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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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2010-01-10, 11:43:41
Miss Marple from Sweden  
Same statue but photographed from a different direction
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalia Dmitrenko

2010-01-10, 14:08:40
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga

2010-01-10, 14:10:23

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga

2010-01-10, 14:12:09
anonymous from Norway  
Since we have few members in Russia, might it be a litle problem.
But this is a detective-job.

Give me also hint on other girls we easy can look on the photos of.

I can see this is was a poor girl, on many snall details, Like use the same clothes the hole time, and the dinnertable under a child baptisme was rather poor - no knife (and one have eaten the food by biting in it - this is a workclassfamilly) And few sallads on the table.

That it is TV in the kitchen tells me it is probelly a 2-3 rooms flat. They have a small bench in the kitchen, and woman prefer to sit there and talk or watch TV.
Since the TV is not in the livingroom is it probelly a 2 rooms flat - or more likely 1 room and kitchen. The girl beside her in the kitchen is her sister, and she is probelly living in the flat where ther baptisme was done. It is weddingphoto of her on the wall.
So my guess it is the flat of the sister that the baptisme was done, and it is her child it is photo of both on the bed beside her. It looks like the same boybaby (spescial face), and I guess it is her kitchen with TV in the kitchen, and that tells me they have only 1 room and kitchen. It is probelly a flathouse, because of the gasspipe.

I guess this is a poor single mother. This might be a victim, or a money pick up - girl.
I begin to smell this is a money-pick up one

I look at a restaurantphoto. The poster behind is probelly a restaurant with the name Chicago. I try to find chicago restaurant. Try to blow up that poster with chicago name, to see witch language it is written in. I have a nose for it might be a restaurant in a town, or in Tallinn, Estonia. We have a simular Chicago restaurant in Tallinn, but oure is mutch better looking. So it might be a cheap style-copy from some in Russia, or it is that restaurant in Tallinn before. So I need to know if any can see letters in russian or normal letters

If she have conection to Estonia can we find her, if we are lucky. We need to find her town, to find her

Russian media do not care if a foreigner gets frauded, even for big sums - they only concern about russian victims.

To fraud a western is no big case in Russia - just 'a small mistake'


2010-01-10, 14:12:20

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga

2010-01-10, 14:14:38
anonymous from Skedsmokorset, Norway  
The Chigago restaurant in Estonia have domainname
It is not this restaurant of today, but is have some of the same design
2010-01-10, 14:26:03   (updated: 2010-01-10, 14:27:24)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga

2010-01-10, 14:30:29
anonymous from Skedsmokorset, Norway  
This photo is probelly taped in. Falsnery!!! Since the ink have not damaged the photo, but thev tape around have a almost missed part.

I am not sure yet what sort of ID-card this is - but will look it up soon.

The photo is a typical female russian ID-photo.

All russian girls looks simular on ID-photos, since they all drag the hair backwords and shall not smile. If the model smile, or have not draged the hair back is it almost for sure not a ID-photo.

In bottom of the card (under the photo) have it been a printed part that have been covered with a white tape or photoshop.

We need to soon make up a arcive over all sort of legal ID-card in eastern Europe, and visa to diferent Schengen-countries, traveltickets etc.

We will not put it on this page, since here will the scammers love to learn how a legal ID-looks like.

2010-01-10, 14:45:41
anonymous from Norway  
I shall look it up on a safe russian passport

But I it looks on the underline like this is a real passport that is faked up by photoshop.
If we look at the underline do we se the number 670724 and her date of birth is 1982, on the same date (24th of June).

I guess it is a faked photo and 1982 is faked up from 67. They use a passport from a woman born in 1967

I need to look at a few real red passports (russian have also bluegrey passport, for them that is without any nationality - alien passport. This is a red passport, since the paper is red)

We can also read her fathers name in her passport, but that part of the passport looks a litle faked up - behind her name in the russian version


2010-01-10, 19:56:06
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Miss Marple (and all),

The statue is definitely in Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic. It is in the city park. Google: Yoshkar-Ola central park. You will find this picture.


2010-01-11, 02:48:15
Miss Marple from Sweden  

Thank you !!
Maybe we can consider then of what this means
in this case...victim ore not??
2010-01-11, 04:12:48
anonymous from Norway  
Then do we for sure know she have a conection to th scammertown.
This indicate she is probelly conected to the liga, and even more interesting to find/catch.
Also that the photo is faked indicates a scamer.

we see it is 2 separate group of female that she sosialise with. One is her familly (kitchen, and child-baptise-party), and the other is the group of friends or relatives/biyfrriends relatives. Guess this 2 groups lives in 2 different places.

