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Dating scammer Elena Smirnova


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Name: Elena Smirnova


Russia, 422520, street Lomonosov, 25-96, city: Koz'modem'yansk

Other Comments:
First posted to but modified slightly. I hope the guys at that site won't mind me quoting their comments. I'm hoping to spread the news about scamming as much as possible, hence I'm posting to this site. Also, this site is the first I've seen with scans for pictures. I began by scanning the first two pictures given to me by the (potential) scammer, and they had both been searched for. Plus, from, I found enough evidence that the 'potential' scammer described below is a real scammer, or an attempted one. Also, web searches have revealed the same email address that this woman used to communicate with me. Some of the web links from Google would have been created from my own searching, but not all. I will submit pictures soon.

Elena Smirnova warning

To those concerned:

Name given: Elena Smirnova
Address given: Russia, 422520, street Lomonosov, 25-96, city: Koz'modem'yansk
RSVP code name (before she removed her profile from RSVP): Beautifullhelen

Potential scam averted:

This woman contacted me via the internet dating service RSVP. I am in Melbourne, Australia. Her profile specified that she was from Melbourne City. That was dishonest, as she soon revealed she's in Kozmodemyansk, Russia. The first thing she did was give me her email address, rather than any other RSVP communication, possibly so her messages couldn't be logged. The next thing she did was remove her profile from RSVP, which she did within only a matter of days of emailing me. Her first email was over-the-top, full of the most wonderful compliments for me. I thought this was a hoax, but decided to play it along until I could find evidence against her. Within days, she was in love with me electronically, and kept sending me emails. I answered them in full, but she never commented on what I'd written. Instead, she continued a spiel about our relationship growing more serious. It is now obvious that her emails were all canned, and what I wrote was redundant. In her first email, she wrote that she was married but beaten up by her husband. I got suspicious and asked her for a copy of the divorce papers, but she declined, saying that would be 'superfluous'. She contacted me by phone from a local phone only, despite her having said that money is no object and that she's prepared to travel, which is obviously expensive. When I asked her about her phone, she said her mobile phone had been stolen and she needed to save up for one. Again, difficult to believe if she has money. After a month of email communication, I was told she'd phone me that night, and no call. After several nights, still no call. I still had no idea what her motive was, despite thinking she was a hoax. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, as she was so attractive (she sent me many beautiful photos of herself), I thought she could be physically sick. I thought I'd hear from her again, and indeed I did - exactly one month later, with her email telling me that she'd had her appendix taken out in hospital. Well, in Melbourne, that operation takes 2 days, not one month. I quizzed her about it - did she have keyhole surgery, etc? She didn't respond. Later, she admitted her dishonesty because she wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to rape her. That was odd because a common theme in her emails was how she was going to seduce me.

Her intentions:
From the first email, her stated intention was to come to Melbourne and marry me. She refused my offer of paying travel costs, which seems in her favour, given the number of travel scams I've read about. I sought legal advice and found that, because I'm on a disability pension, and because Australia is anti-Russian and won't employ Russians, I would lose the pension if married and thus there would be no future for us. Elena was by then making travel plans, but I told her to forget about the trip unless she could justify her visit - that is, that she could demonstrate how she could live and work in Australia. She bypassed that question, as she did all others, and continued to force the issue of travel. She said she was so grateful that I'd have her in the house while I was away at work, and that she wouldn't come or trust me if she had to have accommodation elsewhere. If she'd had the brains and patience to read my email, she would have known that I don't work. She could have been attracted to my RSVP profile because I am in the Information Technology field, and she presumed I had money. She kept showering me with compliments to avoid answering any questions, so I told her to simply cut both the compliments and sweet talk and address the questions I'd posed to her. Again, she ignored me and said she'd continue with travel plans. Unfortunately, this woman was too shrewd to give away hard evidence. All I can prove is her dishonesty, but she was acting, beyond reasonable doubt (as lawyers would say) as a phony. I think she either wanted to steal my banking details while I was 'at work' to rob me, and/or had the intention of taking my property. The solicitor I consulted agreed that there are legal ways in which the property could be divided without my having any say, regardless of whether I was married. Also, the solicitor told me it's very difficult for a Russian woman to get permanent residence (and, as mentioned before) a job, over here. So why want to travel and marry me and live together over here? Was she totally naive? I don't think so. She knew there was no future for us. I know my evidence is only circumstantial, but I hope it is taken seriously to avert a more serious type of scam that is worth a lot more money than a basic travel, VISA, education, scam. I was finally able to get her to give me an address (listed at the top of the page), but it could well be bogus. In that email, she wrote that she wanted me to trust her, and that she loved me. Evidence of a guilty conscience only, I know. I finally got sick of this woman, despite her beauty, as I felt she was dangerous, so I simply told her that I knew what she was up to and that it was GAME OVER. I haven't heard from her since, but have read that this is the time of travel-related scams for those in Russia. I wish I could have pinned something condemning on her, but alas I cannot.

