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Dating scammer Svetlana


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Name: Svetlana



Other Comments:
she had contacted me 2 years ago as Victoria Leonova
same introduction letter as the first time with subtle changes.
definitely the same person.
I am playing along for now. took me for $500.00 the first time.*reached me at

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2009-09-13, 22:40:00   (updated: 2009-09-13, 22:43:31)
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
This is what I sent the new scammer with Juliya's pictures, It's the cycle starting all over again;

Прежде всего я хотел бы знать, кто трахание - Вы? То, какой гребаный мусор может, сделало Вас выходивший. Вы имеете нерв, чтобы написать мне акт как то, если Вы - действительно Maira, когда Вы делали те снимки от Журнала фотографии USMILY. Я не думал Вы, русские были настолько глупы, Но знать, что я действительно знаю, что Вы являетесь и еще более немой, чем dumb's делает легким.
Я не знаю, платите ли Вы той девочке за то, что она использует ее картины, так как она была снята в бруске суши со Скоттом. и затем после того, как Скотт посетил ее снова, она хотела деньги для ее больной матери. Так к, но длинная короткая история. Дайте ей мои отношения, так как она сексуальна, Вы можете трахнуть ее задница, затем поместить вашего Дика с дерьмом в ее месяце, о тогда поцеловать ее. Вы гребаная часть сумки пены грязной одежды, именно это Вы вероятно чувствуете запах, пот от жирных частей дерьма, которое Вы.
Я знаю, что Вы будете пойманы, и это будет скоро, след становится ближе к Вам, я могу чувствовать запах дерьма. И когда мы поймаем Вас, быть готовы к большой летучей мыши повыситься ваше отверстие задницы, в то время как ваш в наручниках и bended как собака, желающая испортиться задница, Вы скулите. НИЧЕГО СЕБЕ я не знал этих гребаных российских мужчин как этот вид вещи, должно быть кино этого однажды. это будет лучше чем, нарушил плохую гору,
Так с этим сказал, что я не хочу Вас к когда-либо траханью, пишут мне снова, с вашими fagget письмами от романа. Чтобы быть Борисом и писать другим мужчинам, Вы должны были бы быть fagget, который является единственным способом, которым Вы могли сделать так, чтобы мужчины написали Вам суке, которая является другим словом для женской собаки, если Вы не знали это.
Ваш - жир, чувствующий запах как человек дерьма, которого никто не любит, и задний позади компьютера, чтобы получить его гомосексуальные фантазии. Человек я говорю Вам ваш очень больная собака, Вы нуждаетесь в большой помощи, Пойдите к самой близкой больнице животных, и получите некоторую помощь сразу же.
Я не собираюсь писать больше, потому что я упал как блевание, рвота, подбрасывание, дерьмо, что когда-либо Вы хотите назвать этим.

First of all I would like to know who the fuck are you? What fucking garbage can did you come out of. You have the nerve to write to me an act like if you are really Maira, when you took those pictures from USMILY photo Journal. I didn't think you Russians was so stupid, But know I do know that you are and even more dumb than dumb's make easy.
I don't know if you are paying that girl for using her pictures, since she was filmed in a sushi bar with Scott. and then after Scott visited her again , she wanted money for her sick mother. So to but a long story short. Give her my regards, since she is sexy, you can fuck her up the ass, then put your dick with shit in her month, oh then kiss her,. You fucking scum bag part of dirty clothes, that is what you probably smell like, sweat from fat pieces of shit you are.
I know you will be caught and it will be soon, the trail is getting closer to you, I can smell the shit. And when we'll catch you, be ready for a big bat to go up your ass hole while your in handcuffs and bended over like a dog wanting to get fucked up the ass, you bitch. WOW I didn't know these fucking Russian men like this kind of thing, there should be a movie of this some day. it will be better than broke bad mountain,
So with this said I don't want you to ever fucking write to me again, with your fagget letters of romance. To be Boris and write to other men, you would have to be a fagget, that is the only way you could have men write to you bitch, that is an other word for female dog, if you didn't know that.
Your are a fat smelling like shit person that no one likes, and hind behind a computer to get his homosexual fantasies. Man I tell you your a very sick dog, you need a lot of help, Go to the nearest animal hospital and get some help right away.
I'm not going to write any more, because I fell like barfing, vomiting, throwing up, shit what ever you want to call.
This is there letter:

