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Dating scammer mary torgbenu


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Name: mary torgbenu


12th cristian avenue accra ghana

Other Comments:
watch this one shes asked me for money alaptop an iphone for hear and her brother and also money to go to the doctor she good at it to

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2009-03-22, 11:06:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-04-18, 05:38:40
anonymous from United States  
The Mary Torgbenu pictures were stolen from a PC in Accra Ghana. These are not the real pictures of Mary Torgbenu. I know who they belong to. They were meant for this persons husband. We are very angry at Mary for stealing these pictures to scam people. She will be hearing from our lawyer.
2009-04-24, 04:58:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
so come on american man who is this girl mary torgbenu nana boetang or linda miriam? because they are all the same girl, and tell em how do you know these pictures are for her husband since you live in america and shes from ghana? there are lots off pictures of this girl all over scammer websites she scams with a friend and i know that for sure. so tell me american man are you sure your american or a fool from ghana trying to clear this scammers name, so guys dont believe this so called american fool this girl who ever her name is is a first class scammer and buy the way american sned your lawyer to me lets se if your real or full of shit
2009-04-24, 23:20:07
anonymous from United States  
Again these pictures are stolen and being used by scammers. These are not pictures of mary torgbenu, nana boetang, or linda mariam. These are pictures of some one I love very much who is not a scammer and i will not tell you here real name. There is a way to not be scammed and evidently many of you do not know how to do this.
2009-04-25, 01:07:03   (updated: 2009-04-25, 01:08:26)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the United Kingdom

Good Show ! United Kingdom !

I have read and looked back on this thread from its beginning.
You are absolutely right in objecting to the other Anonymous from the USA. LOL
I am convinced by the evidence that is so obvious to even just a casual
observer that in fact the, Anonymous poster from the USA is in fact a out right
scammer trying to do damage control.
I just like you have seen these very same photo's posted many times.
Even more than what appear on this thread.
By the way Scammer every scammer, I have ever come across foolishly tries to argue the pictures were stolen from someone they are supposed to know.
Eventually the scammer gets proven to be a liar.
For one thing these pictures never came from Ghana except when you the scammer
used them.
You can in no way even begin to say that girl is or has ever been in Ghana.
Your Anonymous in the USA at the top of your posting is fake also.
Just like when you post something on a dating site that shows your from somewhere in
the USA.
That way your victim does not know where your from until you get a chance to set the hook in the poor suckers mouth.
I would love nothing more then to argue the point with you.
Your having a hard time scamming people now because we the victims of your scams
have gotten together and are taking your business away from you.
Your ability to fool people is coming to a end now.
Your time to be in jail is drawing nearer by the day.
One of my favorite past times now is tearing your stupid lies apart.
Come back any time you want your ASS KICKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really would like to make you look like a fool some more.
I'm sure the gentleman from the UK won't mind if, I have some fun with the
Village Idiot for awhile Ha Ha Ha Ha
Go ahead you control freak scammer that must have the last word try me.
I'm not going anywhere.

Kindest Regards to you from the UK Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

To the scammer from the USA AKA Ghana in his case !
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2009-04-25, 03:23:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
If it's from Accra Ghana...It's a scam!
2009-04-25, 07:14:18
anonymous from United States  
The person from UK is caring a grudge just because he was scammed. 'Now everyone from accra is a thief.' How insane. So every body that goes to Las Vegas is a gambler? Right! No wrong? You have no idea who these pictures belong too and you will never know. Why? Because you refuse to believe the truth. 'The truth will set you free'. Since you do not know whom the Truth is, then you will never learn the truth. Yes, that is right the truth is a person. The person is Jesus Christ. He leads anyone to the real truth. Now you will have a field day with what I just said. That is why you are blinded and think you know everything about scams.
Since God created the earth He can lead anyone who humbles him or herself to the Truth. I do not think you are ready to receive the truth. Let me know when you are ready. I have led many people to the Truth.
2009-04-25, 08:54:21
anonymous from Canada  
Can a scammer ever tell the truth?? Does a scammer have any real friends??Their lives seem to be nothing but a big lie ..How can you put trust in a person like that??Its only a matter of time when they will start cheating each other..
2009-04-25, 08:56:28
anonymous from Canada  
If its from Ghana its a scam..Dont trust these people..They will tell you anything to scam you out of money..
2009-04-25, 10:41:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
to my fellow american or should i say ghanaian take some advice if you want to preach go to a church and buy the way im sorry to tell you she didnt scam me. why because im a 33yr old guy who likes to have fun and im sorry for the older guys who are looking for true love and are being fooled buy these girls. bye the way this girl is in with two other girls ther photos are taken in the same house how sill y is that hay hehehe. and to the other true american you have your fun mate im right behind you lets make fools out of these freaks im going to enjoy this
2009-04-25, 10:58:01   (updated: 2009-04-25, 11:10:07)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ many above postings

If its from Ghana and asking for money, gifts, have gold, bank account needs claiming's a scam!

The photo's were probably stolon.... and could have been of anonymous from United States 2009-04-25, 07:14:18 's friend!

I hope your friend now knows to be more careful with her photo's. Tell her to copy protect or water mark them in the future.

