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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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2009-11-08, 20:05:35
DOC from United States  
From: Yulya (
Received: from []
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
Subject: Yulcha

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff..5.208.138

Link for WHOIS: http://www.dnsstuff..75.208.138

Hey Xxxx, you have given with your message a nice chance to make our
acquaintance closer, i think it is great start;)

I appreciate you much for such interesting and lovely letter and
particularly for the compliments, it sounds so pleasant to me;-) It is
nice to tell me more about yourself. I like to know you, as I'm very
interested in you! I'm sure you have a lot to tell me about your life
story and I hope that you will help me to know you well with each your

I have told you already some things about myself such as my place of
living, age, work. Oh by the way, I didn't ask you if you know what my
job means. I work in the playing center for kids as an animator. I
meet children, show them all our game machines and explain how to use
them. Sometimes I play with kids while their parents visit a bar or
restaurant. I like my work, as I like kids and they also like me, what
is very pleasant:) I don't have my own children, though I have been
married some years ago. My marriage has not been happy, so we have
divorced, once I will explain you the reasons of it... So, for the
last more than two years, I'm alone. Two times i was trying to make
some relations with men, but nothing good happened with this, so i
left this idea. Unfortunately people are not made to be alone and
after reading a story in the newspaper how a woman has met her future
husband in the Internet dating site, I've decided why not and now I'm

About myself I can tell that I'm very communicative and open woman.
I'm cheerful, faithful, active, passionate, of course have a part of
romance in my character(because I'm a woman;)) I'm passionate about
many things like sport, art,shopping. Some times in a week I visit gym
and pool. As for my spare time, sometimes I meet with my friends after
work or at the weekend. We like much to go to the skating rink or
cinema. One Sunday in a month we go to the sauna, drink tea with
honey, talk, we know that sauna is very useful for the health. In
summer time I like to go to the Sea coast, particularly to Crimea, i
like the nature and air there.

I think it is already enough to bother you with all my life facts, as
it can be too boring for you. So, now I'm waiting for your reply and
for your life story:)

2009-11-08, 20:09:54
DOC from United States  
Yulya (

2009-11-09, 20:21:57
DOC from United States  
From: Yulya (

Received: from MICROSOF-036DAC ([]) by with ESMTPS id 13sm808263fxm.13.2009. (version=SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: From me to you
IP Information -

IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 41709
ASN Name: LDS-UA (LDS 'Luganskie Domashnie Seti')
IP range connectivity: 2
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): UA [Ukraine]
Country Currency: Unknown
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Unknown
Country (per outside source): -- []
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS: http://www.dnsstuff..92.36.230


Hello dear Xxxx!

It is so great to hear from you again, I find you a very interesting
man and myself a really lucky woman to meet you;-)

Thank you very much for your letters and for all things that you have
shared with me there. I appreciate you much for telling me more about
you and your life. I feel very happy to notice so much positive
chemistry between you and me and our connection has promising
perspectives as we seem to be a compatible matching couple with same
desires and aspirations. You seem to have the qualities that make you
very desirable and appealing to me...And what lovely words you have
told me in your letter,you are real gentleman:)

In continue I want to answer on your question about cooking,of course
I like it and do it I think very good,so maybe one day in future I
will cook for you something special from our Ukrainian kitchen,what do
you think&

You know, today I have a day off(it is not fixed and each week it is
different). I would like so much to devote it to my family, to my
beloved man, but I'm alone and it makes me very sad in such moments.
You see, I'm family-oriented lady and even painful experience from my
past marriage didn't make me to lose a hope to meet my soul mate and
live happily. But it happens so in the life and unfortunately very
often..... I want you know I'm one man woman and i don't want to
experience my Destiny again and again making hurt myself. My
ex-relations lasted two years before our marriage and three years in
the marriage. My ex drank a lot and each year it became worse and
worse. I have done so many things to stop him, I tried many times to
explain him that he break his life and make me to suffer, but all was
in vain and I have asked him a divorce. Past is past and I think and
care now only about my present and future life.

At the present time I live in the rent apartment with one of my
friend. We have studied together at the the Pedagogical University. My
family who is my father, my mother and my grandparents, they all live
in the town, called Malinovka. I'm also from this town, i was born and
spent all my childhood and youth there, but have left it for the study
in Kharkov. After graduation of the University I stayed in Khakov till

Today you have read in this letter some confessions about my life and
now I would like to share with you one more. It concerns the way of
our communication. I want to tell that I don't have at home a computer
and also my English leaves to wish only the best, so because of these
sad reasons but for our wonderful communication I'm obliged to ask for
the interpreter's help in the translation firm. They help me not only
with the translations, but also gives me a chance to use the Internet
and computer. I think you should know that and also I hope it will not
disturb our further communication with each other.

Unfortunately I should leave now, as I have so much to do for this
single free day for me, but I leave with a hope in my heart to get a
message from you soon:-)

2009-11-09, 20:31:55
DOC from United States  
Yulya (

2009-11-10, 19:50:30
DOC from United States  
From: Yulya (
Received: from ([])
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
Subject: my greetings

Hi my nice Xxxx!