Hi ! It's me Maria. The first thing, I want to do, -
to say 'thank you' for your fast answer! :) It means that your heart is
open for new friends:) I think it's Great, because the friendship brighten
life of people and refresh soul, do you? That is why I was so glad to see
that you again have written to me. Ok, Probably you have already noticed
that I'm not able to keep my emotions inside of me. :) Of course I am
talking about joy, about good mood, about all good and positive things that
can be in my soul. I always try to share my joy with other people.
I try to never show to people that I am grieved or I have any problems in a
life. Therefore all people, with whom I work and communicate are sure that
everything in my life is perfectly, that I am a happy woman, that I have no
any disappointments. But unfortunately it is not always so, because when
the person is lonely, nothing can cure sadness. And if you ever felt the
same, of course you understand what I am speaking about.
Well, I must tell that I try to write in English as good as
possibly (within my knowledges). I hope you understand all what I write:)
I study English already for more than 18 years, but I understand that my
English is not quite correct. Therefore I apologize for my mistakes :).
At school I wanted to be the linguist or singer and even was finishing
musical school. But I sing songs during my life just for myself and do it
quite good :) I sing pretty good and I play piano. do you play
any musical instruments or sing? :) When I was finishing the school I
realized that I want to work in medical sphere. And after school I entered
The St.-Petersburg institute of stomatology (the dentist faculty).
After 7 years of studying there I have received my red diploma on
'Dentistry'. The red diploma is the highest mark at the finishing the
university in our country. I work for 2 years as a dentist(doc).
I like my job in spite of a lot of work. Also I have interesting seminar
trips in many places. I go there to rise my work quality. Once me have
offered training in Canada, and I then have agreed. It there was an every
prospect see the world for me. After job in Canada Im well studied English.
Then I have decided that should work In the English countries. It's wide
experience for me. Also it's very interesting. After ending training in Canada.
Me have offered job in USA. I Certainly have accepted it. But half-year
ago I has returned to Russia. It was necessary to settle some questions.
And Now I work in a local policlinic in our town. Can you tell me how did
you choose your job?
Well, what you are looking for in a woman ? Probably you have many
female friends in the Internet. :) ..mmm.. What else to tell about myself
as I have a little time.. By the way, I use computer at the clinic and work
from Monday till Friday. But sometimes Saturday and Sunday.
Therefore, maybe I will be able to write letters in weekends, if you want :)
This computer is located in cabinet of medical analyses. We get the access
to the Internet only few times in day, for sending analyses and receiving
Well, now this computer will be used for my dialogue with ! :)
I think you understood, I'm still single and I have no children. I wanted
as well to learn more about your family .I miss my parents too much...
Now I have to go back to work and hope to see you soon.
Have a nice day ! Sincerely and with the best regards.

PS. I sent you with this letter another pictures of me on trips. Hope you like

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Dating scammer Svetlana

2009-09-13, 23:08:17
anonymous from Farmington, United States  
Hey guys, We are all getting the same letters, same pics. it's so easy to see that they don't even read what you write. have they answered any of your questions? STUPID FUCKIN RUSSIAN COCK SUCKERS11
2009-09-13, 23:26:40

2009-09-14, 11:34:53
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
This is the letter i sent her after I got her send money letter:

The only way I can help you is if when you get here, there is no other way I can help you. If you tell your boss at work to give you the money so you can travel, just like when you came to Los Angels in June of this year, it will happen. I will not send any money to anybody I don't know in person. I'm so sorry, but that is a rule I know for many years, I have learned about all that goes on in the world wide web, when I was in prison. How did you get to the USA before? Tell your boss that you really need for him to pay you your vacation pay. You will not need any money when you get here, My home is waiting for you and so is my kids, they want o met you and are so happy you are coming to stay with us, and be their stepmother. How would you feel about that, having step children. Then you will have your own children with me and they will have bothers & sister.
Like I said I can't send you any money, but when you get here You don't need any money, cause I will provide for you as my wife to be. What do you think about that honey?
If you love me as you say you do, you should do what ever you have to do from your part to get here, And I will do my part to make you happy here. So you have to do this on your own if you really want o be with me, it all depends on how bad you want to be here with me. You are the one whom will decide on what you want to do.. find a way you complete your trip or say there. I leave it up to you my love.

