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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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2013-03-09, 08:26:47
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!
My love, I have learned, we in city have Western Union. And I think, that I without problems can receive money if you will send them through the Western Union. Now I shall write to you the full name and the address.
Name - Natalya
Surname - Borisova
The address - Antsiferov's street 158-49
City - Yoshkar Ola
The country - Russia
My love, I have no opportunity to do a copy of my passport. I hope, that you will understand me. Tell to me when you will send money that I could buy a cellular telephone??? As soon as I shall receive them, I shall go at once in shop and I shall buy a cellular telephone. And then I to you at once shall leave a phone number and you can already call to me.
Does not pass such day when I would not catch myself not idea, that my love becomes all boundless. I did not think, that so it is strongly possible to love, I am convinced of it. There are we, there are feelings which connect us. There is nothing on light more important, than search of the present love, that only thing which I have already found, has found it in you, and one day of a meeting with you this happiness, recollect, on what our world is similar: one happy day, it almost a miracle. Let's live hereby, we shall think of the future. We shall be happy, if we slightly shall help our happiness. I shall always thank destiny because she has presented me of you. I cannot transfer words as I want you to see, embrace, kiss. That I did not do, I think only of you, I wait to not wait, when we shall meet you. Only you know one, what I, and that at me inside, knows, that my feelings are very strong, therefore I and want to tell to you all this. I believe, that anybody, and nothing will prevent us to be together, even time, I wait ours with you a meeting. Without you, I was not present, without you I do not live. Thanks that you at me are. I do not want you to lose. Let our expectations of us do not deceive, and all fine our dreams begin. I want to be always with you beside, I am ready to divide with you ups and downs, success and failures. And I want to present you of word which never will lose the wonderful force: ' Loved mine, I love you!!! '
You know, I the happiest girl on all planet because I have you! And is fast we with you we shall meet. Each particle of my body misses on you when I do not receive from you letters! What long days without you seem to me! Constantly I think of you, I see your eyes, mentally their whole and to tone in them! Loved, thanks you that my you!!!
Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Natali.
2013-03-09, 08:31:03
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!!!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!!!!!
My love why you do not trust me??? I have asked for you the help in purchase of a cellular telephone for us with you so that we with you could start to communicate more that between us was more trust to each other, and in the future with you it will be easier to us to discuss ours with you a meeting.
I have asked you as that you have written to me the number of a cellular telephone. But you have not made it. Why? Probably you simply play me? And you do not want relations with me?
Yesterday before dream I had dream of us with you when we shall meet you. You do not imagine, as strongly I want to be with you, to love you that you loved me, to be engaged with you in love, to go to cinemas on the days off, to look after you, to prepare you, to take with you of souls. I never shall forget you! You for me everything, you my life! Without you there is no pleasure, there is no happiness! You as air, and in fact to me so are important to breathe to live, but you are not present beside!
Today at us here fine weather. Loved mine, I very much miss you. I do not have not enough you, your love. I want to be with you, and as soon as possible. I very much love you. All my girlfriends are glad for me, they constantly ask me, as you affairs. I speak them, that is fast we with you we shall meet, and we shall be happy together. I still never met such fine, kind, gentle person as you. I feel the happiest. I am ready to shout in the sky as strongly I love you.
I want to be yours, and only yours. I want, that you were mine from legs up to a head that you loved me constantly. You in fact never will throw me?
How I lived earlier? I do not know. For some reason thought, that I do not meet never the person for the sake of whom I can go on all. But the destiny has presented me of you. You, unique in the world men to which not only this day is to be presented me gentle words. Speak, it is possible to meet the especial person and to consider it, to allocate from crowd for 5 minutes, it is necessary for half an hour, that it to understand, day, that of it to grow fond and the whole life to overlook. But how to understand, what exactly it you can forget never. Only having lost it it is possible to understand it. I am afraid to lose you. I do not know, that I shall do, having lost you. You are very expensive to me, and I shall not give you to anybody.
My ideas always with you. Everywhere, everywhere, that I did, that I heard, that I saw, everywhere one only you. My ideas, they always about you, always with you, and nothing can force to cease to think me of you, to feel you everywhere, in everything where I was and that I did, everywhere you. As though any force does not want me to release from you.
My toy the LION reminds of you. I always think of you. When I drink tea when I clean a teeth when I when I listen to music.
Now you for me inaccessible, but simultaneously very close and native. Any your sign on attention became present, sincere, gentle as far as you can allow yourself it. It in fact, the truth? You - the most remarkable, that happened in my life, you believe in it whether or not.
I want, that you knew, I love you strong love! Every day, you all more also are more necessary for me. And I am confident, that you know it and feel.
Feelings every day overflow me more and more and more.
And every day the love all is stronger and stronger, though it seems, further simply there is no place.
And your love forces me to work wonders. Your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems - in fact you love me.
On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Natali.
2013-03-09, 08:34:58
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!
My love, where are you? Tell to me please, you can send money that I could buy a cellular telephone whether or not???
As I ask you that you have written to me the number of a cellular telephone. I wait.
You the ANGEL, who has gone down from heavens kindling my heart! I have found you, and you me! I want, that you knew, I shall always love you! You for me will always stay the most desired, gentle, tender, unique and the beloved in my life!
It is pleasant to me in you absolutely all. You - the most delightful creation on the ground, the most gentle, sensual and passionate. I very much - very much LOVE you. Always and everywhere, there is no you better. You are those, what is actually, is not present drops of pretence - I love you for it even more strongly.