I will guess that she is 20 to 23 y.o. when the photo was taken. On some photo have she the legs/ass of a girl, and on the latest photos have she mooved out some jeanssize and get more female forms. to go up and down in size is a female problem. Jekaterina Rözenko was jumping up and down 8 kg the hole time, -This girl begin to get figure as a woman, not only weight-change.
The girl that is beside her on the baptisephoto is probelly her sister. we can also see the sister on the weddingphoto in this party as blonded - all russian girls coloure the hole time. If we look at the photo of her sister can we guess she is a typical russian girl by look. pretty as 20 y.o., and ugly when they are 30. I guess her sister is something like 26 y.o. (the age from the weddingphoto was taken, till the age of the litle girl in the midle that the scammer holds around). if we compare the ageschange of the sister, is the scammer probelly ca 23 y.o.. The have a typical russian young girl that will soon get big - we can see it on the young skin on her stomack in the photo of her with a baby in the bed. She is defenately not born in 1982, if not all photos is old I have not looked afther newer carmodels yet, on the photos.

That she have few clothes indicates she is poor, and the photo is taken over only few years since all clothes will over few years get broken (when you do not own clothes. Most russian girls have almost no clothes - and this girl is from a familly with no habitts (they eat without knifes in a baptise-party). I have met russian low class girls that cut up a hole bread in 4 pieces, put some cheese on it, and gnag this big shit like a dog!!!

I guess half of the group is from her homeplace, and half is from where she lives. We know one place is Yoshkar-Ola. I have not time to look at this before this evening, but we shall see if we can get any of the people in one of the group/Chicago restaurant located to Yoshkar-Ola or any towns in the region of Yaroslavl.

that the kitchen is in a flathouse (gasspipes goes up to a nabour over) does not meens it is in a real town. Even small collectives with 1 house and a factory/farm can have flathouses with gassheating in russia.

I shall let russian friends look at th flats to see if they can regognise the housemodel.

Russian housebuilding of flathouses is strange. They build almost only livinghouses afther standard models. models they use over hole Russia - this was even more standard on houses built in USSR time (from the revelution till mid 90s, nothing change in Russia the same year as USSR was over). you can see the same houses over the hole old USSR, and all houses is identically inside as well.

This is typical Russia. If you needed a door cood you just tell you need the bathroomdoor to flatmodel M54, and they have this door in shops in all towns of russia.

The change of models came often when the leaders was changed out, for every new dictator in USSR was the distance up to the roof getting closer to save money.
We can by finding the housemodels find out if we are lucky if this is a town or a village. some models is mostly built in small places (like 4 flats houses), and some is built only in towns like tall flathouses.

the buildingperiode can tell us witch town we look for, so we later can try to find this girl on datingpages or school-photos.

I think we shall also do simular study on a other russian scammergirl. so we try 2 cases paralell.

Any sugestion witch girl we shall choose as girl number 2?

I guess we shall also look afther the girls name on the passport, and the date of birth in 1967. Before we do that, can any blow up the photo in photoshop to see if part of the name is faked up, so we do not waist time and money on looking up a faked name. I guess the date of birth is 1967, and the real passholder is the woman that is paid to pick up the money on WU.

I guess the real pass exist, and this photo is photoshopped.

The photo on her other ID, is probelly a pass or schoolphoto of the scammergirl that is putted in. Guess we can find this photo in a schoolbook on internet if we are lucky, with the scammers real name.

2010-01-11, 04:16:09
anonymous from Norway  
Miss Marple - I guess it is a scammerworker, and she can leads us and the police to the liga.
2010-01-11, 08:34:34
Miss Marple from Sweden  

I have an PS2 among the best PS programs you can have
and I have also look at those car pixes ,and i i have enlarged the photos to over 400 Mb
in size ,it is impossible to see what the registration numbers are on the cars,and i have also zoomed just only the registration plate also,but for me it seems that the bigger i enlarge the photo i see that the girl is vey close to the car,but in the original pix as it is it seems that the car is much more far way i guess those pictures are photoshopped both of them..
2010-01-11, 09:10:39
DOC from United States  
Natalia Dmitrenko ( Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

She now has a dedicated thread. http://www.delphifa..l#comments
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