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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan


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Name: Anna Ogannisyan


Anna Ogannisyan
13 Garegina Nzhde.apt 74
Ararat 377501
Republic of Armenia

Anna Ogannisyan


Other Comments:
I wanna warn for Anna Ogannisyan from Armenia who is a big and dangerous scammer and lie that she loves men for that she wanna taken theirs money from them.She most be stoped.I have been scammed of her on a very big sume of money.

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2013-01-07, 14:10:06
anonymous from Denmark  
here re some more pictures of anna or as she call her self now Tanya,she is trying to get me on the hiok,and have told me she will arrive at Denmark the 14 of january..I am just waiting for her to ask for money,since they all do that....

2013-01-07, 14:10:57
anonymous from Denmark  

2013-01-07, 14:11:37
anonymous from Denmark  

2013-01-07, 14:12:05
anonymous from Denmark  

2013-01-07, 14:12:41
anonymous from Denmark  

2013-01-07, 17:18:27
2013-01-07, 14:12:41 anonymous from Denmark

>>> Be careful her pics appear on several 'dating fraud' sites see below ...

Post date - Verification list of Russian women | Dating fraud ... - Translate this page
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2013-01-28, 11:41:30
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello lr hej..

Ingen aning vem Rita Bright är men detta har hon skrivit, hon har till och med skickat video.. Utan ljud såklart..

'My name is Miss Rita Bright.a 28 years old girl (7th of August 1984). I once lived in Spain and Sweden but now i am
based in London (United Kingdom). I am average in height and fair in complexion, am a loving and caring angel.I found your mail contact (today) truly is quiet interesting to me then I Decided to contact you.I really want to have a good relationship with you.Hope to hear from you soon.i will send my beautiful pictures to you and tell you more about my self That Is I know age will not be a Barer to our relationship, what i need is just your love and caring. I will give you my best,bye for now.
lots of love and kisses,
Miss Rita.'

I've got undercover to find out that this girl/boy send this to everyone..

Next mail is this

'I want you to know that age and distance does not matter in any relationship but i am assuring you now that i can come to you anywhere you are once you want me to come and please what kind of style do you like in sex ? like how many rounds can you sex ? when did you want to meet me ? that we will both see face to face so just let me know now....i live in London and i can travel to you anywhere you are if you want me to come to you so i want you to answer the questions below
1. why are you here (i mean in c-date) ?2. are you married or divorced?3. what kind of work do you do?4. how many children do you have?5. when did you get into c-date?6. what are you searching for on c-date?
Mail me back as soon as possible today...ok.

Here are the text i got from another 'girl' and Rita as well i had found on this site..

      How are you and work,hope all is well with you ? its my very great pleasure to hear from you back,its really make my days with the lovely email you sent to me and i like the way you answer my question .
     For me,i like going to beaches,watching,movies shows,musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffer.
     Yea,i am for real,because i do not have time for playing games around,because its very awful when someone hurt
    another good feelings... Well, relationship can mean two things:
    ( 1) it can mean that we have a connection, which I think exists.

    (2) relationship also means to be romantically and sexually involved and I think we aren't at that level.
     So, I think at this point, given the amount of time we have e-mail one another, we definitely have a friendship forming based on some external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and the potential exists for the relationship to evolve into something more significant. I have been in several rapports where I was not fully appreciated.  In fact, many times I felt I was taken advantage of and that hurts.  I will like to meet someone who recognizes the little things I do for him and knows how to be appreciative.  For instance, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man,he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss.  Or perhaps sending me a card for no particular occasion just to tell me 'thank you.' I am very appreciative of what people do for me and Ill reward them in my own little ways. To me, it's the little things that mean a great deal to me. What does it really mean to be affectionate?  I love a man who can display his affections for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy.  And a person who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus.  I love being affectionate.This may be an odd one, but i have learned that there are many man out there that are set in their ways.  They have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or advices.  Stubborn man are a major turn off for me.  I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically open minded.  I think being receptive brings about sensitivity as well.  A man who is ignorant,
    mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along with.  I would say that I am not afraid to display my emotions. I'd like someone who is sensitive and caring.  If I am sad, I have like for him to be able to comfort me and cheer me up. He doesn't has to do much, but just knowing that he's there solacing me is more than good enough.  Have you ever had someone not stand up for you?  I was deeply hurt when someone I once knew would not not stand up for me, even after he told me he loved me.  I would never allow someone to hurt my boyfriend or my husband, and I would always stand up for him.  One thing I will always do for my man is to protect him.Well ,

i cant wait to hear from you soonest.

