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Dating scammer Dina Krampah


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Name: Dina Krampah

Email: goldengirl4x4/d_krampah/meruder4x4/holydiana4x4/ben_oworae

Number 2 address
Opposite Ghana Police Station
Police road
House number KN 56/3
North Kaneshie

Other Comments:
I think this is a Big Gang of 10 to 15 people possibly using a few Adults of professional status since I ran into a Doctor who is very involved also. They seem to be very good and possibly dangerous but they make mistakes too. All emails are yahoo too.
I just received 2 emails from other guys on 3/1 that were being scammed too by her since I posted an ad in and she is so good in matters of the heart. Two other guys from Sweden and USA have both been helping me this week and we finally figured them out too. Man if I just listened to my brain and what it was telling me too!
This one got me after 20 others missed because I thought she was real and she is so very sweet when she wants to be too. The key with this one is she is always sick and needs help with operations or other things she cannot do for herself because she is so poor. Ahhhhhhhhh Poor Bebe!
The address is all baloney and so is everything else. I have been hustled by this woman for 8 months now and there is a big group of them and they seem really good but they make stupid lies up a lot since they don't know English very well. Don't Fall for the family or the midwife thing since they are just a bunch of punks and camming will just get you sucked in since she looks the same on cam. All this has been confirmed by me and two other men from Sweden and USA and if you use an IP Checker you will see they NEVER leave Ghana ever!
No doctors, no pastors, Just plain old scams with nothing to do but suck mens money dry only. My ONLY wish is that I could be there to deal this one personally and anyone who can help me with this would be a friend too.
Anything with a 4x4 after the email most likely means they are in this gang and I am sure there are many more too. The pictures may mostly be from Porno sites but I think the main ones are really her too.

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2009-04-11, 15:58:26
anonymous from United States  
all documents on this web is fake... scam
2009-06-21, 12:38:47 from Denmark  
Well to clean my name on other delphi sites , should it be good if you could tell Agent 86 from USA , Fred from Germany and wanwan from Japan , who helped you with this i can post some off the fakecams pics here off her 'friend' from Germany or Italy

Scambuster Ghana

2009-06-21, 12:40:29 from Denmark  
Pls look at the windows , i chat with her at 11 pm Ghana time , and all people who been in Ghana knows its dark at 6pm

Scambuster Ghana

2009-06-21, 12:44:34 from Denmark  
She used the cam , but she had bad connection , that was what she told me , when i said it was still pitures on the cam .
So they the scammers have recorded it from some girl whpo offcourse dont know anything that they use her pics and cam pics

Scambuster Ghana
2009-06-21, 13:13:03 from Denmark  
Here is the first chat i have with her/him . I got the mail address from the guy in US who asked me fore help .

Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 20:45:39): Hi ;)
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 20:47:36): Hey beauty , wow , you look sexy , i would love too have a chat with you , contact me on
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:52:40): who are you? tell me about yourself
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:52:56): Hey
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:53:18): I am Claus from Sweden
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:53:20): tell me about urself
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:53:35): where do u get my email ID from?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:53:57): I was on the yahoo finder
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:54:25): And then i saw abeautiful pics , so i just wanted to contact you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:54:57): you saw my pictures at website?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:55:01): So we go maybe chat and well learneach other
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:55:19): On yahoo search
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:55:42): i dont remember that i have ever gone to yahoo search
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:55:44): Well i dont know if it you , but there was a very nice picture
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:56:03): I have never been there before eigther
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:56:11): and can u show me the picture that was on the site?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:56:24): Wait i will show you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:57:04): i wait here
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:58:09): Try this link http://www.persiang..&rnd=1894
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:58:20): That where i found you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:58:36): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:58:52): are you man?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:58:55): can i see you
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:59:34): Yes i am a man
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 21:59:55): Where do you live ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 21:59:55): what is your age
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:00:04): i live here in ghana
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:00:04): 43 years
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:00:21): can i see more of you
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:00:27): Ok i didnt know that , i have been there before
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:00:45): Well yes but i also want to see you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:00:46): when do you get my email?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:01:51): I just click on the picture there , and then did there come upp this page so i could write too you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:01:57): yes but i dont photos online and lets talk and when its time for me to show u,i will do that
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:02:17): okay no problem,are u single?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:02:35): Ok , but is it you on the pics here now ??
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:03:04): Yes i am sigle otherwise shouldnt i seek after a woman
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:03:06): yes that is me
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:03:22): so do you want a woman
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:03:29): You are very beautiful
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:03:48): Yes i want a real woman
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:04:03): Who knows how life shall be
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:04:07): yes i am real and i also want a real woman also
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:04:24): tell me more about u to know u more
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:05:29): And how about you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:05:57): i am now getting work in NGO
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:06:16): NGO what is that ??
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:07:03): How old are you ???
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:07:04): its an NATIONAL DISASTER ORAGNASION and i am working there as RED CROSS
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:07:18): I am 25 years
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:07:31): Ok sounds like a intersting job
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:08:25): yes but i wish i had a better job
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:08:36): Do you use to go on cam ?? I dont want websex or some things like that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:08:48): But its better than nothing
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:09:03): I have friends in Ghana who dont work
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:09:19): yes i understand and i am not in for websex okay
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:09:23): And that is not easy to get a job
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:09:49): yes my claus and do u have a webcam
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:09:56): Yes
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:10:25): What is your name ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:10:44): karren
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:11:17): Ok its alomost the same as Karen here in Skandinavia
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:17:51): i am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:18:13): are you there
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:18:52): Yes i am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:19:03): are you busy
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:19:24): No , not special
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:19:34): I have a friend here online too
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:19:46): can you show me your cam?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:19:48): oh okay
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:20:28): so now do you like me to be your lover?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:20:39): you are nice handsome man in the cam
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:20:44): Only lover
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:20:46): do u live alone
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:20:50): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:21:03): yes and i am also seriously looking for lover
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:21:34): But that sounds perfect
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:21:44): to called my husband ,and have kids because my mom is worried me to get her greandchildren
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:22:05): have u been in africa here before
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:22:08): Ok, that also sounds good
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:22:17): I love ebony kids
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:22:53): i am serious and looking for serious man,so are u the man of my dream?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:23:23): Well maybe , it depens on you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:23:52): me and what do u expect from me to do for you?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:24:36): what it is that link meaning?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:25:43): It my page look on it , the only thing who not are right there is that i have wrote that i have a relationship , but i was tired to get 15 mails per day
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:26:06): okay i have see u there in Tagge and can you
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:26:27): What
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:27:59): yes i getting feeling on u and i have even kiss u on the screen of the cam
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:28:16): u look cute and handsome
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:28:41): Ok , thanks , so now should i be glad to see you too
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:29:32): wait i am trying to see if my cam will work but do u love me?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:30:02): Well i cant say that i have chat with youfor 20 min
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:30:09): But i am interested
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:30:17): and have many girls from african have u been with?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:30:26): 1
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:31:07): and when do u met that girl?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:31:43): In Dec last year
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:31:53): It was just sex
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:31:58): It was in Accra
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:32:17): and have u been here in ghana before?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:32:24): Yes Accra
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:32:37): I was there in 5 weeks
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:32:52): oh so now u know my country
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:33:44): Well i know Accra Kumasi Cape Coast , Kakum park
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:34:22): yes,that is true and when will u return again
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:34:47): I was in a village un the eastern region under the first Election day
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:35:00): In April or may
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:35:07): oh yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:35:15): so do u like ghana here
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:35:39): Yes i love Ghana, all people are very kind
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:36:19): yes that is ghana the peaceful country
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:36:51): So dont you think that you can go on cam now , or show me some pics
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:37:53): YES wait,i am restarting my pc and will be back in 3 minutes,wait for me ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:38:01): Ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:48:56): Can you get it working
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:49:37): hello
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:49:44): am here ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:49:52): I am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:50:10): accept the cam
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:50:55): can you see me now?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:50:55): Hey
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:51:00): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:07): i have problem with my cam ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:17): it been froozing
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:51:19): Ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:37): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:51:38): So you are a white girl
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:41): and am there for you ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:45): oh yea
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:51:50): as you see me
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:51:55): Where are you from
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:52:08): as am there to meet you ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:52:22): Ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:52:32): am half italian
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:52:34): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:52:39): Ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:53:06): and half ghanaian as am living in ghana now ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:53:13): Ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:53:29): Can you give me a smile
