. And I Has decided to write to you. I would like to get acquainted with you little bit more close if you are final not against It. Certainly I not the model from a magazine cover, but I very cheerful, cheerful and sociable The girl. I like to go in for sports and I always try to behave in a tone.
I think that internet excellent chance to meet the man for serious relations, I heard about much This way of acquaintance and also has decided to try it. I hope that I also have interested you in something and you will answer me.
Mine email: I will be glad to answer you and to send you my photos.

Her second letter:
Hello my dear friend *******!!!!!!
I am glad, that you have not rejected my letter and is very happy, that again I write to you. I with the big interest read your letters. I very much wish to learn about you as much as possible. I will try to write to you about myself in more details. I want, that you have studied me as it is possible is better and were not mistaken in the choice. I very much would like, that you were that person of whom I searched for all life. It seems to me if two persons in all are fair to each other and they have a mutual understanding it provides the fine future and long love. I am capable to fall in love only with the frank person. Write to me more about itself and the life. I very much wish to learn about you all in the smallest details. In how many you rise, what is the time at you leaves for work, that you like to eat, as you spend a free time.
Now I wish to tell more about myself and my life.
I live with parents. My mum all life worked at school in initial classes, and the daddy worked as the builder. The daddy developed projects of buildings. I have no native brothers and sisters, but I have the cousin.
I was born and have grown in a city where I live now. My city is called Semenovka. It is a beautiful city. If want I can tell to you about my city in the following letter.
I have finished the Kazan State university on a speciality the economist. But I could not find work on this speciality, and now I work as the seller in shop. My work is very interesting. Certainly, my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. But it for me unique possibility to earn money.
I do not have time what to find the true love. Now the Internet for me unique possibility to find the beloved. I have started to use not for a long time the Internet for love search. You the first, whose questionnaire were pleasant to me. I am very glad, that you have answered me. I hope, the Internet will help me to find love. My dream now to create a family. I am very tired from loneliness. The majority of my girlfriends already in marriage. Communicating with girlfriends, I see, that home life happens different. A life of my girlfriends - various. In a life of my girlfriends there are many various events both bad, and good. I have very boring life. All my life passes on work. Now I am lonely. It is heavy to me to be in such condition. Now I am completely ready what to create a family. I can offer much for the sake of good home life.
My usual day passes so. I rise from a bed in 6 o'clock in the morning and I go to a bath. After that I go to have breakfast, for a breakfast I eat sandwiches and I drink coffee with milk. At 7:30 I leave the house and I go on a stop. I go for work by public transport. Sometimes at a stop there are many people, and I go for work on foot. In general I like to walk before my work. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock till 17 o'clock. After work I come very tired and at once I go to take a bath. After that I feel restoration of forces.
I hope, boring my letter will not seem to you, you and will write further to me. I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I will try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to raise them, to surround with care, to present it the happy childhood, I so dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine, I in a shower hope, that sometime our hearts will meet. On it I wish to finish the letter and with the big impatience I will expect your answer.
Excuse for my big letter. I hope, I have not taken away a lot of your time. I wished to describe the life in detail. I hope, it was interesting to you. Your friend from Russia Elena!!!

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2010-04-29, 16:55:40   (updated: 2010-04-29, 17:21:09)
anonymous from Brazil  

