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Dating scammer Svetlana


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Name: Svetlana



Other Comments:
she had contacted me 2 years ago as Victoria Leonova
same introduction letter as the first time with subtle changes.
definitely the same person.
I am playing along for now. took me for $500.00 the first time.*reached me at

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2009-09-18, 10:11:02
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
This is the last e-mail, I got from her the other day: I tell you they are really go at this shit, that has to be a good writer to send this kind of stuff. They are pro's in the business of scams.

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Re[2]: finest news!
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2:03 PM
'Juliya' <>
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Hi my ****! When I waited your letter, I was so tense. I really was
afraid to ask the help because people in Russia do not like to help each other.
Now in my life there are two people who I can rely completely on. Now in my
life there are you and I feel myself as behind a stone wall. I am afraid of nothing.
I know that we will be together and I can thank you not by words but my feelings.
I can prove to you that you are worthy of most best in this life and if I
can give you the best, I will make it. I ask you the help, and it is really
necessary for me. Your words gave calmness to my heart. My dear! Your words
have convinced me that I meet you and I will be happy as never before.

**** my time is limited. I am obliged to pay full cost. I spend all the
day trying to come up with any help but everything were possible it I got
telegram from Svetlana and she with my brother is sending 5500 roubles ($183)
to support me here,it is all they had Also I could borrow 3000 roubles
(100 $) from girlfriend, here in Moscow. And we need about 190 more, I ask
you only what I really need. But I want you to know, that I would be
grateful to you in any case. I am grateful to you already now. Any your
help is a big support for me. I will be grateful to you for any help.
I did not want to put you into inconvenient position. Please forgive me
once again. The word of honor if I could do without your help, I would not
began to ask you about the help. You are the last person to whom I has
addressed for the help. I think nevertheless I must explain why I have
addressed to you. I want you to understand that I really did all what I could.
I expected that I could convince the boss of mine to give me vacation payment now.
If I could receive this money now, I would pay my travel completely.
But I was refused. Also, I have been compelled to buy new door for my apartment.
But I cannot leave my apartment with broken door. That's why I have bought
a Steel door and have employed the repairman to fix it. I could not make it
by myself. And of course I have been compelled to pay for his work.
In Russia nobody will make it free-of-charge. Also you know, that thieves
have stolen funds from my apartment. And they, still have not returned it..
But they have subscribed that will transfer to me funds in three weeks and
I can compensate to you. I have paid for all papers for travel and a basic
part of tickets. I did not want to tell to you about all these things.
But I want you to understand that I did not want to ask you. I really tried
to make everything what in my forces. But I did not expect all these
unforeseen circumstances. But now I have you, you are my hope and support,
and I think that if I ask you the help, it is not a sin. I really want to
be with you. I understand that I must do all by self. But I could not and I
leave my destiny in your hands. I need you and I wait your answer, your
love and your help. Once again forgive me. I so want to thank you.
I'm so happy that I will see you. Simply know, that I am sincerely grateful
to you and I will prove to you it when I will arrive to you. I have given
all what I could. And all what I have now are my Feelings, the sincerity of
which I think I has proved; and Hope that you will not throw me now when
the most difficult things are behind. Only $190 and we shall be together.
Please **** I'm happy that I will see you. Now I am sure in it on 1000.
And it so calms me. Together we are much stronger, and to go thru obstacles
together is much easier. I really haven't anybody more except of you.
My dear, I long time did not fly in a plane . And I should tell that
I am afraid. I so often saw in TV-news about accidents, planes falling when
all passengers perish. Are you afraid to fly by plane? I am really afraid.
And I am afraid that I will have feeling of a nausea. You should teach me
how to not worry in a plane! I hope for you.
Your yesterday, your today, your for ever - Juliya!

2009-09-18, 12:25:01
OJAS from United States  
Download ans save these in your computer. You owe it to them for all the stolen pix they sent you. http://www.delphifa..=9#168645
2009-09-18, 12:52:25
[hidden] from United States  
sweet juliya moscow or charleston s. carolina? what the fuck!

