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Dating scammer LERA CHYORNIY


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6-23 Vosstaniya Street ,
Apartment 23 .
Saint Petersburg
Russia Federation
19 11 23

Other Comments:
Age 29 years old
Works at Wertik, ( no trace of shop )
mums name Elena .
Dads name Mihail .
Sisters names Lyuda & Masha . ( no trace of any of these names )


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2009-05-19, 10:38:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2009-05-19, 10:38:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2009-05-19, 10:38:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2009-05-19, 13:15:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Lera as she calls her self says she lives in Saint Petersburg with her family in one apartment.
She says her dad works at the local hospital has some manager ( no idea how to check this out ).
Lera has been to university in Saint Petersburg ( no idea how to trace information ).
She keeps going on about her best friend Irina and her best friends boy friend James from Ausralia she claims they met on the internet too .
Nb children , never been married and claims to be an Christian Russian Ortodox.

Unable to locate her IP address , ( not sure what to look for )
was told it is in Received from the farthest down the list ?

Well mine reads Received from unknown ( HELO ? ? ) mosakat3 @ .

Hope this information is usfull .

Sorry nearly forgot , after four months of emailing each other , she asked for a loan to help her visit me - £390 for visa and medical papers also ticket . She feared for me going to Russia as she said it is a bad place , that is why she insisted on coming to England .

I have got more photo's if required , just ask .
2009-07-31, 00:44:41 from United Kingdom  
hi if you want the ip address just put ip address (and also ip adress)
into google and you just play around with the sites by pasting the ip address into them.
the 127 one is rubbish and the second one is : IP address location & more:
IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
IP country code: US
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Pennsylvania
IP address city: York
IP postcode: 17402
IP address latitude: 40.0020
IP address longitude: -76.6836
ISP of this IP [?]: Comcast Cable
Organization: Comcast Cable
Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois] [Trace]
Local time in United States: 2009-07-31 01:

yeah beats me too , but the message might just be relayed via the USA
as a matter of policy you should always vist the woman's home turf. If you have not travelled to FSU countries you ought to be able to buy a package which will include hotel flight visa and transfers for under £500. and they cry off the tour to see your lady.
St Petersburg is one of the most wonderful cities on earth ..I think it ought o be compulsory to visit at sometime in your life :))
yes do learn some polite Russian before you go. get a tape/cd slap it in your car and play it on your way to work for a few minutes repeat and repeat ,OK you might be bored sh1tless BUT believe me it sinks in
2009-07-31, 14:34:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi Andrew ,
Thank you for your reply , I take it that the information you gave relates to the IP address I posted above ?

I am new to all this Scamming caper and don't even now about IP address/s , all I now is that every boby goes on about them,
I have asked on many occassions about this IP address but with no reply , untill to day thank you .
Still I am confussed about the info you sent , is the computer she/he ? used ,in the USA or Russia ?

2009-08-01, 01:29:05
[hidden] from Stratford-upon-avon, United Kingdom  
hi BobbY
the ip information was incomplete ? is not an ip address.
The girls computer may by in Russia , but the message went via USA to you. If you google ' ip addrwss' you can paste IP address into search engines
If you get the ip one further down the messge it is likely to be closer to the source. Smart scammers will muddle ip numbers
but if you get one that is close to the girl's home then ..well you may have a cunning scammer.!!
plan your trip well , have plan B to fall back on.
best wishes
2009-08-01, 12:14:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi Andrew
I followed your instructions I found this IP Address

This means nothing to me .

A young lady ? is emailing me now TATIANA = IP Address

Both numbers seem very a like , doe's this mean they are the same address location / computor ?

2009-08-01, 17:47:32
OJAS from United States  
Hi Andrew, & Bobby from UK, Welcome. If you have not seen

If it rains badly in Edgbaston, might as well spend more time on this site. LOL!!

