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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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2009-06-09, 19:44:31
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-06-09, 21:03:28   (updated: 2009-06-09, 21:06:48)
DOC from United States  
2009-06-09, 21:24:12
DOC from United States  

2009-06-09, 21:33:43
DOC from United States  

2009-06-09, 22:28:14
DOC from United States  
One more Olga Epifanova pic found.

2009-06-10, 09:42:58   (updated: 2009-06-10, 10:22:56)
OJAS from United States  
Thanks DOC. By providing maximum information for newbies, you are saving would-be victims their hard-earned $$. Keep up your good work! :-)

I may have stumbled upon your ''girl'' ;) http://www.delphifa..94#152256
If you click on the links under
This image was also posted here:
and scroll up and down, you may find additional pix, EVEN BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR INBOX! LOL ! ! :-D)
2009-06-10, 10:59:23
DOC from United States  
Yep, thats my miss Monica, but I don't think she will be sending me any more photos. I sent her a letter saying I could not write her any more and gave her a list of 20 email addys of my friends in Russia.:-D I wonder about the picture search why it does not pick up a match sometimes. I seen the Monica pic posted on the Fred and Klaus thread yesterday. The picture search did not find it.
2009-06-10, 11:39:19
OJAS from United States  
Again, good job DOC, If we can waste scammers' time by enlisting other scammers, all the better.

I am requesting Wanwan to list scammers who send malware on this thread http://www.delphifa..l#comments These are very useful addresses for sending to future scammers. If you like, you could post recent scammer e-mail list on that thread, under 3 headings Boris, Mugu, Lottery. When others pick it up, they will do what they like.

The Admin discusses some limitations on picture recognition algorithm used here http://www.delphifa..1912.shtml
2009-06-11, 18:24:52   (updated: 2009-06-11, 19:02:08)
DOC from United States  
Dirk posts on his thread: in Russia tomorrow, June 12 is 'Russia Day'
a national holiday. A way to judge if you talking to a REAL Russian girl.
Like Dirk says, don't ask her, she will tell you about it.
Here is some info I found on 'Russia Day'

Russia declared its sovereignty on 12 June 1990
as a way of distancing itself from the crumbling
Soviet Union. The following year when the Soviet
Union was formerly broken up, Boris Yeltsin came
to power and declared 12 June Russian Independence
Day and a national holiday. But it was not until over a
decade later in 2003 under the presidency of Vladimir
Putin that the day became a grand parade. Now each
year on 12 June there is a big celebration and parade
at Moscow's Red Square.

2009-06-11, 22:15:10   (updated: 2009-06-11, 22:49:51)
DOC from United States  
Hello my friend. how are you?
If you see my thread getting low on the number of
posts could you please come here and post me some
scam mail or try to teach me something, I need to
learn more about the IP addresses,email headers
and x-mailer. I love seeing your posts.

I guess my African friends are done with me for now,
two of them I sent the email addresses of twenty boris'
the other two never wrote back maybe they were all sitting
in the same room. LOL
2009-06-12, 00:10:21
anonymous from Japan  
Hi Doc ,how is going ? I hope everything is going well.
Doc, I know you already done great work on here.
I love your posts and respect your posts,thank you.

By the way ,here is some info.



If you want other info,please tell me .
I will try to search that one.
And my Doc,please take it easy !!
I have made many mistakes on here everyday !!
So never mind !!
Take it ea! !


2009-06-12, 09:18:09
OJAS from United States  
This might help with translations.

If you have a text, paste it in
When you have a URL, paste just the URL, in the same.
When you want to post a translated URL, some editing will be necessary, depending on which site you are posting.
Dephi will contract long URL with an ellipsis (two dots ..) when the number of characters is more than 29 (including symbols)
It does proper contraction up to (I think) 84 characters, I do not know the upper limit
Delphi has difficulties with very long URLs, and some symbols, so some may need to be edited, cleaned out before posting

This example, explains the Japanese translated link (in Magnus' thread, the first H capitalized to prevent delphi contraction)
Http:// is a google translation server (By showing IP, instead of alphabets, you reduce the number of characters)
(You could enter tracert in a command prompt window, it will return a google server)
/translate_c is for translating a URL, (/translate_t is for translating a text)
? is the standard search query symbol
hl=ja says home language is Japanese (if omit hl=xx, it will default to en for English. sv is svenka (Swedish), de deutsch (German), nl nederlands (Dutch) etc.
&sl=en says additional criteria, source language (of the page) = en (English)
&tl=ja says additional criteria, target language = ja (Japanese)
& says URL name. Notice, for posting in delphi, you have to delete this protocol http, the colon : and the two slashes // (Otherwise, delphi will kill it, it won't work!)

One of Wanwan's link posted for DOC, starting with http://technofriend is very long, delphi killed it, won't work. If you, wanwan, post the full address without the httt:// I will try to edit it and repost it. Ariga-to.
2009-06-12, 09:47:06   (updated: 2009-06-12, 10:03:40)
wanwan from Japan  
Please repost it again for DOC.
But now I can not find that URL(sorry,,,,)
I try searching that file in my computer.

Thank you.

from Scam Cop? funny wanwan
2009-06-12, 11:00:22
OJAS from United States  
@DOC http://www.delphifa..=1#152711
@Wanwan, I do not have the full URL, you meant, will wait, till you check your browsing history, and post it without the starting http://
2009-06-12, 11:29:06
anonymous from United States  
this is a good site with good information. the pictures look like someone I have been emailing and she is asking for $650 for a visa and passport. I told her she could not get a visa that quickly and blah blah yes I can. so I said I will fly to Russia since I want to see the sights anyway and she said no she would only see me in U.S. I an not going to send any money but I think I will keep making excuses why I cannot. her name is given as Olga Haidarova and she says her address is 122 Gagarin Street. Kirov. 610000
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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