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Dating scammer [from Romania]


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Name: [removed upon request]


[removed upon request]

Other Comments:
A girl tried to scam me, asking for money (for travel coasts, documents and fees).

Here you will find some received from this Actress letters:

'her' first letter

Hello stranger ! : ) Thanks you very much because you have write me on the date site It was nice because I think there it is hard to talk and I think we need to pay for this. Here it is free Smiley No ? Smiley So thank you again because you have write me there on the dating site and give me your e-mail address It was nice from you to do this. And I am happy because I have your address and we can exchange e-mails and pictures and we will try to become friends and why not maybe lover because this is why I write you .

So from where to start … I think I need to tell you that 2 mouth ago I find on the google this site and I don`t know how and I say to try maybe I will find some friends some people to talk via e-mails and to write them when I have time at the work or on I will come to the Internet Caffe.. very nice .. I subscribe like now and I start to browse the site… I put 1 pictures with me on the site and some people have write to me… some they ask about nude pictures some they ask from the first time about the mobile phone and some to talk via chats or something like that… I dislike this people and I don`t responde to them.. and I hope also that you will not be the same… about the mobile phone if I will know that you are interested about me and I will see that you are looking to make a relationship I will give it to you.. but give me some time please… First time I decide to quit that site but I was talking with a man… and I fall In love and I have talk with him 1 mouth by e-mails and he call me for few time… but he quit talking with me.. and he tell me that it was marry and he have a wonderful children and etc… I don`t know but I was very hurt and I think it was a stupid if he have a family and he stay on the Internet to cheat and to make other people to fall in love… : ((( it was a bad man… but we will talk about my past relationship in the other e-mails when we will know better because now I subscribe again and I wish to not find this type of people if I will not have luck I think that the story that I hear that people can meet on the Internet and they fall in love are just legends…

other Letter

Hi my lovely man ! Hy sweet man.. Kiss you sweet with good man... kiss you my baby boy Smiley) So you are a man or a boy ? Smiley) Does not matter this ... what matters is that you are my soul.. my wonderful soul... My wonderful man and boy... I belive on you i Belive in God.. and I hope God it will help me to make my dream.. a dream that I will be with you soon... I will be with you and I want this with all of my heart.. I hope GOd it will helps and the to me togheter soon.. and to to live togheter many many years... and to have wonderful memory to tell to the children to tell to the grandchildren... and we will tell them how we have meet how we will fall in love... how we write email to each other... maybe in the next 20 year the email it will not exist it will exist other things.... I don`t know.. it is so wonderful our story... a pure love story... and When I think at you sometimes like now it make me cry because youa re far away and I wish with all of my heart to be with you I smile because I know that you love me.. you are a good man.. I am a women.. we are togheter.. a good couple.. a good people that meet on the INTERNET... and they fall in love !! I love you with all of my heart I Love you and every minutes from my life are dedicated to you .. only for you.. because I live for you.. I eat for you i sleep for you.. I want to be in a good healt for you... I Love you with all of my heart I Love you my sweetheart I Love you and my body belong to your body.. and my soul belong to you oyour soul belongs to me.. and I think that our soul.. have meet till now... I Love you with all of my heart I Love you baby and I will never stop to tell you this... I want so much to be with you... please forgive me that I cry a little now.. that some tears appear on my face... but are tears of love of happiness... and It will be see when we will meet on the first time... I will have tears of love and Happyness. it will be tears of LOVE... I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL OF MY HEART !! Kiss you sweet my lovely man.. I love you my sweetheart... Kiss you sweet with all of my heart... I wonder what you do now.. I wnder if you are happy with me.. i wonder if you have pains.. I wonder if youa re okay.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! I LOVE YOU *myVictim* !!! I am very lucky that I have meet you we are very lucky that we have meet !!! I LOVE YOU WITH WITH ALL OF MY HEART !!!

*myVictim* today I have a little good news baby ! Smiley Should I Let you to guess what good news I have for you,., I fac it was goo news for both baby and I am happy about this I am happy beacause today I recive the passaport from the offices of the Polices and also I finish the Insurance and the Healt screen. I Love you so much with all of my heart... I hope this good news it will come to you I have other bad news But I don`t know how to tell you... the lawsfrom Romania say that the first trip I need to buy a ticket from Romania and also I need to have 600 EUR at me when I part first time to another country.. they want to see ,, the guvernment they want to see that we don`t go there to make stupid things or something like that.. I don`t need visa... that 600 EUR if you will send me I will need to give you back beacause I don`t need it.. I will need also tickets for the train to the Bucharest beacause there it is the near aiport... Otopeni airport... I am a little sad about this...