IP address:
Country name: United States
Country code: US USA
Region: SC South Carolina
City: North Charleston
Latitude: 32.8688
Longitude: -80.0401
Postal code: 29418
Area code: 843
DMA code: 519
Timezone: America/New_York

this is the ip from the last letter i just recieved from sweet juliya,how can she be in charleston s. caroilina when she just told me she was in moscow here is the letter

Good afternoon mine dear and lovedxxxxxx, for me it is very
happy day to see your letter. I'm in Moscow! You can't imagine how
happy I am because I already started my trip to you! Moscow is a
really big city! I've been told the population of Moscow now is about 20
million of people! From the Volgodonsk I went by train... it was so long way...
about 23 hours. When I got off the train in Moscow, policeman asked
me about passport and he looked at me like I am an enemy ))) I think
all people here are a little crazy. Everything here is very expensive,
not like in my city... and everywhere are big crowds of people!
Everywhere is so many people! I feel uncomfortable because of it but I
hope I will be OK soon. I couldn't find a cheap hotel, everything is
so expensive in Moscow. I managed to find number for $80.. but I have
counted it also expensive. I managed to find my girlfriend, Maria...
We studied at university. She has allowed me to stop in her house.
We had many conversations, spoke about you much. Maria it is very glad
for me! Today she has carried out all the day long with me..
And by the evening accompanied to the Internet of cafe.
And has gone for work.
Johnny I think that everything most difficult has remained behind us!
I had the conversation in embassy! I knew that it would be a difficult
conversation, but I could not imagine at all that I must answer to so
many questions. And prior to the beginning of I have been so frightened,
I so worried. But as soon as they have asked the first question,
I at once became absolutely calmed down. I simply sat, and straight
answered to questions. I spoke everything what I think, in all
sincerity, as always. They asked me actually about everything!
They asked me about my life, about my childhood,, about terrorism,
about my work, about my last relationship. They have read all
documents which I has collected. They asked me about my belief in god.
and often I saw on their faces that they expected from me not such the
answers, but I didn't want to speak beautiful things which pleasantly
to listen to. I simply spoke sincerely all what in my heart.
And first I thought that my answers have not satisfied them, but they
have told that to listen to my answers very pleasantly and unusually.
They have told that 'bitter' sincerity always better than 'sweet'
flattery. Besides, I already had experience of reception of the visa and
they really have been impressed with fact that I had such a great support
from many people and establishments. And maybe in some hours All papers
will be in my hands !!!!! I can't believe. I feel that I did all correctly.
xxxxx I should also ask you the very important question once again.
When I'll arrive to you, there is a place, I however can be stop at your home?
Or however I should live in the hotel? But I dont want stop in the hotel.
dont like hotel. But I have found some variants. Just in case.
And dear, dont forget send me all information.
1. Your full name in passport.
2. Your full home address and accessible phone.
3. Also once again nearest airport . Where you will precisely meet me.
xxxxxx today I saw my parents in my sleep-dream, and they smiled to me.
I know that it is their approval. I see my parents in sleep-dream very seldom!
I always knew that dream will never simply fall into hands
from the sky. I always knew that if you want the dream to come true,
you must do for this purpose all what in your forces. I know that it
is necessary to believe, hope and struggle. And I really struggled
xxxxxx, I tried to do all what in my forces. And I hope god will
help us. after all difficulties, after all efforts I believe that
Everything will be fine! I really feel that I did everything well.
xxxxxx I worry very much, but my heart say to me that I should smile.
And I smile today. I feel that I will meet you. I feel that the
meeting at the airport will be beautiful and romantic. I will tell you
everything what I will feel at that moment, and you will tell me. And
then we will leave the airport and we will chatter and laugh. I will
tell you how I endured the flight in the plane and what I was thinking about.
You will tell me how you waited for me at the airport. And then we
will have a wonderful time together. We will walk, spend evenings, to
watch funny and scary movies, - and I will hide under your hand at the
most scary moment... We will meet together the first beams of the sun
and will see off a magnificent sunset. We will sit near a window and
to drink hot tea while in the street will be a strong rain. How I want
to have a breakfast together and a supper with candles. How I want to
shout together with you at the stadium; or simply to lay on a bed, and
to tell each other about a life. How I want all this - simple things
which will bring to us so many joy. If everything will be fine, I will
start the most difficult process - preparation of my suitcase! :) .
xxxxxxprobable by during week we shall be together:)
SOON WE WILL BE TOGETHER!!!!! But now I have to go! My legs shiver
as if I the schoolgirl! :) . Wish me luck and think of me!

