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Dating scammer Darya from Kazan


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Name: Darya from Kazan


None and expect none. I am expecting that she as my postal address

Other Comments:
I expect, when the time comes, that she wil become eager to visit me in my country and ask the nearest airport... I've already seen several letters alike.

I've been receiving this:

Hello Friend ! What is your name?
In this letter i'd like to give you more information about me. i'm 29
y.o. my weight is 54-56 kg and i'm about 171 cm high. i'm trying to
keep fit so i'm in good shape. I live in city Kazan it is in european
part of russia. i share the flat with my daddy and brother. i work as
a teacher of art learning children how to draw. i love my job. it
gives me a good chance to communicate with children as i don't have
any myself. that's why i want to meet a person to create a family.

I dated a person from russia but he deceived me. i found out that he
had serious relations with another girl. that was rather hard to me..
.. i don't want to deal with russian men anymore as they do not respect
women and very many of them are alcoholic or drug abused you might
happen to know... i tell it to you because i want to be honest with
you. i don't want any misunderstanding and mistrusting.

i don't trust people since that but i'd love to try with you. i try to
follow a proverb 'don't wish a person smith you don't wish to
yourself'. it would be perfect if all the people followed it. i hope
you understand my letters because i'm not perfect at english. i
understand pretty well, either i can talk. i like this language i
studied it at school and later at university. i try my best to have a
good command of english. i think it's enough for the first letter.
tell me what you think about all this. if you want to learn more you
can write on my mail. i'd be very glad if you did so.
look forward to hearing from you


Hello dear xxx!
I hope I can call you a friend because you seem to be a very nice person. So I'd like to continue our correspondence to know you better.
I feel you're the one I could have serious relationships with.
I must confess therer's a new feeling in me.
I remember it since I was in love for the first time. When I was 12, I fell in love with one boy as it often occurs in school, but now when he became an adult he drinks a lot and is completely unreliable.
Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks are an unresistable temptation for most of our guys.
I don't understand it at all. I don't like having a lot of drink, I don't smoke either. Though I can have some wine on parties. I prefer red wine.
What do you like?
I'm a person who desire to find true love and I believe that for all of us there's our second half in this big world. The only thing we have to do is to start listening to each other.
I'm so happy to meet you, I want you to understand that I begin enjoying my life since our correspondence. That's true. xxx, all I want to tell you - you are an increasingly interesting person and I really would love to become someone you will trust and support. I'm a kind of person who makes her choice only once and very seriously. Hope you understand what I mean.
If you want such person to be with you till the rest of your life, you only have to believe me , to try to understand me and to support. I think that you won't decieve me? I only need respect and estimation.
You know today I was going home with my friend (she works with me) and I saw a pair: a boy and a girl. They were so happy! They were hugging each other and smiling. I tought of you immidiately. If we went walking like them, everybody would envy us. I admire the ability of people to love till the end of their days . You know I'm romantic, I like watching the stars and just the sky. Sometimes I wish I could fly to touch them. I'd be so happy if I meet a person who will care of me.
Unfortunately, there's no one here.
But luckily I met a girl who advised me to try corresponding via I-net. She helped me and I chose you from thousands of men. You can see how I look like on pictures I send you. Write me what do you think of it. If you don't like smth , tell me honestly because I don't want us to have secrets from each other. I won't take offences.
Tell me more about you: your family, friends, hobbies.
I feel crazy about you, I want to know more and more!
I think, that then our relations can become really serious and who knows, probably, for ever.
Write me back as soon as you can.
Have a good day!


Hello my best friend xxx!
Thanks for the letter back and for the shown interest in me.
It is very pleasant for me, that you do not forget about me.
I think that we're becoming good friends. I feel that our friendship
becomes stronger every day. I'm glad I wasn't mistaken in you and I'll
try not to disappoint you. You know during this small period of
correspondence as you have already understood you became a part of my
life. I'm getting very upset when I have no new messages from you. But
if I have a new one , this really makes my day! It makes my spirit go
up. I would like to tell to you about my family.
My brother works in the furniture industry as a joiner. His name is
Andrey. He is 31. He joins different parts of wooden furniture . I
would call him 'golden arms'.
I also have a grandmother, she is already in her middle eighties(84).
When I was a little girl, I used to come to see her on holidays and in
summer. I enjoyed staying with her and my grandfather a lot. He was 5
years her senior. After his death granny's health worsened badly. We
tried to persuade her of moving to our place but she doesn't want to.
She says she'll stay where she was happy with her beloved . We respect
her feelings and we wouldn't insist on it but we simply worry about
her. My father works as a bodyguard in FSA ( Federal Security Agency)
so I can't tell you more about his job- it's a secret even for me.
Sometimes I behave childishly, I'm simply too trustful. So it's easy
to deceive me.
For example, I never go to buy things to the market. I always buy
things by more expensive price than they cost. So I usually take a
friend of mine with me. When I have free time I like be sitting
somewhere thinking about various things. I like dreaming about future
maybe you are laughing reading it but I'm rather thoughtful person. I
look at the world through the pink-coloured glasses. Perhaps, it isn't
always good.
I would like you to write me more about yourself not only about your
passtime but your character, feelings. What are your feelings and
intentions to me? I-net is a greatest achievment of peole. Due to it I
have met such a nice person as you are. Isn't it amazing that two
persons can talk to each other like this? We are so far but I don't
feel it. You seem to be so close when I read your letters! xxx, tell
me how are you? Are you busy all day long?
It's so bad I have no telephone! It's a problem in Russia
unfortunately. But I simply have to hear your voice! Maybe I would be
able to call on your number from somewhere. I can't wait to talk to
you personally!
I always think of you. It makes no difference wether I work or free.
I think of children, they are very important. Children bring happiness
to our lifes. It's our aim to grow then as good-natured, kind and
honest persons. We should be examplary parents for them and show good
moral traits of character. I dream of meeting a person who will be a
good father for our children will take care of us and will be the most
loving man. You see I share all my dreams with you because I trust
you. Sometimes I think That I have met a person who will bring
kindness and tenderness to our family. xxx every day I wait for your
letters and miss you terribly. I write you with huge pleasure! Have a
nice day honey!
Write me please it's neccessary for me like an air.