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:53:39): oh yea
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:54:44): Ok how long time habe you been living there
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:55:24): i just came to ghana for about 4yrs now since i lost my dad
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:55:43): Ok sory to here that ,
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:55:50): Where in Accra do you live
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:56:23): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:56:32): Can i see you without the classes so i can see your eyes ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:56:49): and am living at alajo around kwame knrumah circle
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:57:15): Ok i know where that is
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:57:45): with out the glass i cant not see the typing well
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:58:09): and i would even find it difficult to talk with you online
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:58:19): and my cam is getting my old pc froozing
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:58:24): as the cam has problem
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:58:46): Yes i can see that
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 22:59:45): oh yea and am even thinking of stoping the cam because it getting my pc froozing and am fraid of it might give my pc virus
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 22:59:45): But isnt it dark in Ghana now its 10 pm , when i was there for 2 month ago it was dark at 6pm
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:00:01): as i wanted to off it so when i can get new can i would be bale to use that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:00:07): Just clean the harddisk
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:00:23): oh yea is dark in ghana and am in the house now
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:01:28): But when i look on the windows it looks like ist bright outside
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:02:01): it is the out light at the porch
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:02:15): that is out side light in the porch
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:03:16): can you talk to me
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:03:27): Yes i can talk too you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:03:39): alright
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:03:52): But i just got a important sms and i need to answer that
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:04:04): let me check from my cam wait a minit
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:04:06): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:04:44): i want to show you something on the cam do you like it ?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:05:17): am coming to off the now right now because it is given me problems
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:05:59): Ok the cam is almost just still pics
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:06:49): hello
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:07:06): I am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:07:16): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:08:02): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:08:19): you like that ?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:08:22): Very nice
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:09:06): i was just turning it for you to see my passion if you like that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:09:06): Very very nice , but the cam is freezing
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:09:13): but my cam froozing
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:09:17): oh yea
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:09:20): I love it baby
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:10:04): Are you there
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:10:33): oh am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:10:38): the cam froozing
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:11:40): So have you plans to stay in Ghana forever ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:12:27): ok not really but am just waiting for my love and husband to meet and be with forever ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:12:58): as i would love to be with you if you are willing to be with me ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:13:45): I can promise you that i would love too meet you as soon i come dwn
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:13:58): when would that be ?
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:14:15): as am willing to meet you ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:14:21): April or May , i am looking after a house there
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:14:31): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:14:53): as i would love to meet you if you will be honest with me forever
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:15:30): I am a honest person so my comming wife shall also be honest
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:16:20): and i will love that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:16:36): Did you read what i had wrote on the Tagged
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:17:19): oh yes that is why i want us to be honest and truthful with each other ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:17:31): Do you know what i mean about , to use the fantasi
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:17:52): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:18:11): Do you know what i mean ???
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:18:43): yes u mean feelings
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:19:02): u know i havent been in relartionship before in my life
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:19:17): I will never cheat on you , but i will have a extra girl in the bed time to time , and the same if you wants 2 guy´s then its ok , if just i am one off them
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:19:44): Sex is very important in a relationship
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:20:03): ok but i want only one who is honst to be with forever
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:20:09): tht is true
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:20:14): that is right
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:20:16): Love is for 2 person , but sex can be on 3
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:20:51): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:21:03): if you will be hnest with me ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:21:07): Have you ever been with a girl before
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:21:23): I am honest and trustful
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:21:26): no
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:21:30): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:22:05): OK why not , almost all girls have fantasies about other girls from the age 15 to 30 years
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:22:30): ok here i havent any one
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:22:42): Ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:22:52): perhaps i havent try that before
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:24:05): I promise if you love too suck cock , and then you have a girls licking you at the same time , you will love it
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:25:00): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:25:07): then am willing to
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:25:29): Ok , you seams to be that girl i am looking for
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:32:48): i am having problems on my internet
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:33:19): I see that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:33:39): So do you have many friends in Accra
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:36:06): yes are u there
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:36:12): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:36:15): so u see my typing
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:36:20): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:36:27): yes i see many friends in Ghana
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:36:44): Ok , female friends ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:37:02): yes i have female friends
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:37:10): u look handsome
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:37:19): Why dont you have a boyfriend ?? I mean you are white and in Ghana
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:37:42): Yes i have females friend in Ghana
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:37:57): So they gonna fight to get me lol
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:39:25): yes i like to cheat my lover whom i will marry that is why i am still a virgin till now
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:39:35): do u love virgins?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:39:57): Well too be honest i dont know
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:41:12): But ok then can i learn you alot
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:41:40): So you have no idea what it means to get a squirting orgasm
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:41:59): yes i have much experience on sex but i wish to have a man who is best in sex to teach me more style in sex
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:42:31): I can learn you together with my girls there
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:43:53): yes but do u want me to be your lover or sex partner
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:45:07): I will explain , i gonna move too Accra , and i will have a big house there we are 6 women and 2 men , but we have room fore more
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:46:15): yes,so when actually will be here
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:46:24): April or may
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:46:38): and do u want me to take you serious as my lover and wait for you here in ghana
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:46:53): Do you have interest too try that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:46:55): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:49:40): yes i wish to try it first before i meet other's
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:50:13): Ok , we will meet there and i will be kind too you
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:50:56): i wish i have a new cam and Dildo so that we can do sex cam live and u see me playing with myself before you come
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:51:39): That sounds very naughty but good , my girl shall be naughty
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:51:55): yes claus
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:52:27): If you are half Italian , they normally loves hard sex too
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:53:18): Italian girls love analsex
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:53:53): yes i am half italin but i havent involved myself in any relartionship
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:54:33): becos i want to be faithful with my lover that is why i decided to keep my pussy for the right now
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-17 23:55:19): Ok what about your ass then , havent you try that with your fingers or dildo
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:56:08): i havent try it and i wish to try it,can u get me a dildo and better cam and some sex oils so that we can do live cam chat
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:59:01): yes that is nice but cant u post it for me to used to trained since you are coming long april and i cant wait for u to arrived here before i will trained,otherwise i will be in pains
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:59:09): when having sex first time
Mat Luv (2009-02-17 23:59:18): what do you think?