Your Juliya.
2009-09-18, 15:07:59
anonymous from United States  
If this ( One ) is in the U.S. you should nail them big time !!!!!!! Set them up with the Feds help ! Its internet FRAUD ! And would'ent you be happy to know you got one of them for all of us ?
2009-09-18, 15:22:10
OJAS from United States  
If the hosting company is in the US, the FBI has jurisdiction. But you have to prove that they were accomplices to a foreign scam. Unfortunately, attempted scam is not good enough!
2009-09-19, 02:39:53
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
Hey, Johnny you will get the letter I have posted at the beginging of this 16 page comment board. I'm the New Yorker As you can tell by looking at my heading. the letter you have posted is the one I got before the one I posted. Which will be your next letter. I hope you understand, it is a bit tough twisted.
If you sceoll back a few pages you will see the letter I sent them it would be a good idea for you to send them the same one to kind of freak them out, as well as the one OJAS has posted.
If you want to waste there time and money on internet fees just give them a new address and tell them you friend wants to also talk with her, lead them on a wild goose chase with no return. Then they will write to your friend and start the cycle all over again. Just make up any fake e-mail and send it to them. Look at the nasty letter I've send them in Russian and in English.
Just have fun and waste there time and internet fees as well, we are smarter than them.
2009-09-19, 02:41:56
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
Hey, Johnny you will get the letter I have posted at the beginging of this 16 page comment board. I'm the New Yorker As you can tell by looking at my heading. the letter you have posted is the one I got before the one I posted. Which will be your next letter. I hope you understand, it is a bit tough twisted.
If you sceoll back a few pages you will see the letter I sent them it would be a good idea for you to send them the same one to kind of freak them out, as well as the one OJAS has posted.
If you want to waste there time and money on internet fees just give them a new address and tell them you friend wants to also talk with her, lead them on a wild goose chase with no return. Then they will write to your friend and start the cycle all over again. Just make up any fake e-mail and send it to them. Look at the nasty letter I've send them in Russian and in English.
Just have fun and waste there time and internet fees as well, we are smarter than them.
2009-09-19, 17:32:09
anonymous from Richardson, United States  
I too was contacted by sweet Juliya,and she did fool me a bit at the begining.Things didn't seem right,so I said to myself that what ever happens I willn't send any money. Then in a dream last night I saw her parents,like so many times she had told me she had seen them.Her Mum sucked my dick and her dad kept saying why mum why mum why mum. And mum said ,his cum is to good for her she can eat shit. The moral to the story is , some people get to cum to America and some people just are full of shit
2009-09-20, 03:37:28
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-19, 17:32:09
anonymous from Richardson, United States

Thank You for that at best disgusting story.
Next time think before, You dump garbage here.
What a waste of space, I'm sorry, Your a so called American.
Good Luck with spitting in peoples faces.
It usually looks better to appear smarter than a scammer not as dumb.
Its not even funny so no hummer points scored either.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-09-22, 20:02:36
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
I guess it has come to the end of Juliya.
Now I'm getting the same letters I got from Julyia, but it is now Maris, here it is:

Hi ! I waited to receive your email today, and when I got your
letter, it was a better time.
I was working with lots of stress today. Today we had to receive medicines
and all pharmaceutical materials, including anesthetics. But for some
reasons the bus with medicines again has not come to our clinic. Of course
I have declared to all patients that I can work but only without anesthetics.
But there were many people who were ready to cure a tooth even without
anesthesia because there is no guarantee that the bus will come tomorrow.
Therefore today was the twice difficult working day because not each person
is able to endure a pain, especially children. Anyway, I took a break and I
have been informed that you had written. I forgot about all my worries with
I wanted to write back instantly but I could not because of the flow of
patients wishing to cure a tooth. So, thank you for your letter !
Forgive me that I speak about a teeth and about my work. Probably the
process of reading about it is unpleasant, just like to sit in the armchair
in dental cabinet... :) I know that many people are afraid of dentists,
but I assure you that as the woman I am absolutely not dangerous and harmless!

Oh now the main moment of my day is expectation which eventually
changes to sincere joy because my friend has written me his letter!
Each time I have small feeling of worry - 'What if have not written
me today?' But when I receive your letter, everything becomes simply excellent,
the smile does not leave my face and already nobody can overpersuade me
that this day is a good day! I hope your day as well is filled with
pleasure and nothing will sadden your mood!? It is really wonderful, when
in the life appears new aspiration, new purpose, don't you agree? Without
it life would lose any sense. Dreams and the purposes force people to rise
onto mountain top or to sink to oceans bottom, to conquer North Pole or to
land on the Moon, to build family and to win on Olympic games. And when
your dream purpose comes true, you have tears of sincere joy in your eyes,
and it is much more important than many things in our life. And you will
always remember these tears of joy, because these tears will tell you that
you really lived, dreamed, aspired and struggled. What sort of
life you are looking for now? I have noticed, that I often start to ask
myself these questions. 27 years old is not a lot, but it is not young age also.
I often begin to think of what I have done in my life, what purposes I have
reached, what mistakes I made. I start to think of the future more often, I
began to estimate my past. Probably this age - time to look back and to
draw the certain conclusions, time to think and analyze a life, time to put
new purposes and tasks. I begin to understand that I already hardly will
able ever to touch amazing stars, I understand that many things in the life
are not so simple as I thought; I understand that great deal in my life
will be otherwise than I thought. It is a time of reassessment of values.
And probably it is high time to dream about simple human happiness.
You agree with me ? Oh, Enough about it :)
I have absolutely overlooked, that I should return to my patients!!!

