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Dating scammer TANYA


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from Surok, Russia, IP address out of Yoshkar-Ola

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I am a man from Pittsburgh, PA, who was contacted by this scammer. I noticed her photos on your board, and one letter that was verbatum with one I received. The scammer was on yahoo personals, said she was from New York, under the name I included all pictures that were send, even those supposed to be her parents.

Hello my new friend!

It is very pleasant to receive from you the answer, unexpectedly as I did not think
That you will answer me.
I think that will be interesting to you if I to you tell a little about my life.
I do not think that it very interesting, but nevertheless I try to decorate it
Meetings with friends, rest though it happens not often, it is necessary much
To work, is final to survive it is necessary to work in any place, it also for you?

My name Tanya. To me of 29 years.
I hope that I not too young for you.
I think of age that it is prerogative of the man to be more senior than the woman.
You agree?
I consider that more senior person can give more for the woman in
The life experience plan.
I live in Russia in small settlement Surok.

I live one. Already 2 years ago I have separated from my parents, therefore
That I consider that it is time to me to build the private life. I wait the man
Which can turn something in my heart, to become me so
Relatives that at me will not need to be doubts with it and to construct a family with it.

I consider that for the girl is comprehensible to have in 29 years of a family.
How you consider?
Excuse certainly that in the first letter I mention such themes, but
It would be desirable to express the domestic situation and thoughts and to consult to someone.
I hope to make not boring and pleasant our dialogue.
My time would be possible to communicate easier in messenger but unfortunately
It is limited, I write from Internet shop, unique in our settlement
And long I can not sit here, communication not cheap, but I show very much
The big interest also I will write so often as it probably, I will be
To write during the lunchtime, when at me a free time on work.

I have left school trade the hairdresser, and now I work in salon
Hairdresser's services.
If the stylish hairdress address (smile) is necessary to you

My parents and my small little sister live in other city.
To my younger sister of 14 years.
I want that you knew that I have a grandmother
To it 87 years it very old and at it are not so good with health.
Certainly I help it, I consider that never it is necessary to forget about the old
The people, which distances to us a life, after all it is so fine, it is necessary
To love a life, even if it not the safe.
Each person the builder of the happiness.
You agree my friend?

The grandmother very much loves me and helps me with products.
This milk, meat, eggs.
I try to spend each vacation with it.
I have this year 2 holidays.
In 3 weeks at me a vacation and in 3 months still, I wish to spend
Certainly with it, I wish to help it.

But I do not forget my friends, very often I like to go on the nature, I love
To have a rest, laughter, happiness, a smile.
I do not love hypocrisy, therefore carefully I choose the friends.
I love the nature and I like to grow up plants.
Every morning before work I have jog in a current of 30 minutes.
I very much like it, I already do jog about 2 years.
How you support your physical form?
I do not love envious people though I know that on work there are such people.
Allow not to detain any more you and to finish my history. Well?
If something is not clear in we wash English, we will discuss any question also I
I can repeat.
In more details I will tell about me directly in the following letter.
Sincerely yours the new friend in Russia Tanya!!!

Hello my friend!
I am very glad to see your letter again.
At once would like to answer on your questions: I did not say, that I from New York.Ýòî what that an error.
Today I wish to tell to you about me directly in more details as promised.
I will tell at once that I do not love people which for nothing promise something. I
Never to people I speak something the promise and I do not carry out. I do not like to wait.
If something I plan for a meeting with the person I come earlier.
That is you already know about one more line of my character, such as punctuality.
I in general consider that under letters it is possible to learn and read much 'between
Lines 'if to be attentive.

I very much like to read and watch TV after the difficult working day!
I like to read novels and various books of an adventure, especially on
To work when I have a free time.

On TV I most of all like to look various serials and
Programs, social programs with discussion of a life of people.

I very much like to go to cinema and in discos.
Nevertheless not often to go on discos, but I think that at my age not
It is necessary to leave a youth.
It is a lot of men in a disco search for girls for one night, I do not love
Such kinds of acquaintance also I do not get acquainted with men.
I go to relax there.
I very much love music.
All music which pleases heart to me it is pleasant, there is no certain style.
We on work have a tape recorder from radio and all of us, day listens to radio.
From music to me to love more modern Russian
Pop and classical music.
My favourite composer Bax and Chaykovskiy.
My favourite painters it is the Repin and Serov, but just as I
Pictures of many other things of artists.
At us in the nearest city have opened gallery and I went recently on
Representation of pictures of the remarkable Russian painter of present time
Nicos Safronof.Îí it is known for the collection, also Alexandro De gua Stetto.

Also what your favourite composers and artists?
What music most of all to love you?
It will be very interesting if you open this question.
I very much love animals.
Most of all I love dogs especially with a short hairdress, but I to
To regret I do not presume to have a dog, because my small
The demountable apartment does not allow to hold such big animal.
As you see I love all that can please the person.