I will go to my grandmother this weekend .. again and again... I think it will be the last time when I go to my grandmother this year because my father belive that she will come with us here in Galati and it will stay in the apartament.. it will be very okay for us baby.. and I hope she will come beacause it is cold .. my father it will have a lot of work this weekend beacause she will need to secure the house... from there.. beacause we don`t know when we will come .. I think this year not .. my father it will talk also with a neighbors who live there by winter... my grandmother it will miss her house a lot... I really hope she will come beacause it is winter here even that we don`t have snow on the streets... and she it is a lonely women there in the vilage... and my parents it will can go anytime there... in this season ...

This weekend Romania it will have a visit from United State... a good man the it was mayor in 9 September 2001 on the New York... Rudolph Giuliani i hope I write corectaly... also it will be a ceremony and it is special invited... i greath man.. this is I understand from the TV... also it wil be more invted there. a greath voice that take the place of Pavaroti ..'Costel Busuioc' a good voice .. sportives from Romania ... and a lot of celebrities .. like movie start singers.. and etc.. they will be 10 awards for the most important people from Romania.. that put this name of our country and people know about he country... I am not sure how to translate you to understand... it is no so important.. Smiley) Okay ? Smiley I am so sorry...that I can not to tell you much... and my english it is limited in this moment So sorry baby...

Ohh baby it will be a big weekend again without you without you words I Love you so much and I wish I can be with you ( I Love you !!

You will be fine in this weekend ?? Please promise me.. if something wrong or if you want to make something please do.. if you are upsad... please tell me.. if you don`t want to go anymore there.. and I think that I will not go please tell me.. I think my grandmother it will understand.. we are far away.. and we ned to talk I need to write you... I love you so much with all of my heart... Kiss kiss ki you sweet baby I don`t want you to be sad.. I want to know that youare happy I want to be happy.. and I want to make you happy all the time.. I Love you with all of my heart I Love you and I want to be with you Kiss you sweet my lovely man !!! I Love you with all of my heart !! Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss !!! I want to bve with you I want to be with you with all of my heart !! Please smile baby because Monday I will write you again !!! and I will not run from your life.. beacause you are everything that I want .. and with all of my heart I LOVE YOU *myVictim* !!!

Kiss you sweet baby !! I Love you with all of my heart I love you with all of my heart my sweetg man !! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART !!! Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss !!!

PLEASE DON`T BE SAD... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! Kiss you sweet with all of my heart !!!BABY I NEED YOU I NEED TO BE WITH YOU !!!

By the day I think it is time to tell you about me… I am Gabi my full name it is Gabriel I am from Romania (if you forget this) I have almost 25 year old . I born by 8 November 1983 so this year I will have 25 year old If I will make my Birthday I will invite you Smiley maybe I am not looking by 26 year old but this is my age… maybe I am looking and I think all womens can say that they want to look by 18 and 19 year old Smiley I am a simply women I am working I live in the apartament here in Galati with my parents .. and also I am single to parents I am the only children . My eyes are black sometimes I think are brown but I like to say that I have black eyes … also I have 180 cm tall and 55 kg .
Like I say on the description .. and maybe I need to say that I am classical girl traditional a girl that like to go at the church and pray for my family and for a good life. I live and I was educated by my family with this and I don`t want to change this.. I want to be simply and to live and to be affraid by God.. the bad people don`t have affraind by God I think.. because what they do they come back …

I want to say that I am sorry for my English I learn this in school and maybe I don`t write you to good but when I talk with you in real maybe you will not understand something: ) I am joking and we will see this in the future maybe ? : ) And I hope you will not get crazy when you don`t understand something… if I will not understand something I will ask you to tell me about to know what you did .. I think everything it is important.. in this life . I will try to write you almost everyday if you will be seriouse and you will write me.. I will try to know everything about me and my family friends etc to see what persone I am and I will try to send you also few pictures but please don`t tell me to send you nude pictures because I will not do this also I don`t have a camera all pictures that I will send you are make it with a friend camera but talk soon about my friends no ? : ) I hope !

Now I will wish you to have a nice day and maybe this e-mail from me it will make you happy and to smile ! Have a nice day and if you will decide to write me back I will reply you again !

