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Dating scammer Elena


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Name: Elena



Other Comments:
this is the emails she sent me:
Hello my new friend!
My name is Elena.
how are you? I hope you are fine!
I have found your profile and e-mail on dating site
As for me I want to find my love.
If you are interested, answer me and we can begin our acquaintance.
So let me tellsome words about me. I was born on the 20 oct 1980.
I want to find someone who can love me and i can love. I looked your
profile and read information about you and what you want to see in a
woman of your choice.
And i believe, i can have all parts of what you want in soulmate, out of
thousands of people that is me, i find you to be my true choice and i
hope that you should feel the same way too.
It's really wonderful moment as I am writing this letter to you
and i pray that i should hear good and sweat reply from you.
You are far from me but i belief that there's nothing that love can not
I belief love can move mountain and love turns around person's life to
precious life and sweet one.
Ok, i wish that you will write me and lets have more
discussions and get to know more about each other.
My new friend I ask you to write to my e-mail:
because the Internet here is very bad, but vie e-mail I can check my
mail easily.
I will be great to read marvellous letter from you.
Hoping for God of love and in power of love I would like to hear from
Thanks for the reading.
Hi my friend !!!

I'm very glad that you have interested in me and I will try not to
disappoint you and you will get everything about me if you wish.
I ask you to write me about everything that you are able to say me.
I will be glad to know about your work and family, your close friends,
And your hobbies too.

I want to tell you that through few weeks I will have a vacation.
And I think to travel to other country. Therefore I want to find the man
other country not from Russia.
I would be glad if you could show me your country and your culture etc
if we become good friend or more!...
I had a dream when I was at school to travel a lot.

So now I would like to tell you about myself. I am a Russian girl, I
think that
not differ from others.
I did not hope that you will answer me and when i saw your letter I was
really surprised and now i am sitting in front of computer and do not
know what to write you.
I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in my letter because i know
English not very well but however I was a best student in my class when
I was in school.
But I hope that you will understand me and if you have any questions I
will answer them with pleaser.
Anyway it is time to say some words about myself.
My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
I miss him a lot!!!! Since 2 years old my mother grew and educated me
It was very difficult for her and I love her very much. And now she is
the best friend for me.
I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but my
dream is to have my own family and children too.
My mother works in Novocheboksarsk in the hospital as a medical sister.
I have never been married before.
I am the healthy woman and I do not smoke but sometime
I can offer myself to drink some good wine in good occasions.
Most of all I like red wine.
From food i like Chinese food and Russian food and I would like to test
European and West food.
I am not exactly that I want to have a child because i think that first
of all I want to find a man who will become my ideal sexual partner and
simply good friend for my heart.
So I work in office as manager in the insurance company, I work 40 hours
In a week.
I work with the clients who want to insure their car or immovable
I help our clients correctly to choose the best ways to insurance.
I know that in your country the system of insurance etc is advanced very
In Russia people just now started to think about insurance,
therefore we have many clients at this time.
In our company we have good boss, we have studied together with her at
but she is older than me for three years. I have good relations with my
I have high salary for our city. It is about 3-4 $ dollars at one

I live in the city - Shumerlya. It's small city.
It belongs to Chuvash Republic, about 670 KM or 410 miles from Moscow.
I think that this information will help you to know me better.
I would like to know about your work and City.
I shall send you some picture of my city later.