I very much like to sew, knit and embroider.
At school from 5 years I went to a society where studied in house affairs
It is very important for the girl from the earliest age as for future
Wives to be able all.
I think that you do not wish if your wife lazy?
Present if she cannot prepare, does not clean, does not watch children? But
The beautiful. You will hold it? Certainly is not present!! It is a thin thing at a partner choice.

Now I will tell to you about my character.
I very kind and silent person.
I am very difficult to deduce me from myself, quiet.
In people I most of all appreciate honesty and frankness.
It is not pleasant to me when to me lie, I will show at once discontent to this person
The lie is very much poor quality.
It agree ?
My favourite colour pink colour.
I hope, that now you can learn me better.
At me to you also is a few questions.
You love children?
What does to you it is pleasant in the woman? What understanding of a family? On it I
I will finish the letter.
I will soon wait your answer.
Sincerely yours yours Tanya!

Hello my dear!
I am very glad to see your letter again.
Today it is especially interesting.
I do not know as you, but each time for me this self-affirmation in our correspondence.
I so understand 'if answers, means to it interestingly', if the short
The letter means is occupied or is not interesting.
But in you I see display of interest to me.
To very pleasantly me when you set to me questions, are interested about me.

My God, my mood is direct at the moment of a letter writing so will rise that
All the day long on work I almost dance.
Even my colleagues do not learn me.
Certainly at me it is a lot of the thoughts, even some nonsenses
Sometimes so it would be desirable that nearby there were you, we would sit in the silent
Place also have talked.
This conversation so would give for me much
Even if you would live in other city I could arrive on a vacation.
The chief has told that already has appointed my holiday exactly in 3 weeks.

You represent the moment now to see me?
You would be confused? Reddened? I am very timid in it?
It is bad? Tell to me your man's opinion.
Our acquaintance goes forward and it pleases me.
If you cease to be interested in me and tell to me, I at once
All I will understand and I will cease to write to you.
I think that you notice as I am interested in you as I am frank with you
Also understand that I very much do not want that during one moment all was vain
I do not want to you to what to force as you will do and
Will be, what your opinion and will be, if you ask my opinion I
I will tell, but the basic part of reflexions will be on your party.
I only will be glad to know a course of your thoughts on our relations
We already know something about each other and in this letter I would like a little
To fill up your representation about me.

I wish to tell to you about my parents, will be possible to you interestingly
All would be very interesting to me that you speak about your parents
My mum works as the cook in a kindergarten.
It it is very tasty prepares, I think that to me it has passed from it.
I also show interest to that to prepare and I wish to master all
New dishes if you have refined recipes, only I will be glad
To prepare under your recipe.

My mum loves children and this quality in me from it.
I like to help children which remained without parents.
There is such shelter and if I have any things I help
The acquaintance works for me there and sometimes she asks about the help.
If I do not have work that I come and I help these children

My daddy works as the driver in one of city firms.
My sister finishes now 8 classes.
It the same is very good to study.
My parents watched me when I studied.
They wished that I was formed (I think that as well as all normal
The truth?
And from time to time instead of going to walk with friends I
Remained to do a homework, I tried.
I think, that such relation of parents has very insistently helped me
With a life.
Tell to me if you have something interesting to me, though all
It will be interesting to me!!!

On it I will stop. Well?

Hello my dear!!!
I am again very glad to see from you the letter.
From your letter my mood became better this remarkable day.
Certainly can for you there will be also unexpectedness, but my parents
Know about that that I write to other man, I did not wish to speak to them
While, because more some letters and dialogue not the strong were afraid that between us.
They have very much become interested in you, but I yet did not begin them to speak about you, I
Has told that while I will keep it a secret and I will necessarily tell as
I will understand that you it really that person and I hope that in the same
The moment you can be defined in me, is possible you even searched not such as I.
But we will not speak about sad, it is better about pleasant.

Now I will tell to you a little about my place a residence where I have spent
Part of my life. These are my native places.
Surok it is small settlement in which lives nearby 12000 persons.
People here kind, affable, but greedy. I think that in many respects people of ours
Places differ from people of your country and Europe in particular.
Tell to me Kelly how you consider a standard of living do people different?
I settlement very young and is possible even on a card it is not present, but near to
The big cities, such as Kirov, Y-ola are it.

Here there are many shops, there is a church, special schools.
There are 2 mails, there are interesting shops, there is any choice, but nevertheless
The civilisation here is not completely developed.
I never aspired to live in the big city, though with the lovely man
Though where.)))