2009-09-14, 11:48:46
anonymousThe,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
I hope you like the letter I sent them. That will bug the shit out of them. We should all send them something like that just to piss them off.
2009-09-14, 13:49:56
[hidden] from Sun Prairie, United States  
Hi guys, well Juliya, is comming down in price ! She wanted a grand, then five hundred, now only one ninty ? Wow this is a trip ! ( They ) who ever over there just does not get it ! I even tryed to get them to go to a different embassy? But no luck. But I guess I will have to send them one of your good bye letters in russian ! Thank you again for everything, and the great site !
2009-09-14, 15:30:03
anonymous from United States  
Hi, its Dude here, Well I sent ( them ) a letter, thanking them for there time ? I told them I new they were a scam from the first letter, and here in the u.s. we can tell, and that is fun for us now days to play along and waist there time, and money ! And that we love to see them try, and love to read there storys ! And I had to let them go because I was bored with boris, and he or she was way to boring for me now ! And that I wanted to find someone new to play with ! I wonder what they thought of that ? Great site, best of luck to everyone !
2009-09-14, 20:22:58
OJAS from United States  
He y guys, when insulting your Boris,
1) Block him, so he doesn't send you virises
2) If your computer protection is up to date, and you know what you are doing, only then allow his mail, clean it of any virus, and post his Yoshkar-Ola slang, we can use for the next Boris. Ordinary Russians won't even understand that language, nor can that garbage be processed by any translator. It can only be understood by another Boris, and can be used effectively.
2009-09-16, 11:34:18
well this is really fucked up i have been talking to juliya for 2 months now and i am so glad she has not asked me for money or flowers or the such. i am going to play a little while though and act as if i know nothing. thanks for all you guys posting this. i mean hell what makes a person do this shit, thats really fucked up and the worst part of it is i sent her pics of me . i am really pissed now. when i got the letter about house being broken into i sent her a letter telling her i was really pissed and i wished that i had the money to send her to just come on now. well i also told her that i was talking to my friend about her and that my friend said to be careful of scams, but that i said that is not the case with my juliya she is the most sweetest caring woman in the world, well on the next letter that she sent she told me that there were 3 men who got caught for robbing her appartment, and she told the police to let them go, so some reason i was blinded by the letters and her beauty and gave her my cell # top this, she actually called me, we talked for a few moments right after i started to read some of these pages here. it was so fucked up! i even thought what if she might be a real person and trying to get away from the scammers or something. well i am going to play like i said and see if she comes to the airport, if she does (which she probally wont) its not so much for me to drive to the airport, i will go and see if she does i will go up and kiss her and tell her i am sorry but i found someone else and leave her standing at the airport with a big what the fuck just happened look on her face, if she ever shows. thanks again guys, sorry for your luck you guys who got fucked. fuck it any way
2009-09-16, 13:57:28
OJAS from United States  
2009-09-16, 18:03:45
well guys i found another email she is telling me she is in russia and she goes in the morning to moscow to get to the embassy. i took the ip address from her letter and used the free look up at well she or who ever is not even in russia, she is sent this letter from california her new email is

after all i was really hoping that she was for real. sure is a shame people do this kind of thing. makes you think, people doing this sort of thing is why the world will be judged by god. soon hopefully
2009-09-16, 18:10:19
what a fucking joke, fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck, man i really thought i was gonna get some hot babe from russia to be with me i should have known when i sent her the picture of myself and she told me i was a handsome man it was a fucking scam shit im a fat man, i mean about 50 lbs over wait if i am being honest i dont know what the fuck i was thinking well at least i didnt get fucked out of any money,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,

fuck me in the face
2009-09-16, 20:15:13
anonymous from United States  
Hi , Guys, Dude again ! ' OJAS ' Thank you for the great info !!!!! You are A great help to us all ! ( Thank you very much ) for all your Help ! Well I sent another email, telling Juliya that I new the pictures were not of her, and that I new they were from Usmily ! And that the scam was over ! Also I told them they needed help and Church was A good place to start ? And I said alot of not so nice things to, like you will be in jail soon and so on ! And no emails for 4 days, and now I get one and its very short, and she is in A hurry, and will write back again very soon ! What a trip ! It must be a new person !
And anyone who sent pictures ? I guess we have to check out other sites to see if they are using them ? Aferica, ( Nigeria ) and Russia, use them the most !!!!!!
2009-09-16, 20:52:04
OJAS from United States  
2009-09-17, 10:26:11
anonymous from United States  
well i hope you guys like this little idea i had i just sent this to sweet juliya

my dear sweet juliya, i know that you are the doctor, and i am almost ashamed to ask you this, but my friend has become very ill and she needs a big operation which will cost lots of money, is there any way you could loan me 2000.00 dollars i have some of the money and other friends are taking up collections, we all want to see her get well, this money is the only thing keeping her from getting well, we need 10,000.00 dollars altogether, i have donated 500 it is small but all i have and i thought because you love me so much you would want to help a dear friend of mine, i will be able to pay you back at the beginning of the new year, i will get money from the stock i am selling it is suppose to go through the roof in january 2010 and i will be rich then, so i know i can count on you please to send me the money if you can, i will send you the address if you can please help my friend now she really needs the money for the operation and i know you are so caring and gentle and you are sweetest girl i know, i am so ashamed to ask but i know not what else to do,
yours truely always and for ever

she is suppose to be in moscow to get the embassy interview today, wonder how she will react to this, i hope she gets it soon, hope you guys like this. weird as it may seem i am the guy who gave her my cell phone number and she has actually called me 2 times both times we got cut off before i could charge a good bill up for her though anyway i am waiting now for the next letter.
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