and this morning:

I'm so happy to receive a letter from you. When I get it it brings me joy and highest spirit. My heart is filled with emotions though it's difficult for me to express myself in english.
I feel that every day we become closer and closer to each other. I'm sure you don't forget about me within a minute. I also think of you a lot. I think 'What is He doing now? How is His day?' I really enjoy reading your letters they're so kind and full of real interest. Noone ever wrote me like you.
It's rather cool now here but I'm fond of walking in the open-air. I like nature and animals. Especially kittens and puppies. They're so marvellous! Do you like going outside? What kind of trees grow in your locality? Here there're lots of birches, maples, oak-trees and fur-trees, of course.
Today i and my Dad went to the grandmother's and he told her I'm corresponding with a foreigner. I thought she would be strongly against it but to my great surprise she wished me a good luck and heppiness. She was so glad that I'd found a person who appreciates and respect me and whom I'm so interested in. This person is you my dear xxx. I feel this way now.
We have a bath in the village. It is very popular in Russia. it' s our pride I can say. Have you heard about it? If no, I'll explain to you.
Russian bath is a small wooden building made of logs. There's a bake there and a chimney. It's very hot there about 90 degrees Celceus.
Like your sauna. We have a wash here. It's very pleasant and good for health. Especially when you dive into cold pond after this. My daddy was aganst correspondence with a foreigner but when I showed him your letters he said you're a very nice person and deserves respect . By the way, he sends his best regards to you.
He's sure we'll be close friends and we should trust each other because there's no real relationships without honesty and respect. I try not to think about a long distance between us. It's hard to me to realise that you're so far. But with every letter I feel that this distance is becoming sorter and shorter. I've never been abroad but I'm fond of travelling. So it makes no difference to me where to be happy. If it is neccessary to go on the other side of the earth to my husband, well I'll do it.
I dream of finding true love and being happy together. I think that is very important for every person. Don't you think so?
I want to find a man with strong will and good sence of humour to love and support me. I enjoy conversations with a clever and intellectual person so I'd be happy to spend hours with my husband talking in front of the fireplace.
I think it's time to finish a letter.
Write me what you think about all this.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
YOUR Darya.

This one came too:

Hi my tiger!
As usually I was expecting your letter with impatience and I'm happy
to receive it! I hope you're not against my callang you a tiger? My
frinds at work say I became absent-minded as if I had fallen in love.
I don't know what to tell them bacause I don't completely understand
me myself. I can't think about something else but you. Pablo you've
really became a part of my life and I can't imagine my life without
you now. I won't live without you I'll just survive somehow.
My feelings to you are really very strong I want you to know this. I'd
love to meet you to talk to you face to face. It differs a lot from
correspondence you know. My brother always ask about you. He knows
that I wonna be with you and he wants it too. He wishes happiness to
me. And to you of course. In yout letters I find smith I couldn't find
in other men . Every time I receive your letter I feel much happier
than before.
I can't help thinking of you. You're so kind, intelligent and
understanding... I admire you but in letters I can axpress nothing. I
feel I'm so poor at english.
Recently my brother asked me if I had gone to the marriage agency but
I anawered thee were no need in it because I had already found a man I
wonna be with. He says you're a reliable and honest person and I could
be happy with you. I must ask you one question. Do you consider our
relationships to be steady? I want it so much!
You have to understand me correctly, I don't mean taking you for
granted, no. I want to be confident in you. It doesn't mean that I
don't trust you. Just tell me what you feel about me. My heart beats
harder when I think of you . I thinkI'm becoming like a crazy little
girl raving love.
First I was afraid to confess it. I thought you would laugh at me
learning it. I mean my feelings. Because I know nothing about your
feelings. You may say don't know each other well enough but during our
correspondence I began trusting you.
I don't keep my feelings inside coz I see you won't deceive me. Even
if I tried, I wouldn't be able to do it. Now I'm not shy to confess -
I'm in love with you xxx and I'd love to spend my life with you. I
felt ill at ease telling you it but I hope you won't break my heart.
Look forward to your letter back.
Forever yours, Darya.