It is a wonderful day indeed. I am so happy to receive another letter
from you, dear Xxxx. It shows me that you are interested in me as
much as I am interested in you, so it is great:) It is a wonderful
dream, you know, and I want it to come true some day, but I still need
to know you better. You know, I almost got use to this writing, now it
is already so easy for me to put my thoughts on the paper. And I don't
afraid of anything, then I write to you, I am free. I hope you feeling
the same way, than you write to me, dear, it is very important to me
that we are sincere and feel free to communicate with each other.
Trust is one of the most important things in relations, I think. I
hate lies and pain my last relations was full of this. And I don't
want to relive this again. I think this works in relationship too, if
you are in love, you can give your all of you to your beloved, no
matter how much kilometers there are between us.

A couple of centuries ago, Royalty used to match and married princess
and kings as they where pleased. The couple didn't have any knowledge
about their future mates, there where no photos, not real letters,
just the need of the empowered to keep on ruling. Some how the couple
manage to grow as a pair and became not only happy but also one within
themselves. Today we have all this technology available for us to fall
in love and to create the family and live like in our dreams. So now I
want to invite you to this journey with me and will see where this
road will lead us, as I have already a certain feelings to you that I
can't described lie just an attraction...

Ok, I will finish here. Hope to hear from you
soon, my dear Xxxx.
Kiss you, Yulya.

2009-11-10, 20:51:36
OJAS from United States  
2009-11-11, 16:29:45
DOC from United States  
From: Yulya (
Received: from ([])
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
Subject: Yulenka

Hi my dear Xxxx, I know that we have been talking to each other just
a short time but there is a powerful feeling that is growing inside of
me, it makes me feel so good. You have become a very important part of
my day and I really look forward to reading the letters that you write
me. They brighten my life in every way.

I think you will agree with me that for a good relationship to grow we
need to trust each other and be honest with each other to achieve what
we want to achieve. You are so wonderful to me my sweet Xxxx, I would
love and be honored to know you in every way. I truly hope that you
would want to be my special man one day.

It is true I have never seen you and we have never met, never shaken
hands or even truly hugged and yet! I know for sure you care for me by
the kindness that you give. And our keyboards keep us together does
not matter where we live so I am emailing you to put a smile on your
face and to let you know in my heart you have a special place. The sun
is always shining just above the cloudy haze,as we share friendship
across an on-line maze. We express love and kindness without a face it
comes from deep inside our hearts from a special place. Within our
lives we share special dreams, unusual and unique. You have brightened
my life with the thoughtfulness you show. Your words encourage me more
than you could know. As people change and times keep changing too,one
thing stays the same the way I feel for you. For this relationship we
possess we owe a world of gratitude and debt,because we would not know
each other if it was not for the net,I will want you to tell me your
feelings about me and what you think we can do to achieve our ultimate
hopes and dreams of true love.

Now I give you a big kiss right in your sweet lips:)
Yours Yulya.

2009-11-11, 16:34:35
DOC from United States  
Yulya (

2009-11-12, 17:47:50
DOC from United States  
From: Yulya (
Received: from ([])
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
Subject: 'Inter Contact'

Dear Sir,

Please, allow us to notify you that the lady you have corresponded
with is unable to reply your last e-mail for the reason that her
contract with our bureau is over. We are translation bureau 'Inter
contact' and our service contains providing translation of your
correspondence and also computer and Internet access to your lady.
When the contract is fulfilled again, your correspondence will be
continued. We have notified your lady concerning the statement of her
contract as well.

We will be glad to assist you and your lady further. If you might be
interested in our service, would you, please, inform us through the
e-mail and we will forward you all the information concerning our
service. The e-mail address of our bureau is

'Inter Contact'.
2009-11-12, 21:21:47   (updated: 2009-11-12, 21:25:59)
DOC from United States  
- 27 y/o female
- New York, USA
- English, English, English
- maneger
- Have no children

Personal details

ProfileType     : single    
Sex: female    
Children: 0    
Want children: Yes    
Date of birth: 1982 - August - 8    
Height: 5'4' - 5'7' (161-170cm)    
Body type: Average    
Ethnicity: Caucasian    
Religion: Christian    
Marital status: Single    
Education: Some college    
Income: $10,000/year and less    
Smoker: No    
Drinker: No    

Details of the person you are looking for

I look for a: male    
Looking for an age range: 26 - 50    
It`s not so simple to speake about myself, but I think I am very romantic person,
cheerful, frankly and sincere, slenderness, attractive, womanly, tender and attentive. I
like children and cosiness in the house. I don't like lonliness and that is why I like to
communicate with different interesting people.

