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Dating scammer Tatyana Kolesova


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Name: Tatyana Kolesova


my full name is Tatyana Kolesova
my country is Russia
zip code is 600001
street address is Lenina 21-76

Vladimir is the town? Thats is what she told me in the first e-mail...

Other Comments:
I am 25 years old girl and as you can see I live in Russia. I live in the small province of city called Vladimir. it's near to Moscow. I don't have phone because it is really small place and here is no any mobile operators.

Day 1 mail:
I see you are interested in me and this is good because I have no a
boyfriend who could make my life more happy! well I am 25 years old girl and as you can see I live in Russia. I live in the small province
of city called Vladimir. it's near to Moscow. I don't have phone
because it is really small place and here is no any mobile operators.
so I can't call to you. what about internet I have it from tv cabel. I
am cheerful girl and I like to try new thing in my life. I just don't
want to be alone. I like sports to hold my body in great condition. I
work in the children's shelter. I love childrens and I love my job. do
you have kids? by the way I have never been married and I have no kids. I don't smoke and I don't drink. actually I can drink sometimes. but it is only one or two glasses of red wine (it is my favorite). so tell me do you smoke or drink? I just want to know you closer and this is why I am asking these questions. if you have any questions to me feel free to ask. I am honest and I don't have anything to hide from you. we have to be serious here if we have decided to write to each other. I am serious in my intentions. I would like to see your pictures so if you have any please send to me. ok I have to go and I will look forward to hearing from you again. have a nice day and I will answer you as soon as I see your answer. bye.

Day 2 mail:
I like to try new things in my life and I don't like to get boring.
always I try to cheer up myself when I am sad. I work eight hours in
day six days in week. as I wrote I love my job because I love children
and this is very good to help them. but I don't make a lot of money
here. and sometimes I can't buy some things which I really want to
buy. but anyway I love my job. I like sports and I go to aerobics
three times at week. it makes my body perfect and I hope you can see that in my photos. also I like swimming and skiing. what about other things I like listening to the music and I like to go to the cinema. in music I like classical music (mostly russian composers). it lets me calm down everytime when I listen this. and also I like photographing. I think you already understand that from my photos :) but I am not a model at all. I just like to take photos as each girl I think. so what about you? what type of music do you like? my parents live far away from me. it is about 230 km from my city. I love them and when I miss them I go to meet them. for me a difference in the age of has no special importance. I consider that if the man is more senior than me, he is more more skilled. He can learn me to many things in this life. Please understand me correctly. I not confused with that that you are more senior than me. I have strong interest in you and I do not have attention to your age. you are very interesting to me and I'd love to continue our correspondence and I'd like to know more information
about you. ask me what you want so we could learn each other better to become closer. I will wait your letter. take care.

Day 3 mail:
it is very pleasant to me to get your letters. you should feel free
with me and if you have any thoughts on me please let me know this. I like your letters and it tells me that you like to write me. please
tell me do you like me as a girl? I mean do you like my pictures and
my personality? I think you've already took some decision on this
because I have told a lot of things about me. I like you and your
letters. and I am very glad I've met you. I hope you would like to
continue our relations. I want you to know about my past relations.
you can see that I am honest with you and as I told you I have no
anything to hide. I had a boyfriend here and it was for 2 years. we
stopped this six months ago. we didn't have anything in common and he didn't respect me at all. when he got bad day he began to raise a voice on me. and then my friend saw him with other girl. all I said
him then was goodbye and don't try to speak with me. it was a
treachery from his side and I will never forgive this. I hate lie and
treachery. I don't like to remember this but if we are honest with
each other. you can tell me about your past relations if you would
like. I will never hurt a man who is close to me and to my heart. I
will never do any bad to him and I will make him happiest man at this
world. well in my free time I like to do my hobbies. I can play piano
and I like it very much. by the way I am 170 cm tall. I am very glad
to get your letters everyday and it is pleasant that you think of me.
I will wait your next letter. bye. kisses.

