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Dating scammer Daniela Munteanu


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Name: Daniela Munteanu

Email: unknown yet

Str. Militari 12, Bucarest, RO
This street did not exist!

Other Comments:
Daniela is not a 'classic' Scammer. She try to get money for leaving Romania. She communicate only about YM and Web-Cam, not by mail. Most of the time, her daughter is near her. She had made me curiously because of problems, that I 'maybe don`t like to hear', as she said. After some days, I asked her again and she told me the 'problems'. She has no money to pay the rent and she would like to leave the country. The 'problem' is, she cannot, because it`s not possible to pay the rent. She also cannot work, because she had nobody for her daughter. The father of her daughter, her own father also, are gone away to Italy and her mother is dead. There is a sister, but she cannot help. I have a girlfriend in Bucarest and I asked Daniela, if she maybe can help her. No, was her answer, she would like to have only help from my side. Some days later, the next problem appears. A girlfriend of her, Carmen, contact me by her YM-account. Her daughter had suddenly a Appendicitis, so she need money for a operation. She said, she has no Insurance and it`s very dangerous for her daughter. I found out, that children until 3 years, paid absolutely nothing for any kind of Medic problems, in RO. But I didn`t tell her that, I asked her, to let my girlfriend help and visit her in the Hospital. Her girlfriend said yes, if I mean this. I really called my girlfriend and she like to help and to visit her in that Hospital next day. I told Danielas girlfriend that and she said, that she would talk to Daniela. At the next morning, Carmen, her girlfriend, contact me and said, Danielas daughter was transferred to an other Hospital in Iasi, 240 km away from Bucarest. She needs the money urgently. I said 'no' and told her also what I know until now. The last message I get was, I should believe what I want..... that`s it, in short form.
Fact is: The Hospital where her daughter should lie, is the biggest and best in Romania. No person will ever transferred a child, with her daughters problem, to a no-name Hospital 240 km away from home and the best medical care she can get. (I have this info from my girlfriend)
She prefer Western Union, because she has no Bank-account.
The address I get from her, did not exist.
The IP is unfortunately only a knot of a lot, but in Bucarest.
The person you see on the pictures, is she, the other one, is she with her girlfriend. I am sorry, but I cannot show here her daughter. She is only a helpful victim. I look for her in all Scam-Forums I know, but I never found her.
It seem her YM-account, is not more in use, therefore I have it not post.

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2009-10-06, 07:10:45
wanwan from Japan  
@Scammer 2009-10-03, 19:49:22
anonymous from K�ln, Germany

I am waiting for your '' PROOFS '' ,
but you can not put proofs on Delphi.
Why ?Because you are a SCAMMER.

2)Why do you use anon open proxy ?
I already have looked into your proxy.
It is a scam proxy !
Why don't you use a regular line ?
Because you are a SCAMMER.

3)On your previous post,
you showed country IP '' SPAIN '',
but this go round ,
you show country IP Germany.
ha,ha,ha,ha, it is a classic & cheapest scam trick.
I can change my IP very easily.
You make me laugh.

4)See this
you say

As I said, sometimes you should think ''twice'' ,beforfe you write sometrhing. You know, may you are a good known member here.


I give you an informative poster so please read and learn how to express your thoughts,it is OK?
See the picture below !

Kay !
I want to invite you to this site for discussing the SCAM.
What do you think of my invitation.
I want to know why you try scamming guys.
I want to know the scammer's mentality.
You can show us such scammer's mentality.
Because you are a SCAMMER.
Scammer Kay,please get my invitation then
tell us your scammer's mentality.
It will be helpful & useful to us .
Please put your scammer's mentality on Delphi.
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2009-10-06, 11:21:10   (updated: 2009-10-06, 11:22:30)
wanwan from United States  
@@Scammer 2009-10-03, 19:49:22
anonymous from K�ln, Germany

Hey my scammlish friend (?) Kay !!
Now I live in USA.
See my shown country IP.
I know your old trick like our agent86 already has explained to us.
It is a scammer's trick.

I want to invite you to Delphi.
Please come on and show your scammer's mentality.

Kay !
How is your scammlish day ?
How many innocent guys
have you scammed ?
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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