Ideal match description:
I would like to meet someone who can be honest, who knows how to take care of a
woman, love her, treat her, who wants to have a strong marriage and a baby. I prefer
strong men, who know what they want from life, who wants to stay with one woman and
be honest with her. I would like to have an open relationship and if we do not like
something in each other to speak about it, it's nice to be lovers but also good friends
and to trust each other, if you do something wrong, it's better to say so openly. Well, if
you are like my profile and feel that it is you, then I am waiting for your letter.


From: nadyxxxa

The beautiful, nice, lonely girl wants to get
acquainted with the man for serious attitudes.
An intim and network marketing to not offer!!! Only serious attitudes.
If to you as alone that write to me on my address:

n a d y x a 7 @ y a h ' U U ' . c o m

' U U ' = ' O O '

2009-11-12, 21:50:21   (updated: 2009-11-12, 21:54:51)
DOC from United States  
Received: from (nadyxa7@ with login)
by with SMTP;
From: Nadezhda Paymakova <>
X-Mailer: Becky! ver. 2.44 [ru]
Subject: Hello
IP Information -

IP address:
Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Unknown
Country (per outside source): -- []
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS: http://www.dnsstuff..7.128.216


Hello my new friend....
How are you doing??? It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter)))
It was very interesting and fascinating to search for it of the partner in life through a site
of acquaintances..
I also did not expect that will write to me, but as I have understood there many people
who only
Wishes sex. I think you not such))) I worry composing this letter a little....
As I for the first time get acquainted thus... I was advised by the girlfriend that
I would try to get acquainted through the Internet..
I want as to write a little about myself.. And me 27 years as you already it know my
name Nadezhda;)
I was born on August, 8, 1982. Has finished study at school then has acted to study in
After college I have gone to work. At present I work in tax service. I the manager
On on informing our visitors... I explain them as how to do))) For example, as by him
To fill in those or other forms and papers))) At me very interesting but also at the same
time very much
Tough job... To me to have to work with huge quantity of people...
I live with the parents, with mine the daddy and the grandmother...
It is the brief information on me))) I think you not from shy people??? So set
To me))) As I would like to know the questions more about you and about your life.... I
would attach the photos to the letter that you could estimate better me))) I
beautiful??? I as wait for the same fine photos from you.. I hope that to you will not
make the big work to make to me
Some fine photos and to write to me some lines about your life?
Unless it is possible to refuse the woman?))))
I shall wait very much for your prompt reply...
Your new friend Nadi. (So my name is friends)

P.S I shall very strongly take offence if you will not write to me)))
I wait, I wait and once again I wait)))

2009-11-12, 22:18:53
DOC from United States  
From: Nadezhda Paymakova <>
Received: from
X-Mailer: Becky! ver. 2.44 [ru]
Subject: hi

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff..7.136.137

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.136.137

Hello Xxxx!!!!
How your affairs?
I am very glad to receive your letter. But I am afflicted that that you
have not applied on it any photo ((. I asked you to send me some photo.
I cannot communicate with which person I do not see.... You would
communicate with me if I have not sent you not one photo. I think that
you would not began yes to read my letter.
And so I as well as you ignore your words. But I can understand.
. Also I would allow to you time that you could send me photos. I cannot
so to correspond. You understand me?
And so, in the following letter I wait from you a photo........
Our dialogue is a pity that so badly begins (((

2009-11-12, 22:33:07
DOC from United States  
From: Nadezhda Paymakova <>
Received: from
X-Mailer: Becky! ver. 2.44 [ru]
Subject: hi

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...137.164+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.137.164

Hello Xxxx !!!
I very much waited for your letter and at last that I have received it)))!
How your affairs?
At me all is excellent)) I have just come after a dinner for work. I shall correspond
with you from the workplace as at my place there is no computer ((.
I looked your photos... It was pleasant to me.. You the interesting person)))
It would be desirable to write a little about your letter.
I want to tell to you more in detail about the life and those who is close to me.
I think that will be interesting to you.))
You already know that I live with the daddy and the grandmother. I did not see
mum three years. She has found to herself rich the man from Australia
and now lives with it. My father call Petr, it already on pension to it
of 56 years but it still continues to work. Now it works as the security
guard on parking place, up to pension it worked as the bus driver. My
grandmother is called Valentina, it with 83 years she as on pension. She
the veteran of war. Now she does not become independent almost and the
permanent care is necessary for it. I live in RUSSIA in settlement
Urmary. it in the western part of Russia.
It not the big settlement. If you want that can find it on a card.
I think that I shall not write other as I need to work.
I would like to learn more about your family and about that where do you live.
I never was abroad and it is very interesting to me to know and see all
this. You understand? I would like to receive some more photo from you.
Write to me my friend about your family. About that with whom you live,
about your friends. Write about that than you are engaged. OK?)))
On it I finish the letter and I shall wait for a fast reply........

Your friend Nadi..;)

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2009-11-13, 01:18:46
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-11-13, 07:57:58
OJAS from United States  
2009-11-12, 17:47:50 DOC --- 4 --- http://romancescam...=6&t=21984
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