Hope to hear from you soonest,

Rita.' or Hannah as the other 'girl' s' name was...
2013-01-30, 08:57:39
anonymous from Sweden  
Nu har jag frågat efter 'Ritas' telefon nr får se vad hon skriver, om hon skriver +233 först eller nåt, ska försöka lägga upp hennes bilder på hennes/hans rum.. Om man får det vill säga?

Självklart ger jag inte ut mitt eget nr om hon svarar..
In english

I've asked 'Rita' for her phone nr, let see if she will write +233/+234 in the beginning..

Surely I will not give out my number if she answers..

Arga naiva svensken

The angry naive swede
2013-01-31, 13:37:46
OJAS from United States  
Is this Ogannisyan Boris? http://www.delphifa..1486.shtml
2013-01-31, 21:31:41
Miss Marple from United States  

Yes it is the same Boris ,thread starter girl with 3 first postings ..

2013-01-31, 21:46:50
Miss Marple from United States  

Helt rätt! Ge aldrig ut privata uppgifter som kan leda till dig eller att någon kan uttnyttja din info vidare ,som privata foton på familj eller vänner,konto uppgifter,lösenord ,hemaddress eller som du säger telefon nummer,om du vill bara fördriva deras tid skaffa en mejl address som du använder endast för dessa kontakter ,tala aldrig om för dem vad du vet och när dom frågar efter pengar spärra dom efteråt,jag såg att du fick ett nummer som började med +4470 typisk Afrikansk bedrägeri! Du vet väl om att du inte pratar med en kvinna ,de flesta bedrägerier i från Afrika är mesta dels män som sitter och skriver till folk ..så din väninna Rita är inte vad man kan tro..var försiktig!
2013-02-03, 09:05:09
magnus from lvkarleby, Sweden  
hej miss marple.du skrev att +4470 skulle vara ett afrikanskt bedrägeri.+4420,är det engelska bedrägerier,eller kan det vara kopplat till andra länder,fast landsnumret är england?jag vet inte hur man får reda på sånt,det verkar som om man kan koppla nummer lite hur som helst genom datorer och dylika saker,så att det inte går att spåra vart ifrån bedragarna ringer ifrån?//magnus.
2013-02-03, 09:05:21
magnus from lvkarleby, Sweden  
hej miss marple.du skrev att +4470 skulle vara ett afrikanskt bedrägeri.+4420,är det engelska bedrägerier,eller kan det vara kopplat till andra länder,fast landsnumret är england?jag vet inte hur man får reda på sånt,det verkar som om man kan koppla nummer lite hur som helst genom datorer och dylika saker,så att det inte går att spåra vart ifrån bedragarna ringer ifrån?//magnus.
2013-02-03, 13:59:25
Miss Marple from United States  
Hej Magnus!

+4470 är en kostnadsfri sevice som du kan vidare koppla till ett annat land men visar sig som samtal ifrån Storbrittanien så bedragare låtsas vara i Storbrittanien men är is själva verket bedragare i från Nigeria uttnyttjar detta förstå däremot +4420 är ett London baserat nummer som bedragare använder sig utav med,så om du får ett nummer som dessa så måste du se helheten i det hela om det är ett berägeri i fråga ....du vet ju hur bedragare fungerar i allmänhet så för att inte bli lurad av att någon kontaktar dig med ett +4420 tänk hur bedragare fungerar....skicka aldrig pengar till okända även om det är ett företag ,det finns gott om falska företag ute på nätet .

In english

+4470 numbers or anything similar is not UK based as you might think ,it is from a UK based cell phone redirect service based in UK and can be answered anywhere in the world and of course scammers loves this (Nigerians) But if you get a +4420 which is another option on the ´+44 number it shows as a phone calls made from London area do not get fooled as scammers are using this too so to be on the safe side the general warning signs of scams online is in use now ,do not give out private information even if someone asks information from a company, there are plenty of fake companies online today that scams people in a sophisticated way ,do not send money to strangers .
2013-02-04, 18:40:54
magnus from lvkarleby, Sweden  
ok,jag förstår.så någon kan prata med en från england eller något annat land och antingen själva plocka ut pengar eller kontakta någon annan som gör det från någon bank i något land.det kan gå till lite hur som helst så vitt jag kan förstå.bara fantasin sätter gränserna ungefär.själv låter jag mig aldrig luras vill ju heller inte att någon annan blir lurad.så din information här tror jag är till hjälp för andra.//magnus.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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