Scambuster Ghana
2009-06-21, 13:25:08 from Denmark  
The second chat

Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:00:32): ok that is what u think but i wish to used the dildo
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:00:39): first
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:03:38): Ok ,give me your name and address and i will send it down too you
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:05:05): yes DINA KAREN KRAMPAH,P.O.BOX 69,AGONA SWEDRU.GHANA
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:05:26): But didnt you live in Accra ??
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:11:38): Baby i am here
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:11:51): yes i losst my connection again
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:12:19): I saw that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:12:52): The address you send me , that was inSwedru , but didnt you live in Accra
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:13:16): yes i am living now there but i dont have apost box there
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:13:38): Oh ok i have a girl in Swedru
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:13:48): Same age as you
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:13:59): really and is she black?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:14:06): Yes
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:14:33): I would love to see you lick her
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:14:53): yes that will be good bebe
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:15:33): And she will bite you in your nipples
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:16:20): yes i will also do the same to her
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:17:10): She have very very good boobs and she is very sexy
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:18:51): yes can i see her?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:20:59): From her webcam
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:21:13): can i see more from her?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:23:23): This is on off the m
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:23:52): This is one of the other girls
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:24:45): Its late here , i have alot to do tomorrow
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:24:57): So good night and sweet dreams
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:25:27): yes good night and when can we chat again
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:25:48): Tomorrow after 5pm your time
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:25:53): claus can i tell you something?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:26:02): Offcourse
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:26:35): what is the girls name?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:27:04): No
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:27:23): You can get that when we meet , and when you meet her
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:27:32): and watch the picture with the bless carefull,it is different colour of the body dress pictures and the breast photo
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:27:57): I want you to know her name before you lick her
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:28:15): Yes i also wrote that it not was the same girl
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:29:32): yes it is a lie and bewared awared okay
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:29:54): asked her to show her self naked in cam for you to trust her?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:30:09): Who ??
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:31:01): The breast pics is xxxxx from Ivory coast and she is always on cam
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:31:30): And the other who is livingin Swedru she is also always on cam
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:31:36): yes so the girl in swedru,havent show her naked to you?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:32:18): She have shown me her boobs and they are good , but i dont have a pics off them
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:32:53): yes she showed her boobs in cam for u to see it live?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:33:06): Yes live
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:33:37): ask her to send you many pics to of her fully so that i can see and verufy things about her for u
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:33:39): I know her , and i have know her fore 8 month
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:34:05): Hello i have meet her in Ghana
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:34:59): yes then i am feeling okay now that u have already meet her
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:35:34): Will you chat with my friend from US
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:35:36): ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:36:01): yes i will do anything you will make me to do
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:36:15): are they now in usa and are they males or females
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:36:22): add him on
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:36:37): A man
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:37:16): okay
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:37:20): and what is her age
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:37:44): xx
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:37:51): Goodnight
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:38:19): goodnight and he also wants a man
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:38:52): He has 3 woman , we shall live in the same house
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:38:58): goodnight and meet u on time tomorrow,ok?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:39:06): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:39:08): bye
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:41:45): bye bye
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:41:55): Bye
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 00:41:55): ¨
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:42:09): i am talking with xxxxx
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 00:42:13): bye
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:41:23): hello
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:41:25): are u there
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:45:00): send massage to xxxxx for me that naomi is online with cam for xxxx
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:47:14): Hey , i just came in the door
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:47:18): i have been trying to contact you but there is no one to naswer me
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:47:35): I am normally not home now , i am working
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:47:45): ok can you call randy for me as naomi is online to show xxxx cam ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:47:52): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:48:06): Well i forgot too go online , we have broardband
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:48:10): can you call xxxxx ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:48:18): So i am online 24 hours per day
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:48:21): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:48:34): I think that he might sleep
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:48:54): ok can you call him and is serious ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:48:58): He is in idle
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:49:05): oh yea
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:49:18): But the clock is not so much there now
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:49:25): can you call him as naomi wanted to show xxxxx and xxxx on cam ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:49:30): so can you call him
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:49:54): And i am sure that xxxx not will be there , because he dont live there and he is working
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:50:30): He is working from 7 to 5
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:50:39): So he will not be there
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:50:54): You know they are living in US
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:51:02): ok he might be there because naomi call me and told me xxxx will spend the night at xxxxx house
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:51:06): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:51:28): Ok , but aint you working
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:51:40): Is Naomi on cam too ??
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:51:50): oh yea
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:52:09): But i can talk to her tills xxxxx wake up
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:52:29): ok can you call xxxxx for him to see her on can to be sure of her ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:52:39): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:53:02): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:54:05): Can yougive me her address ?
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:54:21):
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:54:40): but she wants xxxxx and xxxx as well so can u call them for me
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:55:24): I have try , so i have send him a sms , he will be here soon
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:55:40): okay i am waiting
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:56:38): Tell Naomi too accept my request
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:56:38): try and call to disturb him,naomi said they talk long so they might be far sleep and they insist naomi try to wake them up so that they see her live on cam
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:56:50): to be sure she is real and live
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:56:57): yes i will tell her
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:58:59): are u still trying to wake him up,Naomi said she travels long jouney to visit public cafe and if xxxxx and xxxx didnt see her on cam,that means she have waste much time and money
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:59:15): so try and wake them up for me
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 12:59:25): yes i am trying
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 12:59:37): okay thank u claus my dear
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:16:01): hello
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:16:30): hello
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:16:37): can you talk to me
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:16:46): have you been talking to naomi ?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:16:46): Hey i am trying to wake xxxxx
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:16:52): did you get to see her?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:16:53): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:17:11): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:17:20): ok s what are we going to do
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:20:39): Call again
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:21:04): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:21:20): and did you see naomi
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:21:28): Still no answer
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:21:32): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:21:36): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:21:44): and are you sure of her?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:21:48): Dont you work today ??
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:21:56): Yes
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:22:17): am working part time
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:22:24): Ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:22:36): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:23:54): Baby i need massage are you good at that
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:24:25): My neck hurts
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:25:08): how?
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:25:21): is there anything bad i did you wouldnt like it ?
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:25:36): just tell if i have upset or offended you ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:25:50): What who are you writing too
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:26:35): no you said am good at that My neck hurts
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:26:41): and am asking ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:26:52): i did not understand your words
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:27:07): Mat Luv: is there anything bad i did you wouldnt like it ? Mat Luv: just tell if i have upset or offended you ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:28:00): ok if you said so
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:28:14): and dear so what are we going to do now have you call randy ?
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:28:53): Yes but its only the answering miachine
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:29:00): Machine
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:29:20): ok
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:40:19): dy
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:40:24): xxxxx is online
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:40:29): Talk to xxxxx
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:40:38): ok
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:49:28): are you kiing me xxxxx
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:52:54): No one off my girls are here
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:53:18): so whom were you kising
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen (2009-02-18 13:56:40): My lady from Jamaica
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 13:57:00): ok\
Mat Luv (2009-02-18 19:08:45): hello

