Name: Gifty Ampadu


Seidu Issaka, 25 Adjakroba St., Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
I can see this one has been busy. Moneyman is Seidu Issaka, Accra, Ghana. If your headed to Western Union save the drive and get a hooker, they are much more honest. From this site I see she/he has many aliases Rhoda Naa, Vivian Brown, Sharon Edem and Zinnah Emannuel. One guy thought her real name may be Muritala Gariba. Phoned numerous times from Accra #233 244 887132. The poorly forged documents are what I got for $900 to get her ready to fly. I see a Sandra Issaka also listed as a scammer and I know the money went to a Seidu Issaka mmmm! Liked to sign out of e-mails with'think abt me and stay out of trouble' I've taken her advice on the last 4 words. She/he started out being from CT. USA. Had another from NM>USA..probably the same one but used a pic I saw on here of Melissa Roy. The dating sites are like putting raw meat infront of a vulture and thats what you end up being...dinner! The pic she used on the passport is also listed on this site. Same glasses and shirt but totally different time frames. Ages from her blood test documents to her passport are 2 years difference. I hope this helps anyone that has their head in the clouds because of a stiff dick. She also sent a very sexy video of her dancing in a bedroom. Anyway You get the picture.