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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva


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Name: ekaterina meteleva


: Irkutskaya, 70, KV.48, Omsk Russia 644070

Other Comments:
We meeted for serious attitudes, but she only wanted sex and adventure. After our meeting I returned to my country and she asked for money to the visa and to travel and I sent.

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2009-08-11, 09:06:11
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-08-12, 01:31:19
kankan,is,Donkey from Japan  
@Ekaterina Meteleva

Come back !
And must put your not guilty proofs on Delphi !
You must prove to be yourself as not guilty on here.

And cheaper complicit ,hey boy !
Come back !
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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)

2009-08-12, 01:50:04
wanwan from Japan  
2009-08-17, 13:06:51
anonymous from Rozzano, Italy  

2009-08-17, 16:17:31
OJAS from United States  
2009-08-17, 21:57:42
bla,bla,bla from Japan  
@2009-08-17, 13:06:51
anonymous from Rozzano, Italy

What do you mean?
It is a scam report?
Put your opinions on Delphi.
It is a non-sense picture.
Complicit ,,,,ha,ha,ha,

2009-08-17, 22:13:21
wanwan from Japan  
@Ekaterina Meteleva ! Question No3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see here


And you are reported as a SCAMMER !!
Why ?

Ekaterina Meteleva
Written by Nestor
Thursday, 02 April 2009 21:29
Ekaterina Meteleva Location : Omsk, Russia
Age : 23
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Found On :

Usual scenario. Asks for money for visa, air tickets etc.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 April 2009 21:37

You are like Skunk

Especially ,,,,,,

Usual scenario. Asks for money for visa, air tickets etc.

Everytime you and your stupid complicit ask for $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Ekaterina Meteleva & foolish complicit !
You are reported as a Scammer on many websites,why ?
You have to make many excuses on Delphi.
Come on Ekaterina Meteleva and prove that you are not scammer on here!
Foolish Italy ,come on ! Prove !
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva

2009-08-18, 09:02:27
DOC from United States  
To complicity Eka from Italy.

2009-08-18, 09:24:27
wanwan from Japan  
@Complicit Italy

I know you are so stupid !
Shame on you !
Do you study the history of Hiroshima,Nagasaki ?
Stupidest you are in the world.

By the way stupidest complicit Italy!
Why don't you put your not guilty proofs on Delphi ????
Ha,ha,ha,ha,because you are SCAMMER & Complicit !
Idiot Italy ,I only want your not guilty proofs on Delphi.
Why can't you put your not guilty proofs on Here??
Your comment and postings are non-sense.
Shame on your behavior like Monkey.

Again I say !
I only want your not guilty proofs on Here !!!

I guess you are not Italian guy.
You are just Monkey !

I need your '' counterstatements ''.
And I don't need your '' NON-SENSE '' posts.
Do you understand what I mean ?
Do you have any BRAIN ?
I NEED only '' proofs '' .
Do you know the meaning of '' PROOF '' ?

Ekaterina Meteleva !
I am watching YOU for 24 hours.
Come on ! My Ekaterina Meteleva !
I am Googling and collecting your criminals on Scam !
Come on ! Stupidest Meteleva & complicit !

2009-08-18, 09:56:36   (updated: 2009-08-18, 10:04:49)
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:

Your offensive comments will not be tolerated.

This has gone on long enough. The offensive images you sent are horrific.

You are just lucky Il Duce was so shortsighted and was hung by his own people.

We in the USA and ALL people of conscience abhor the use of nuclear weapons or those of mass destruction.

I consider WanWan part of my family though we are thousands of miles away from each other; we are educated, like minded and reasonable men.

You however are associated with predators who have no conscience.

Begone. Andare fottere il suo cane. Lei non ha palle.

BadDog and the Crew
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2009-08-18, 11:07:48
OJAS from United States  
We are trying to help an Italian victim of a scammer on this thread. Guys, keep up your good work, getting rid of the complicit. He is a disgrace to the sizable Italian minority in the new world!
2009-08-18, 11:30:59
wanwan from Japan  
@My boys !!

I have found Ekaterina Meteleva & her stupid complicit Italian pasta in Play pen !

Hey Meteleva & your monkey complicit !
Come on and put your not guilty PROOF on Delphi !
Monkey ,come on !!

2009-08-18, 13:01:29
anonymous from Italy  
I live in Italy...but sorry I'm not Italian (sic)
2009-08-18, 13:34:44
wanwan from Japan  
@Monkey in Italy !

We already have known you are not Italian pasta.
Stupid !
You are just Monkey & Scammer !LOL !!
And Boring !

You are so called ''intellectual lightweight''

Are you smart ? '' No ! ''
Many times I say '' We want only proofs you are not guilty ''.
Stupid Monkey ,you come to here but put only poor excuses on here.
We gave you many chances but every time you made a mistake on Delphi.
Stupid !
Shame on you !
I know you can not prove you are not scammer & Gold digger on Delphi,
Stupid !Every time you put non-sense postings on ,stupid !
Your non-sense postings ,Boring !

Scammer ,FART !
Poor guy in Italy !

Kiss his ass ! Stupid !
Go away ! monkey !

By the way Russian Scammish Monkey Ekaterina Meteleva !
Come on !
Your complicit ,BORING !
So we don't need this idiocy monkey .
Meteleva,YOU ,come on !
You must prove that you are not a SCAMMER ?????
I am on 24 hours !
I am watching you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am collecting your criminals,scammish mails,pictures.
Meteleva,come on !

2009-08-18, 22:01:27
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Moron not from ? But living in Italy

Stop any further postings on this site.
Whatever, You think to gain at this point is gone.
Your nothing but a Fool for continuing any further posts here.
I am sure that real Italians are glad, Your not from their country.
If, You are trying to look like a Fool to the World Congratulations !!!
You have been very successful. LOL

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Hi Everyone Wanwan, OJAS, Bad Dog, Doc
I am getting better every day now. Hope to be back full time
to help here soon. Thanks for Everyones concern.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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