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Dating scammer Natalya Anaeva


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Name: Natalya Anaeva


I don't have her/his postal address.

Other Comments:
I am happy to receive your letter. And I am glad, which we can continue
Our acquaintance. If you wish to get acquainted with me, I mean should
I to tell about myself it is a little. I single also have no close friend
For this purpose. (: I wish to tell to you, that I live in Russia, you can be
Much heard about my country and about girls in my country. I wish to tell
To you why in my profile it is written, that I live not in Russia. Therefore
That in your country think, that the Russian women to get acquainted and
Marry to receive only citizenship in yours
To the country. And because of such women all other women cannot have
Acquaintances by men from your country. And my girlfriend has helped me
To place my profile on the Internet, because women from Russia not
Can be placed there. I hope, that you understand, why I
Has made so! I live in the fine Russian city of Omsk, at coast
The beautiful river of Irtysh. My city in 2800 kilometres from Moscow! Our city
Is not big but also and not so small. It not so
Richly, but it is very beautiful, we have remarkable a nature. It -
Very beautiful city with the big history in which it is a lot of the ancient
Monuments, museums, theatres and other sights. At us is
a party of parks in our city often, I go there and I relax. In
The winter is very cold Temperature, can reach to - 35
Degrees, but it is very hot in summer Temperature, can reach
To + 30 degrees. At summer, which I often go to put on
The sun and me is pleasant to float and play volleyball Ashore. In the winter to me
It is pleasant to slide on the Ski and on the fads. I very much love the city. I already
Travelled all vicinities as very much it is pleasant to me
To travel. About Omsk many beautiful places - lakes, woods.
Round my city approximately on distance of 20-30 km from it there
- It is more than 6 lakes. So if when or you will arrive to me on
Visiting you will not regret!! Very much it is pleasant to you. And you very much
Well will spend time! I live one To apartment with one room, which
I rent far not from the centre of Omsk. I wished to tell In our country
Very bad life. The Russian men beat women, because they
Stronger than women. In the Russian family you see frequent can
Husbands beating of their wives. When the husband comes home, and it has very much
The mood it is bad has beaten the wife. When its work is bad or it
Shout of the boss, the husband has come home and shout or has beaten his wife. The wife. I know,
As it sounds for you, but it is true. And certainly it happens not all
Time, but who knows, can be if I find someone here, it
There will be a husband as it is men it. And I think, that you understand, that I not
Wanted a life as it. Remember I spoke to you with the first letter that
I do not wish to get acquainted with men in a life, here only because of the relation
To the woman here. I never take offence at people. But if the person does
To me it is bad, I despise it. I do not communicate with people who has the malicious
Intentions. When someone has malicious intentions, it is very unpleasant to have
Conversation with it. I despise people who deceive other people. And
In general I hate a deceit!!! People. I think, that it is better to know the bitter
The truth. Than sweet lie. I hate very much very much, when someone
Deceives me. I very much trust people. And because of it me it is very easy
To deceive, I trust all people. I never will be speak with people,
Which deceive and write lie. I will stop to write, and I hope to see very big and
Interesting the letter from you is fast.
Kiss on a cheek your friend, Tatyana.