@Newbies on this thread, is loopback, 10.xx.xx.xx and 192.xx.xx.xx are private IPs - Don't trace these IPs and waste your time.
For listing headers, see articles on this thread http://www.delphifa..#comments

In addition to scammer e-mail, post:
1) X-Mailer from the header
2) Sender IP. Paste the header in http://ip2location...racer.aspx and hit Find Location

Google the sender IP; Also search the sender IP in the search banner at the top of this page

2009-08-02, 11:28:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thank you for your reply , I have tried one IP address in the above banner as you suggested . the list I got was around 20 , so this means 20 others are using the same address ?
They both say they are from Russia , but the address points to the USA why ?
Great news paper article link , thank you .
2009-08-02, 11:39:23
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I AM worrying about my own IP address , I have just tried on above banner and it displays a male scammer Simon W or Jeffery 44 WHY ? I thought the IP address was your own computer ID ?

very worried Bobby .
2009-08-02, 12:35:08   (updated: 2009-08-02, 13:27:26)
OJAS from United States  
Hi Bobby,
In addition to scammer e-mail addy, the only two other useful fields from scammer e-mails to you are:
1) X-Mailer
2) Sender IP

It is NOT necesary to post the entire header, as it will contain your own information. Bad is to post your e-mail addy, and risk getting hundreds of love letters from scammers ... ''I liked your dating profile in delphifaq'' ... and such bullshit.

Like said before, 10.xx.xx.xx and 192.xx.xx.xx are private IPs, no point tracing them, no point searching them. You and your neighbours might well have identical private IPs inside your LANs.

When you extract sender IP, it will (or is supposed to) show the Public IP, provided by your ISP. These will be different for different subscribers.

IPs can be forged #3 Mail 1 http://www.delphifa..p=3#58164
Why would a real girl living in Russia want to forge an American IP? This is a sign of scam. http://datingnmore...ssian.htm

Girls who have traveled overseas, and are reasonable in English, may have foreign mail domains. But scamlish + foreign country domain, another sign of scam http://www.delphifa..1313.shtml
2009-08-03, 13:39:50
anonymous from United Kingdom  
What dating profile are you on about ? I have NEVER put any dating profile on here .
The only thing I have placed on here is the Scam I was nearly caught up in with Lera ( ABOVE ) . And that is NOT Bull S--t , so what are you on about ?

I placed information on here for the benefit of others and if I am going to be accused of put rubbish on , then I won't bother any more and won't bother checking this site any more if that is your attidude towards me .

The rest of your message means nothing to me , I have told you before I am NOT really computor minded , I have only started using them in the last two years .

yours very annoyed Bobby .
2009-08-03, 17:00:18   (updated: 2009-08-03, 17:52:58)
OJAS from United States  
Hey very annoyed Bobby,
First calm down, OK?

1) Everyone knows this is NOT a dating site
2) Scammers use e-mail addy harvesters to crawl websites, and extract them with a script
3) Read my post article again, it IS a BAD IDEA to carelessly post e-mail addresses in public domains!, I stand by my general observation, and it is NOT a personal attack as you misconstrue.
4) You don't need to take my words, but here is an independent observation by Dirk

He (purposely) posted his e-mail addy here. He regularly gets barraged from scammers with introductory mails ''I liked your dating profile in delphifaq'' ... and such bullshit.

When you see a UK guy posting his e-mail addy date stamped 2009-07-31, 00:44:41, a responsible thing to do is to warn him of the risks.

See Craig's response to my article http://www.delphifa..p=2#57162
Very recently Agent 86 regretted posting his e-mail addy here. Even as I was updating this article, he confirms it in the next post! lol! (Thx Agent 86 :-)

Having said that, you have good intentions about warning newbies, keep up your good work.

As for rest of my article, it takes time (for interested newbies) to get a feel for such computer topics, understandable.

Don't let minor misunderstandings fray your nerves. After all, is English is among the most difficult languages on this planet (according to the NZ prof. who first digitized the OED)!

2009-08-03, 17:37:39   (updated: 2009-08-03, 17:38:25)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Hi Annoyed Bobby from the Uk

Please be patient with the information given to, You
by OJAS,
I am just like, You and have very little computer knowledge.
When, I first came to this site, I made the mistake of posting
my e mail address on here.
Since then my inbox received nearly 100 scam letters a day.
Plus, I get ones that say they saw, My profile on Delphifaq.
I have no profile here just like, You do not either.
It is because the scammer found my e mail address then
said that to me hoping, I would be stupid enough to fall for it.
Be patient and in time, You will understand better what is going on.
I wish, You the best and hope this will help, You understand a little
more about what OJAS said to, You.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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