By the character i am a kind person and trying to enjoy everything in my
life and trying to destroy all difficulties in my life. So, let’s go
My friends say that i am attractive even beautiful young woman.
But unfortunately this fact did not help me to create my own family.
Now i am sick and tired of my loneliness.
I am an open-minded and communicative, but sometimes a little bit shy
Now i want to find someone who can make all my dreams come true.
In my turn i would be very glad and happy to do the same thing for my
beloved man.
So what do you think about it? By the way, i like sport very much. I am
not a sportsman of coarse.
Just in order to be in good form. I visit the gym three times a week.
I like to swim in the swimming pool.
But to tell the truth, i am afraid of water. But I try to overcome this
Sometimes, not very often, I love dancing very much.
I can't say that i like a particular type of musik. It depends on my
mood, what type of music i would like to listen to.
But usually i am very busy to have some rest and to do things i love to.
Well, what else? I even don’t know what to tell you more. In such case i
will finish my letter.
I am waiting for your reply!
Good bye, my dear new friend!!!!
If you can please send me your pictures.
I will be glad to get your letter and pictures.
I am sending you my smile to make you feel happy.
Your Elena from Russia.
Hello dear Chris!!!
How are you??? Hope you are fine :)
I would like to tell you some things and please let
me know what do you think about it. Ok?
I am looking for a serious relationship, somebody who can understand me
and whom I can understand.
I think relationship between man and women is most important, a man
should always treat a woman nice and with love and respect, who stands
by her in bad and good times and takes care of all her necessities.
He should give her all love he can so that she feels like the
luckiest person on this earth.
Similarly a woman should do the same for man, to support him all the
time, to be with him when he needs her.
I think love is the key, a very important factor in a relationship and
only way you can make somebody love you if you are honest, sincere,
faithful to that person.
Also I would like to tell you some words what i did today.

Today when I was at work a very solvent client came to our company. He
wanted to insure the real estate.
He has arrived to our republic from republic Komi.
It is in the north of Russia and he speaks Russian very bad.
I have spent about three hours explaining him rules of our insurance.
And at the end of our conversation we agreed to insure his apartment in
our company.
My boss promised me to give me holiday soon :)))
So I would like to tell you what I like to do and I hope that you will
be glad to read it. So I like to watch new films in the cinema, also i
like to read books and what about you?
Tell me what films you like and what kind of books you like to read.
May be you are already bothered to read my letter.
As for me I like actress Angelina Jolia.
Most of all I like film with her participation which is called 'Mr and
Mrs Smit';
Have you ever seen this film?
If yes, tell please what do you think of this film?
I looked two more part of this film, but there was no one of my favorite
actresses. I did not like the film. My favorite actor is John Travolta.
I can talk about it indefinitely long; therefore I shall not take your
time for reading my letter.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend Elena.

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2010-01-20, 03:02:37
anonymous from Canada  
New scammer Elena Kulakova from Kronstadt St Peterburg Russia. Email
This person says that she lost her parents in a house fire at the age of 9. Grow up with aunt and uncle with their son Ivon. She is supposed to be a Childrens Doctor. She is 27 years old and looking for a husband from abroad. After about 2 weeks of emails asks for money for a travel visa so she can visit me.
Also found her name on a nother scamming site doing the samething to a guy named Billy. She asked him for money as well for a travel visa.
She send me a photo of her and a friend.
Both of these girls in the photo are posted here as scammers under the same name.
Elena Melshina or Kulakova. Associates to this person is Palina Glebova and Anastasiya Lukyonova as well. They always ask for money for travel visa and to have it sent to Moscow by Western Union.
There first letter will all ways start that they saw your profile at a dating site. The next letters tell a little bit about them selves but never do they answer any of your questions. After about a week or 2 they will talk about holidays. From then on all the letters concern money.
You shall never see them or your money ever again. Do what I do is have fun with them by giving false transfer # by Western Union and make them waste there time. If you do this you must use 10 digits for the transfer#.
Happy playing. HAHAHA.

2010-01-20, 07:23:09
OJAS from United States  
2010-01-23, 20:27:49
anonymous from United States  
Elenasweet? Thanks for the heads up! She has not asked me for nothing yet, but it just been a couple of days so I am sure it is just around the cornor? Just got rid of one scam, that I about figured was after a short time and decided to follow it through to see what goes. And sure enough it was! Out of Ghana supposed to been, but I traced some of it back here to the states!
And here comes this one! Same exact letter word for word as in Same photos! Same letter. How she got my email address I have no clue? But she messed up and sent it to my military email address that is allways scanned and investigated through US Govermental security, internationlly. That is some blonds for you, never thinking?
My God! Does these goofs think they can not be touched and punished? In time, little do they relize they will be and forgotten by those who are using them to scam!
2010-02-13, 13:48:15
anonymous from United States  
Elena is at it again. This time using I instantly knew it was a scam cause I don't use dating sites and my understanding is they don't give out personal email adressess. Anyhow, I'm currently on letter #4 the one about what she likes to cook. I got the pics of the cute blonde with bangs in the red dress. man I wish I knew who she really was! She never responds to anything I say or ask but I'm gonna keep playing along and see if I can get some nudes lol
2010-04-18, 00:51:33
anonymous from Syrian Arab Republic  
مرحبا انا محمد من سورية