Scambuster Ghana

2009-06-21, 13:31:27
wanwan from Japan  
@Forgetkopia aka cagekopia

Paranoid behavior !
What do you want ?
Why do you come back again ?
Why do you forge your real sender IP address ?
It is a scammer's sign.
Why do you use open proxy?
Because it is a scammer's sign !

Today Mark Jones came back again and put idiot message on.
And on same day you came back on Delphi ! It is by chance?

Few days ago Idiot scammer had put URL with trojan horses on,
and on same day you had put your message on here.
It is by chance?
Very suspicious !!

Many times I say '' you should better to make your own website or go to other website service ''
Or now you have changed your scam thoughts ,scam mind ?
My opinion is '' ????? ''
I don't want you any more on here.
So go out !

I don't need your scam bust reports any more on here.
So get out !

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2009-06-21, 13:46:09
wanwan from Japan  
@Forgetkopia aka cagekopia

And now how much do you rob of your american consumer?
It is a scam business ,not scam bust !
Your serious friend and complicity Lars in Sweden paid 100$ !!
And this time How Much?
Tell me !

I don't want you !

2009-06-21, 13:48:28
wanwan from Japan  

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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2009-06-21, 14:13:24 from Denmark  
Too Wanwan

Well i was in Sweden when i helped him so i didnt have any cost for taxi like i had with Lars , so i didnt ask for money , why do you say that about the website , i have not done any website and i am in Denmark and we can chat if you like and you can call my danish phone number .
And i have a question to you , a open proxy , what is that , i am not a computer nerd .