- other letter-

Offffff baby i am so sorry I press send button i make a mistake and now I have write you again... I start again to write you an e-mail again. So sorry for this It was a little fun maybe you will see now 2 email from me and you will feel happy this it will be my long e-mail not the first one... sorry about this... I was starting to apologies beacause in the last email i have told you much things and I was a little vulnerable.. And i feel quilty about this beacause sometimes I am very very vulnerable beacause I have tell you that I like you much... maybe you will you laugh when you recive this maybe you will not think that the love can exist over the Internet... I don`t know... but i read all emails from you and i think that you are such a good man...I am sorry that I am vulnerable... But i was sincery very very sincery... and I have tell you my feelings to you... I was very very sincery... and i feel a little quilty... i don`t know maybe mans need to tell this to women or maybe now things change... I just whant to be true with you and sincery and honest... I am happy beacause of this...

Today I come to the Internet caffe to write you again ... It is nice outside and i think i like to write you much... Smiley I drink also a bottle of mineral wather... and i will not eat nothing today... maybe beacause i am in love ? i don`t know...

I hope *myVictim*! you don`t get upsad Please don`t get upsad beacause I don`t want to be upsad beacause of me.. i know that you are a good man... If i will upsad you much please tell me and I will appologies my self... Please with all of my heart please don`t get upsad beacause I don`t have good intetion Sorry....

What i have tell you that I like you much and whtat I have write you I tell you from all of my heart and i was very sincery with you and I think in every relationship and if we will start a relationship I think we need much trust ,
a lot of confidence and if we will be togheter I will always have trust on you... and I think you have tell me the true till now... i need to tell you much I think that i want to tell you something I think that i fall in love ... I think that I LOVE YOU !!! I think that I love you much and what I think today that I like you I think that it is much in my heart i think it is Love that it is true feelings and i think that I love you much... Please tell me that you feel again..maybe I am vulnerable right now... i think that many many mans when hear that the women say that she say that he love them they tried women bad .. but i think that you are not of this type of man beacause I think that you are a seriouse man and honest one .. i think you are a gentleman and you really really know to treat a women... I Love you so much *myVictim* !!!! I love you and i am not affraind to tell you this...

I check about what I will need to come and visit your country in fact to travel to your country . I will try also to check in the other places to see this . So I understand from the Agency of Traveling , Transport and turism that to travel in your country I will need just to have a passaport avaible that it is posible to make it at the Police Office that make the passaports . Also I need to have and ID and I have this . The passaport cost me 120 EUR and it is simply to have it in 1 week . And I can make it here in Galati . I will need also an Insurance when I fly to you that cost 150 EUR and for this I will need to make a healt screen that cost me 100 EUR .I am so sorry that it is so expensive to travel in your country from my country I wish I can have this money I can`t make this beacause my salary it is short and I help with my family a little to keep the apartament good and to have to eat.. Everything it is expensive here

I love you baby I love you so much and I need to go now beacause my time here on the Internet caffe it is almost over ( I will send you pictures with me and I want to see pictures with you i want also your love too.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!

I Love you baby *myVictim*!! I love you with all of my heart... please if you will can tell me that you love and you will think that our relationship it will not work Please tell me... I will understand i will understand that we are far away and maybe on the Internet are much girl much beautiful like me much nice.. I want to tell you again that I LOVE YOU !!!

Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss !!!

Kiss you sweet !!!


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2013-12-01, 09:03:09 from Belgium  
realy crazy woman once we gone get you and drown you in youre own shit
youre nothing more then dirt
real shit romanian fucked crazy woman to lazy to have a descent job
2014-09-21, 12:28:51   (updated: 2014-09-21, 12:30:59)
Beware of Cristina Margarit. She socalled lives in Luxembourg but in real she lives in Romania, Ploiesti. After socalled wonderful messages she asks for financial help. I paid her and after that i did not hear anything from her anymore! Be warned!

2015-01-08, 00:12:10
Romania scamer,very poor romanian girl,big scammer on internet

2015-01-08, 00:14:05
She use another name all the time,big poor romanian girl scammer

2015-01-08, 00:17:19
anonymous from Romania  
She play like very good,decente girl,she tried to steal me,information in particulair

2015-10-29, 13:51:35
liberia romana - ferma de vcacao - exploatare lemnoasa - in africa

vobeste ca nu costa - Europa plinge dupa celuloza - in afrika se regenerea

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+ friends

2015-10-29, 13:52:58

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