I with impatience wait for the moment when I shall fall in your tender embraces, and I shall inhale your aroma, repeating your name, listening to your voice and, again and again, peering in affable features of your person. At night I see your beautiful person, a mouth, I present, as you concern me the charming lips.
With you my life was filled with sense, now I know, that I want. And I want TO be WITH YOU, to be always, all life.
I for you both in fire and in water, everywhere, where you will call. You my ray of light in this heart-breaking darkness of a life. Thanks you that you are! I love you! I shall always love you, my heart will not cease to beat yet. When I think of you so deafening my heart loudly knocks, it is a pity, that you now do not hear it. Any idea has no value, if this idea not about you. All my desires and dreams are connected only to you. Anything and nobody will break my feelings to you. It seems to me, that at times even in dream I admit to you love, I fall asleep physically without you, but I wake up always with your name on lips. Know, loved, that near to you there is a person, whose heart is beaten ONLY FOR YOU.
I very strongly love you, I simply live you, one day when I do not receive from you letters - as if eternity, thanks you for all: for your love and care. You are of what I dreamed all life for whom waited the happiness.
Fairly, I do not know how to express in words even a part of that is created at me on soul. If I was an ice floe, I would thaw from one your sight, be I a flower - I eternally would blossom only for you and if I was a song on light white it would not be more wonderful than this music because she for you, only for you. But to a great regret, and I can and fortunately, simply the person. With loving heart, with singing soul. And except for you I so yet did not love anybody, anybody so did not wish. I LOVE YOU!!! My heart is beaten for you. I live only for you. And all this too for you. I cannot without you, I miss, I love you simply that you are.
Loved mine, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. And I think, that you will write already soon to me.
Yours Natali.
2013-03-09, 16:42:26
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!
My love, I shall try to make a copy of the passport, to send you.
As, I want that you have proved to me, that you as are, and that you real. Write to me the number of a cellular telephone. As I shall try to call to you, to hear your voice.
Loved, I always think of you! From a dawn up to a decline and from a decline till a dawn! It seems to me, I without you cannot live and day, minute, second! I want to feel always heat of your body, your sweet lips.
You for me the most dear in the world! I value you! I do not know, as though I could live without you, I do not present, as earlier I could without you.
You for me, most. I do not want anybody another. You for me one the most good and loved.
At me it for the first time, that I have fallen in love and to others I do not pay attention - you have made it! You have forced me to believe in the present love - and my love it you! I madly love you!!!
I very much - very much love you, you at all do not imagine, as far as is strong, you became sense of my life. I cannot transfer you the love words at all since it is simply impossible. You the best in the world the man are the fact. I so would like your love, your heat and tenderness. I would like, that once, you have told: ' your I forever ', want, that you have passionately whispered to me it on an ear, have touched my cheek the cheek. Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be a lunatic because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, in fact dream to me can to forbid nobody. I want to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces.
Only becon, and I shall go for you, call, and I shall come at any time as it would not be borrowed, I shall come, I shall come tearing along, you to me are the most important on light, you are necessary for me, as air, as water, as food. But recently it is no time to me eat, drink, breathe and other since I constantly think and I dream of you.
When I close eyes, it would be desirable to stretch a hand, to touch you. But it only your image. I can look at him only. And me of it so a little. It would be desirable to be closer. As far as physical borders only allow. To kiss you, to embrace, be dissolved in you. My condition is similar to illness. But I would not like to be treated for it at all. Well, she has developed into the chronic form.
I shall store for you the warm feelings, I shall listen to nobody, only an internal voice and palpation of the heart. Love this delightful madness filled with tears and pleasure, languor, expectation. When you completely feel it, like all heart, each cell of all organism, dream in the afternoon and at night only about one - to see you.
My loved, I on you very much miss. I cannot without you. I precisely know, that without you to me to not live. You have learned me to love, you have learned me to be such what I am. Thanks you for it.
I shall make everything, everything to kindle your heart the love, the overflown feelings, and all because my life without you - grey existence, without you will be gloomy and cold even the most solar, warm day.
Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Natali.
2013-03-09, 16:45:48
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!
My love, I shall wait for your new phone number.
You for a long time know all about all my feelings and about my love to you, you began all in my life, without you I do not present further my coexistence. I want, that you knew, that I very much love you, you the most dear for me in the world the person! I shall never betray you, shall give nobody, I never shall forget you. I am glad, that you at me are. Thanks that because of you my soul to be in constant alarm, thanks, that you allow to me such feelings which do not give my heart to fall asleep, thanks, that my ideas are constantly in work, to me is never boring, because I have met you, and you have given I peep for my feelings. You to me bring which strange feelings I earlier never tested and I can not describe them, I can tell only, that all this together fear, a pain, pleasure, emptiness. I very much love you, I do not see you, but I love all only more strongly. And today you have dreamed me. And I at all did not want to wake up, I dreamt, where we with you together, you there gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the finest dream in my life. I cannot without you, I can not live without you. I very strongly love you. You for me everything, all my life it you, only for you I live and only for you I am ready to make all. You unique on light. I ADORE YOU!
I repeatedly admitted to you love. One more time I want to cry out for the whole world, that I LOVE YOU. You for me the most dear person on light, I very strongly value you, I value our relations. I think, that I the happiest person on light, because you native with me, that my you and only mine. As I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you in the life. Start up in the beginning our relations of difficulty, between us huge distance, but we can overcome and remain this distance together.
Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Natali.
2013-03-09, 16:52:16
DOC from United States  
Natali <> <> <>