Day 4:
I am so glad that we write to each other. and with every day we learn
each other better and become closer. you are very cool and I am glad
that I have met you. it is very pleasant for me to write you
everytime. and I get enjoying from reading of your letters. it is good
to hear that you likes me. most of my friends has a family and kids
and I want this too. actually goal in my life is creation and family
and having children. I see children everyday and I love them. but I
want to have my kids. and I haven't found a man who will make me happy and who would love to create a family with me and have a children. my parent ask me everytime about my private life. I think they want to have grandsons. Russia is not good place and I don't want to have family here. because life here is so hard and I don't want this for my kids. I would love to leave this country. I will be good wife and I will make my husband happiest man at this world and I will make our home the best place at this world. I like children and I don't have any harmful habits. I like to cook and I like to make my place clean. I am very responsible person. I always finish every beginning. my parents grew me up in good traditions. I like picnics and I like to spend the time at beach to get sunburn.. I like to do many things. I just don't want to spend my life alone. so if you have any questions to me feel free to ask. I will answer you with pleasant. I have to go now and I will wait your next letter. have a nice day there. kisses.

Day 5:
it is so good to hear from you. I was expecting for your letter and
now I am glad to answer you. your letters make my day better. I can
see that you likes me a lot and honestly I am very glad for this.
because you are very interesting to me and now I don't want to loose
you. I feel that you are man who can make me happy. my feel to you become stronger everyday. and I think of you most time of my day. I am very glad that I have met you. it is true. I just want to be happy and I think I deserve to be happy at this life. it is time for me to have a serious relationships and create a family. I just don't want to make it here in Russia. I tried and I didn't have a success. you are very cool and I see that you are good person. and also I think I would love to meet you and spend some time with you. I think our correspondence is good way for us to know each other. but our meeting is the best way. I want you to know soon I will have a vacation from my job and this is great chance for us! it would be perfect if we will meet at this time. what do you think? you are very kind and I would like to spend the time with you. we will meet and we will see where we go in our relationships. I am very serious about this. so please let me know what do you think about this and I think there is nothing can stop our meeting. I will wait your letter with huge impatience. have a nice day. kisses.

Day 6 - Money Letter:
I think it would better if we will meet in seven or eight days because
it is my vacation time and it is not so long. we shouldn't take a long
time here. I am ready to come to you and meet you. I just can't pay
total price for my ticket to you. I need to have extra 300 euro for my
trip to you and it would be good if you help me with this money. you
could send this money to me and then I will fly to you and we could
meet and spend the time together. and then we will see where we go and what we want from this life. we will make our relations together and create a family. and if everything will be ok and if we will be happy
together I could stay at your country with you and create our family.
and be happy with you. if you want all this so I wait your letter with
your thoughts. I think we will make good pair together. so I want to
meet you and I will wait your letter with impatience. kiss you.

Day 7:
I am so glad that we have great chance to meet each other soon. it is
very pleasant for me. so read this message very carefully because it
is very important. I am going to start my trip documents making
tomorrow. it will be prepared in the agency of travels and it will
take about one week. they will made all documents I will need to fly
to you. so it should be ready till 31 March and in two days after that
I will be able to take my ticket and then arrive to you. you have to
write me the name of nearest airport to you where you will meet me.
and you should send 300 euro or 400$ for my ticket through western union or moneygram. you should choose what is more comfortable to you. for that you have to know my details and this is here:

my full name is Tatyana Kolesova
my country is Russia
zip code is 600001
street address is Lenina 21-76

so make a transaction as soon as possible. I will have enough money for ticket. and as soon as you made it write me your full details (your full name and street address) so I can receive it here. and write me all information to receive this money. it is late here and I have to go sleep. I will wait your letter tomorrow. please don't take long time because everything for my trip will ready soon. bye. kiss you.

She is quick...I posted all the pics so they would be in the database...

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2009-03-31, 13:59:02   (updated: 2009-03-31, 14:33:22)
OJAS from United States  
Thanks US, for starting this thread
Tatyana Kolesova
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You could send your scammer http://www.delphifa..?p=3#12224
2009-09-21, 07:31:40   (updated: 2009-09-21, 07:34:50)
anonymous from Australia  
Here is another Tatyana Kolesova
Also uses email addy

2009-09-21, 07:36:42
anonymous from Australia  
Tatyana Kolesova

2009-09-21, 07:37:15   (updated: 2009-09-21, 07:39:13)
anonymous from Australia  
Tatyana Kolesova

2009-09-21, 07:40:23
anonymous from Australia  
Tatyana Kolesova

2010-03-29, 18:52:25
what a fucking bitch whore is shit like her that gives good russian people a bad name across europe and the world....she should be raped in her arsehole by 20 guys but then again looking at the slag cunt she would probably enjoy that>>> there must be something in the name as i know another bitch with the same name but she just lies steals cheats sucks and fucks anybody for money... Oh sorry they must be twins!!!!
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