من انتي
2010-05-16, 08:57:29   (updated: 2010-05-16, 08:59:01)
anonymous from Czech Republic  
Hello my new friend Jan.
I am very glad, that you became interested by me. I looked your questionnaire and would like to learn you better.
As you know, my name - Elena. I the usual Russian girl actually not differing than from others.
My age of 26 years, growth: 169, weight: 46. Kg. My birthday on June, 24th, 1983. I never was married and,
hence I have no children. I yet do not know, how many I would like to have children, I while in it was not defined.
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, if only in small quantity on holiday.
From alcohol I drink only red wine. From food I prefer the Russian kitchen. Excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter.
If to you something will be not clear, you ask me again. I wish to find the person who would love and respected with me.
I think, that good relations between the man and the woman should be constructed on trust and respect to each other.
I think, that we should learn each other better that our attitudes were stronger.
Please, also inform me concerning you directly. I do not search for the friend on correspondence.
I search for the special person to develop true love, and to marry.
If you speak with me for the sake of entertainment, please, do not spend all for nothing time.
I wish to be with you frank, therefore you also should be frank with me!!!
On character I the cheerful person, try to enjoy each moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties
of my lonely life. In leisure I like to go to cinema and to listen to music of various directions on we wash mood.
Than you like to be borrowed in leisure?
Also I very much like to prepare, to bake various tasty pies to tea. Usually I like to apply slightly imagination in cooking.
I would like to ask to you some questions.
Why you have decided to find the friend through the Internet?
You long search for love on the Internet?
You have the correspondence with other girls from Russia?
On it I finish the letter, and very much I wait your answer. Elena

2010-05-16, 09:00:00
anonymous from Czech Republic  
Another Elena

2010-05-16, 09:01:10
anonymous from Czech Republic  
And so on....

2011-12-24, 19:06:58
anonymous from United States  
I was reading your emails which was sent to you a girl name Elena, let me tell you that I am also corresponding a girl from Russia and her name is also Elena, but she send me all of her photos , her work address, her home address, her younger sister name and her sisters husband and his profession and her sisters two sons their ages, Elena'e own profession, and she also have asked me if I will bring her here to the US or I will travel to her country and she will take me to her house because in her town there is no hotel and she will be glad if I will stay with her, she have provided all her detail . Please tell me if this is also a scamm
2011-12-25, 13:12:21
anonymous from United States  
Listen up guys... potential Russian brides may be real, but finding a sexy babe thousands of miles away on the internet is risky ! Unfortunately, there are always scammers ready to empty your pockets if you appear overly eager for romantic adventures. Check out the girl’s beautiful appearance, the photo may be false. Ask her for more photos that are not made in a studio. Ask for the girl’s personal information (postal address, telephone, etc.) and see her reaction. Does she ask for gifts? Find an agency that delivers flowers and gifts with 'photo confirmation'. Scammers hate this, they love anonymity. This will provide verification not only for her appearance but also her postal address and telephone number.

A travel to Russia should be kept in mind to meet your pretty Russian girl and her family. If the intentions are serious, of course. Thus the majority of burning questions will be answered and the initial information verified.
2014-07-14, 15:22:13
They just keep on trying don,t they. I share nothing.
Then when the time is right, i pop there bubbles.
Makes for good intertainment.
2014-11-02, 09:39:46
anonymous from United States  
Ive been talking to this girl her name is alena. She has sent me videos photos of her passport i know im talking to the real girl the question is she a scammer. After a month she asked for 450 for tickets. I said i didnt have the money right now and i dont plan on sending any. She says she travelled to moscow and unexpected expensus blah blah blah. Idk what to do i love this girl. I have over 50 pictures taken on specific request when she asked for money i started to delete some and couldint stop crying. I just dont know what to do anymore has anyone come across this girl

2014-11-02, 12:35:32
OJAS from United States  
2014-11-02, 09:39:46 anonymous from United States,

You did the right thing, saving yourself! http://moscow.usemb..cams.html

For future, Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..htm#168643
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