Thank you very much for the letter, I was very glad to get it. I am
glad to go to the internet cafe today and to see the letter from you.
How are you today? I am fine and everything goes on nice for me here.
I would like to tell you about my work. As I wrote you I work the
nurse, I like to help people better and my work helps me to be more
independent. I can not tell that it gives me much money, but it is
enough for living. Living in Russia is not very good and not very
simple, I mean it is not good economics here and in some part of the
country people lives good and in another parts not. I am not living
very far from Moscow, but I do not get here. I think you are
interested in knowing where I am writing you the letters from. I do it
from the internet cafe, it is rather convenient for me, I just do not
have computer at home. I learned the English language at school, but I
am not so good writing in English and spoken English. I like the
English language very much and would like to know this language better
in the future. But I will try that you understood me. And I hope you
can understand what I am writing to you, I understand you quite well.
Since I have started talking about the work please tell me something
interesting about your working day, it will be very interesting for me
to know something more about you. How was your day? How is the weather
there? It will be interesting for me to know more about the place you
are living in. I do not know what is wrong with the men here, all I
can tell is that they drink much alcohol and can not treat the woman
right. I do not have any special guy in life now. I had some
relationships with men, but it was not long and serious. Later I had a
man with who I was meeting for half of the year. At the start he gift
me attention, I had all: flowers and sweets every day. I seemed to be
the most happy woman in the world. But later when I knew him closer I
understood that he is not so good man. He has deceived me, he has
changed to me with my best girlfriend. But it was three years ago and
actually I do not like to remember it. Excuse me, but I do not want to
remind it. I write only you and hope that you too. We should to be
maximum sincerity with each other if we want to find really serious
relationship. I have never been abroad, so all I know about the other
countries is from the books and from the TV. What is your favorite
movie? I like the most 'The city of angels' But my favorite film is
'Brave Heart'. As for the music I can listen to the classical and
sometimes popular music and rock ballads, I like romantic music. And
what about you? Can you tell me your favorite dish? I like the Russian
dishes, do you know some? And I like the salads, I like also ice-cream
and pizza sometimes. I will finish here. I hope to hear from you soon
and I will answer you with pleasure.
YOUR Tatiana.

Thank you very much for the letter, you can not even imagine how much
I am glad to get the letter from you. I would like to
hear your voice. May be I will be able to call you? If you will give
me your phone number I can try to call you. It is not so much time has
gone while we are communicating, But I feel you are becoming more
closer to me. And I am starting to wait for your letters. I am sad
that I have no computer and phone at home and it is impossible to
communicate with you any time I would like it to be. I like our
communication goes on and I would like to know you as much close as
possible. What do you like and do not like? I like people who can take
care of me and help me in anything I need. I like clever, kind and
honest people. I appreciate good relations and hate when someone is
rude and anger. I like pets, cats or dogs. I do not like the lies and
when someone is dishonest. I hate people who can hurt the close one
and to do something bad. I do not like when someone tries to use me
for something that I do not like to do. Well I should tell you that I
like you very much, you are so kind and attentive with me. Do you have
much friends and much people who you can completely trust? I have a
lot of acquaintances, but I have only few true friends. But I can
trust them at all and to share everything with them. And sadly I do
not have next to me anyone who can be called my soulmate. I did not
write to you about myself. Earlier I lived in city CHECHNYA. you heard
about this city, it is very hard for me to recollect it, but in our
attitudes to be sincerity! It has taken place in 1997 .My the house
these gangsters have attacked and have killed my mum and the daddy. To
me then there were 18 years. Very much has early lost the parents.
Then I have left to the Aunt, which has died 3 years back. was a
misfortune at it there was a heart attack, fast was late for 20
minutes and she has died. This government which has selected at me an
aunt's apartment, at us very bad laws. She has not had time to write
on me the will. I so am grateful, that she has helped me to receive
formations. Otherwise I could not pay for the apartment and provide
myself with all necessary. And certainly to the parents which have
helped me to appear on this light. I have never met anyone like you
there before, the men here are mostly do not respect the women, they
are rude and real love is not in their interests. I hope I will find
the one with who I can have real good family building. May be it is
you, I will stop here and will be waiting for your
Truly yours Tatyana.


2009-03-06, 01:26:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from Turkey  

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[hidden] from Turkey  

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2009-03-06, 04:24:31
Photos have been used with Name : Tatyana Shardakova
City : Solikamsk
e-mail :

618553, Russia, Perm area,
Solikamsk, 82 Lenina str, #12.

2009-11-11, 20:38:37
i have been scammed by this/these people also
2009-11-20, 10:57:25
What the F--k shows that this person is a scammer? Where are the letters asking for money?
2013-09-28, 16:14:21
anonymous from Australia  
wishing you well *thankyou ,be in touch Australia



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