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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan


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Name: Anna Ogannisyan


Anna Ogannisyan
13 Garegina Nzhde.apt 74
Ararat 377501
Republic of Armenia

Anna Ogannisyan


Other Comments:
I wanna warn for Anna Ogannisyan from Armenia who is a big and dangerous scammer and lie that she loves men for that she wanna taken theirs money from them.She most be stoped.I have been scammed of her on a very big sume of money.

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2009-07-20, 15:38:01
OJAS from United States  
@Magnus, send an e-mail to motormuisfricandel
Like I said before, you can discuss somethings in mail, but don't post here.

I sent him an e-mail. After you e-mail him, he can ask to delete his address here.

See you all ...
2009-07-20, 17:41:57
DOC from United States  
I cannot believe we are talking about this again, you guys cannot convince me that the real Anna Ogannisyan is involved with scamming. That is like saying that Raven Riley is involved with every scammer that uses her photos.
What about this case?? -> http://www.delphifa..66#158942

OJAS, In your delphi link 2009-07-20, 14:33:45 (updated: 2009-07-20, 15:23:34) I think the delphi pic posting error struck again.
2009-07-20, 17:55:10
[hidden] from Sweden  
till dig magnus , hur mycket pengar du vil ha från henne????
och om du får denna summa från henne blir du nöjd och slutar med den här ????????
sist, om det fanns nån som can hjälpa dig o få detta jävla summa , hur mycket
blir då priset eller del????????
tänk på den ...
2009-07-20, 18:07:57
OJAS from United States  
Please see these links from the present thread:

Dirk on hyves

Anna's mails to Dirk

The real girl may have no control if her pix are stolen from hyves. E-mail to Dirk, that OJAS requests him to help you http://www.delphifa..tml#70207

I just now could see http://anna-ogannis..AOKKK0WOKK but I am not a member
@DOC, delphi server mixing up pix is a possibility, since her pix seem very active now.
2009-07-20, 18:42:49   (updated: 2009-07-20, 18:46:25)
DOC from United States  
Quote from Dirk, (Page 56)


I told you several times that the real (and innocent) Anna lives in The Netherlands. Everybody can copy photos from Internetsites. Even I do it all the time. Sites like Hyves, Facebook and so on are very popular. People (especially youngsters) like to contact family and friends on them. The old times were better. We visited people back then. Now their photos are copied and used by criminals. Those sites should protect their users more efficient.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

2009-07-20, 19:06:24
Who is this Robben Clark from Italy? I am getting emails from him as well. Help!
2009-07-20, 22:35:22
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Goodmorning.Who is here today?
2009-07-20, 22:49:21
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Hej Hidden från Sverige.Jag vet inte vad priset blir eller del av priset skulle bli om jag fick tillbaka pengarna.

Hello Ojas.Yes,I know that it can be so that the photos is stolen and that the woman on the photos is innocent.
2009-07-21, 04:36:51   (updated: 2009-07-21, 04:48:00)
motormuisfricandel from Netherlands  
Hi Magnus

It can be the case that her photo's were stolen. She speaks russian-Armenian. I vieuwed her profile and you can call her at a english dialing code.
I hope she's innocent. I hope that she will try to contact one of us so we can help her as well. I live in the same country so it would be easy to meet me and I will always listen to her story.
You have her number maybe you can ask her to contact me, but if it's a different girl then the poor thing isn't aware of anything (hyves girl i mean)
Regards motormuisfricandel.
2009-07-21, 07:43:20
DOC from United States  
Hi motormuisfricandel,
When scammers call they usually will put a 'spoof' on the caller ID so the number that you see is not the number they are actually calling from.
2009-07-21, 07:58:19   (updated: 2009-07-21, 08:52:55)
DOC from United States  
2009-07-21, 10:03:27
Magnus from Huddinge, Sweden  
Hello Motormuisfricandel.I hope also Anna Ogannisyan from Hyves is innocent.I wanna have concret prove that she is innocent.I think it is little suspect that she writes in her profil that she speak russian and armenian.I cant understand that.And that the name and photos are exactly like the photos and name I got from a woman called Anna Ogannisyan.It is very strange,I think.The scammers takes not same names and photos and profiles,they changes names and photos and everything,but in this case Anna Ogannisyan is everything correctly with the woman in Hyves who called Anna Ogannisyan.I hope we can got answer on that in the future.Take care.Regards.
2009-07-21, 10:27:25
motormuisfricandel from Netherlands  
Hi magnus

You can write me to my e-mail. It's on the page before like ojas said.
I am gonna to check tomorrow at moneygram and I am putting her on the black list over there. I also want to know if they need a passport to withdraw money.
I mean we transferred money on a name and a city. I can't believe that they are able to get the same money in another country because of the code. I am going to check that tomorrow.

I would be pleased when I am going to file a report in the dutch Embassy I would be pleased you will file it as well and ojas also and dirk as well.

When I 've filed this I hope you all will do.
I'll give you the name of the contacts I've got there and the name as well

Be patient, I'll do everything I can

Regards motormuisfricandel
2009-07-21, 10:31:22
motormuisfricandel from Netherlands  
@ magnus

I hope that anna from hyves is innocent as well. Please let us try to contact her.
I am living in the same country. For me it doesn't take an effort to visit her. I just am curious about her story. How she feels to get involved without knowing.
That we are able to help her. We are not the bad guys.
And offcourse we will help her just as she want to help us.


2009-07-21, 10:44:14
motormuisfricandel from Netherlands  
Hi Magnus and everyone

I'll gonna try to get in contact with her through hives.
I'll think it's the only way to be certain.
If she doen't want that then she 's guillty, what do you think?

Regards motormuisfricandel
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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