Scambuster Ghana

Ps: you do not own this page and you dont need to get mad at me because i help people here, i help on my way and you do it your way , no problem for me .
2009-06-21, 16:32:18   (updated: 2009-06-21, 16:51:45)
DOC from United States
Anonymous from United States posts on 2009-04-11, 15:58:26,
your so helpful comment for him is posted on 2009-06-21, 12:38:47.
Looks like your a little late with your help for him.
Who are you tring to fool? My friends wanwan, Agent86, and Fred?
You must think they are pretty stupid.
2009-06-21, 21:29:16
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

You truly are a lying piece of trash and, Your coming here pretending
to help others is just plain Bull Shit.
Your continued attacks against me while putting on, Your Stupid Ass
performance for everyone else is not working.
Yes, I know its, You posting remarks on my pictures.
You also posted a photo and asked for help.
OJAS asked where the name was or any other information ?
Of course, You think, we are all stupid here and will start chasing
everything, You post to waste, Our time.
You Truly are one sick Bastard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry, Your time here is drawing to a end again.
So while, Your here I just want to say wholeheartedly
Go Fuck Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-06-21, 22:08:42   (updated: 2009-06-21, 22:18:10)
wanwan from Japan  

To you
Please remember,
I don't get angry with you.
I am not mad at you.
Many times I said
'' stop your scam recruit business on Delphi ''
But you never stop that.

2) I asked for your friendly hands ,and
I gave you some scam info then I asked for you
to look up those scam info,but you never looked up.
It was not scam buster's behavior.

3)You many times blamed Agent86 on Delphi.
You called agent86 as '' JOE ''.
But he is not JOE.
Joe is another american person.
You regarded agent86 as JOE but it was your big mistake.
And you don't apologize to him on here.
Do you read his comments on Delphi?
He has deep thoughts and philosophies.
If you want to come back on Delphi,
I think you need to apologize to him .
Agent86 has no misunderstanding about webcam issue,
but you have a serious misunderstanding on webcam issue.
It is the time to apologize to him.
Do you apologize to him or not?

4)You had put many confusions on Delphi.
You distrubed this website.And at that time
you didn't help any persons on here.
It was not scam buster's behavior.
At that time I ,many times said
'' stop your non-sense posts ''
but you never listened to other's opinions on here.
If you want to come back on the Delphi street,
I think you need to apologize to Delphi and to website master ,peter.
How do you think ?

If you,,,a real scam buster ,I never against you.
If you,,,never do recruit business on Delphi,I never against you.
How ?

It is the time to apologize if you want to come back on Delphi street!
You have many red flags on Delphi street.
Never forget it !

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2009-06-22, 15:01:31 from Denmark  
So because i didnt post it here when he asked for help does that make me to a scammer , you guy´s dont now shit the guy from US asked me for help the 17 jan 2009 ,and he also told me not to post any piture off the scammers, i didnt post it here and the same with him before now .

This is one of the mails the US guy send me

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 5:53:48 PM
Subject: Passport trouble Help!

Yeah I saw all of these things and I even told the supposed mother too about the passport and I think they are getting scared now because she was really upset too. How can I find out where these Bastards are staying then clause and I never payed for the passport either?
She said the address for her house across from the Ghana Police station is called Police road too????
Where I live, North Keneshie, Opposite Ghana Police Station, Police RD. House number KN 56/3, Accra-Ghana
Last night I was really tired and crashed early and remember it is almost 5 hours difference between you and me too so I was surprised you were up too.
I told you when she was in the UK I traced her email IP Address and there was nothing in it for UK either!
I do not want to lose these people from fear but I am not sending any more money too.
Can I get authorities to get them on the forged passport maybe?
The most important thing is getting there location so I can catch them if i go there too.
My thoughts are that if I bait them with a money order from a bank account I pretend to open in Ghana I can catch them going for the money too.
I still do NOT want to keep sending money though since it seems stupid now too.
I even asked them all about the NHIS ID card for health and they said it costs money to get the service and will not cover some things too. But yet on every money transfer I see NHIS ID for verification too.
I need help with my next moves since I was almost falling in love again with the bitch too.