I am not heartbroken, nor have I lost money, but I feel an obligation to warn others of what I fear could have happened to me. To reiterate, the scamming stakes are much higher than just travel costs. If she were allowed in the house, and had access to my banking numbers, she could be 10 times more wealthy than if she just scammed me with travel fees. If she attempted to split the house, she could be 100 times more wealthy. Due to the long nature of the contact (one month of emails and then one of silence, then the finale), I'm sure she had big plans.

Reply by anti-scam:

On ..same photo ???

Profile: 32 year old Woman in Lisle, Illinois (is rubbish)

Google searching :quote:> I cheerful where it is necessary serious, adventurous, shy, witty, polite! I am very healthy !I have a dream to meet the right person for me and to get married. I know what I want from a man and what I can give him. I do not like only receiving,I can also give back. It's about love, caring and a lot of other things that make our lives happy. I hate egotistical, unintelligent persons, I would like to meet a man with a good education, kind, honest, who will not play games and who's really looking for a serious relationship.I dream of meeting my true friend,lover and life partner. I wish to love and to be loved, to be with my darling in good and bad times, to enjoy every minute spent with my only one. I believe that it'll happen!
= same scam group
and here as another name and photo Kissperfectme

Reply by me:

Almost same message, different photos


sorry for the late reply. The quotation you provided is almost exactly verbatim with what I read on 'Elena's' RSVP profile. (Although she made some typos, I recall). The pictures you provided are all different, however. The photos I received are all of an older looking woman than 32 (except for the first, which looks to be taken years earlier). Also, the woman doesn't appear American to me at all. She seems far more likely to be Russian. Thanks for the Google search.

If you wish to view photos of the woman I saw, please prompt me.

Another reply by me:


this woman doesn't give up. She's changed her email address, presumably because she thought I'd blocked her original one, and now she pretends that she'd lost my last email, in which I'd told her it was GAME OVER. She attached some seductive photos of herself to try yet again to win me over. Her English has degraded from what was originally perfect to almost unintelligible. This was a process that started with the original profile (stolen, as Ben points out), and then gradually getting worse as though her scamming English tutor was becoming more absent. Hmm. I'm pretty sure English is a second language to her; I cannot see any logic for her going to the trouble of writing such gibberish. And I still think she's Russian, after reading the common word 'structure' instead of 'profile', plus her mention of picking berries in the wild, which is apparently a common story told by Russian scammers.

Her new email address

Another reason I consider her Russian is that her former email address of Perfect Elena is apparently based on the famous Russian gymnast (a Google search revealed this to me - I'm not into gymnastics). The current address also reveals no surname, and appears to be the recipe for a pudding or pie, according to Google.

Her email is short, so I hope you don't mind my replicating it below:

'It's me, Elena!

I very much hope, what you remember me?

My e-mail was broken. I was so is broken, that could not recollect yours e-mail.

We should be together. I today is casual has found, that wrote down your e-mail at job. I hurried up to write to you again.

I hope, what you have not found to yourselves other woman and has not forgotten me?

I apply a picture me. I hope, that I for you.

My regards.

I hope, that at you and your family was a very Merry Christmas a Prosperous New 2009 Year.



Another reason why she/ he / it ... is from Russia is they sell or trade potential email addresses between each other . Likely the sender has taken over where the other one admitted defeat .
I kid you not ... I gave one a good run around and six months later I got mail from the same email address using different pics .

The photos are a tool in their game ,seldom do they actually write letters until money request time ,then they are short and very to the point , try googling unusual sentences from their long scripted letters it will bring hits from other scammers using them word for word.


Another reason why she/ he / it ... is from Russia is they sell or trade potential email addresses between each other . Likely the sender has taken over where the other one admitted defeat .
I kid you not ... I gave one a good run around and six months later I got mail from the same email address using different pics .

The photos are a tool in their game ,seldom do they actually write letters until money request time ,then they are short and very to the point , try googling unusual sentences from their long scripted letters it will bring hits from other scammers using them word for word.

As I repeatedly stated, I left ANY KIND of WWW/LD dating behind YEARS ago...good or bad, my decision. Well, I happen to still receive lovey-dovey bait emails from (supposedly) lovesick FSU online love queen.
Of course those are junk 'introductions' mass-mailed to thousands and I receive them on a junk email account I created to join sites etc.

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2009-04-02, 18:44:39
OJAS from United States  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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