Also reported:

2013-03-16, 21:06:14
DOC from United States  

Just noticed this scammer Natali uses the surname ''Borisova'' ;)
2013-03-16, 21:26:09
DOC from United States  
Received: from []
Subject: Hello my love Xxxx!!!

Hello my love Xxxx!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it.
Xxxx, I love you! I shall repeat it, yet though I think, I hardly can sometime get tired to speak you it! You that person of whom I dreamed! I always think of you, I dream of those hours when we shall be together. As I want to drop to your lips, to hear, how you whisper to me tender words on an ear, to embrace you and to not release, feel, how your heart is beaten, to pull out your hair, to speak you, that I like, not ceasing! I want to be with you as much as possible time. I am ready to give everything, if only to be with you beside, to look in your eyes, to feel your hands, to see, how you gently smile, and to smile to you in the answer. To give itself, the love and to receive too, I never simply represented, that sometime I can so to be mad on someone!
Waking up in the morning, on a dawn I think of you, and in the evenings when I observe of the star sky. This cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one idea about you. Without you - it is dark and cold. And I do not present the life without you.
I so am grateful to you, that you are at me. You such good, you so love me, strongly, we did not see each other, and I madly miss, I cannot live without you, I shall be only with you always, always, good my, loved, you my happiness.
To me so it is lonely without you in this city. I would like to throw all and to run to you. As it would be desirable me to nestle on you, to kiss you warm lips. I do not see, but each time when I read your letters, my heart is ready to become torn on a part. Each letter fills me with happiness. Thanks you loved for these letters. They give to me tenderness and treat my sincere wounds. Your Love - it very tasty and desired drink which would be desirable to drink at once.
Xxxx native simply be with me, and I shall be happy. On it I finish the letter, write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Natali.

2013-03-17, 04:37:30
OJAS from United States  
LOL :-D)
2013-03-17, 18:13:05   (updated: 2013-03-17, 18:36:13)
DOC from United States  
(─‿‿─) 〷◠‿◠〷 ➨ Boris-ova ☜(ˆ▽ˆ) \ (•◡•) /
2013-04-13, 12:45:33

Goes by Elena currently running scams. Found pictures of her on German web scam site and several others age in this scam 42 on other sites 30's Wants air fare to get to your location.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2013-04-13, 17:23:30
DOC from United States  

Thanks for posting ''her'' updated address! Her many pics are abused and reported here before:

By our Miss Marple as ''Elena Petrenko'' http://www.delphifa..15#221595

By our Malek as ''Mariya Nikolaeva''

Other reports: See links of OJAS

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena

2013-04-26, 20:16:58
DOC from United States  
Member Name: vesnapolza
Member ID: 041259
Caucasian / White, 34, Divorced    
Shakhunya, , Russian Federation

Personal Details:

Gender: Female
Age: 34 (17-Oct-1978)
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: 0
Religion: Christian / Orthodox
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Never
Food: Russian
Occupation: Book Keeper / Accountant
Education: Associates degree
Languages: Russian (Fluent)
English (Spoken and Written)

Interests and Zodiac Sign:

Music - Classical / Opera
Literature / History
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Body Type: 55 kg = 121 lbs
Height:     167 cm = 5' 5.7'

General Information:


My style of clothing is different, most importantly is a
comfortable and beautiful, it depends on my mood. But mostly
I like to dress, because I am a true woman. My hair are long
wavy. I am very feminine soft gentle passionate woman.

Looking for:

My man should be monogamous, family oriented. By character
he should be kind, sympathetic, serious, reliable, devoted,
faithful. He should be able to respect a woman, appreciate
strong family relationships, family comfort, fireplace.

Gender: Male
Age From: 35
Age To: 60



2013-04-26, 20:19:01
DOC from United States  
Presentation :

Hi, my name is Natalya and I am 34 years old, I live in Russian Federation .

My zodiac sign is Libra , click HERE for see how we match up !

You can see my complete profile here : http://www.antheacl..e&id=34862

I am looking for :

My man should be monogamous, family oriented. By character
he should be kind, sympathetic, serious, reliable, devoted,
faithful. He should be able to respect a woman, appreciate
strong family relationships, family comfort, fireplace.


From 35 to 60

My email :

2013-04-26, 20:20:16
DOC from United States

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