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Dating scammer LERA CHYORNIY


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6-23 Vosstaniya Street ,
Apartment 23 .
Saint Petersburg
Russia Federation
19 11 23

Other Comments:
Age 29 years old
Works at Wertik, ( no trace of shop )
mums name Elena .
Dads name Mihail .
Sisters names Lyuda & Masha . ( no trace of any of these names )

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2009-08-04, 11:05:24
Hi , I still feel there was no need to call my report Bull S--t , also I did NOT purposely put my email address on.
I had NO idea what I was doing , I have told you before I am new to this creepy world of scammers and new to the Internet . Yes new to the Internet , I have only started using the internet in January 2009.

I know yo said it takes time and you use words like email Addy which mean nothing to me , but there no need for the comment Bull S--t .
A very nice way to put new comers off completely .


Oh by the way since my first mistake , I have only had one email from some stranger .
2009-08-04, 14:53:44
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hi Bobby

I agree coming on this site can be a shock to someone
like, You.
Please let us move on from the mistakes.
I am sorry, Your so sensitive.
Please be informed also that just because, you only got one
e mail so far that only means the scammers haven't run their
e mail harvester on here and picked your e mail up yet.
That is why, I tried to warn, You as quickly as possible.
Once, Your address is harvested, You will know right away.
You will suddenly get e mails that say, [ I saw, Your profile
on Delphifaq ] You do not have a profile here no one does
except a handful of idiots who actually post their information here.
There also is crazy person that when, He spots a e mail address
sends a e mail to, You addressed to My Princess or something
similar. If, you open that e mail. You can enjoy buying a new
computer like, I did.
I'm only trying to save, You from a big mess that if, You allow
it to happen instead of writing Peter the site administrator as
You have been told, You should do.
Then enjoy not only the things, I just mentioned but also
if, you should decide to keep, your e mail address after it starts
pouring a hundred scammers at, You a day.
With a lot of time and hard work, You can reduce that number to
around 30 a day but never lower than that.
I know this and others know because we all got hit.
Your choice if, I had it to do all over again I would have had
mine removed.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-08-04, 15:32:45
OJAS from United States  
Will you read my post again?
I said scammers send bullshit to extracted e-mail addies.
Where did I call your report bullshit?
Far from it, I clearly complimented your good intentions.
Who called your report bullshit?
Did I not also say, scammers send the same bullshit to Dirk? (''I liked your dating profile in delphi'', etc.)
When Dirk posts such report, IT IS the scammer who sends him bullshit, he has no choice, but to report it.
Why should Dirk be offended, if I say he reported his scammers' bullshit?
Exactly the same RE: Agent 86, if he posts his scammers sending him bullshit like they saw his dating profile in delphi.

I distinguish between what a scammer dishes out, and a reporter's intelligence.
Hope you would too ...
2009-08-05, 03:51:04
Hi OJAS and Agent 86 Maxwell smart ,

I understand what you mean now with regards the comment Bull S--t .
The way I was reading your messages , I was thinking you was calling my report , so I was wrong. I owe you guys a sincere apology for accusing you of wrong doings .

I did send an email to this ptiemann chap some four weeks ago but had no reply.
With regards your comments from both of you , yes I will be very careful from now on and hide everything , Thank you .

Once again I APPOLIGISE for miss reading your comments .

2009-08-05, 05:45:12
OJAS from United States  
Hi Bobby,
All is forgiven and understood, and like Agent 86 says, give yourself some time. Glad you understood nobody was belittling your contributions, keep them coming.


2009-12-19, 11:48:43
whiteheat from United States  
Hello, my dear and lovely Casey!
You know, I haven't heard from you just for some time, but it seemed
to me that the eternity passed. And my dear I feel that our relations
have already entered another level and we should continue them in
reality, what will you say? My dear, if you agree with me, then I will
be happy to go to the Travel Agency and to find out everything that is
needed for our meeting, what will you say,. honey?
And my dear, as for the phone number, I am so sorry, but I don’t have
the one at home, and I don’t have the mobile one, because I was stolen
it not so long ago, but if you want, I will give you the one of my
friend and when we agree about the time of your calling, I will come
to her and we will talk with you, what will you say? Honey, the number
of my friend is the following: +38-063-212-91-24.
And my sweet baby, I will be waiting for your calling me tomorrow at
11.00 in the morning my time, I will be waiting for our discussing our
meeting then...
With every coming day I realize that I
miss you more and more and I more vividly imagine our family life, I
imagine us cooking together, working in the garden together, I imagine
how you return from your work and I am asking you to repair something,
for example to repair the lamp or something like that… I don't know
why, but this frightens me a lot. I am frightened by the thought that
you may change your mind, but I am that kind of a person, who is very
choosy, and it is difficult to make me like or even love a person, but
if a man manages to do this, I will be devoted and nothing will make
me change my mind. So, now I understand that you are already becoming
the part of my life. When I return home in the evening, I imagine,
that you are sitting in the neighboring room and watching TV and if I
call you, you will just come out of it and will come up to me to greet
me. And I feel a bit sad, when I realize that all these are just
dreams and I am not sure, whether all this will take place in reality,
but I would like to. But at the same time I feel in the depth of my
soul that your feeling to me are also sincere and that you are not one
of those who betray or deceive, and this makes me feel better, this
makes me calm… And at the same time this makes me missing you much
more… And I will be patiently waiting for this day to come as soon as
possible. I am waiting for your reply, yours devoted

2009-12-19, 12:16:24
OJAS from United States  
Thanks whiteheat 2009-12-19, 11:48:43 Chrissy Moran (born December 22, 1975, in Jacksonville, Florida) is an American former pornographic actress http://www.delphifa..623#182344
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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