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2009-10-01, 21:52:03   (updated: 2009-10-01, 21:57:15)
venezolano from Venezuela  
Already posted a comment there. But you must help on this one. The guy is trying to help a girl from a concentration camp. If you know something about victims and/or refugees scams, please let me know. This scam procedure is very old. I guess it was a classical when the fax was at it's top.

I am well aware of scammers that take advantage of naive people making believe the victims that they're helping on a noble cause. Although not the topic of this forum.

2009-10-02, 20:14:15
OJAS from United States  
Gracias, amigo venezolano http://www.delphifa..=27#174217
2009-10-03, 12:28:50
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-05, 08:06:02   (updated: 2009-10-05, 08:21:00)
venezolano from Venezuela  
hola solamente te digo que estas hermosa pareses una muñequita

There are some people that simply don't know what this site is all about
2009-10-07, 09:42:33
OJAS from United States  
Amigo Venezolano,
What do you think of Mexico, Spain on this page? Their do not sound like Hispanics I have seen in the US. It sounds East European style English, of course using proxies. http://www.delphifa..p=0#175058
2009-10-08, 11:26:02   (updated: 2009-10-08, 12:08:15)
venezolano from Venezuela  
At a first view they don't seem Hispanic to me neither. The mistakes in English are not the usual Hispanic mistakes like mine or any other Hispanic. Just compare my writing style with theirs and make your conclusions.These guys look as they were advertising the site and making suggestions in order to improve their services. I'll keep looking further.

By the way, is very suspicious. It comes from a division of The latter is blacklisted as spammer by several dating sites. Also several internet security software such as McAffee internet security blacklist them as phishing scam.

Just enter the site and look at profile #14231127
and profile #1008 at
This Svetlana has been writing to me and telling that she is already in love with me without ever receiving a letter or request from me. I will not buy any credit in order to write this lady. For me looks like extortion. You get a nice letter and have to pay for replying. Since when you have to pay for replying a love letter. Common sense is the best tool for fighting these scammers.

I think these sites are another variation of these romance scams. Of course I must do some research in order to find evidence or clews.

See you.
2009-10-08, 16:41:32   (updated: 2009-10-08, 17:40:49)
venezolano from Venezuela  
@OJAS and Vicoz


The paragraph from Spaim

If the man visits the Ukraine then he open to be scammed by agencies (not referring to the said agency) and their clients and I have read many stories of men that have experienced this and yet found a girl outside the agency which have restored their confidence in the Ukrainian lady.

It is kind of scamlish.

I should write as Hispanic:

If the man visits Ukraine and then he gets scammed (without referring such agency) and their clients, and read many stories about men that experience this and yet found a girl outside the agency which have restored the confidence of the Ukrainian Lady

The abuse or misuse of the article The is typical of Slavic languages.
2009-10-08, 17:43:16   (updated: 2009-10-08, 17:55:04)
venezolano from Venezuela  
@OJAS and Vicoz


The paragraph from Spain at http://www.delphifa..comments:

If the man visits the Ukraine then he open to be scammed by agencies (not referring to the said agency) and their clients and I have read many stories of men that have experienced this and yet found a girl outside the agency which have restored their confidence in the Ukrainian lady.

It is kind of scamlish.

I should post my comment as Hispanic like this:

If the man visits Ukraine and then he gets scammed (without referring such agency) and their clients, and read many stories about men that experience this, and yet found a girl outside the agency that have restored the confidence of Ukrainian Ladies

The abuse or misuse of 'the' article The is typical of Slavic languages. In other texts I've found that 'The' can be replaced with 'my' and sentences make better sense.

We Hispanic people have a different grammar than Slavic people, and obviously translating styles are different.
2009-10-10, 12:32:58
venezolano from Venezuela  
2009-10-11, 16:53:52
OJAS from United States  
I am almost sure Russians get visa on arrival at Peru. http://www.delphifa..p=6#175936
2009-10-12, 08:43:22
venezolano from Venezuela  
Russians have 90 days like my country, you have to show return ticket


2009-10-13, 14:01:51   (updated: 2009-10-13, 14:06:28)
venezolano from Venezuela  

Right now I am trying to help a Spanish guy there at http://www.delphifa..#comments

He was using his VISA credit card in order to pay the emails to
He told that he was writing since December 2007 until the bank canceled payments for that agency.When the payments were no longer available, the relation ended. He must be heavily in debt.

I know is kind of sad, but I am telling you that this agency is dangerous...
2009-10-13, 16:48:08
OJAS from United States  
Sorry to hear that amigo.
When you get a moment, http://www.delphifa..119#176373
2009-10-13, 17:14:56
venezolano from Venezuela  
I already posted a comment there and links for newbies. The Costa Rican guy is greeting all the guys from that thread back.

Again with the Spanish, he looks like denying that he has beem scammed. I'm sure that he will open his eyes soon.
2009-10-14, 06:15:35
anonymous from Cagliari, Italy
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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