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Dating scammer Dina Krampah


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Name: Dina Krampah

Email: goldengirl4x4/d_krampah/meruder4x4/holydiana4x4/ben_oworae

Number 2 address
Opposite Ghana Police Station
Police road
House number KN 56/3
North Kaneshie

Other Comments:
I think this is a Big Gang of 10 to 15 people possibly using a few Adults of professional status since I ran into a Doctor who is very involved also. They seem to be very good and possibly dangerous but they make mistakes too. All emails are yahoo too.
I just received 2 emails from other guys on 3/1 that were being scammed too by her since I posted an ad in and she is so good in matters of the heart. Two other guys from Sweden and USA have both been helping me this week and we finally figured them out too. Man if I just listened to my brain and what it was telling me too!
This one got me after 20 others missed because I thought she was real and she is so very sweet when she wants to be too. The key with this one is she is always sick and needs help with operations or other things she cannot do for herself because she is so poor. Ahhhhhhhhh Poor Bebe!
The address is all baloney and so is everything else. I have been hustled by this woman for 8 months now and there is a big group of them and they seem really good but they make stupid lies up a lot since they don't know English very well. Don't Fall for the family or the midwife thing since they are just a bunch of punks and camming will just get you sucked in since she looks the same on cam. All this has been confirmed by me and two other men from Sweden and USA and if you use an IP Checker you will see they NEVER leave Ghana ever!
No doctors, no pastors, Just plain old scams with nothing to do but suck mens money dry only. My ONLY wish is that I could be there to deal this one personally and anyone who can help me with this would be a friend too.
Anything with a 4x4 after the email most likely means they are in this gang and I am sure there are many more too. The pictures may mostly be from Porno sites but I think the main ones are really her too.

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2009-06-22, 22:43:30
wanwan from Japan  

Why don't you apologize?
You made and make and is making and will make a serious mistake on here.
Why don't you say '' I am sorry to you ''?
You are so wrong !

2009-06-23, 22:44:30   (updated: 2009-06-23, 22:57:25)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

I am not even going to try explain anything to, You ever again.
You waste every one's time here with, Your presence.
No one needs to tell, You What or Why, You should apologize or
even Who too.
You are the most Incredibly Stupid Person, I have ever come across.
Your Clueless to everything around, You.
Or that is what, You want everyone to think.
No one needs to talk to, You or listen to, You for any reason.
You cannot even tell for yourself what, You have done.
You will not ever admit to ever doing anything wrong.
Your Hopeless and there's no need to try with, You any longer.
You never listened to anyone at all at any time.
Your acting Deaf and Very Dumb to everything is just amazing.
You simply cannot come back to this site and pretend nothing happened.
But, Yet here, You are.
Go back to Ghana, Go where ever, you want but stay off this site.
This site is for people who are seeking help because they are being
scammed and the reporting of those scams and scammers.
There are those here that try to work together to help others.
Your intention has never been to work with others.
You still sign, Your postings with, Your self promoting Logan.
Of [ Scam Buster Ghana ]
You cannot stop trying to advertise, Your business.
Everyone knows full well what, Your doing.
Your fooling only Yourself by this stupid attempt to play like,
Your a sheep when in fact, Your a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.
Give up the innocent act its not working.
If, You had any Brains at all, You would know what to do.
But, You prove constantly, Your the same as, You have always been.
Go away and don't come back is the right thing for, You to do
at this point.
But like, I said, You won't listen to anyone.
Keep playing the fool and see where it gets, You.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-06-24, 01:33:54
anonymous from United States  
2009-06-24, 02:56:34
wanwan from Japan  
@Forgotten・kopia aka forget aka cagekopia in Kindergarten

Now you are so called Forgotten・kopia in Kindergarten,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Now I have my own blog in Japan.
I do upload scam info on my blog in Japan.
I try to do my best in Japan.
So I say '' you must make your own blog in Ghana ''.
You try to do your best in Ghana.
Already you have a good consumer,his name is Lars in Sweden !

By the way I don't know why don't you apologize to the admin,agent86?
You regarded agent86 as '' Joe '' on this website,
and many times you blamed him on here.
You disgraced his name on here.
I ask you now '' agent86 is Joe? ''
Answer me !

I judge you must apologize to agent86 right now on here.
And you tried doing your scam recruiting business on Delphi !
It disgraced the admin's name !
So you must apologize to the admin.

Forgotten ?
You had put many non-sense and confusions on Delphi.
Already Forgotten?

YOU, disturbing here again !!

If you want to come back here,
if you want to post on here,
you must apologize !

Agent86 is NOT JOE !!
Listen to me,buster??

And I find the good words '' I just know that i have help people with scammers in Ghana. ''
on your post.Well said !! I give you homework just now !

1)TEL : +234 (0) 8023435306

19th Floor, Corn Oil Building
Marina, Lagos

Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja -Lagos
'deborah Ajoke' <>

2)'mukusi winnie' <>

Please investigate them and post on !!
I am waiting for your real scam buster reports on Delphi !!

Just now you say '' I have help people '' and I am people ,too !!
Give me your scam buster's hands !!!

2009-06-24, 11:50:56 from Denmark  
Too Wanwan

Well ias i told you before , what have he or she done , yes its a phone number to Nigeria , what is the persons name on the Nigerian number .

Will he or she sell Corn oil ?? And the Muritala Mohammed from the airport what number has he or she and what have they done ??