But my settlement costs near to the big federal line and conducts to the big cities.
The truth they it is not close. About 60 km, but by the bus it about 30-40 minutes.
Here it is beautiful, silent, around the nature, woods, the rivers
It is possible to observe at any time year beauty of these places.
Certainly I even have favourite places on which I like to come
When to me it is difficult, when to me it is lonely and when to me it is sad.
But I like to spend to basic my vacation and a free time at mine
The aunt who lives in Kirov, is the big city and when I to go to mine
To the aunt I do at it a photo, therefore the majority of digital photos are made in city Kirov.

We in a city do not have institute and I studied also not in my city, at us
There are 3 schools, one was closed and now school only one.
It would be very interesting to learn about conditions of a life from you, what places, as at you there.
It will be interesting to me to read and imagine. I think that at you not
Less beautifully, probably you even were in places where fantastically beautifully
I ask one more, please do not forget to answer my questions.
If there are questions which interest you certainly ask and will be
The answer if I understand the question formulation.
I will wait for your letter, probably I will come after work, is possible to
Works but as time will be obligatory I will come to look your letter and to read the answer.
Your girlfriend Tanya.

Hello, my darling.
Your letter has again amazed me with the interesting maintenance.
As nevertheless it is pleasant to know, that there is a man which thinks about
To me which is interested in me and my life.
Unusually that we have met each other, the Internet gives such big
Possibility for people, it opens more possibilities for the person
To meet second half, the truth?
But the will of destiny though I trust in it on half seems to me on all
Each person the builder of the destiny seems to me that on half.
It seems to me what not favorable conditions at us in the country are connected with
The excessive passive relation of people to a life.
If the man at us loses sense and something goes not so he starts to drink that.
I heard statistics that our men use more and more
Alcohol. The standard of living in this connection will not be better.
I am proud of that that at me is in a life, I consider that all that I depended on me
Has achieved, certainly I have aspirations to the best but at the given stage
Lives, at me are interesting work, good formation. It is a pity only
That that depends on my destiny was not carried out yet, I have not met
That man which could become my fellow traveller in a life.
I already wrote to you what it should be on my representations.
Already that that I feel unknown to me from your letters speaks
To me about that that my dialogue with you not usually.
After my failure I have been disappointed in last relations in
Men, and only now I had a hope that I can find
Someone from other country and now I have letters to you.
Certainly letters do not allow to us much to learn about each other, but if we
We will be fair and truthful in letters we can know about
Character each other, about habits.
When I reflect on it at me there is a big hope of our relations.
If we already for some letters have achieved some understanding, is
Hope of that that our relations will grow.
I would like to read and learn your reflexions concerning it.
Possibly you will devote your following letter and to it.
I consider that you the fine interlocutor in letters.
Especially when you to me set any questions.
Mine birthday on June, 4th, very much to like me this day. I am not going to throw or change you for whom that.
It seems to me at us there is that that general, that we are pull together and does more strong.

I do not know interestingly to you or not, but I hope that interestingly, if I to you
I will tell some lines about a place of my residing, I think, that you already
Has understood from last letters that I do not live with parents. I live in
To small apartment from 2 small rooms. A room for visitors, a place where I sleep.
Certainly I would like to live in bigger apartment, but it would be
The expensive to pay for rent.
To remove habitation as well as to buy in Russia very expensively.
For example to rent for me apartment from one room, me
It was necessary to give half of my earnings.
It is not comprehensible to me.
But me arranges while that that I have, though certainly I count
That in the near future nevertheless I will meet the man with which could
To build relations.
If I write to you as on our relations I certainly will not hide
I rest hopes, but at the same time I understand that the distance can
To separate us, therefore it is very important to have always trust and understanding in relations.
I ask you to ask me about all if you do not understand something and not
To do hasty conclusions and to discuss with me.
I think that you understand at you and I have an employment in work, also
There are circumstances on which we cannot to write the letter, in
These cases we should be patient and hope for the best.
In it the understanding also consists in letters.
I not such person when under any circumstance I begin
To become angry, I like to weigh always a situation and to make of the decision
Basically I rely only on my opinion and on opinion of those people which understand me
I already see that you in the spiritual plan understand me under letters and consequently
I do not have doubt to ask you of any council.
I rely on your reasoning, I have some trust to you.
I do not ask to do from you the same, but I want that you respected what not
Looking at complexities I write to you and I give you a photo, though the Internet here very bad
Well, now I need to go, I wait from you the answer as it probabl
Sincerely, yours Tanya.


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2009-05-21, 06:48:38
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Pittsburg. Some posting guidelines http://www.delphifa..p=0#101855
2009-06-25, 20:18:12  
I have been getting similar e-mails. Those last two letters are practically word for word (changed up slightly to fit me). the photos I'm receiving are very different. It's an entirely different person. I tested them here on none of them has been posted here. She's going by the name of Viktoriya. And not the same e-mail address. I do want to say that at this point, the person contacting me has not asked me for any money or anything else, but the letters are too similar.
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