We do not need to know her real name.

We still need to have them posted here for others to compare them to.

Please read some more information in regard to what I say!

Scammers are predominantly MEN regardless whose photos they send.

The one in the photo's you have is probably also a victim of the scam! Stolon photo's and ID.

For more information, look here: http://www.delphifa..412.shtml

Some sites whence the scammers nick photo's and ID's http://www.datingnm..ctics.htm

Thanks everyone for your postings!
2009-04-25, 11:02:51
OJAS from United States  
Question for guys with good eye sight:
Is the electrical outlet on this tread North American?
2009-04-25, 11:14:21   (updated: 2009-04-25, 11:41:16)
Steve_dux from Australia  
Your link is to the plug specifications site......which thread do you refer to?
2009-04-25, 15:42:37   (updated: 2009-04-25, 15:54:53)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello Steve_Dux, OJAS, Anonymous From the UK as well as Canada
I'm not going to waste my breath greeting Dip Shit from the USA

I see things have livened up a bit since, I put my foot down earlier.
While, I have great respect for Steve_Dux
I feel your comment's are a just a bit to lenient.
OJAS as usual you come through with the glaring obvious. Good eye friend.
I looked back at the photo's that, I just did a glance through the first time silly me.
I will post again the photo OJAS makes reference to please stop looking at the
girl long enough to see the electrical hazard typical American plug in. LOL
That clearly shows the photo was taken in the the USA.
Not anywhere else especially Ghana.
Absolutely like clock work the Fool from Ghana AKA USA by his fake location shows.
Came back as, I said He would.
I am scamming the scammer now everyone who is watching this.
I am having, Him on to those from the UK.
What Ay I'm having some sport with Him Canada.
OJAS my American friend, I'm jerking His chain.
As the scammer pointed out so well going to Las Vegas doesn't make you gambler.
Well on that note Claiming to be a Christian when your clearly a bold face liar
is what real Christians call a Hypocrite. Going to Church doesn't make you a Christian
anymore than going to McDonald's makes you a Hamburger.
Many will use the name of The Lord but there is the problem when The Lord
Separates the Sheep from the Goats. In your case Scammer good luck with
Judgment Day. God hates all liars remember.
Trying to interject Religion into this gives you even less credibility than before.
My scammer had at the top of every page posted. God is with me, God is with me.
Once would have made the point twice is more like a Muslim chant.
So who and what are You then ? Christian Hypocrite or a Muslim ?
I see no need need to treat you with any respect at all.
This may not sit well with some. But the fact is the Jerk from Ghana AKA USA
is a scammer. I will not sit on my hands and allow, Him to go uncontested
by any statement, He makes. The statement that was made about all people
from Ghana being thieves. Not everyone from Ghana is on line scamming people.
But so far there is not a piece of evidence to support the idea that this unknown
person is anything but a scammer trying to do damage control.
Why don't we just pull all the photo's from the site when Mr. Anonymous Say's
we should. His credibility is nothing. Yes the fact, He is from Ghana is all, I need
as proof or if, He is helping a friend in Ghana which ever view you want to take.
It has been well established that the scammers have helpers in other countries.
Let this so called friend of the victim contact the site Administrator and present
proof of his story. I'm sure the pictures would be removed if there is any merit
to his claims. But in the big picture. We are not just talking about the photo's on this thread. There are many more photo's on many threads under different names.
Even different web sites. This did not just happen over night. There is a mile long
list of victims piled up that were scammed by someone using these photo's.
How are they going to feel seeing them removed because some idiot jumping up
and crying Wolf. Its only common sense that the pictures remain.
Otherwise lets just let all pictures go to the free will of scammers to have a field day
with. I will not back down on this point. The Jerk is a scammer trying to get photo's
removed. Canada makes several good remarks about this.
Why should any of us believe the word from anyone from Ghana.
Or anyone in support of Ghana either.
There are hundreds of scams every single day coming from Ghana alone.
Are we to strain at Gnats and Swallow Camel's ?
Everybody take a close look at what is said. No evidence has ever been offered
not once by this Jerk. Only we are supposed to be like sheep going silently to the
slaughter. The Gentleman from the UK mentioned, He was not scammed.
How then does the response have any meaning now in light of that Revelation.
As for the Jerk from the USA, I plainly say to you. You are incapable of leading
anyone to the saving Knowledge of the truth found in Jesus.
That truly would be the blind leading the blind both fall in the ditch.
Stop pretending to be something your not.
OJAS your link to look at plug ins from the USA was good but you should maybe
have mentioned to also look back to see the photo.
I am looking forward to the next exchange on this thread.
Thanks everyone for contributing something we all bring a little different perspective to the table. That is good.
I will continue to hold very fast and hard to my opinion that the Jerk asking for photo's to be removed is nothing more then a liar at the
very least and possibly the scammer himself.
The photo's must stay just as they are.

Kind Regards to Steve_Dux, OJAS, Anonymous UK, and Canada
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-04-25, 16:58:19   (updated: 2009-04-25, 17:04:57)
OJAS from United States  
Outlets are on a few photos, page 1, this thread. Thx for reproducing it, Agent.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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