And wanwan , you i and all others here only know Agent 86 from here you have never met him face to face or ?? how do you know if he is telling the trought ? Second , he wrote that he have seen me on cam drinking coffee and Redwine , and yes there was a Joe who saw me on webcam and he is the only one who not was my friend who have seen me, and then suddently havent he seen me , he also wrote that. What i mean is that you can always remember the throught , but a lie is difficult too remember , so is he Joe or not , i dont care a shit about what his name is , the Joe can also be a alias.

And what i have posted on this site is only because i wanted people to read the guy´s info and then the info i cant from the scammer.

First time i chat with the 'Karren' did 'She' use a fake cam i saw it directly and i contacted the guy and told him its a scammer and they have try too sned all kind off stuff to me and my US friend who also help me in this case , the scammers real name is Owusu and he use this messenger address and hawa_owusu , he is 29 years old and he is hidding some where in Accra , he use girls to sit next to him on the cam and its him who is writing and he is very good at english.

Too AGENT 86 , you say i am advetising here , just because i use the name Scambuster Ghana .

Scambuster Ghana
2009-06-24, 12:51:47   (updated: 2009-06-24, 13:34:10)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Stop Your Stupid lying for the last time You Fucking Idiot,
I have never written what, You just said, I did.
I Have never seen, You drinking Coffee or Wine on Cam.
Prove to Everyone here where, I ever said that Dumb Ass.
You can tear this site to pieces and never find that because, I
never said that.
What are You Blind as well Joe has made several postings and
said that, He was the one, You were referring to.
As for if Wanwan knows me or not.
He knows me pretty good as we write each other often.
You on the other hand are the most arrogant Fool, I have ever seen.
Go the Fuck Away.
You still haven't got a clue just as, I said in my posting above.
Your a complete waste of time.
You completely ignore anything that is being said and only
comment on the parts, You want to talk about.
Again changing the topic away from You to say something about me.
I have hit the spam button already anyone else tired of this Idiot ?

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-06-24, 13:52:41
wanwan from Japan  
@Forgotten・kopia in Kindergaten

I gave you easy homework but you explain nothing on here.
And again you never give us your friendly hands like your consumer Lars.
Why don't you call Nigerian Deborah?
Why don't you investigate that cazy scammer?
You say '' I am a real scam buster in Ghana ''
you have to call Deborah and have to record your chatting.
When you will use webcam,you can shoot scammer's face on webcam.
Why don't you shoot that scammer's face ?

Because you are not real scam buster but a real scammer on here.
Get out here!

2) You made a serious mistake.
You regarded agent86 as JOE !
And many times you crazy shouting loud ''JOE,JOE,JOE,JOE ''
But he is not '' JOE ''.
You blamed him as JOE !
But he is not '' JOE ''
You disgraced his name so you are liabl for his damage.
You have to apologize to him !
Agent86 is not a liar but you are liar on here.

3) why do you put your e-mail address on here?
Because you are scammer.
Now you again try doing scam recruiting business on Delphi.
Your e-mail address is a lure like honeydew.
When innocent people will find your e-mail address,
Dear bought is the honey that is licked from the thorn.

Hey people !!
Never trust this disturbing guy !
Never contact this scam e-mail address.
Please see the homework result!
He never gives you his friendly hands.
I asked him for looking into scammer Deborah.
But he never tries to investigate scammer's info.
See above his report !!
He says '' Nothing ''
He doesn't help anyone !!

He is a scammer !
When you will contact him,
you will be robbed of your money !!
He is carnivorous plant !
Never contact him !!

2009-06-24, 14:03:02
anonymous from Japan  
Hi ,
Thank you for your good job.
Just now I hit the SPAM button on him,see below

2009-06-24, 11:50:56 from Denmark

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

Hey !
Peoples in the world !!
Please hit the SPAM button on Forgottenkopia in Kindergaten.
Reason,,,,,,,,,,he is a scammer and again trying to scam recruiting business on here.

2009-06-24, 14:29:40   (updated: 2009-06-24, 14:36:04)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Thank You so much for the picture, You posted above.
I can't stop laughing LOL
Perfect picture for forgetkopia. LOL
I have some things to get done today,
I will try and write, You later My friend.
Keep Smiling and Thanks again.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Jerry not Joe Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
Arigato Wanwan Mata-ne

2009-06-25, 03:07:07
wanwan from Japan  

Forgottenkopia is where????????????????????????????????

He ,,,on a death watch.
Vanishing Forgottenkopia.

Praying hands !!

I have given him many warnings but he never listen to me.
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2009-06-25, 20:43:18
this is Joe Pete, are you gonna apologize to me or not ,Claus Lykke Sorensen<> THIS Woman and not Karen either. 'Scambuster Marion, Iowa '
2009-06-25, 22:06:21
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Joe Pete good to see a posting from, You.
Forgetkopia may be gone now ?
If, You want to help Beautify the web site please go to
page # 2 and hit everyone of the Kopias postings spam button.
That should wipe them out completely. LOL
The ones on this page got wiped already.
I doubt the mental midget will ever apologize for anything.
He can't even remember what, He has said or what, I said.
He is a Train Wreck waiting to happen again.
Well at least, You may get the enjoyment of polishing off the last
remnants of this latest visit.
Enjoy it while, You can.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

X - Ray of Forgetkopias skull LOL
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Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana

2009-06-26, 05:55:01
wanwan from Japan  
Everyone has forgotten Forgottenkopia in Kindergarten.
Pray hands !!

Vanishing Forgottenkopia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2009-06-26, 05:56:36
wanwan from Japan  

This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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