Necessarily poem for you, my friend :)

I have never seen you in person,
I have never looked in your eyes,
In dream I met you,
In dream at night I met your image.

I remember your image since that moment,
Also i feel your embraces,
I will remember for ever,
All that happend in this dream

Write to me soon,
Your Maria.

2009-09-29, 12:41:25   (updated: 2009-09-29, 12:55:21)
anonymous from United States  
I too was suspicious about a 'Juliya' and I put her pic here on this site and I got all of the other pics too that she / he sent me. It's the same person. It's such a shame that these people stoop to these low levels. At this point in our emails I have been 'leading her on' due to my suspicions. Why would a woman half my age be interested in me?? And, she is SO gorgeous!! She uses the same email as others have mentioned '' Thanks to this site I had her pegged as the phony she/he is! She mentioned she is a 'dentist' also, and due to her work facility being closed down for several months for upgrades and refurbishing she will be on 'vacation' for two weeks. Well guess what....she wants to come and see me in the US! She said I can meet her at the airport. So I told her sure come on over. No money has been asked for yet but I'm just waiting for the hook. I will continue to 'play' w/ her for now and let this site know of future emails.
PS: she/he also loves to write 'special' poems for me too! Problem is, they never rhyme like a poem should. And, like others on this site have said, she/he never directly answers any of my pointed questions.
ALSO: I got the same letter that 'The New Yorker' got, but it is still from Juliya. Exact same letter, word for word AND the same poem!
2009-10-01, 21:01:23
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
I thought is was all over , but she strill is trying to hold on, she sent me a letter saying please help her to come to the USA, she really wants to come and be with me.To send her $110.00 to come, here is is:

My dear ****! its me Juliya How are you doing there?
I am fine, thank you for your letter, i have always been honest to you and
i am very serious about our relations, i would never let you down and i
have no back thoughts about our future together. I see that it is not easy
way for getting me there,could you tell me if we have only problem to put
funds together for my trip there? May be you are not ready? Let me know.
I belive that God has connected us and i think that if we have a chance to
meet now and if we have a possibility to check how couple able we are in
person, why do not we meet now? If it is Destiny and it is about us,just
lets make it True and enjoy our happiness. I do not belive that we have
find each other by mistake. Our life is too short and there is no way to wait.
Do you really want to put me in such situation when i have to wait 5 more
month for our missing you all the time?
**** Believe me i do not really think it is necessary to do if we can
make it now. I Do Believe there is no impossible things in this World if
people do really want it. I want us to be together and try relations,
i listen to my heart and it tells me that you are good man. I try to come
up with funds from my end, i will be getting around 80 usd today from my
girlfriend so i will need about 110 usd your support,please go to bank and
send it here asap, so i can pay for tickets before weekend, use the
instruction i send you in my last letter and make transfer, the next week
is going to bring us together and i hope you will come to the airport with
red roses and we will have our first kiss there. And much more at home
after that :) We need to hurry, we have very less of time,i need to go...
I am looking forward to hearing from you !

Yours Juliya
2009-10-05, 17:08:14
anonymous from United States  
haha...I got caught in the Juliya scam, you'd think she'd change her friggin' email
2009-10-07, 21:23:40
The,New,Yorker from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
It is finely over the Juliya saga the soap of the internet world of scams and scammers, We all can rest form this termoil. Now we need to get in volvled in some other activities. Anybody have any ideas, It kind of boreing, with out Juliya..
2009-10-15, 15:51:09   (updated: 2009-10-15, 15:54:04)
anonymous from United States  
Good afternoon men,about 1 month ago i wrote about dear Juliya sucking my dick while dear old dad was getting it in the ass by the war hero grandpa. And one of the people posting on this site said more or less what kind of pig i was to talk so badly about dear old Juliya,this little sheep humping asshole had the nerve to tell me how he was up set with my text.Hmmmm Do you remember when dear old Juliya would say Hmmmm in some of her letters,The reason she did that is because your a big pussy and when she was shoving it in your ass and taking all your money you were saying Hmmmm,that was the best fucking I've ever had.This guy is still in love with dear Juliya,hay asshole why don't you pay the guys back who lost their money to this peice of shit and stop being such a cum sucking pussy yuorself.This guy is Agent 86 Maxwell Smart. If you want to send Dear old Juliya more money asshole, send it to the people who have respect for themselfs who are not such a dildo like yourself
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