Next mail :

Hey Clause:
I am so confused I think I need new brains man.
Sorry I haven't written sooner but this chronic pain condition I have gets me really down for days and weeks sometimes. I am not going to Ghana because it has me almost crippled now so I cannot walk or even sit for any length of time with painkillers and the money is really bad too.
They have me so suspicious but when I talk to her it is like she is my real soul mate but I have flipped out on her way to many times if she is real to keep it going anymore either. I keep catching her in too many lies and when I ask her why she said it I just get more lame stories too.
Then she has this friend who is supposedly a German/Ghanaian that is mostly white and she keeps coming to me and bargaining for Dina's (Dina is mine) health and other things she needs which does not seem right. she just says she cares so much for her ONLY!
I searched for the NHIS program and there IS a registration Fee of I think 750 cedi but everything is so very vague too. So this friend, Karen, wants me to do like 70%/30% on some things like the NHIS program since she Now has a cancerous Ulcer of her stomach that was operated on and she is supposedly home in bed now.
God Clause I talk to her every freaking day and I swear I love her but the more potential lies I see like the passport (I never got a decent answer on that either) the more I feel afraid and detached from her too.
Also I was doing a search on the friend Karen at the Link below which seems to show everyones picture being used in Yahoo at the current time and she showed Dina's picture 5 times in the search too!
I am so confused and this Karen claims to be working for the German NGO in Ghana now and is supposedly dating a rich Italian guy who she's engaged to.
Now in this economy this guy wants to see her and come to Ghana so he's buying a house using her and of course building a swimming pool too since he is loaded from a family business.
I told Dina to send me pictures of the operation she had but so far nothing since she is laid up in bed.
So yesterday I completely flipped on both of them since I am thinking if they are scamming they could be simple prostitutes and told both of them off really crude too.
I get so crazy sometimes because they are screwing with my mind so much but I really think the opposite could also be true as far as everything being as they say it is too. We are both so aware of all this scamming that I just see every little thing that comes up as proof of them doing it but I want her to be real so very bad.
Here's the link for the Yahoo ID finder and the girlfriend Karen uses mat5gh as an ID but thats Dina's picture there too. I tried this with over ten different IDs and it works every time too. Then I put Dina's ID in and it comes up just fine but she NEVER uses the picture that comes up with Karen's ID either.
I am so confused I just wish I never met them and it is so embarrassing when I flip out on these women if they are truly being sincere. Any encouraging or discouraging words would be appreciated too.


Karen is http://www.persiang..&rnd=1894
Dina is http://www.persiang..engirl4x4

And next mail :

Hey if its possible could you Please look at the Road that they call Police road and see what it is really called too? It is the North Kaneshie Police Station Road that is right in front of the station then.
I think it is right across the street from a Big Market place also.
Thanks Claus

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Passport trouble Help!
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 11:20:26 -0500
Organization: OxyMax Systems
To: Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen <>

And next mail :

Yes I guess you are right my friend but I had to send you these pictures she sent me in the very beginning of our time in June also. I hope you have high speed downloads too!
Look at how every picture is taken in sequence and it is always the exact same girl.
She is not super beauty but I thought she was cute and very sexy too.
I cannot understand unless these people are so sophisticated how they got a hold of these pictures of some girl whom I even have seen on cam also somewhat.
Yes I will plan with you and XXXXX if I don't get worse in the next few months to do this in Ghana and maybe we can kick some serious Male Black Ass too that is running this porno show too.
I have never hated blacks until this point in my life and I seem to becoming a bigot at least to the ones in Africa too.
If you need to contact me I am XXXXXXXXXXX for IM also.
Thanks for the help I only wish I met you 6 months ago too.

Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen wrote:

Sorry that i first answer you know .

There are no road or street with that name , then only street name with Police , is the Police Hospital Street and that is fare away from the North Kaneshie.

The road´s name you are asking after can only be the Darkuman Road or Oshipi Street.

And about the Health inssurance , imagine the the fees is 750 cedi , that almost $750 , that is not true , if there are any fees , as i dont think there are , then can it maybe be 7.50 cedi ($7.50) otherwise would there not be more than 100 persons in hole Ghana in that insurance.

I am 99.99 % sure that its scammer .

I will be in Ghana in april or may , i am moving too Ghana


Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5:59:29 PM
Subject: Need Help really bad too

Next mail Well my Swedish friend I am 100% certifiable crazy today.
After we talked I blew my top like I always do when this stuff finally hits me and I wake up to the reality of it.
That Karen stuff was the worse possible also since she is supposedly her best friend!
I threatened their lives again and told her it was 100% over and I was sending mafia (yeah I know dumb) friends to hire someone to deal with them too. (I hope this is making you laugh real good now too)
Then this morning I called real early and heard a man pick up her phone also and had a real Phone Fest of hate and murder with him also! (there should be no men there)
So today I am awake and back to somewhat normal and I cannot stop Loving this woman at all!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT send out the pictures to anyone please since I am still baffled too.
I just told her today that I know she is scamming but I do NOT care either and I just want the truth only no matter what.
I cannot break the connection we have even though I know everything somewhat too.
The Nigerian calls it the juju??? She put a curse on me right!
So anyways I am also sending you a picture of a dear friend of mine whom I never dated but have known for the last 7 months too. Her name is Heidi and she is about 46 and has 2 kids with one about 8.
She works in Las Vegas as a dealer and is Black, very sharp, classy and funny too. She has always said she loves Danes for some reason but I cannot do anything but introduce and I think you like younger women too right? The pictures are not up to date since they are around 3 years old too.
So I am in Love with a scammer (if that is even her real picture) BUT I really think we still have something together but it is so very weird also. Please just delete the photos of her too OK. Thanks.
See you in March hopefully.