Nome : 'Elena'
Email -
Cidade - Birsk
Idade 31
Olá, é muito interessante esses comentários sobre Scammers estou pesquisando sobre o assunto e gostaria de saber se alguém já recebeu um do site de relacionamento Tagged ?
Tenho visto as fotos das meninas tão bonitas e é até difícil de acreditar na mente criminosa dessas moças... bem em todo lugar tem isso kkkkkkk. Bem, alguém já recebeu email de 'Elena' ?
Essa 'Elena' que usa esse email diz que mora numa pequena cidade da Russia chamada República de Bashkortostan Birsk ou Birsk.
ate: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 16:02:58 -0800
> >> >> From:
> >> >> To:
> >> >> Subject: Re: eugenio perfil tagged
> >> >>
> >> >> Hello. How are you?
> >> >> What is your real name? My name is Elena.
> >> >>
> >> >> I shall tell to you one story. I do not know, as far as you are
> >> >> correct me will understand, but I shall try to make it. I had
> >> >> boyfriend in Internet in Europe, and he has invited me with him to
> >> >> meet. So I took travel on credit, and till now is compelled to pay it
> >> >> monthly. I have arrived there, and at airport of me nobody has met.
> >> >> Has gone to address which he gave me, and it was found out, that such
> >> >> person does not live there.
> >> >> Now I cautious in questions of friendship in Internet. Therefore, my
> >> >> friend, I would like to receive answers to my questions all over
> >> >> again. I do not put to you ultimatum but only I want that you
> >> >> correctly have understood me. I think, you have understood, that I had
> >> >> bad experience of acquaintance on Internet, and I do not want to
> >> >> repeat my mistake second time. So, I search for man which not only has
> >> >> questions, but also wants to tell about myself. I cannot write to
> >> >> person who cannot respect me. You agree with me? I think, that base of
> >> >> serious relations is mutual understanding each other.
> >> >>
> >> >> You can see what I live in Russia. Birsk is my town, it is in
> >> >> Bashkortostan republic.
> >> >> Where do you live? What country, city?
> >> >>
> >> >> Do you have girlfriend now? I hope that you are do not, smile. I have
> >> >> no boyfriend now, and had no it for some years. Yes, it is difficult
> >> >> to be lonely, but I have my patient and I search for right man. I
> >> >> search for man for all my life. How long time you alone?
> >> >>
> >> >> I have no computer in my home, but I can go in internet cafe, so I can
> >> >> not come here often. But I promise that I shall try to do it every day
> >> >> except for week-end. At this time I go to village for two days, and
> >> >> there I have no any access in Internet.
> >> >> Where you can use Internet? At home, or on work? Or you go to cafe too
> >> >> like me?
> >> >>
> >> >> Have good day
> >> >> Elena
> >> >>
> >> >> Çäðàâñòâóéòå, Eugenio.
> >> >>
> >> >> Âû ïèñàëè 18 ÿíâàðÿ 2010 ã., 7:53:30:
> >> >>
> >> >> > Hi Elena how are you? No I'm tagged for friends, business
> >> >> > contacts you are welcome in my profile. I invite you to be my
> >> >> > virtual friend. Send your picture if you want but if you're the girl
> >> >> > that picture ... you already beautiful. Do you live in Russia?

2010-04-29, 17:22:37
anonymous from Brazil  
Esse foi outra foto que me mandou

2010-04-29, 17:46:55
anonymous from Brazil  
nova voto que me mandou , acho que alguém esta usando a fotos dessa mina. Será???

Verifiquei o IP ; a menos que eu esteja errado , vem de uma estação meterológica da da Califorina USA.

Tenho cerca de 70 emails dessa 'Elena' Pelo que verifiquei as conversas são sempre as mesmas, pedem dinheiro para a viagem ao Brasil pra te encontrar. Quem escreveu esses emails é profissional, descreve sentimentos e passagens da vida com muito realismo. Fala dos dias de comemoração tipo dia dos namorados, da dia pátria etc. Mora com os pais na cidade e final de semana fica os avós numa vila. fala dos costumes russos de pintar ovo de galinha de vermelho no dia da Páscoa etc. Outro ponto central da 'trama' é o fato de que se corespondeu com um namorado inglês e que ele o deixou sozinha no aeroporto e deu-lhe endereço falso. Nunca fala nada pornográfico, somente de sentimentos de carinho e amor. Descreve muitos detalhes sobe o tempo da cidade tipo; 'acordei e quando abri a janela o sol bateu em meu rosto e vi a neve e o orvalho derretendo'. Quanto ao trabalho, é uma professora que trabalha em uma escola infantil, tem o tempo livre as 4hs da tarde e pode pegar férias quando quiser. Descreve bem uma cidade pequena e seus costumes é rica em detalhes, é realmente profissional sabe o que está fazendo.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya

2010-04-30, 03:38:34
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2011-09-29, 12:41:04
anonymous from United States  
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