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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan


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Name: Anna Ogannisyan


Anna Ogannisyan
13 Garegina Nzhde.apt 74
Ararat 377501
Republic of Armenia

Anna Ogannisyan


Other Comments:
I wanna warn for Anna Ogannisyan from Armenia who is a big and dangerous scammer and lie that she loves men for that she wanna taken theirs money from them.She most be stoped.I have been scammed of her on a very big sume of money.

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2009-07-01, 09:26:32
DOC from United States  
anonymous from Israel,
You called Swedish people nazi's. You should apologize to my friend Magnus from Sweden, he has done nothing to you, your people, or your country.
2009-07-01, 09:44:10   (updated: 2009-07-01, 10:04:22)
anonymous from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:

[There is a fate that makes us brothers
None goes his way alone.
Take care in what you send to others,
for it will return to your own.] qte. Edwin Markham

Bravo Doc, Magnus and Steve_Dux for restraining your tempers.

Idiotic racism is its own worst enemy. 'Stupid' usually breeds itself out of the gene pool eventually.

This forum is for ALL people that resent the lies and despair that are the source and result of financial or dating scamming. Unfortunately there are paranoids who slip through the cracks and must rant to vent the 'injustices' that they have been subjected to. Seeing their complaints published feeds their egos. Maybe that is better than physical attacks on ethnic minorities in person. Still sucks though.

@Israel : Get a life, make some friends and get a clue. Please don't breed anymore like you!

Questions: Why do I know so many Jewish guys in Chicago that have Swedish girlfriends?

Why did I date (I'm half Swedish) a beautiful Israeli Jewish woman for so long when I lived in Chicago?

Maybe because stereotypes are just that, figments of paranoid ideation that blind you to peoples good qualities as INDIVIDUALS.

There is no place in these forums for racism or xenophobic ideas. We all know that scammers concentrate in Third World and oppressed countries. But there are plenty in the States also. Just look at the IP's involved.

Thank you for your efforts guys!

Mata-ne all.

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2009-07-01, 10:37:33
Steve_dux from Australia  
Bravo BadDog!
2009-07-01, 21:50:34
DOC from United States  
Thanks Steve and BadDog.

Hey Magnus,
Look we have another Swedish blood brother, its BadDog.
How are you today? Now that you know how to edit your comment
here at delphi, I want to tell you how to send your scam mail here.
Take care. Talk to you soon.
2009-07-02, 02:09:53
wanwan from Japan  
@anonymous from Israel

This is so POOR GUY .
And is this really Israel guy?
I guess this is a Russian Testicles Scammer.
He pretends to be an Israel guy?
When we will look up his sender IP address,
we can judge that.

And I think it is the time to delete these junks from Israel.
Yes these are all junks ,Yes he is just monkey in Israel.
He is like little Hitler in Israel !!
Israel,you are like HITLER.
YES ,you are just HITLER in Israel,
Shame on you !


2009-07-02, 02:15:31
wanwan from Japan  
@ALL my BOYS !!

Please see my decision !!
I already done my duty and you ?
Now it is the time to delete these junks from Isra! !
2009-07-07-01, 08:54:50
anonymous from Israel

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

We must destroy these junks !!

2009-07-02, 02:27:31
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Why do, You dishonor, Your people ?
There are no Nazi's here or in Sweden.
I question if, You are truly Jewish or someone trying to dicredit
Jews by making such remark's.
Such remarks of hate about anyone else is exactly what the Nazi's did.
Why would, You then behave as one of them if, You truly Love, Your people ?
Show respect to others first then, You will gain respect in return.
A apology is in order but somehow, I get the feeling none will come from, You.
I Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem always please consider well what, You do here.

Shalom Israel
Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-07-02, 02:33:29
wanwan from Japan  
@Monkey in Israel !!

Go away !!
You are just MONKEY,not a human beings !!
Never come back and never post such non-sense message on Delphi.
You are just MONKEY,and so poor MONKEY,
You have no human heart !

Go stick your monkey head in a PIG !!
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2009-07-02, 09:46:03
DOC from United States  
Hello Magnus,
Where are you? Hope everything is fine. Hope to hear from you soon.
2009-07-02, 09:53:38
wanwan from Japan  
@Idiot in Israel !!
I look down on you and
ha,ha, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Never come back !!


come back !!
We destroyed idiot from Israel !
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Morozova

2009-07-02, 12:35:15
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys

Bupkus !!

Thank you !!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Balaban

2009-07-02, 20:53:56   (updated: 2009-07-02, 20:55:32)
wanwan from Japan  
@Foolish Israel and beefhead,it is you !

We already looked up your real sender IP address.
When you will post non-sense message on here,
everytime we can delete your existence.
The admin is a man of judgement.
He can delete you !
And we are watching you out for 24 hours.

And you are Dirty Testicles Scammer.
Scam Artist,Your existence has no meanings in the world.
You are just MONKEY in Israel.
You have JUST Monkey's brain in your poor head .
I look down on you.
Shame on you ,just MONKEY in Israel !!

@peoples !!
This idiot Israel is trying to forge his real sender IP address and
chooses '' SCAM sender IP address ''.
Why does he try to forge and choose SCAM sender IP address ?
Because he is a real scam artist in Israel !!
It is the 100% proofs he is a Dirty Testicles Scammer !!!
What a smell like a Skunk !!
He is a real scam artist so never trust his poor words !
He is so poor guy in the world !
He is New HITLER in Israel.
So you must bust this new idiot !!

Go away !

2009-07-04, 10:16:20
DOC from United States  
Where are you? Hope all is fine. Please come back and talk to us.
2009-07-04, 13:18:05
wanwan from Japan  

I agree with your best friend DOC.
And we try protecting you from Crazy Hitler in Israel.
Already we traced this idiot's sender IP address.
The admin can block scam IP address,and can delete his non-sense posts.
He is a man of judgement.
Magnus,please listen to me.
You tried teasing Russian scammers and you could rob of scammer's fake passports.
You published stuff on here.
So Russian idiots are taking a revenge on you.
It is my opinion.
So don't worry and never mind.
You are right.
You done great jobs for victims and future potential victims.
When we will find this idiots ,we will delete junks immediately.
We are watching out for idiots for 24 hours.
Come back !!
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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva

2009-07-05, 04:44:49
OJAS from United States  
Hej Magnus, Hope everything is OK with you.
Jepp. :-)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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