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: We will suceed I hope
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 23:00:27 -0500
Organization: OxyMax Systems
To: Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen <>

Next mail :

Look at this stuff and tell me if ANY of it sounds real at all too?
I just got it from someone and I needed to know what really was going on but its just a partial information too and maybe even Bull.
I was the guy pretending to be John since I was doing some phony IMing about 3 months ago and I ran into THIS Woman and not Karen either.

-------- Original Message --------

Dina's real name is Dina Kramlah Nasir. She lives in New Town, a sub town in Accra, and Karen is living some place in Mamoibi in self contained housing. The cafe that they most go for internet browsing is called {..........} and remember they are Muslim and have so many gangs who deal in same cafe, so be warned!
Her mother also is a seller in Accra Malata Market and Kramlah have 5 brothers and she is the only girl. All her brother's do this scamming work and one of them is Karen's boyfriend according some information I heard because she wanted me to join her in scamming since Dina told her I can also be part of it.
I don't know if Dina is among of scammers and what I am looking for is a white man. Karen promised to get me one if I understood that she would use me and one day she called me and said she had a friend from USA who is called John but I didn't know it was a plan to put me in danger. Kramlah is a real girl but she works with some gang in the Internet but she fell in love with you and wanted to tell you somethings about the game that is going on but the gang leader whom I don't know threatened to hurt her if she fell in love with you and told you the secret of what they are doing.

Next mail

Claus, I know for sure today since I got emails from other guys they are sucking money from too since I put an ad on Ghana web and it pulled 2 guys already.
Please do not call me a typical American though since I am more open minded than most here since I am very well informed too. I know there is NO difference in the Muslim, vs Christian vs Islam vs anything unless you come down to just plain people only. (unless they are just poorly inbred too)
Why do you think I am open to the Blacks too?
We are all just people and what makes us different is always inside and you should know me by now too.
Don't get me wrong either.
I am so very appreciate for the help you both have given to me also.
My problem is I was so involved with her that she just had me trained like a fool too.
Naomi wrote the thing below (NOT me) and it is 100% bullshit too since I am sure they are working together.
Dina called me right after the letter and confessed to me also so that is too coincidental.
NOW the big problem is having to face my humiliation of all these things she did to me while laughing her ass off all the while too.
Man Claus, what kind of Bitch can be so cold hearted to do these things to multiple men at one time too?
I want to take her Clit off and put in in a jar for fun so many days I keep going crazy lately too.
She has fucked me up good and I just hope I can come back to get her at a later time also.
I am done with these people but I keep needing revenge ONLY.
You can understand this too right?
Maybe it is better just to leave it alone.

Claus LykkeFirst Name Sörensen wrote:

Stopp thinking that they not are scammers , first ,yes New Town is like most off the other placeses in Accra , the fine places in Accra is the Legon and Airports area , the worth area is Nima and New Town is luxery if you compare that with Nima.

Now are you a typical American again , the muslims are not more dangerous than a christian , thats just bullshit . And i am not interested in any girl who cant show themself on the cam , so stopp this crapp , its just bullshit , they want too have contact with you so they can ask you of money later on. Didnt you say that she was so pissed on you because of the pics in the newspaper and she wouldnt never contact you again , that is also bullshit , try and understand that they are playing with you .

I dont want too anything more about this , because i give a shit about it , you needed my help you got it , and i have told you that they are all scammers , but you doubt me and got angry with me because they told you i had sold the pics too the newspaper . Forget it they are all scammers , forget them .

Scambuster Ghana

You all work on the computers and find the IP addresses , thats really good , but it doesnt help the guy´s and men who are sitting on the dating sites, how many off them in the age 40 too 65 knows anything about computers and IP addresses. Many dont understand a shit about it ,

From: Jeff Boyd <>
To: Claus Lykke Sörensen <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:25:48 AM
Subject: Claus Look at this please

Look at this stuff and tell me if ANY of it sounds real at all too?
I just got it from someone and I needed to know what really was going on but its just a partial information too and maybe even Bull.
I was the guy pretending to be John since I was doing some phony IMing about 3 months ago and I ran into THIS Woman and not Karen either.

2009-06-22, 16:50:52
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

When will, You understand Your not wanted here ?
Why keep coming back at all ?
Do, You like confrontations ?
Get Lost Loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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